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High School Narrative Poems

These High School Narrative poems are examples of poetry about High School Narrative. These are the best examples of Narrative High School poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Fire Drill ABCs
Seven things to grab in a hurry
My house going up in a blazing fury...

First things first, 
   my favourite courier bag,

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Categories: fun, me,

The New Puritans, Part II
...It was only two days later
when the local catholic high school
was told their team name, the ‘Crusaders,’
was insensitive and uncool.
Protestors showed up to bellow slurs,

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Categories: culture, how i feel,

Premium Member Reuniting With First Love At Reunion
Sheila dressed carefully, greeting first love in fits of anticipation,
Amid glittering disco ball promoting twenty-fifth year class reunion,
Drum master is at play, thumping Sheila’s traitorous...

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Categories: age, dream,

Hello, 50 Years Ago
In my senior year of high school, my mother signed me up to go
to a computer school in Texas where I was to go after...

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Categories: destiny,

Life Without My Phone
I just wish people would leave me alone
And stop asking me what happened to my phone
I had my phone out at school in the hall

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Categories: 10th grade, feelings, growing

Carmena the American, Part I
Carmena was born in Bolivia
but left that place at seventeen,
after three years of waiting for the chance
to live out an American dream.

When her folks finally...

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Categories: america, culture, discrimination, freedom,

Snowflakes With Biting Teeth
After graduating from high school,  I left the South and moved North to the Windy City of Chicago in search of a better way...

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Categories: christmas, december, holiday, weather,

Premium Member The Couple In Love
They arrived giggling and giddy, one hundred percent in love.  Holding hands, leaning into each other,
Smiling.  Young love, nothing like it.
I am teaching...

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Categories: education, sad love,

Premium Member Rassphrass and LeRoy's Love Story
Rassaphrass’s husband LeRoy went out for garlic bread on a Tuesday.  She ate all the spaghetti and meatballs before he returned, to teach him...

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Categories: fun,

Forgetting Where You Came From, Part II
...“While I march for justice in our neighborhood,
you were out here running ’round in the woods.
While I protested to bring about change,
you sold out to...

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Categories: brother, change, family, growing

Forgetting Where You Came From, Part I
Booker MaCline stared out with his young eyes
at the rolling hills and trees of great sizes,
West Virginia’s landcape, so much different,
the plane ride here every...

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Categories: brother, change, family, growing

Clive Gets Woke, Part I
When Clive was nineteen years old
he graduated from high school,
it had taken him five years,
but he would not become a fool.

He’d seen why not two...

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Categories: anger, change, growth, political,

Premium Member When I Consider Life Without You
When I Consider Life

As a baby, I was laying in my bassinet when a rifle bullet was shot through
 our living room window and passed...

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Categories: blessing, dedication,

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Dreamland
I could see, feel, and hear it.  The fragrance was of an arresting aroma.          ...

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Categories: bible, destiny, dream, faith,

Premium Member Raison D'Etre

As we approach our golden years, nothing prepares us for what lies ahead. Everyone reaches it... it's inevitable but that doesn't mean we are really...

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Categories: passion,

Premium Member Anonymously Sold
It happened back in time, quite a long way,
Back in the day, as they today like to say:
An era when most donations to yeshivas** ...

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Categories: appreciation, education, how i

Ex-Gay, Part I
My name, it is Reginald,
and I’ve got a story to tell,
some folks, they will not like it,
they’ll cry out,”Go to hell!”

You see my wife beside...

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Categories: angst, confusion, fear, feelings,

love kills
I just got to the grave today, death was given to you by my infidelity.

Along the way alive, my soul was given death.

Thy Ishq ruined...

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Categories: black love, break up,

Thugging For Peace, Part I
Max Clayborn head there was a walkout coming,
being orchestrated by his high school,
they proclaimed they were fighting gun violence,
but to Max they just sounded like...

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Categories: confidence, freedom, mother, political,

Hearts faded with time
Hearts faded with time.

Skinny jeans and smokey air
The sound of laughter and pool balls on a table
The smell of damp carpet and stale beer
Full ashtrays...

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Categories: feelings, memory,