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Education Life Poems

These Education Life poems are examples of Life poems about Education. These are the best examples of Life Education poems written by international poets.

Roads Far Less Travelled
I take roads far less traveled, exciting yes
Though lonely beyond compare, those miles upon miles
For where rest close friends, left behind loving and missed
As is...

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Categories: education, freedom, life, philosophy,

Life Logic Backward: Upside Down
Don't assert yourself you'll be quietly successful counting stars
Drink a lot and bury sober dreams
Never fight for what's right and no one will ever blame...

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Categories: life, psychological,

Always Something New
You're never too old to learn things new
Can take another's experience into you

One can't live knowing everything at all 
To think so that would be...

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Categories: change, education, environment, life,

Premium Member FIND PEACE

that this
is the way
things should be 

surrender ~
     stop resisting ~

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Categories: education, happiness, life, meaningful,

I am rich
I am rich,
Rich of a good health,
Rich of a strong body,
Rich of a balanced mind,
Thanks to God.

I am rich,
Rich of learning,
Rich of experiences,
Rich of the...

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Categories: life, money,

We're Going
Ahoy mates! We're going in our boat on a trip.
We're going to do the Great American Loop.
Soon we will be a blip.
We'll take lots of...

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Categories: life, adventure, dream, education, endurance,

Premium Member Wisdom
knowledge gained through life
not always within a book
degree in wisdom...

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Categories: education, graduate, life, wisdom,

I desire, into this world,
to be the bearer of many gifts;
to create, share and teach.

Everyone on this planet, is a teacher
and a student of life;...

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Categories: appreciation, education, giving, life,

Premium Member YOUR OWN MUSIC

Oh, my heart

Throughout life
So many bards you have heard their 
Song of life to sing
Their melodies you have enjoyed 


The time has come your own...

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Categories: education, life, wisdom,

life with t-rump XXXIX
Scorched earth flows from Rump’s rumble
And feds are furloughed and grumble
Although he seems glad
For us it’s rather sad
While his wall and our cookies crumble

Author's note:...

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Categories: life, betrayal, child abuse, education,

Young By Gianna Lyn
Its hard to be happy
Hard to be me
Finding out who I am is impossible to the pressure of smarts and immortality
"we live forever" a lie...

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Categories: life, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Food For Thought
Just because you can’t see it
does it mean no one else can?
Can’t hear or feel it, taste or smell it; 
does that mean it doesn’t...

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Categories: education, humanity, introspection, life,

Life is What - Time we all see
What is life like - After we Kill the Planet – That’s Us

When After All is Said and Done 
There is nothing left as it...

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Categories: life, community, education, environment, heartbroken,

Premium Member Learning - a Good Investment
A lazy student known as Burt, 
To parents and teachers was curt.
        With little knowledge,

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Categories: life, books, education, funny, humorous,

Less Than Human
Two thousand years ago Robot John came by
As a gift from mom and pop at Christmas
Wrapped in orange paper made in Russia
Signed “Peace and Love...

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Categories: life, appreciation, childhood, conflict, education,

Learning The Computer
Is hard for this chickadee.
I wasn't raised with computers even as an employee
So that makes me
Really slow.
People say let your children show
You how
To do it...

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Categories: life, adventure, anxiety, confusion, education,

Reading For Life
Aljim B. Lituañas

Reading is such a wondrous skill
That made us glad and give us trill 
Journeys our minds to farthest spots
Cradling our hearts...

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Categories: life, education, literature,

The wages of sin is death, they say
But in Kenya, the wages of sin is power without say
The more you sin, the more powerful you...

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Categories: life, betrayal, character, corruption, integrity,

Raconteur Prevaricator De Jure
This chap iz a life
long student – groan fizzy
(from being protean entity
at least sustained along minimally
cerebral Mohorovicic continuity mortality
reincarnating one carbon peculiarity
enigmatic existence eternally

into maternity...

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Categories: life, 9th grade, education, encouraging,

My three wishes
My first wish is to acquire as much as possible knowledge
and to learn science economics and other things to acknowledge.
And to perceive the whole world...

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Categories: life, education,