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Nature Narrative Poems

These Nature Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Narrative Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member My Nirvana
Rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed, I float over the top of my lake

There is a gentle squiggle movement in the water

Some type of dark snake, holding...

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Categories: nature, water,

Winter's Edge 13
Centered in the irregular rectangle of the caves entrance the fire popped and danced as the snow fell lazily before the backdrop of pines.Softly the...

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Categories: winter, words,

Premium Member Kaleidoscope


They say another
wrote the story, not I.
that I, mere I,
having little experience, shy 
and far removed from 
such an alien world,
would not possess the...

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Categories: muse, mystery,

Premium Member Strange Vampires

"Strange Vampires"

all those years 
ago, when conspiracies
flourished around 
did we or didn’t we go 
to the moon, when we
were once human,
proved to be lies,
whichever way...

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Categories: humanity, muse, science fiction,

Premium Member The Missing 5th Season

According to Chinese medicine, each of the 5 elements
wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, have a corresponding season.
We are a living, breathing, embodiment of nature...

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Categories: appreciation, seasons,

Premium Member Bubba
Once upon a time, there was a man named Bubba.
Bubba was a good man, always reaching out to
help someone. His life was a life of...

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Categories: care,

Premium Member Miracles Do Happen
I find listening to music very therapeutic.
All types of music be it opera to jazz can change a person's mood
In minutes lifting spirits to great...

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Categories: 10th grade,

Premium Member Bruising Words
Words too often have rough edges,
bloody histories,
lines more defined
than relentlessly imaged cliffs,
worshipping sacred sunlight shades
of high hazards

Coveted risks
more than needed opportunities
to hard wall wail against...

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Categories: narrative, health, integrity, language, nature,

Premium Member Triangle, Power of Your Consciousness
A simple triangle, A World of Gods, A Fired Geometric Gem 
Explore the power of consciousness, how a triangle& its sacred symbolism can help us...

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Categories: analogy,

One Way To Kill A Vampire, Part II
...“I will not just kill you,”she then proclaimed,
“That is too easy, I will make you hurt!
When your dread becomes real, I will come bite one,

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Categories: adventure, conflict, evil, gothic,

A New Queen is Born
I stood at the back of the line and watched nature unfold in front of my weeping eyes. I stood at the back of the...

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Categories: care, celebration, change, death,

Premium Member Living in World of Dinosaurs
He does not notice the grimaces on his classmates' faces.
Or hear their deep sighs, or realize he is fixated on dinosaurs.
His discussions are one-sided, he...

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Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade,

A Mountain Man's Tale, Part VII
Reid’s eyes widened with the realization,
she was with child? How long had she known?
His mind reeled and more men gathered outside,
by this time his cover...

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Categories: narrative, adventure, family, history, loss,

A Mountain Man's Tale, Part VI
When his pa had died, Reid had just felt fear,
he’d been a child, the pain overwhelming,
but to see Eagle Vision lying dead…
he felt a blind...

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Categories: narrative, adventure, family, history, loss,

A Mountain Man's Tale, Part V
She knew he was right, and had little choice,
winter had set in, travel was hard,
but Reid had killed elk, frozen meat to spare,
the ponds he...

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Categories: narrative, adventure, family, history, loss,