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Willy, One Leg

Willy the one legged centipede
Often would wish that he could be freed
He should be so speedy and whizzing about
But not with his one little leg sticking out

He’d sit in the street with an upturned hat
And people would throw lots of money in that
He wished he was ‘full’ but was so incomplete
For with just one leg he must beg in the street

One freezing day in the middle of winter
A beetle passed by and said, Wow, that’s some splinter
The centipede told him, That splinter’s my leg
I only have one and so I have to beg

I’m sorry, said Beetle, that splinter is wood
I could pull it out and I think that I should 
Pulling the splinter made Centipede squirm
But that’s how he found out he’s really a worm

Copyright © Terry Flood