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Rhyme Narrative Poems

These Rhyme Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Rhyme. These are the best examples of Narrative Rhyme poems written by international poets.

Story-My humor
Do you know what it feels like when your dad leaves to go get the milk and comes back with a gun and some vengeance?

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Categories: creation, emotions, funny, humor,

The Hungry Stones III
In scarce a week the place began to weave 
A weird fascination upon me, 
Nigh hard to bear, harder still to believe, 
I felt as...

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Categories: allusion, bangla, fantasy, mystery,

Monkey in the Brain
A restless mind, a frantic cage,
A squirrel on a wheel, thoughts that engage.
A starling's dance, a flurry, a flight,
Scattered ideas, lost in the night.

A beehive...

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Categories: analogy, animal,

Premium Member Rewrite
It's imperative to alter the narrative,
so get out a round of ream.
There's a knot in the plot,
a lost theme with out a seam..
You pause and...

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Categories: narrative, poems,

Premium Member 8 Little Egypts
Something strange

and unexplainable comes this way,
this way, it comes to us sly and fast, 
some say, perhaps, 
it has already arrived, 
it walks unseen, in...

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Categories: easter, humanity, words,

Premium Member Army Of One
he followed my lead
obedient fool
an army of one

he is made up of many
made up of few

all within me
a need


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Categories: anxiety, depression, inspirational, introspection,

Happy just as I am
Pleased playing flute upon a riverbank, 
He hardly saw the king's man approaching, 
E’en closer as he came to show his rank: 
I’m here with...

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Categories: happiness, power,

Premium Member Upon My Own Company
I can sit alone with minutes
and minutes into hours
stacking them like bricks
and making many towers
so as I sit in towers
and thought’s a mighty wall
there’s depth...

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Categories: introspection, mental health, peace,

Premium Member Footle
She looks at me
with long suffering forbearance,
implying once again I must have
gotten up on the wrong side of my head
as all that comes out of...

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Categories: humor, morning, relationship,

Saved By His Creator, Part IV
“I’m sure it’s hard to get used to,
but it’s the only way you’d survive,”
Cy explained, and said, “Unlike me
at least you’ll have plenty of guides.


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Categories: death, future, humanity, life,

Saved By His Creator, Part III
“But we realized, decades on back,
how consciousness burns out machines,
we are not gods when we create,
there are hard limits to our dreams.

“And the same questions...

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Categories: death, future, humanity, life,

Saved By His Creator, Part II
...He laughed at memes, he watched podcasts,
rolled digital eyes at the news,
saw endless reams of adult stuff,
why they liked it, he never knew…

But in this...

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Categories: death, future, humanity, life,

Saved By His Creator, Part I
His first moment was a strange one,
he senses told him not a thing,
but he knew words and he knew thoughts,
oh, so many thoughts were spinning.


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Categories: death, future, humanity, life,

Premium Member Sky Ted
Every teddy knows that every girl and and every boy
Needs to have a teddy who will be their pride and joy
A teddy bear companion in...

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Categories: fantasy, nursery rhyme,

Sodbuster, Part II
...The days went by, and not that much changed,
Black Ken’s gang ruled with orders deranged,
bled people’s coin, every day the same,
and I could just stand...

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Categories: narrative, character, conflict, evil, history,

Book: Reflection on the Important Things