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Corruption Political Verse Poems

These Corruption Political Verse poems are examples of Political Verse poems about Corruption. These are the best examples of Political Verse Corruption poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A Ragged Bag


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Categories: 3rd grade, political,

April 20 Standup Comedy The Trump Insult Comedy Tour!
April 20—Standup Comedy – The  Insult Comedy Tour!

How and why he 
Remains so popular 
With some Americans
Remains a mystery.

He remains me 
Of an old-time...

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© Jake Aller  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: corruption, political,

There, my home 
There, where good never comes within bull's roar of eer
There, where penurious rule the penury 
There, my home 
Where hazy are hopes...

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Categories: africa, anger, corruption, freedom,

Premium Member Chinamerussica
(Medley: My Countries 'Tis O Thee)

My countries misery
          creeps and all losers be

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: america, analogy, anxiety, confusion,

Economic Freedom Fighters
The vibrant force
Always stands for the righteousness
Though they might be threatened still go for it nonetheless
Freedom and economic impact is the priority

The radical, leftist, anticapitalist...

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Categories: hero,

Premium Member I Hear He's a Winner
"Bolsonaro's personal motto  ... the truth will set you free "


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Categories: political,

Premium Member Maelstrom
A situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. (dictionary definition #2 of Maelstrom)

Today’s opinions are so contrasting and divisive that nobody seems to...

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Categories: philosophy,

So we were told, Just like the Song we sang
"Twinkle twinkle little star"
But the stars are dim
So we keep wondering
And now, we are in a...

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Categories: anti bullying, confusion, corruption,

' Brasil Brazil
Brazil, Brazil...
     It's no only Pele, coffee,
     or wonder beans...
     It's not true...

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Categories: allegory, allusion, analogy, appreciation,

Premium Member Sacred Promise
That first black and white
strangely fluid
flat screen view
of the early developing individual
inside EarthMother's womb

Reminds me
of that first
full-spectrum green and blue
strangely white cloudy
moistly floating
slowly revolving
flat screen...

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Categories: earth, happiness, health, integrity,

Premium Member Anthrohistory Class
Tempting to offer an anthropological history class
and call it Earth History,
beginning with our current
riled up
LeftBrain emergently dominating
our fracturing Anthropocene.

While trust seems true
and wise
when our public...

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Categories: health, history, humanity, identity,

A True Leader
A True Leader
Passion, prosperity, patriotism, for what against the culprit diminishes
Standing up front for justice, bravery is what a country embraces
A true leader, fights, pursues...

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Categories: passion, patriotic, peace, people,

Political Circus
Stakeholders" cartels, oligarchs are beneficiaries of corruption.
The people and the institutions are occupied with their interests.
Corruption is the main cause of the economic wrack and...

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Categories: anxiety, books, corruption, fate,

The War An Opinion
The war
The war in Ukraine is getting serious
but could easily be avoided.
Russia cannot tolerate a NATO close to its border
the USA, understand this
When the Russians...

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© Jan Hansen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: anger, betrayal, corruption, war,

Cry For Freedom
Who shall restore our land's dignity
When plundered by thieves
Who frolic about in the corridors of power 
How shall we escape 
From the lashes of history?...

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Categories: corruption, freedom, history, metaphor,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things