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Aussie Adventures of Skeet and Rich

With all the world a thousand feet below
   was the morn on New Year’s Day,
   and ‘neath a shining weightless wing
the sea cliffs steep of Botany Bay.
   And taxied through old Sydney Town
   with all wild expectation to come -
thus when in Rome did as Romans do
   and made way for the colosseum 
There it was, that grand noble edifice -
   mortals did her sidewalks pound,
   through those gates the arena roared
inside the Sydney Cricket Ground!
   And later that balmy night wandered
   after a cruel last ball Windies loss,
but ever closer drew the burning lights
   in the noisy heart of King’s Cross
Among the pushers, hookers and pimps
   the city underbelly we did follow -
   bordellos, dives, strip joints and bars
led Skeet and Rich to take in a show.
   At first light the heights of Centrepoint
   with its towering crow’s nest view -
behold eucalypt mountains in the west
   and to the east Bondi’s big blue
Away Port Jackson shoal to Sydney Cove
   where soldiers and mariners sailed,
   the tall ships that her garrison moored
carried convicts from Blighty jailed.
   And upon fine granite cathedral walls
   a new age do new virtues espouse -
its geometrical tinted topaz glass arcing
   shining on that grand Opera House
Next up destination the Capital Territory
   and a disappearing lake’s rivermouth,
   over hinterland plains and gorges deep
and the Snowy Mountains to the south.
   Then onward in our journey far we went
   at the wheel of our V6 Commodore,
over “The Bridge” up the Pacific Highway 
   on seawatch north to Maroochydore
To Byron Bay, Coolangatta, Surfers rode
   the adventures of Skeet and Rich,
   and after a thousand miles at our backs
it was an “Onya” hot son-of-a-b1tch!
   On arrival in Cotton Tree a cold brew
   did an Aussie desert thirst abate,
and with a tinny here and sambuca there
   we got fair dinkum pissed, mate!

              Written: April 1996

Copyright © I Am Skeet