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Do you ever wish you could be 
another face in the crowd 
that fades from everyone’s memory
blending in like brushstrokes on canvas
catching no one’s attention or mention
Just a mundane man among the many 
laughing a bit too loud in the pub upon
hearing a bawdy joke you found funny
Oiling a squeaky door hinge or
repairing a kitchen drawer that sticks
ticking those tasks off a long list
of everything that needs to be fixed
in the modest house you had to 
sacrifice and save so long to buy
Flying anywhere exceedingly rare 
the cost of first class out of the question
Never wondering if the woman you’re with 
truly loves you or merely the amount 
of currency in your bank account
if she considered what hitching her horse 
to your name might do to further her fame
Unfettered and free to simply converse 
with someone like me
another nobody


Copyright © Angela Douglas