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Love Boyfriend Poems

These Love Boyfriend poems are examples of Boyfriend poems about Love. These are the best examples of Boyfriend Love poems written by international poets.

Bad Love
You're wilting
On this bed you made
For me
Beside me
Moving your hands 
Across my body
Like it's green
Inhaling bad love
Through your pillow
Hoping I'll let you 
Up for air

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Categories: betrayal, boyfriend, conflict, heartbreak,


A friend is as much like a brother or sister
A ride or die, just like a soulmate
A leaning shoulder in times of distress
A true...

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Categories: boyfriend, caregiving, cute love,

I can tell she’s not really feeling me 
All she wants to do is disagree 
I really love her but I feel like she just...

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, crush,

Edward is a Mad House and a Monster of a Lover
Edward is a mad house 
And a monster of a lover.

The past is a grotesque animal
But you are not 

Blue, gray or any other shade.

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Categories: anger, angst, boy, boyfriend,

My sadness is in the slumping of your shoulders
And your resignation is in the bowing of my head
Regret pours from your listless palms
Set open on...

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Categories: angst, betrayal, boyfriend, conflict,

"My flower"
That's what he called me.
Delicate and beautiful,
Like a flower.
But if I am his flower
Can't he see
That like a flower
I am wilting.
I am not being...

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Categories: boyfriend, sad, sad love,

Garnished Martini
Clinging rhythms from musical styles 
ignites my desire.
Can you dim the red lights? I crave a 
sense of cashmere danger,
It smells of peace and warmth,...

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Categories: boyfriend, beautiful, best friend, black

Premium Member sands of Heraclee
Peter (my bf) and I are at Heraclee beach for the weekend.
It’s a little sliver of heaven, about 11 miles south of Saint Tropez.
It’s too...

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Categories: beach, boyfriend, humor, summer,

Premium Member milk coffee
The milk coffee skies of Paris in May,
make the Seine river look insanely gray.

At sunrise it’s quiet -
the traffic’s mostly bikes
our digs are luxurious and...

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Categories: boyfriend, happiness, may, paris,

Things fall apart, but not we
Let's say 
Place at we came, know each other better
Might u know, u helped me become stronger

Things survived, let it...

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Categories: boyfriend, emotions, faith, first

Premium Member TENDER SWEET LOVER'S MERCY- story
The ELECTRIC swerve of her lover's 
Words. Wooo! Her curves! How
Soothing. He loved and amused her.
Major Master Lover! Her emotions 
Were bare. His were BLAZING!...

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Categories: allusion, black love, boyfriend,

Premium Member the grand masked ball
We’re in Paris, staying with my Grandmère (Grandmother) for a few days around Mother’s day.
Peter (my bf) is getting to know my Grandmère. They’ve started...

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Categories: boyfriend, fun, grandmother, mothers

Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and the Beast
In twilight shadows, where moonlight fades,
A maiden fair, with eyes so bright,
Did dwell within a castle tall and white,
Her hair was pure,...

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Categories: beauty, boyfriend, character, crush,

Premium Member geneva
During finals week, I’d spent days on various reports and papers, scribbling in the margins of notes and books, checking facts, revising flashcards and prepping...

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Categories: boyfriend, humor, love, school,

If I Didn't Love You
If I didn’t love you, I wouldn’t hurt as I do now.
I wouldn’t be in this hopeless situation.
I wouldn’t have to hide and keep so...

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Book: Shattered Sighs