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Best Tailors Poems

Below are the all-time best Tailors poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of tailors poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Nine Tailors
Church bells ring at Fenchurch St Paul.
A wedding, celebrated in true English fashion.
A time for joy before the out break of war,
Shattered by a thief,...

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Categories: tailors, dedication, mystery, time, new year,
Form: I do not know?

Matchstick Bikes
Matchstick Bikes 

To tinkers and toilers 
     I salute, 
From mending boilers 
     to weaving jute, 

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Categories: tailors, society,
Form: Rhyme
i dip my pen into the ocean of helpless
fluids searching for hopeful cravings
and my blood has rippled in a thousand torrents of expectations...

but do you...

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Categories: tailors, 2nd grade,
Form: ABC
Premium Member What's In My Name
What’s in my name? It’s Candler,
A name as old as English tax.
If you’re of English descent, yours may be too.
Let us take a short trip...

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Categories: tailors, education, england, history, jobs, society, wisdom,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Six Simpering Thick-skinned Shifty Spinster Sisters
Six simpering thick-skinned shifty spinster sisters stiffly sit
Stitching sticky skid-marked scivvies of sixty sick stingy sailors.
Six sick from stitching scivvies of sixty sick scrimping sailors

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Categories: tailors, funny, sick,
Form: Alliteration

We ride the cattle rail  Not knowing exactly what lay ahead. For weeks there's 
been no heat,  No bathrooms and we've barely been...

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Categories: tailors, confusion, death, loss, political, sad, social,
Form: Free verse
Elaine's Limerick

Let me tell you of my sister-in-law Elaine
Whose breasts drive most males insane
With her size double D’s 
They bring men to their knees
Her name’s...

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Categories: tailors, family, funny, , cute,
Form: Limerick

Eyes so painted
and lips so tainted
the theater of the skin
but the beauty lays within

Disguised beneath so many layers
poses for a snapshot moment
could be more attractive...

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Categories: tailors, slavery,
Form: Free verse
The twins, Part 1
In the dark of night a wind took hold,
With powers charged to shake the sky,
By moody swings of gods up high,
Their breath alone enraged and...

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Categories: tailors, brother, philosophy, symbolism, visionary, , cute,
Form: Prose
Woe To The Garment Workers
Woe to the Garment Workers
Of Bangladesh
Developing country
Striving to catch up
Garment workers
Sewing from day to night
Factories we call "sweat shops"
What choice?
Must feed and clothe themselves
And their...

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Categories: tailors, death, sad,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member attention please
Please excuse typos, grammar, format errors, choice of words, syntax, tic tacs, tie tacks, big macs, cracker jacks, boring facts, silly tricks, pick-up stix, plots,...

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Categories: tailors, word play,
Form: Free verse
Should the player play the fiddle
the carver of wood whittle
And the dancer piroutte
While the bakers bake and sweat

While the architect draws his lines
And the drummer...

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Categories: tailors, work,
Form: Quatrain
Plastic Natured Bubbleworlds...
This morass of a quagmire beleagured unfaithful
bestowment of gifts so easily annulled,
confined spaces of opinionated biased
blown out of proportion like bubbles of miasma...

Wedge issues continue...

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Categories: tailors, people, politicalnature, nature,
Form: Free verse
That of Pearls, That of Wisdom
Peace be still, strike thy pose
Epitome of eloquence, footsteps of the queen
Pearls of wisdom, solemn portrait
Position thy hat, attend to thy shirt, that of satin,...

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Categories: tailors, children, history,
Form: Free verse
graphic grapes ooh
Ooh a scented grape graphic. Now that's wisdom. Contained a logical pattern in a juice cup. Heron haven heaping. Wisdomstic of a Judas flaw. Consealed...

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Categories: tailors, baby,
Form: I do not know?
Human bein
Human beings are like the white horse,
They are as strong as Orji tree,
They moves like,
The elephant and the moon,
They shines like the,
Sun and the...

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Categories: tailors, beauty,
Form: Alliteration
Management Gurus
Wise men
Somberly Pondering
Over Imponderables
What if.........
Why not .......

Cut, Cut .....

Master Tailors
Or Gardeners
Snipping at Schedules
And Budgets .....


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Categories: tailors, humor, imagery, satire, word play, work,
Form: I do not know?
The same
We all wish to be rich
And be the best looking to walk the street
And we all hope that some where
Is the perfect person waiting for...

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Categories: tailors, introspection, life, people, visionary, work, life,
Form: Light Verse
My Vote
I am going down to the hardware store
to buy a tape-measure

I have much to measure

I have to measure my disgust for politicians.
Election year is coming;...

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Categories: tailors, political,
Form: Free verse
the last refuge of a scoundrel
Appetites belie intelligence
Heat the quantum furnace
Furious bellows endure the excitement

Can you not hear the rumble brewing?

Butchers trained
To spin the looms
Tailors primed
To know a good cut...

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Categories: tailors, prayer,
Form: Free verse
some fallen-leaves regarding longevity 4 - 5
the sex-appeal of the telephone 
and the bugle of the carnies-breaking cock-crows 
are all harmonised seamlessly 

the noon in the blood 
is flowing along...

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Categories: tailors, fantasy
Form: Prose Poetry
Ripped Apart
I move around campus
both hands twined on my back
I recall actions of notorious campus students
ripping apart useful pages
of book of the jungle with umbilical cord


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Categories: tailors, allegory, natural disasters,
Form: Free verse
Seize the present
Wanderer, at the crossing of these ways 
well met! We have no sure knowledge 
whence we have come or whither we shall go, 
only we...

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Categories: tailors, i am, identity, truth,
Form: Free verse
A Night of Threats At The White House
The White House has been  host to so many galas,
featuring Ambassadors and humble Tailors,
except one night all the guests had a fright,
"bunkering down" in...

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Categories: tailors, politicalnight, night,
Form: Light Verse
random ten
Pickling peanuts is never that wise. Who would pour horseradish on a shoe of development. Christmas cards in April must be shit. Unadministered weaponary forces...

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Categories: tailors, beach,
Form: I do not know?