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Him Goodbye Poems

These Him Goodbye poems are examples of Goodbye poems about Him. These are the best examples of Goodbye Him poems written by international poets.

Premium Member I Want A Doggy
Oh how I want a doggy, 
a bundle of love and fur.             ...

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Categories: goodbye, dog, friend, love,

Premium Member The Pirate
The Pirate

This is an ongoing story, 
about the limits of the library. 
It can take you as far as you can go, 
but it is...

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© Ann Foster  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: allah, destiny, goodbye, growing

The Last Time, I Had To See You
You sat them on an icy oak table–
the package of my father’s ashes–
like an old-fashioned box cake.

Your dusty, branch-colored fingers
gripped a pile of pearly white...

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Categories: goodbye, death, farewell, father, grief,

Premium Member NEVER LET HER GO
He loved her with all his heart
which made him wonder how would he ever know
when it's time to say goodbye
when it's time to let her...

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© Jim Yerman  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: death, goodbye, love,

Premium Member Goodbye Love, Version 2
Goodnight, firefly, flap into
Oblivion, for a lover's light has vanished.
Oh, Romeo, wherefore this
Devastating doom?!
Bury me too, night sky!
Yield nothing in return.
Every forbidden kiss was never...

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Categories: goodbye, death, devotion, for him,

December Sun
He stands on the cliff of the broken edge
Waiting on someone to come and bury the dead
Night has made its final decree, and the villain...

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Categories: goodbye, celebration, december, desire, farewell,

The Devil is Booed Out of Heaven
New Moon new, new tune
It’s a lovely afternoon
New broom sweeping the town
And spiritual cleansing is scattered all around
The wind is blowing lightly 
And the race...

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Categories: goodbye, appreciation, community, conflict, death,

I am still here waiting
Waiting for something to happen
I am still here waiting
Waiting for you to come
Christmas has come and gone
And here I am still...

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Categories: goodbye, courage, december, endurance, farewell,

Premium Member A magic moment or two
Cozy, comfy couch
  My baby's soft skin
Reading 'Bambi' to him
  Sun streaming in

A magic moment or two
  Mid-December, midday
Sun dips down in...

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Categories: baby, books, goodbye, sun,

Premium Member Welcome to The Big Top
Step right up, buy your ticket, wait in anticipation to see the show, the one beneath the tent that holds all the dreams I never...

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Categories: anger, goodbye, loss, sad

The Day I Die
I confess to the murder of Matthew Payne
The blood still trickles from its pointed noise
A streak of silver blinds me, as it cuts the light...

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Categories: goodbye, body, death, deep, farewell,

Scented Leaves


Aromatic avenues with the scent of your perfume
Lingering on each leaf you grace with your presence

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Categories: goodbye, lonely, love, sad,

Premium Member Goodbye Mankind
Distant clouds seem settled upon city towers bringing odd blend to nature and man.
Odd in the thought for though of nature, man separates himself in...

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Categories: goodbye, philosophy,

Premium Member The Goodbye That She Remembers
With Disney movie moves,
my gentleman entreated me.
As princess to be, I wore his kingly cloak 
with a love note warming
in the pocket, waiting 
for my...

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Categories: goodbye, 10th grade, 11th grade,

Daddy was my hero.
My very own superman.
He was my judge, my jury, and my biggest fan.
My dad was an amazing man.
He was my son's papa...

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Categories: goodbye, absence, bereavement, cancer, god,

Premium Member Her Fears
He put a ring on her finger
Like he would always love her
Filled her heart with promises
Assurances that he was hers

He put a lie in her...

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Categories: anger, divorce, forgiveness, goodbye,

Premium Member The End
He was skinny as a rail
Dared not put him on a scale
He grew much fatter
Didn’t seem to matter
I knew that he could not fail
She livened...

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Categories: goodbye, boyfriend, break up, farewell,

Premium Member Watching her taillights


He stood on the corner
as she drove on by
Watching her taillights,
a tear in his eye

Feeling the sadness
that grew in his heart
But knew it was best

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Categories: goodbye,

the dreams we thought we shared
what happens
when a bad dream
isn’t just a bad dream
but a reality?

what now
when you said you’d
protect me from reality
but you
made it a reality?

what do i...

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Categories: goodbye, break up, depression, emo,

Saša Milivojev - ESCAPE

I started walking thirsty
An endless expanse
I saw myself on the other side
Walking towards me
Am I him
Or is he me
My body carried...

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Categories: feelings, goodbye, inspiration, literature,