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Education Life Poems

These Education Life poems are examples of Life poems about Education. These are the best examples of Life Education poems written by international poets.

Premium Member A town and farm yarn
There's a little town in Ouyen Vic.'' Under 1200 people so
I'll tell you bout aspects; of it sort'a quick!
There's Clarys slate bush etching, in three...

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Categories: life, appreciation, education,

Checkmate You Lose
Do you tremble,
as the monstrous cadence,
of the rhinoceros' stride reverberates,
like the buffalo's onslaught?

Vipers at the water's edge,
darting hither and thither,
not above but beneath the surface,

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Categories: life, adventure, animal, change, dark,

The Fathers of Life
Education is a must,
So your mind can be robust,
Through blood, sweat, and tears,
It's the 6 inches between the ears,
For the people that give,
So you can...

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Categories: life, appreciation, education,

Premium Member Buckle My Shoe
One, two, buckle my shoe, a lesson to be learned; 
Three, four, and so many more - times the world has turned. 

Cross the laces,...

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Categories: life, childhood, education, father son,

a quest to find myself again
The days were brighter then,
When without the slightest effort, I’d succeed in making a good impression.
Now it seems no one knows me to be “good”,

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Categories: life, anxiety, depression, desire, education,

Premium Member I walk in the shadow
I shore up my doubt, behind a loosely bound hope 
Which in turn is propped up without foundation
Cynical of a life, at the mercy of...

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Categories: how i feel, life,

Premium Member Unmasking the Script
In borrowed plumes, a masquerade we stage,
Thoughts echo doctrines, passions preordained.
From broken families, where fractured spirits weep,
Mothers of sorrow, 
With eyes that never sleep.

We inherit...

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Categories: journey, life, philosophy, psychological,

Premium Member Apology
This is my apology
To all of my family
Who spent their hard earned currency
For my education willingly

I started out initially
Seeking an Accounting degree
Then Finance was my...

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Categories: education, life,

Premium Member On the Trail - Life's Gates
Silent, yet sounding
You asked… how, why, what, when, where
To parents present...

Atmosphere living
Grabbing experiences
Family teachings

With taught imprintings 
How to live future, prepared 
By societies;

Base value teachings...

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Categories: adventure, childhood, education, life,

Premium Member Mary's Homecoming
We find ourselves with you in time, 
Thoughts of you are roaming our minds
Angels playing music at the Gate
Heaven will be Home; let's call it...

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Categories: life, appreciation, blessing, christian, courage,

Plumber PS
I didn't know what to do when I left school,
But I thought I would become a plumber, wouldn't that be cool.

Most of the work is...

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© Mark West  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, career, education, happiness, jobs,

Premium Member Ode On The Hourglass
The restoration properties
collected in each and
every grain of sand, 
stimulates the aging 
functions that affect
durations longing of 
infinity that it now
possesses a
plunging pit,
beings owned 

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© Hilo Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: life, appreciation, creation, destiny, education,

Premium Member Glenda Sue
Holy Love in Glenda-Sue, deep root of Love
Will challenge you ' And me and all who think
We know? In what directions our lives should
No reason...

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Categories: life, appreciation, bible, cry, education,

**Imaginations**, like dew-kissed petals at dawn,
Unfurl in secret gardens of the mind,
Where stars converse in whispers, and moonbeams
Weave tapestries of forgotten dreams.

They are the **weavers...

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Categories: life, appreciation, blessing, education, endurance,

Empty guts
Empty guts come crawling around the town looking for where destiny is bound. They have nothing in their heart to give and thousands of holes...

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Categories: life, business, christian, community, education,

Book: Shattered Sighs