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Best Swathed Poems

Below are the all-time best Swathed poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swathed poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member The Veil I Wear
A fire blazes behind the veil 
This veil I wear
is not made of cloth
for no fabric could withstand
the incendiary passion
I command

It's self-imposed
not forced
no man's hand

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Categories: swathed, analogy, identity,
Form: Dramatic monologue

And then I opened that door- for comp
(For Competition 'And then I opened THAT door', sponsor- John Lawless)

My relationship had broken down, when love ran out of gas
so down life's dark and...

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© Viv Wigley  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swathed, allegory,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member The Wedding
Wedding Night in Raqqa

Cyclonic violet vision

Etheral and immortal

She swirls her sand baked torso.

Evoking the initial collision of primordial seed,

Swathed in gossamer purple veils,

Writhing to the...

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Categories: swathed, adventure, husband, life, me, night, places,
Form: Narrative
In the Calm of Blue
In the Calm of Blue

Under a soft serene sky I lie
swathed in a blanket of white clouds.
Sing me a sweet lullaby,
and free me of all...

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Categories: swathed, blue, color, cool, peace, silence, ,
Form: Nonet
Premium Member If Only Now, As Then

Then ...
Where were you?
Don't you know how diligently I looked ...
How I begged for fate to pity me?

Every face, every curve, every eye glint and...

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Categories: swathed, love hurts, nostalgia, soulmate, true love,
Form: Free verse

Earth Our Blessed Earth
O the sunset...the sunset...the carnelian sunsets
how I long to hold them in my when you are blue
so deep dark can come to...

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Categories: swathed, beauty, death, earth, love, prayer,
Form: Free verse
prayer (2001)
Who will unravel the tangled skein
These silken threads of thoughts?
Each strand possesses a special sheen
But is obscured by knots..

The day seems done before it starts

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Categories: swathed, faithwords, me, light, day, light, me,
Form: Verse
Premium Member Gifts Of Nature

Crackling, crunchy leaves, confetti the ground
as bare skeleton trees rattle their bones.
And gusty winds howl like a soulful hound
while kids mope indoors glued to their...

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Categories: swathed, 10th grade, 12th grade, beautiful, change,
Form: Sonnet
Ash Of Dawn

All was hushed this eerie dawn
For ash had claimed the day
Disguising shape and muffling noise
Enshrouding all in grey--
Long the haze had swathed the cliffs
In veils...

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Categories: swathed, dark, morning,
Form: Quatrain
Premium Member SPQR
a bright crimson cloak  ~
swathed around foreign lands
the roman empire  ~...

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Categories: swathed, conflict, history, war,
Form: Senryu
Premium Member It is all about timing
The sun is playing games
Teasing for a minute or two
Between mountains swathed in gray clouds
Briefly shining on the wet pavement
Not long enough to warm the...

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Categories: swathed, endurance, sun, time, truth,
Form: Free verse

by Robert Davidson

My voice breaks against those lips of thine:
Before I leave for war I must implore
Let me love you...

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Categories: swathed, love, nostalgia, passion, war, heart, heart,
Form: Rhyme
Space Walk
Slipping free, I step toward the stars.
All around I see the endless rush of eternity.
Wobbly and ungainly, I turn toward that bluest
Of marbles.  Home,...

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© Jean Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swathed, adventure, destiny, freedom, hope, space,
Form: Free verse
Big Purple
These chains of deceit that bind me to this hardwood seat. 
I bend and break the bars that confine, but they remain, like the haughty,...

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Categories: swathed, christian, faith, school,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member a sempiternal legacy
~they embraced in their dalliance~
her appetency held a depth so deep he just couldn’t 
resist placing his hands around her barren waste
(she reaches for him...

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© Lu Loo  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swathed, marriage,
Form: Free verse

Rush of adrenalin,
lifting his shirted-scent
to my nose -
soaked in apropos,
making love
to my endorphins.

The stir and footfall
from downstairs - his lair,
even when he’s not there,

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Categories: swathed, sensual,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member A Soft Spot
My heart is old in love years
the flesh not as supple
There has been a hardening
brought on by years of toil
years of care
a heartache or two

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Categories: swathed, emotions,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member IN GOD'S WORDS
The ink in my pen writes and demands to be heard
It screams peace, justice, and hope as it pens God’s word 
As my ink flows,...

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Categories: swathed, god, inspiration, love, spiritual, urdu,
Form: Rhyme
Premium Member Midsummer Night's Eve Stroll
An evening stroll, on Midsummer Night's Eve ,
under the silver light of the horizon moon.

Life that burst among a small acreage,
of old-growth forests, flourished.

A delightful...

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© Eve Roper  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swathed, allusion, fairy, fantasy, music, pride, woman,
Form: Free verse
Granny's Legacy
Her home was my escape
It was an awesome retreat
Full of wonders and surprises
Green glass and old lace
Cut glass and fireplace
A real ticking clock
Fresh laid eggs...

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Categories: swathed, family, grandmother, inspiration, inspirational, memory,
Form: Free verse
Making All Things New
There was a yesterday,  pulling at my mind,
disclosing the expected mundane self
reacting,  not inclined to throw the clay
upon the wheel, to love without...

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Categories: swathed, introspection,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member - Almost Awake -

The sun draws the morning up
Separates light from darkness
Steaming earth - bitten by roses
Swathed in optimistic sunshine
Nuances and softness

Lyric natural music
Precious minutes in silence
Barefoot on...

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Categories: swathed, good morning, sun, words,
Form: Verse
Women of society dressed in silk
Thin pink spangly dresses that shine
Viciously blown away by the wind:
At all not but all never afraid
Ever to expose naked...

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Categories: swathed, africa, age, art, beach,
Form: Didactic
Armistice Day

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Categories: swathed, peace, war,
Form: Villanelle
the pearly light of love
the pearly light of love

With the uniqueness and beauty
invited the cheerfulness
and amazing graces 

band everyone
who enjoyed the beauty
with its light of love

the patience in waiting

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Categories: swathed, love,
Form: Dramatic monologue