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Education Life Poems

These Education Life poems are examples of Life poems about Education. These are the best examples of Life Education poems written by international poets.

Black Eyes of America
I will stop reminiscing over the 1700s when the 2000s stop mirroring the same values
plantations upgraded to prisons, chains to handcuff, masters to head leaders...

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Categories: life, 12th grade, black african

Life Is Unjustly Justifiably Fair

Justice doesn't come easily on earth,
You have to fight it and stand by its treats-
Cum holiness to gain its true kind worth.

Enforcement of a right...

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Categories: life, art, class, confusion, corruption,

Premium Member On the Trail, Old Beginnings II
Swimming up-river
Time brings Past back again, fresh
What to do, this time?


Pursuing purposeful action
Swimming upriver process begins
Observed by intelligence’s best memory.

Identifying all around
Sights and sounds, as...

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Categories: adventure, dream, education, life,

Life Is A Book Full Of Chapters
Early chapters are written without choice.
Scripted by parents from birth.
These chapters may read prosperous or despair. 
Innocence surrounded by ignorance life is not fair,
One may...

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Categories: life, adventure, education, family, imagination,

The Exemplary Love in Ants
It is heavy not to envy the harmony of loving ants.
So, we need to harry ourselves in hurry for helping hands.
Isn’t it funny the levy...

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Categories: life, 11th grade, 12th grade,

Life's full of wisdom
Wise is the one who use their
Knowledge properly

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Categories: education, inspiration, life, meaningful,

In school we had to learn algebra.
Ex: ½y - 3 = 2-½y 
We had to find y, but why?

In life, I never needed to use...

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Categories: life, change, confusion, education, growth,

Your eyes I remembered
I recalled your eyes clear and transparent
Somehow liked pool water surging in the sun
Dark green algae rising with the sunshine
Playing hide and seek with the...

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Categories: life, age, change, confusion, education,

They also ran
Ever since the world began
there were those who 'also ran.'
Not for them the highest grades,
not for them great accolades.
Mediocrity rarely shatter.
That they ran is what...

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Categories: discrimination, education, life,

Final Exam Passing Out Parade 3rd Degree
Because this here is your passing 
out parade doth your cap and gown

This here I don't know if you if you are 
aware or know...

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Categories: education, extended metaphor, life,

Affect Of Breakup In Relations And Children's Life- Christen Kuikoua
In life Relationship, 
Useless Battle Between Couples 
Must be avoided
Because there is no need for negative energy 
In the midst of Love
My Bible say love...

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Categories: life, anger, confusion, divorce, for

Let's call it living
Well let's call it living 

There are no laws except those we made for ourselves
There no facts except the denial of reality in a different...

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Categories: education, imagination, life, prejudice,

Little Red Riding Hood Go Get Yourself A Useful Weapon
I have found that to grow
in the maze of life
you need more
than what, you are told

simply because, to know,
what, you need to know
is more, than...

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Categories: life, bullying, education, graduation, humor,

Free Cheese for the Mouse is a Trap
Free cheese for the mouse is a trap
As you squeeze your hand
You demand a “pill” in order to fulfill your day!
Your world seems open
As your...

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Categories: education, life,

My Life; My Destiny

We are of no club 
In the race of destiny
There may be team work 
To avoid setback filming to drub
Trials and luck making lot of...

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Categories: life, art, class, dedication, education,