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Heart Boyfriend Poems

These Heart Boyfriend poems are examples of Boyfriend poems about Heart. These are the best examples of Boyfriend Heart poems written by international poets.

"Fare thee well
If not forever, still forever
Pride which not a word could bow
Bow to you, and by you rejected 
Fare thee well"
Not now nor ever...

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Categories: angst, betrayal, boyfriend, break

Premium Member Cupidity
The Lord’s Prayer in sign language is so beautiful 
It’s like a fuschia finger ballet in blue ocean air waves
If you do watch this display...

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Categories: black love, boyfriend, break

Shattered Trust
Can I rely on you, or will you betray me? 
My heart beats for you, a love pure and true
Your love feels distant, like a...

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, confusion,

Premium Member Cupid is not Stupid
Another Valentine’s Day alone 
Singing old songs writing new poems

But throwing my heart in the hat
For Cupid to shoot red arrow at

I’m not sad rather...

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Categories: absence, america, boyfriend, color,

Care to Live
Do you love me
Do I even care
Care enough to find out
Care because I should
Should I ask you
Should you respond
Respond to my question
Respond with the truth

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Categories: boyfriend, care, confusion, feelings, love

A Poem for Kristen and Nate
A Poem For Kristen and Nate

The boys they all loved her
A real Southern Peach.
They wined her and dined her
But she was out of their reach


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Categories: boyfriend, humor, love, relationship,

Premium Member Yule Fence
Allow me to go back and rewind our time as friends
When I promised myself I'd never let you or anyone in

Especially the stereotypical people in...

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Categories: boyfriend,

The Lover's Leap
The Lover’s Leap

I know he never loved me.
If he did, he would have stopped me
Or taken me by the hand, the waist, the leg
And yet...

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Categories: 10th grade, anxiety, boyfriend,

There was no point
I know that
I broke your heart
You felt a useless
Women in the earth
Because I was careless

I know that you
Loved me unselfishly
I proudly owned you,
Your feeling selfishly


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Categories: betrayal, boyfriend, break up,

Unspoken love
You are forever my secret 
As we began our relationship privately little did we know it was a secret 
As beautiful as it was like...

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Categories: black love, blessing, boyfriend,

Wish You Were Here
I wrap myself in my blanket, wishing it was your arms.
I imagine the feeling of your soft lips on my forehead,
giving me a soft kiss...

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Categories: boyfriend, care, cute, cute

My Painful Truth Part 1
You told me I was beautiful - "
in the beginning of our story. 
And though I couldn't see it-
you did all you could to show...

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Categories: boyfriend, abuse, betrayal, break up,

An Open Letter For You
An Open Letter For You

I loved you the way I know how to love someone. Yes, I’ve had my faults in the relationship but you...

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Categories: boyfriend, break up, emotions,

Beautiful Love
It’s an amazing feeling.
Butterflies in my stomach,
my heart skipping a beat,
my cheeks flushing pink.
The happiness I feel
when he is around.
The comfort I experience
when I’m in...

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Categories: beautiful, boyfriend, cute, emotions,

Kings Ball
King's Ball
Am I your secret light, hidden from day? 
I am your reflection of moonlight you say? 
Although, your light touches my heart in this...

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Categories: absence, angst, anxiety, boyfriend,