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Lu Loo Written by: Lu Loo  Send Soup Mail  Premium Member
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three sisters wearing friendship

"for there is no bond greater than one with a sister;
              no mount is too tall to climb, no ocean too wide to swim-
      thank you Lord for my older sisters..."

photo frames wearing memories line my shelves,
           yesterday’s gather and I like to make sure my favorite photo 
  is always remembered      (the way I remember it anyways)
  my mind thinks of my older sisters and my eyes fade to 
           remembering the Monday nights we spent together; 
                    three sisters wearing friendship…

and there it is…the only photo we have during one of our 
           Monday night sleepovers (the most fun I’ve ever had)
  Karen’s arms wrapped around me like she was born to hold me,   
  keeping me safe from the world and all its unnecessary debris-
                    three sisters wearing friendship…
with Jen smiling with messy bed hair from her two-hour nap

            I sat leaned in, close enough so I could feel their affection,
  Karen sat in the middle as always, and now I realize why;
  for she was the rope that tied Jen and I together-
                    three sisters wearing friendship…
 since Karen died, Jen and I talk every Monday night,
         we giggle about that night quite often (tears of laughter flow)

September 13, 2019
Writing Challenge 2, September 2019 - The Photograph
Sponsor, Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode

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