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About You Care Poems

These About You Care poems are examples of poetry about About You Care. These are the best examples of Care About You poems written by international poets.

Premium Member Good, Bad and Special
The Good,                       ...

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Categories: care, friend, love, silence,

Premium Member Does Anyone Care
Does anyone care
about the forgotten and voiceless 
in our society?
Who cries for these people?

What about the less-fortunate 
and helpless ones abandoned and lost
in no man's...

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Categories: care, perspective,

stellar miss scientist
to the outer space girl I have not met:
heard a lot about you from my good friend.
the way she talks of your presence, it sent

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© Madi Cook  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, emotions, how i

Unrequited love
As soon as I open my eyes 
I look for you
Only to realise 
Your not there, it was just dream 
I die a little inside...

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Categories: care, best friend, break up,

Meeting death
A feeling I felt, yet never been experienced.
A feeling I never thought I would feel.
Yet it has been felt, fantasy world.
I've heard about you, incries...

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Categories: anger, anti bullying, care,

I was beyond bereft!
With very little money, sure, we had a small place.
But no cash nor tree nor presents nor food were to 
I cried...

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Categories: beautiful, blessing, care, christmas,

where ever you go
this always know
i say this slow
we love you too

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Categories: care, adventure, anger,

i am still here
I am still here.. thinking about you…
I didn’t move on.. I am waiting for you…
i do not  want to move on.. and truly i...

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Categories: angel, care, crush, cute

Are You Satisfied
Its been so long since I have seen him
Even more time since i have been him

Zr :-
I've almost stopped dreaming
Almost night inside
No lights beaming
Finding other...

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Categories: care, 12th grade, anger, angst,

I never wanted to change you...I loved the way you are....
With all what you are. ..I simply loved you...
I understood you...Not only with your talking...

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Categories: butterfly, care, cheer up,

Never Care For You Again
I hope one day you look to people in moments of need and see none care
I hope you feel your lowest again this time no...

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© Nick Trim  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: care, anger,

Premium Member Coming home Nuer
Does it always have to be a fact check?
With colors of seasons, with monsoon rains?
The joy in me mingles colors outside 
And, it seems so...

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Categories: care,

Poetry Therapy
Everyone wants to be free. 
Even from the things that once gave us comfort.
We are like children who swap our blankets 
For softer ground.

So why...

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Categories: care, i am, poetry, prison,

You are the One. 
You are the One. 
You are the One.

Yes, it's You, 
The answered prayer in your family. 
The key to break-chain of...

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Categories: care, future, gender, me,

From the first moment that i meet you
i knew right away there was something about you 
that i needed and craved.

Over the last few months...

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Categories: butterfly, care, cute, dedication,

Faith is the hope inside...when that hope opens up it makes your heart blossom.

When your heart blossoms you get emotions inside....those emotions are not bad...

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Categories: appreciation, bible, care, faith,

hope your feeling better
dresses for the weather
wear coat and a hat
don't be cute be bold
its cold
this you i won't to do

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Categories: care, cute love,

In my world that's full of gloom
Your smile is key to the room.

In all love songs that have or will ever be wrote
Are all about...

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Categories: care, confidence, courage, deep,

Don't Judge Me
Take time to know me, and you will see
That I am nothing like what you have heard spoken of me.
Give me a chance and I...

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Categories: care, conflict, corruption,

Because I Care About You
You are busy in doing a lot of stuff... 
Your days seem to be very tough... 
But I need to talk about many things... 

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Categories: care,