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I'm Calling To You

Dear God,

         First and foremost I want to thank you for another year/ some healthy kids so I don't have to shed another tear/ A little less debt that I can put in my rear/ And for the simple fact I can yell out "I'm Here!!!"/ This has been a horrible year/ not just for me / for us all/ I ask that you keep us united/ because divided we fall/ This is suppose to be the times of family and of love/ please let this time be the same/ I'm pleading for your grace and glory from up above/ Wholeheartedly speaking not playing any games/ In closing I wanna say another day is nothing but another teacher/ I thank you for the life I live and I thank you for my physical features/ All I ask and pray is that you would cure me of these seizures/ I ask and praise you for all these things in Jesus name...Amen

Christmas Poetry
Regina McIntosh

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