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More Than Meets The Eye - inspired by Eric, Kristen, and Jenny

It seems awfully naive to think that you're the only ones
In such a vast universe you know so little about.
There are millions and millions of planets, moons, and suns
That can harbor the possibility of life, throughout.

The smartest people of the human race on planet Earth
Can't even fathom the knowledge of what really exists.
Your species is so young, comparatively, in its birth
To what's really out there beyond that with which you subsist.

I'm of a species that your mind can't even understand.
We came to Earth millions of years before you existed.
We stuck around longer than we originally planned.
When it was time to leave, many of our kind resisted.

So, we left them behind, something many of us regret.
But we thought, at the time, that it was the right thing to do.
Our friends died a horrible death, and we were so upset.
We all took a vow to never again return to you.

But you dig up their bones like some sort of disgusting prize.
You rebuild them and put them in museums on display.
Soon, you will be gone and after your horrible demise,
We'll return to Earth and bury them in a proper way.

Copyright © Philip Scheidel