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Marveling Upon the Star of Bethlehem

Early autumn on the rise against the night sky
two silhouettes, black against the clouds of stars
one sit riding sideways upon an ass
while another walk beside holding the lead
along the road tired, dirty, and worn

Sometimes she felt ill and fatigued
as she feels the child move,
the thoughts of her beautiful baby
she was about to have put her at ease
and the sickness would cease

No room in the lodge, but room in the stable
"She gave birth to her son as angels watched
A lullaby she sang while he slept cradled in a manger

A blazing beacon suspended in the mid night sky
lead the Sheepherders eager to see the Infant child
lying in a manger, in swaddled in cloth

A dream they thought a silvery gleam
A mighty host of angels appeared in the heavens, praising God!
who would become the Messiah, the Son of God
thus, one day redeem us

Shouts of joy came alive in the night air
as cherubs gather singing
"Born upon this holy night
Christ the Savior is born"

With gifts three kings
Marveling upon the Star of Bethlehem
A blazing beacon suspended in the mid night sky
Guiding them to the perfect light




Copyright © Eve Roper