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Culture Language Poems

These Culture Language poems are examples of Language poems about Culture. These are the best examples of Language Culture poems written by international poets.

Language not a gap
Learn by adapting to it
Bridge to any race....

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Categories: culture, engagement, language, race,

Thought I'd wite a song for you coloratura
Inspired by fiction
nevermind the details
I wrote a song
I thought you'd
want to hear
ah song
all without controversy
sumthang pleasant to hear
sumthang to sing
to your lover
so they'll know
you are...

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Categories: culture, dance, film, language,

Premium Member Defamiliarization Mind
I never understood this condition 
that continued to invade my writing 
skills at first I would write then go 
back to put the punctuation in...

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Categories: art, language, writing,

Premium Member Masons and Muses
the untimely measures gathered beneath solid 
structure as hands fold the numeral gestures 
gravely carved throughout the roman empire 
while the daintiness of quiet muse's...

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Categories: analogy, art, culture, language,

Social Status
You are what you eat
Thin, fat, fair, what sizes be
Speaks social fate....

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Categories: culture, language, society, work,

Ink of the Islands
In the heart of the Pacific, where waves cradle secrets,
**Tatau** emerges—a sacred script etched upon skin,
A symphony of charcoal rivers, whispered stories,
**Samoan souls bloom**.

**Pe'a**, the...

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Categories: language, appreciation, beautiful, devotion, freedom,

Keeping my composure
I sought through
the differences
either furtherance
or closure
this one means everything
tension from frustration
like jackal stalking 
the lions
someone might come along
and consecrate my gains
Nothings right
aint nothing...

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Categories: character, culture, encouraging, language,

Premium Member Muse Ecology
is like musicology
except music theory
is about how to write
resiliently capturing what is felt
and heard resonantly flowing first

Using a shared
polycultural (P) notation
Language System.

While MusEcology
mind sings
and body...

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Categories: language, culture, earth day, health,

Premium Member Words From Home
colloquialism to say is quite the trick
tells where your from by words that you pick
with diplomas on the wall
my friends I appall
when I go fishing...

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Categories: culture, humorous, language,

Maybe Tomorrow
There are times when I walk down the block
I ask myself: why don’t I just walk into the woods
To live a little bit more
When I...

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Categories: anxiety, books, culture, language,

Said It Right the First Time
Gotta find me ah lov-ah
one who can understand
Gotta find me someone
Who'll let me be her Man
Gotta find me ah Luv-ah
one who keeps her love
Gotta ind...

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Categories: culture, engagement, film, language,

Measina a Samoa
Measina a Samoa
Measina a Samoa, the treasures of Samoa
The language, the culture, the land, the people
The products, the stories, the wisdom, the faith
Measina a Samoa,...

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Categories: language, appreciation, change, community, encouraging,

The said hieroglyphics drove into the night,
Racked up its mystery, then parted and swiped,
Bellowed at suspicion and candid eye sight,
To foster fomented a reasoned parallax,...

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Categories: language, art, culture, education, history,

Black Is Gold
Black is Gold
Makinde Adebayo Adeniyi

your culture
your language
your art
your shadow
the man in the mirror 

change a thing
Black is gold
I am omolúàbí
Omo k'aaro o...

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Categories: language, africa, courage, culture, deep,

Premium Member End Times
Before the primate known as “man” became loquacious, 
With all his fishnet shenanigans, skylarking monkey shines, 
And thermo-nuclear weapons, 
There was a time when words...

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Categories: language, allegory, angst, culture, dark,

Book: Shattered Sighs