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Mother Child Poems

These Mother Child poems are examples of Child poems about Mother. These are the best examples of Child Mother poems written by international poets.

Primal scream

         Baby takes first breath 
        Let’s out an almighty...

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Categories: child, baby, birth, dad, humanity,

Child of War
Bombs blasting so near,
child of war covers her ears,
mother is gone no where to be seen,
sheet covers broken window,
blocks the light but not the screams

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Categories: anxiety, autumn, child, conflict,

I conceived you in my mind.
I carried you around in the depth of my heart.
sitting under the tree of life,
I heard your song,my unborn child.I...

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Categories: child, baby, black african american,

Falling up the stairs
On the bottom rung 
crawling up the stairs, 
My life has just started,
I’m free without a care, 
But something’s urging me
to keep pushing on
Struggling on...

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Categories: child, dad, desire, how

I am an African child

I am an African child
Born on the fertile soil of Africa
Skin rich in minerals 
Raised by a mother who never allowed me to feel sorry...

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Categories: child, 12th grade, africa, art,

My Little Bride
Forever I had groomed her for this day,
I felt as thought my heart would burst with pride,
Her dad stood there to give our girl away,

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Categories: beauty, child, daughter, feelings,

Dead Inside
Dead inside
Growing up in a home with little love and a mother who distanced herself and always felt she had to push me away.
No hugs...

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Categories: betrayal, child abuse, evil,

The Paedophile
No one likes me - they put me on a register,
you must be sick they told me, yes you're right;
my mother made an amazing statement...

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Categories: child abuse, god, innocence,

Should we shed the boy and be a man?
Shoot of spirit wild -to be tamed in the tamed land.
Where is the proof that this cynical...

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Categories: birth, child, child abuse,

Premium Member The Bears
As a child I loved playing with teddy bears,                ...

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Categories: child, love, sky,

Thank You Mama: From the child who was almost aborted
I look back at a time
When I was too young to decide
She had the power to choose
If I could make it or not
And I had...

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Categories: child, journey, parents, poetry, tribute,

God Bless My Darling Child
This is from your dear Mother
Who expected you for months
Sometimes feeling distressed and exhausted
Though excited, from carrying another Soul

Eyes watched how she gained weight
Tummy bulging...

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Categories: child, inspiration, poetry,

The lady carried the colorful basket-
Laden with beautiful toys,
Sounding high in the air,
Above the basket that she laid on her head.
Throwing words to attract kids

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Categories: angel, car, child, faith,

Premium Member She is Five Mom Apologizes
She thought she recognized her friend
She was excited and happy
She began screaming Hi Nancy across the grocery store line
Her mother was horrified

She is five, she...

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Categories: child, mother, mother daughter,

Premium Member - Mother Knows Best -

 Short evening prayer - Drink your beer, amen - family needs beauty sleep

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved
17 syllables...

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Categories: child, good night, mother,


Her birth mother was never there -
Sal’s always lived in foster care,
She cries out for attention,
So feels no apprehension,
By posting selfies when she’s bare

Young Sally...

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Categories: abuse, body, child, internet,


How little credit you are given 
to have chosen to given birth!
Millions of aborted children~
where are their bodies now?
An answer far too frightening
us to unearth!


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Categories: birth, blessing, child, mother,

My Ail For Thy Presence are not there 
In my darkest hour 
When I miss you 
When I need you 

To be my candle flame 
To talk to me

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Categories: child, hurt, longing, mother

Peculiar love
The clock in the room strike 12 in the noon
They sat together to eat like a loving family
Everything was as perfect as a full moon

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Categories: child, family, love,


I flew across the border, with my wings spread wide
Fear, tear and blood - was all I saw.
A little one of four
clenched her fist,
she held...

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Categories: child, emotions, fairy, heaven,