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Love Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Love Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Love. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Love poems written by international poets.

Is it ok for Miss Lizzy to talk
about the taboo

truth What sexuality really means
to a woman like

me and love sex as much as men that...

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Categories: society,

A Beauteous Sight - Iambic Pentameter
The desire within my heart it shall flow
Like a river of Love into your soul
The light of Love within my heart shall glow
And I shall...

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Categories: dream, feelings, love, night,

sure desolation, final friend of pride
brought forth by hoary pretensions of depth,
in which reside delusions soaked in bile
excreted from the end of every breath

the earth...

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Categories: evil,

Premium Member This Thing Called Love
This thing called love, oh, tell me what it means!
Is it what breathes and lives in gilded dreams?
Is it the searing burn of hungry kiss?

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Categories: love,

Final Kiss
"What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in...

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Categories: goodbye, love, war,

Premium Member I Stand Here Now
I Stand Here Now

I stand here now...the winter of my life,
   amazed how fast its seasons quickly flew.
Just yesterday, those days were free...

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Categories: age, life, winter,

Between Jupiter and a Bottle
Torn between Jupiter and a bottle
The sky-borne heart, caught yearning for the stars,
Staggers, split and spitted upon the earth.
This is not what Love was spilt...

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Categories: imagery,

Premium Member There Are Days When

Oh, there are days when I still wonder why
     I'm here upon this place we call our Earth.
And, there are days...

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Categories: conflict, life, meaningful, thanks,

Premium Member An Incomplete Love Story
They met aboard a cruise one summer day;
     their days and nights were filled with ecstasies.

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Categories: love, sad love,

Inviting hills
O to tune in to good times of childhood—
To re-live gone-by years, not just to brood,
To lighten dust-laden baggage’s dead tare,
To unburden mind of deadwood...

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Categories: childhood,

Premium Member Winter's Weathered Hue

The wonder of your smile is always there,
   just like you gave me on that special day,

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Categories: love, marriage, seasons,

My Mortal Muse My wife
To my love of nigh four decades of bliss,
I can't take you with me you've life to live,
live it, let love be your guide, be remiss!

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Categories: iambic pentameter, freedom, love, muse, poetry,

not worth the pain he caused
the troubles left behind
her problems couldn't be paused
she thought she was losing her mind

he took a part of her heart

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Categories: break up,

Premium Member Her Wedding Day
Her Wedding Day

The spiral staircase made her high heels sing,
while from afar, she heard the church bells ring.
Today, they'd pledge their marriage vows so true;

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Categories: wedding,

Premium Member The Essence of Soft Shadows
The Essence of Soft Shadows

The essence of soft shadows on the wall
   that shelters where we'll rest when we are gone,

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Categories: death, heaven,

Premium Member In Memory of You
I didn't have a chance to say goodbye,
to let you know how dear you are to me
and though my chance is gone, I still will...

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Categories: death of a friend,

Surpassing Care
Introducing myself with confidence,
Trusting to find something with potential.
Once again, the skeleton of a beat 
Soul.  life gingerly drawn from the spirit.

Our loyalty should...

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Categories: change, confidence, grief, hope,

Premium Member Watercolor Afternoon
The rain set me adrift inside a dream
My mind was on a painting miles upstream
An unforgotten "en plein" I once viewed
A light pastoral springtime interlude


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Categories: brother, emotions, memory,

The Classical Whisper
The tree is breezy you will come I know
The jasmine wind is waiting to greet you
The hands of the clock moving very slow
On the rose...

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Categories: imagery, life, love,

Premium Member A Peaceful I Love You
An early outing for my friend and I
We walked the winding path down to the springs
The uncut winter hay is now waist high 
And in...

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Categories: beauty, i love you,