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The Wagon Man

The Wagon Man Wagon John, Wanted My Thoughts On Columbine and Gun Control 4-20-2000 The place, was Littleton Colorado, the school, Columbine High. But it could have happened in any state, any town, any school. While guns are being blamed for this massacre, the root problem lies much deeper. While nothing justifies the taking of these lives, there are things to be learned from this. We should each be more sensitive to the feelings of others. God excluded no one so we should never presume that we might have this right. Ridiculing, taunting and bullying are common practices among teenagers, between the have’s and have not’s. Too many cliques (I saw this when I was a Kid).We live in a world with an attitude, a world of keeping up with the Jones’.s. From tragedy, politicians, and others with an axe to grind, wasted no time in setting their agenda in motion. They want to ban guns, charge $20. each for bullets, require locks for all guns, register the owners, limit the number, and make the owner responsible if his/her gun is stolen. But if all these things come to pass, people will still kill people. If not with a gun, then by some other means, for since Adam and Eve were driven from the garden man has concocted reasons and devised ways to kill each other. Today we have technologies that we can get on the internet explaining how to make bombs, poisons, etc; and where to buy the ingredients. Before guns were as prevalent as now (in the early fifties) kids in New York City made “Zip Guns” and switch blades to kill classmate’s. It isn’t only the law that needs fixing but man’s heart. So before we piously sit and place blame on others, let us examine our own hearts and come to grips with what we find. While we didn’t pull the trigger, we must share in the blame. Do we spend time with our children teaching them right from wrong? Do we teach them tolerance, to be truthful, and most of all to be caring toward others? If so, Do we teach one thing but let them see us live another way? We must all step up and become responsible for our actions. We must get back to treating each individual with dignity, extend a helping hand, and recognize that each individual has worth and things to offer society. God doesn’t make junk. . John, you can disagree and we’ll still be friends—The constitution gives you that right along with my right to say these things Tom

Copyright © Tom Wright