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Nature Narrative Poems

These Nature Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Narrative Nature poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Crow Mornings 2
Early mornings, bright ice  blues as life wakens 
birds  and squirrels  scratching for seeds and nuts
black crows pound at the tree or...

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Categories: nature, winter,

Ghosts of the High Rockies, Part II
* * *

The trapper looked for the oddly-dressed man,
but could no longer see him, or his tent.
He glanced around, so supremely confused,
now where the devil...

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Categories: america, confusion, history, imagery,

Ghosts of the High Rockies, Part I
Eamon heard the rocks skitter away,
scree tumbling down with his every step,
descending from towering Mount Gilborne,
to a lake below where he could rest.

He knew a...

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Categories: america, confusion, history, imagery,

Modern Hunt
Boots crushing frosted grass-blades,
sun still an ember to the east,
clad head-to-toe in blaze orange
as I climb into the tree stand.

Strap myself in, high on this...

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Categories: narrative, america, autumn, dedication, imagery,

Good night
It was a Saturday night
I couldn't sleep well and tight
I slowly pull the hinge of the door
The only sound was my footsteps on the floor


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Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade,

Cel Phone Addiction
Touch And See 

We are a society of folded ears. We opt for our apps 
 through touch tone effect instead of real conversation. 

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Categories: addiction,

Premium Member Stars
I spend a lot of time these days watching the stars.  It’s hard to understand how far away they are when they seem so...

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Categories: best friend, dog, love,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part III
...Bill passed on back in sixty-nine,
and I buried him on that same hill,
next to his friend Timlin Rivers,
beneath northern lights and the night’s chill.

And I...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part II
He shrugged and said,”If you’ve no home
I guess you could stay for a while.
But you will have to learn the traps,
and that means many cold...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

The Trapper and The Brave, Part I
It was back in nineteen-nineteen
when Timlin Rivers checked his traps,
by one he found just a weasel skin,
did not know what to make of that.

Why would...

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Categories: adventure, family, friendship, grandfather,

the tale of two birds
down south somewhere
in mid-winter, there were
two birds -- one with 
a broken wing and one with
nothing wrong
well with the exception of  his friend
with the...

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Categories: allegory,

A refugee from modernity
My campfire illuminates the scattered stones  of the chapel ruin. 
Conjuring contorted shadows who swell like mighty hands 
Proclaiming the insanity of the divine....

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Categories: environment, nature, wisdom,

Premium Member Ireland - a divided island part one
  born under the sea, an irresistible force
  two bodies reluctantly embrace, shunting, shifting, tectonic drifting
  alongside the southern Iapetus Ocean

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© Ian Love  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: community, history, ireland, time,

Pioneers Without Frontiers
When I was a kid on the bus,
I looked at all that surrounded us,
out the window I always gazed
seeing old fields, half-trees, half-hay,
beyond them rose...

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Categories: childhood, how i feel,

The Night Before Deer Season
Twas the night before deer season
and all through the town
all the hunters were campin';
there was no one around.

The guys weren't all snuggled 
and warm in...

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Categories: america, animal, autumn, culture,

Our Bowling Date
Three of us went out to bowl
For this is done by many, the young and the old
We talked as we waited and stood in line

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Categories: friendship, fun, games,

Premium Member When You Look Back, There Is The Cross
When You Look Back, THERE IS THE CROSS!!

How many times over the last 40+ years have I looked back upon my
life, sin, failures and sometimes...

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Categories: appreciation, deep, devotion,

This adventure of faith commenced 
when the Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ 
personally introduced Himself to me;
and such encounter I can never forget.
With compassion, He...

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Categories: adventure, bible, christian, faith,

Premium Member Mystery Of The Poltergeist
Mystery Of The Poltergeist

It is said, “All things in balance”,
yin has it’s yang, plus has it’s minus,
all things in balance is natures way.

There is however...

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Categories: death, introspection, mystery,

Premium Member My Brush With An Icon
Jackie Robinson and I go way way back
To the spring of nineteen forty-six
A Montreal ballpark on an April afternoon
The day the world was transfixed

The color...

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Categories: memory,