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Popular People Poems

These Popular People poems are examples of People poems about Popular. These are the best examples of People Popular poems written by international poets.

President Joe Biden VS Texas and the American people Q and A and commentary part two
Q:   How many Americans are currently opposed to Biden's open boarder 

A:   According to...

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Categories: people, 10th grade, 11th grade,

as the Ugandan Judge at ICJ , 
Julia Sebutunda voted against South African legal 
team 's case at ICJ ,
which portrayed the genocidal
actions of Israel...

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Categories: humanity, people, rights, world,

Please don't be late for this world's greatest escape part two
The all Christian female pop group, Sunday's Children recorded their hit songs
on the same recording label as their secular revivals It's Just Our Destiny's.
Because of...

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Categories: people, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Premium Member Absent From School
Tony had an unwritten absence 
Which he did not choose.
He suddenly became ill.
He hated having the blues.

He coughed, had a fever;
Lay completely still.
He felt nauseous,

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Categories: people, 8th grade, absence, day,

Premium Member Backdoors of My Town
I was a whimsical, interior designer, bringing colors and joy into living spaces,
Subtly changing neighborhoods and lives, like vibrant arcs the rainbow traces.

People were as...

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Categories: people, beauty, fantasy, imagery, life,

Premium Member Death, To Me, Is a Stranger;
Death, to me, is a stranger;
   I know not his whereabouts.
I’ve seen him but haven’t heard –
   I know of him...

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Categories: death, loss, people,

Africa Victim of Injustice
If speaking the truth is a sin
Then no one will go to heaven. 
Quote by poet.

Africa victim of injustice, 
Oh! Africa , mama who is filling

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Categories: courage, encouraging, love, people,

Ode On An Ode
A former lyric to celebrate some bode
A lyric to praise someone who is a goad
A lyric in praise of the West Wind - an abode

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Categories: people, angst, french, july,

The Silence of Knowledgeable People
When knowledgeable people are  silently, 
hunger becoming a popular hymn in the city.

July 22/2023...

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Categories: people, encouraging, motivation,

They Say He Is a Loser
To criticize a person with a crude controversy,
Is like stripping off one's clothes, in public, without mercy;
This has been, yet, a habit common in the...

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Categories: life, people, political,

Premium Member Clerihew Franks
John F Franks was self-aught
his still life is still well sought
Also known forhis portraiture
two popular genre for sure...

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Categories: art, people,

Premium Member Clerihew Newbolt
Popular poet Henry Newbolt 
his cricket poem has no fault
Vitai Lapada is the verse
easy on the ear&so so terse...

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Categories: people, poetry,

Premium Member Clerihew Coates
Chichester's Eric Coates
struck all the right notes
With music so very light
a genre with popular delight...

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Categories: music, people,

Premium Member Clerihew Pergolisi
Giovanni Battista Pergolesi
died at 26 did he
So popular for such a short while
with his vivaious musical style...

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Categories: music, people,

Premium Member Clerihew Watts
English poet Isaac Watts
hymnwriting he never could stop
O God our hope in Ages past
was a popular verse to last...

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Book: Shattered Sighs