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Nature Narrative Poems

These Nature Narrative poems are examples of Narrative poems about Nature. These are the best examples of Narrative Nature poems written by international poets.

Flashes that echo
Sudden flash evanescing slowly 
Cracks in a concrete sky
Leering over mountains of clay
On this very day it comes apart
Peeling away like withered bark on a...

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Categories: conflict, dark, depression, emotions,

Premium Member The Flutist

"Leo Rojas, Pan Flutist"

Leo and his flute have a link,
to mother earth that is calming;
when I listen to his music my soul plunges,

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Categories: music, nature,

The mountain forge
Shine a light on that dark thought
Cast the iron of self into the fires
Find a way through hallowed mountains
Thunders roar
 my iron self
Burning ember as...

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Categories: earth, imagery, nature, peace,

Pin Drop
POEM "PIN DROP" by martin gedge

Be god, almighty
lend me your time
for I am a salesman's suitcase of suffering
to pitch such sweet pain
and divine tyranny
for every...

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Categories: dark, death, fear, horror,

How Much More
I have been writing this verse since last night
But my heart was so heavy, my tongue cleaved  
To the roof of my mouth and...

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Categories: abuse, appreciation, beautiful, confidence,

Premium Member A Narrative of Life
On this morning after the dogs have been fed and run       around the yard barking at the crows and...

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Categories: feelings, life,

Premium Member Deceiver caught inside the web
The mental instability of a liar
when they hear the truth cursing begins ugly 
you are judging me seems to be their next move
cornered crying the...

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Categories: dark, deep, forgiveness, light,

Premium Member Bird of Death
Wanton wings wrap around my weeping heart
I whisper, “Darling dear death, I fear you…”
Tears trace my cheeks with veils, covering my face
Sunset sets with sadness...

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Categories: bird, death, heart, love,

Premium Member Garden Angel
Garden Angel

My friend lives in a high rise, 
somewhere the other side of Manhattan. 
What does that even look like? 
She pays more money than...

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Categories: america, corruption, health, heart,

Educating Bigfoot, Part II
...The bigfoot poked out again the next day
with the little one not that far behind,
came lunch time Julio put out apples,
before each he would stop...

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Categories: animal, education, friendship, humanity,

Educating Bigfoot, Part I
This story begins with Julio Jones,
a logger who worked trees in the Cascades,
never married or had a family,
he was a loner, that just was his...

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Categories: animal, education, friendship, humanity,

Premium Member The homeless poet
A homeless poet

A few days ago, I was walking home with my dollar store notebook in my hand as I walked. I was deep in...

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Categories: for him, heartbroken, home,

Green Yard Tips
Green Yard Tips

 Here are a few good natural tips
To keep your yard healthy and green
No chemicals or man-made products
Just merely a simple walking routine


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Categories: earth, environment, garden, green,

Premium Member Effects Of The Affected

Intricate dull summer, autumn's scourge,
Dog day noons, sultry dusk undress the night,
Mirage, sweaty foreheads entertain an oasis,
Rise of Fall, leaves, plot ere barked disguises,
Autumn's quarrels,...

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Categories: appreciation, earth, imagery, life,

Premium Member Leaf's Life

Rise of Fall, leaves, plot ere barked disguises,
Autumn's quarrels, chartreuse hawks verdant green hue,
Spar shades, tones, pigments re, imagination,
Expelled from hold, abandon o'er cold,
Huddled neath...

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Categories: color, green, imagery, nature,


An army of wood ants ,
In Swiss Jura Mountains,
Lift up the mighty leaf
Overhead,to feed

The queen, a  fairy , labors in her womb
The males carry...

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Categories: education, fairy, flying, life,

She was
As the years where long, the wind a wild howl, for as sweet nature smelled, she was the wicked within the storm, then the cause...

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Categories: conflict, dream, emotions, life,

Premium Member I Was Born
I was born and it was evident at an early age,
that I was a storyteller because I would ramble on and on to anyone;
who was...

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Categories: life,


The Boy is  three,  his sister, two

I can’t hear your water
Make it bigger 
The windows are colorful
Rainbow indigo
Like a pillow 
Because it’s colorful...

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Categories: adventure, children, fun, imagination,

Premium Member My Tree - It Shall Survive

Beside the Kinta River still it stands
Colossus of the primal forest panoply
Residing native of the fecund land
It’s limbs supporting graceful...

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Categories: nature,