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Love Iambic Pentameter Poems

These Love Iambic Pentameter poems are examples of Iambic Pentameter poems about Love. These are the best examples of Iambic Pentameter Love poems written by international poets.

Shakespearean Inspired Poems About Toxic Love Act 3 and Act 4
Act 3

Shall I have thee slaughtered? 
Hung drawn and quartered?
Speak of marriage? 
White horse and carriage?
Do you truly love me? 
What of those two or...

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Categories: anger, betrayal, heartbreak, love

Shakespearean Inspired Poems About Toxic Love Act 1 and Act 2
Act 1

Oh, how do I detest thee! 
Uninvited, dare to speak of being reunited? 
I flick thee as if he was a flea
Stood before me,...

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Categories: betrayal, emotions, for her,

Premium Member So Much I'll Miss
I am so blessed to have great-grandchildren.
Four generations now upon our tree;
three girls- age four, one and a half, nine weeks.
How fortunate to have them...

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Categories: emotions, future, inspirational, love,

Mr Wag
We really rather love our Mr Wag.
A bag of music, music in a bag.
Such masterpieces did he once produce.
We listen every day to Mr Wag.


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Categories: character, music,

Premium Member unbefitting
I was drawn to you, from the first instant
something about you aroused my senses
a message unspoken, and insistent
that could somehow bypass my defenses.

I couldn’t show...

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Categories: boyfriend, emotions, feelings, poetry,

Premium Member Almost Xanadu
Is wished-for peace on Earth our Xanadu?
A golden dream, mirage- our sky of blue?
An aspiration, wishful thinking to
allow us to envision this as true?

If only...

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Categories: hope, peace, world,

Premium Member i'm too tired to dance
** An exercise: write a sonnet in iambic pentameter.

With heavy heart, I offer my remorse,
for I'm too tired to dance this weary eve.
The echoes of...

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Categories: iambic pentameter, dance, humor, teen, today,

The word is Hanna
I'm eager to convey 
your own complexity 
However I, in a way 
Doubt my ability 

There's too much of something 
Hidden deep into you 

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Categories: dedication, how i feel,

the 'Sonnet' i wasn't gonna finish bc it didn't live up to the 1st line
Remember when you were a fleeting thought?
Back when your smile was unremarkable?
Your ocean eyes not yet part of the plot?
Before your name caused that unconscious...

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Categories: boy,

Premium Member This Firefly Night Turner- Logan Collaboration
The moon was peeking through the naked trees
The breeze that blew that day had gone to bed
A lonely nightingale perched overhead
Harassed the silence with his...

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Categories: memory, night,

Two Were Once One
I've known you now for forty years, and yet
you seem to lack familiarity.
I used to smile, dance a foxtrot with you -
and trip with joy...

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, first

The Night Before The Longest Day
The night before the longest day a man
Went walking on the chalk path on the hill
Collecting stars. He had a little pan
To sift them as...

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Categories: england, love, magic, mystery,

Premium Member Ode to the Bard: In His Own Words
A tale told by an idiot? Methinks
thou dost protest too much. In brevity,
the soul of wit, yet I shall be a fool,
for there are scarce...

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Categories: appreciation,

Premium Member Regarding Merit
Regarding merit: absent, missing, void
Of all redeeming qualities, save one,
The apple of His eye, His "very good.”
Was He, in pleasant garden, much annoyed
When they His...

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© Jeff Kyser  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: creation,

Premium Member Sending Love to My Papa
Sending Love to My Papa

Underneath his multiple dark layers,
He was desperately seeking the light.
Wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing his betrayers, 
Kinsman who disregarded his cruel...

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Categories: abuse, emotions, father, feelings,