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Best Maryam Poems

Below are the all-time best Maryam poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of maryam poems written by PoetrySoup members

M  olded my own world,
A  cross the skies and seas.
R  arely landing my ship, for I'm
Y  earning for real adventure.
A ...

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Categories: maryam,
Form: Acrostic

A banyan tree that shields from tropical summer sun 
A symbol of selfless love and sacrifice 
A preserver of values that modernism has shun 

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Categories: maryam, devotion, family, love, motherfor
Form: Rhyme
New Dreams
The ending of an old week
the beginning of a new month
and the memories of an old hour.

The dawning of a new day
the setting of an...

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Categories: maryam, inspirationalold, old, new year,
Form: Free verse
Friends Forever
Friends Forever

Little did I know
that so early
you'll leave and go

A friend like you 
is so hard to find
yet you left so quickly

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Categories: maryam, deathfriend,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member The Swoon Hypothesis - Part 2
"The Swoon Hypothesis" - Part 2

Arimathea stands next to you and I on the deck, soon we are back in Nazareth, you press into my...

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Categories: maryam, imagery, jesus, love,
Form: Free verse

H earts beat in excitement,
A s it passes by.
P laying in the air,
P eeking into your hearts,
I t brings a smile to every face.
N ever...

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Categories: maryam, inspirational
Form: Acrostic
A new life, a new road
lies just ahead
the air now painted 
in a soft shiny red

Doors that were locked
and the keys were never there
today is...

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Categories: maryam, weddingjoy,
Form: Quatrain
Blind and Deaf

      Blind and Deaf

To never see the world
to never hear a sound
always having 
to feel my way around

To never see...

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Categories: maryam, inspirationalworld,
Form: Free verse
Hidden Truth

Hidden Truth

The truth is not told 
from the way I look
cause inside my head
confusion's a cook.

It's boiling, steaming
and scattered all around
It's sizzling, bubbling
and no peace...

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Categories: maryam, peoplefeelings,
Form: Quatrain
23 Lines Of Poetry About Me
My name is “Maryam”, the name of the Prophet Jesus’ mother.
Alhamdulillah I’m a wife of a medical doctor.
I was born in Saudi Arabia in nineteen...

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Categories: maryam, faith, family, religious, teenage,
Form: Rhyme
Indeed A friend
R are a person is she,
A helpful friend in every way.
F un is painted across her face,
E verywhere and every place.
E ffortless she diplays a...

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Categories: maryam, dedicationfriend, friend,
Form: Acrostic

F illed with teases and fun,
A rtistic in all she does.
T hinks always of what's to come,
I llustrating unique wisdom.
M arks all, when the day...

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Categories: maryam, dedication
Form: Acrostic
A special one
N umerous I have,
A n exceptional one is she.
R eturning every single smile, she
E nlightens the soul with pure joy.
E very word she says, is

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Categories: maryam, dedicationfriend, friend,
Form: Acrostic
Special Thanks

Special thanks 
to a dear one
whose heart reflects
the light of the sun.

Dedicated to Uncle Shahab.."I am grateful for all you've done for me." Maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, thank you
Form: Quatrain
The Box
A red rose tied
across the top
of the tiny box
that lay in your hand

My heart skipped a beat
a hundred times twice
as you slowly walked
the path toward...

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Categories: maryam, dedication
Form: Free verse
Footle----Breaking the silence
Dad's grip

On whip.

 This is just a joke, he doesn't whip*/*Maryam...

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Categories: maryam, funny
Form: I do not know?
Premium Member Earth Day's Easter Dawn
The one who spots the line
before spotting the bait
is the ultimate winner in life.
Rumi (Maryam Mafi translation)
The ones who spot Earth Day's decomposing line

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Categories: maryam, creation, earth day, easter,
Form: Free verse
What is Islam

I'm sorry for bothering , but you must read this:

Islam is the religion that comes after Christianity , and just as Christians have the bible...

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Categories: maryam, dedication, faith, happiness, religion,
Form: I do not know?
Missing in Action (footle)
A teen



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Categories: maryam, funny, teen
Form: Light Verse
To My daughters Loubabatoul Koubra, Halima Saadiya and Maryam Jamilah

A knock on the door
Shouts from the inside
All the three running 
To swoon over my knees

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Categories: maryam, allah, blessing, love, my
Form: Free verse

1. Do Muslims believe he was a Messenger of One God? YES

Belief in all of the Prophets and Messengers of God is a fundamental article...

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Categories: maryam, dedication, faith, happiness, health,
Form: Rhyme
Mary in Holy Quaran Chapter19 part1
Surah Maryam
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Kaf. Ha. Ya. A'in. Sad. (1) A mention of the mercy of thy Lord unto His...

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Categories: maryam, religion, religious, day, son,
Form: Verse

The beauty of 3 arts
General with elegance,
Enigma without resemblance
You should have called
Before you left this earth,
Cousin to Maryam, owner of
My heart.
Ha Samira believer...

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Categories: maryam, artme,
Form: Ballade
See you soon

This afternoon!

dunno if it's done right, plz maryam*...

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Categories: maryam, funny
Form: Free verse
The plot and the plan

  The plot and the plan

A plan he was planning
a plot he was plotting
that no one dared to reveal

For fear of the mark
that glowed...

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Categories: maryam, mystery
Form: Free verse