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Child Loss Poems

These Child Loss poems are examples of Loss poems about Child. These are the best examples of Loss Child poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Sorrow Isn't Forever, Love Is
It is the setting of the dawn.
I sit and wonder why she’s gone.
The time has gone so slow, yet fast.
I recall her in the evening...

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© Pax Geist  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, bereavement, child, death, for

Premium Member I still feel the pain
I still feel the pain

I remember the past- as I'm looking back
and I still can't believe it's true...
it's hard for even me,   to...

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Categories: loss, abuse, child, death of

Premium Member Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror

Do not lie. I know that you want to. 
I know that you may need to.  
I am broken, and soon…
You will be...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, 12th grade, cinderella, happy,

Premium Member The Value Of Today

If only we could turn back time, I would save her if I could
Stop what happened in front of me, let justice be as it...

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Categories: death, loss, time,

How do you tell your beautiful child
^How do you tell your beautiful child?
That you watched play and run so wild.
You promised to love and to protect,
To teach them kindness and respect.


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© alex ross  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, cancer, deep, emotions, father

Premium Member The Aborted Mind

A child, who's not of youth, 
And they'd had not being weaned, 
A place so big, they'd never seen, 
A place for the small, that...

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Categories: loss, abortion, imagery, innocence, life,

The Woods
The boy he came home, he'd just finished school.
He asked his mother 'can I go out and play'?
Mother said 'yes but don't be too long....

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© Ben Devlin  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, child, forgiveness, i miss

She was beautiful
She was beautiful. Her raven-black hair fell to her shoulders and her piercing steel-blue eyes picked her out from the rest. Her wistful smile, her...

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Categories: abuse, betrayal, community, loss,

Premium Member THE LABYRINTH
a passageway assembled in perfection
hues claim blue for reflection
conjured depth’s ensue 
a violet isolation
the design of oblivion
no fleeting moment can abscond
all must fall or fly...

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Categories: loss, death, god, imagination, life,

A Peasant's Revenge, Part I
The story begins when I was a young man,
personal chirurgeon for Prince Malistare,
when the Kingdom of Blenum faced rebellion
in the west, among the peasants out...

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Categories: loss, class, death, evil, fantasy,

The Lonely Road
Walking down this lonely road,
I remember walking down it before.
The road windles from my house, down past the lake,
Where the fisherman fish for more.

This time...

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Categories: boyfriend, death, depression, loss,


Who was she?  They wondered
No one knew her name
Where did she live?  They wondered
No one ever saw her playing
How old was...

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Categories: loss, angel, anger, betrayal, child

A Place At The Table
A Place At The Table

A place at the table,
Empty for years.
The echo of laughter,
My face wet with tears.

Life full of heartache,
Two empty chairs.
The questions in...

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Categories: loss, baby, bereavement, child, christian,

Shoot Nothing like killing spree to bookend August 2019
Shoot! Nothing like killing spree to bookend August 2019!

The latest homicide,
where gunman(men) slew
dirty deed done dirt cheap
half dozen innocent people drew
minimal horrific gasps, now a...

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Categories: loss, 11th grade, 12th grade,



Raise my head up to the sun
Let it web out
The rhythm to my drum
Old days brought flowers and gems 
Black clouds and ocean rain

I ponder...

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Categories: loss, childhood, cry, death, faith,

Premium Member Just One More Runaway
Just One More Runaway

Seven times the hammer fell
life's hard knocks no pity
no help, no liberty bell
alone in cold cruel city

Rainbow fell soft that morn
cleansing rains...

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Categories: loss, care, children, emotions, heartbreak,

Ode To Bobby Fischer
Child of darkness, child of scorn,
The devil danced when you were born,
For demon seed from Morphy passed,
Would haunt your days ‘til everlast.

Predestined to die derelict,

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© Eric Cohen  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, death, eulogy, memorial, tribute,

Premium Member If There Was No Tomorrow
If there was no tomorrow to see
  No longer touching delight and joy
    We could not feel the pain we each...

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Categories: environment, loss, world,

In The Wind
Happily little Suzy prances
freely in the wind,
contrasted by tomorrow's
scattered ashes...

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Categories: loss, child, death, fate, irony,

Premium Member Walk Around
Walk Around

You laughed with me, 
You walked with me, 
You talked, all night long. 
You took me places, 
You sang funny songs…
You made me smile....

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: loss, anger, drug, family, freedom,