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Best Swatches Poems

Below are the all-time best Swatches poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of swatches poems written by PoetrySoup members

July 29, 1890

Colored daubs and swatches
crave artist’s practiced hand.
Justice, nearly blind, yet watches—
unwrought art upon a stand.

Regard the brushes in a row—
the palettes and the...

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Categories: swatches, betrayal, corruption, evil, vanity,
Form: Quatrain

Scarlett thought she was promised permanent security. 
Satchels of resilience bound her fragile wrists. 
Woodland deities hailed her.
Underworld demons feared her.
The curious townsfolk simply stood...

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© John Heck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, irony, sad love,
Form: Free verse
It is ceaseless and silent and governs all—
Everything on earth and what is in space.
It orders the seasons and leaves that fall
And it etches furrows...

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Categories: swatches, life,
Form: Rhyme
I stared into the mirror today.
I saw you -
a needled zealot
hovering around my left shoulder;
Adolph Hitler dressed in 
opium-perfumed swatches.

You smelled like her.
You acted like...

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© John Heck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, on writing and words
Form: Free verse
Religious votives
light a somber lair.
A hole I fathered
with rhinestones of doubt
and swatches of fault.

Sentinels loom -
vapid gargoyles
crouch in ghostly

ogling my
Poised to pounce

when the
flames die


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© John Heck  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, introspection
Form: Diminished Hexaverse

Liquid Metal Peroxide
Winter has arrived for a treatment and later makes a grand entrance at the 
At home,forged metal, molten metal  ,blacksmith hammering a horseshoe.
Quicksilver mercury...

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Categories: swatches, adventure, history, nostalgia, people, time,
Form: Blank verse
The Damascus Room
The room is an object in its entirety.
Singular in form and mind,
and multiple in purpose and pleasure.
It is a secret capsule.
Though it was once adorned...

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Categories: swatches, art, culture, image, islamic, universe,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Winter Black and White
It was a strange light,
 perhaps not light at all;
 eerily gray tinged hues,
somewhere between black and white,
 pale wisps of deep dark etchy purples

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© DM Babbit  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, color, january, winter,
Form: Free verse
Morning's Glory
Morning's Glory

Out from
the bowels of night.
Mornings, glory child
begins to 

on wings of honeysuckle 
Dawn radiates her warmth.  
Breaking the silence of slumber
forcing the...

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Categories: swatches, uplifting, sky,
Form: Free verse
Buffet lunch champagne canapes
Long  lilac  dress  pearl-grey  tie
Casual elegant beautiful woman
Smell fresh ground coffee beans
Newly refurbished town  houses
Colour swatches  drawing room
House in...

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Categories: swatches, food, love, parody, social,
Form: Verse
The Aisles
Glistening counters of cooing concoctions packing covers of clever collisions. 

Rising towers of tasty temptation tricking triumphs too shortly forgotten.

Outstanding plumage of promised perfection packed...

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© A. Sanders  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, food, parody, people, urban
Form: Alliteration
Premium Member Desirable dawn

 Desirable dawn

Silhouettes, shapes, 
  clouds backlit
   by a distant sun
  rising slowly 
      in the...

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Categories: swatches, good morning,
Form: Free verse
From Cradle To Grave
In bands of endless sand, where life peeked through new
The sunlight swatches skin, beneath cooked antique cloth 
Natives abide the ceased courier, pigeons plucking past

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Categories: swatches, bereavement, political, psychological, religion,
Form: Prose
Premium Member For a Moment
The sun goes down over the lake.
The sky is a beautiful baby blue.
In a few more minutes the colours will change
and fill the sky with...

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Categories: swatches, nature, sky,
Form: Rhyme
Just a Simple Way
All the good in me unlaced I pull what I own across the floor,
books devoured to the spine, impressions the knees of my jeans
have made...

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Categories: swatches, life
Form: I do not know?

O what heavy price for independence
Valiant men dying in fierce triathlon
Battling to their last breath for its defense
As they protect the walls of Babylon

Laying down...

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Categories: swatches, anxiety, hope, love, passion, peace, war,
Form: Sonnet
Real Me
Shrouded in Sanskrit swatches of flesh
  And brain matter bursts of persona,
Move or move not, cells boil on the skin
  In a shape-shifting...

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© Tony Bush  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: swatches, introspection, life, mystery, people, philosophy, ,
Form: Verse
The only reason for time
is so that everything
doesn’t happen at once

Albert Einstein


swatches of bands, smart
time is elementary;
strapped snug, cosseted
on a small-pale wrist.

coffee fumes...

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Categories: swatches, memory, time,
Form: Free verse