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Relax and Kick Back by Earnings, JW

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Friendly Fire

The campfire reaches
Lighting the night
Rolling the logs
Red embers take flight
Sharing our memories
Eating nuts for snacks
Spitting shells in the fire
The fire spitting them back
We laugh at jokes
And sarcastic remarks
Smoke waters our eyes
We run from the sparks
The conversation lags
As the evening tires
We all kick back
Put more wood on the fire
Center of attention
Entertaining as well
We become entranced
Succumb to it's spell
Unrecognized faces
On the bark as it burns
Enchantment transcends
All lack of concern
The warmth lives inside
As we slowly turn in
Our friend the fire
Has cleansed us again

   an original poem by the "poemdog"  Daniel Turner

Copyright © Daniel Turner | Year Posted 2016

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For Jan Allison

You live on an island not at all on an island But smack, in the middle of life, The center of our small word loving society If it weren't for you, I had drowned In that Soup-sea of incomprehensible rules for autists. It isn't strange for hubbies to say: "I love you". So there you go ;) Ask your first hubby if we can share to eternity and back, because that would be so lovely. Jan, life kicks us so hard sometimes but we kick back with a vengeance! One day we'll swim that canal and meet halfway on our rubber duckies Smiling broadly and drinking ginger tea. *** February 18, 2017

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Make 'em Laugh

Health got you down?
  Blood pressure's up?
Can't sleep at night?
  Nothing left in your cup?

Hey! Take it easy!
  Kick back! Settle down!
You take life too seriously!
  Go find your inner clown!

Kid around! Tell a joke!
  Think of a funny riddle!
Come on, Jack:
  Pick up your fiddle.
  Hey diddle-diddle!

Don't be a crank. Play a prank!
  Give yourself some room.
The best Rx for you
  Is to cast off your gloom!

Don't believe me?
  Think it's all hoo-ey?
Ready to stick out your tongue
  And go PHOO-EY?

Well, I'll tell you what happened
  To my friend at the doc's;
When they read him his blood pressure,
  His knees 'gan to knock;
  It was up there so high,
  He was sure he'd soon die...

Then the doc came in,
Flashed a silly grin,
His fingers stroking
The imaginary Beard on his chin,
  My friend thought this so funny,
  He laughted his nose runny,
  Til Doc gave him more news:
  He had the 'urine test blues.'

Well, that really did it,
  My friend couldn't quit
Laughing and guffawing 
  Til his sides nearly split.

When he fin'lly calmed down,
  Doc said, "Sit back and rest.
  It's time to retake that silly
  Blood pressure test."

And what do you know?
  Lo and behold,
When the reading was taken,
  My friend's heart no longer was achin,'
And his pulse had stopped racin.'

"Good Heavens!" cried Doc,
"We musta been mistaken!
Either that or all these yuks musta
  Fixed ye:
  Your blood pressure's down to 
  110 over 60!"

Copyright © Gershon Wolf | Year Posted 2018

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get off me

been tired of messing up 
waking up like wtf 
this better not be my funeral 
different face murials 
curtains on a ghost i cannot see u  
timeless I'm high 
police sirens kill my high 
expression don't lie  
SHOT A SELFIE suicide 
saw my life flash before eyes 
15 to life  homie keep ur head up 
more to life than giving a damn 
got something coming up soon 
hot as a mother later this june
im not the realest that is the truth 
am not selling STORIES always a few talking a good one 
sitting like ducks wanna get lose jump on coupe if u wanna go fast
i grew up too soon now I'm trying to kick back
don't have to front when i throw out trash 
gotta delete all my cellular cache 
mind your business don't even ask 
if u scroll to left u might see my x  
do it again and u might be my next
r U A COP?
money I've lost it
girls I've lost it
friends I've lost 
mind i lost it
ride I've lost it 
my cool I've lost 
time I've lost it  
count your losses get up off me

thank u for listening.

Copyright © fernando vergara | Year Posted 2015

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High on life

Freshman year was a breakout year for me,
I maintained a positive attitude.
This was someone I did not used to be,
Through that year I gained so much gratitude.
Year two was by far the year of heartbreaks,
a lot of my family members had died.
I was so mentally messed up it aches,
When Darion had passed I sat and cried.
Junior year was the best year of my life,
I pulled off the best grades in my career.
Even though it gave me a lot of strife,
I wanted to kick back and sip a beer.
Senior year is coming to an end quick,
Can not wait to laugh and share one last pic.

Copyright © William Null | Year Posted 2014

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Soap Bubble Dreams

As tiny globes they float,
Wearing a rainbow coat,
Filled with young breath they glow,
The soap bubble dreams we blow.

Pop! They burst with stranger’s touch,
In the windless sky, away from our clutch.

...Life is rife with lies we tweak,
A hideout from our miseries!
Flightless wings and wailing dreams,
Are a kick back to reality!

Copyright © Anula Aboobacker | Year Posted 2011

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Welcome To My Home

Welcome To My Home

I've been blinded by your sentiment, and awoken by your sweet cologne, like our sweet morning regiment, we don't live in a house, but a home. I see my pugs silly smushy face, as soon as I open my exhausted eyes, all night he sleeps in the same place, on my feet, but I'm not surprised. I'm in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I open the door and there he is, my sweet golden retriever beast, So darn sweet, how can I resist? “Time to get up Ella and get dressed!”, It's Monday, you know how that goes, As I see her smile I know I am blessed, Love her from her head to her tiny toes. Pancakes and orange juice for breakfast, packing a lunch for my sweet Ella Rose, These special moments can't be purchased, Oh, how her beautiful brown hair flows. Back from school and it's Laura time, I kick back, relax, and do a little writing, I'm lucky to have a chance to unwind, My over sized lounge chair, typewriting. Laundry piled up I suppose I throw in a load, favorite fabric softener, Hot water is off my washer is cold, But I think it makes the clothes softer. Eat lunch? Or my favorite apple strudel? I'll go with the unhealthy snack instead, Plus I just looked and I'm all out of noodles, and I have no more of my raspberry vinaigrette. Uh oh, I forgot to feed the turtle and bunny, my precious white fluffy piece of heaven, His name is Lucky and he is very funny, Pebbles the turtle just turned seven. I set my phone alarm to go off at four o'clock, I still can't decide what's my favorite ring tone, I go to the bus stop right around the block, It's cold, I would've brought a coat if I had known. “Hi sweetheart, how was your day at work? He's finally home, I've missed him so much. Next it's time to sit down and do homework, Dinner's ready, we are all starving, I figured as such. Look inside our windows you will see it yourself, With our little family of seven we're never alone, We may not have a lot of monetary wealth, But we've learned to turn a house into a home. Written By: Laura Loo Date Written: January 29, 2016

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2016

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Sitting On The Ground - Our Friendship Bond and Our Vital Vows

I’m sure of it – we’ll do good enough in the long run
Let the crazy, busy, and sunny day begin and I welcome the sun
Do you welcome the sun?
You’re a lot of fun 
Let’s run in the sun
Embrace your passions and good side 
Our friendship bond is like a marriage commitment between a good-looking groom and a beautiful bride!

There’s a recompense for doing the right,loyal, and faithful thing…there’s a way out of captivity – don’t be fenced in by ferocious fears and be conquered by life-changing, wonderful cheers and be free like deer, hopping into the fervor-blossoming flower fields…have no feeling of overwhelming fear! You have no excuse for cheating on me - not while I'm around here...
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
Do your thing, oh you darling peace-abiding angel…oh, you peace-crafting angel of light – can you linger by my side everywhere I feel, darling, oh darling angel…believe and be stable – 
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
And do your thing and be my everything – don’t be scattered on the ground like beads or shattered glass everywhere you step…and gloriously sing and bring everyone peace in mind with your unique, relishing ring – flourish like the tall grain in the golden terrain…fill everyone’s hearts with perpetual cheer! 
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
You are such a beauty from every single angle…untangle me from the web of bewilderment and spread cream cheese to my bagel! Read God’s bible – nothing close to a mad myth or a frivolous fable! Place those beliefs under the table and give as you are able! 

You gottah get up and try as P!nk sings in her song
Embrace your passions with me...and you'll slowly, but surely belong!

Go with the flow of the current of the aqua-blue sky
Kiss the abyss "farewell" - sit back and chillax and be high like a kite

Embrace your passions…never let it go…
Bring me to my dwelling place called Dandelion Delight
It’s time to face what we’ve done…
Guide me to my heavenly haven called Illuminated Night
It’s time to run the race – we’ll survive the run…
We’re sittin’ on the fence, 
Catching a glimpse at the sundrenched sight
Am I makin’ any sense?
Watching a marvelous sunset transform into an illuminated night
Hand me a bouquet of stars 
Don’t remind me of my past scars
Who can mend them now?
Embrace your passions…never let it go…
You’re more precious than the best of poetry 

Do you know where the wind does blow?
It’s a mystery to conceal…say that you want to fall in love with me
’Cause I want to practice by admiring you with 100% certainty that you’re the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with…someday, the day will come somehow…this moment with you is so unreal
How can you blossom like fireworks in the midnight sky? I ponder about this as I find myself sitting on the ground – gravity-bound… How? Somehow, you do it…someday, I’ll know how! I wanna learn to give you space when you need it and I’ll know for sure that you’re my Only did these scars heal? Is it you, my dearest angel? I’m not insecure, but I do take things to the next level – it’s no good deal
Fight for the right purpose and fight the good fight…the reason I fight is for your sake…alright?
You and I will earn beyond-brilliant-and-flawless peace….don’t let the bright opportunities fade…you don’t make me flip out, but you allow me to look at the bright side of life – you’re the reason I’m shimmering anew and I’m the most handsome tint, not a shameful shade 
Fight with your might – there’s an afterlife to look forward to – everything will be black and white
You’re quite a dashing princess – gracious evermore – go play that majestic melody of yours – I want you to know that you’re as sharp and tough as my favorite pocket blade

Come, face this roller coaster with me and go along with the ride 
Face your fears…look them in the eye – you’re gonna be fine with me, though we’re not sitting on the ground…but later on, it’s a possibility possibly…
Go with the flow and put your hands in the air like you don’t care – care to be by my side?
Face your fears…face them eye to eye like a wo-man–you’re gonna be OK with me around…I guarantee! Stay with me and echo your feelings of ecstasy! Think of us next to a sparklin’ sea with serene shores washing against our bodies as one gaily…so happily…so merrily, do we sing! 
Bring us accord and don’t sow discord, 
Let your talents, gifts and high spirits take wing
Let’s sip some wine and be as happy as two jovial pigs in the mud – happiness, free will, and joyfulness are what we can afford!

Let's lock hands and make an agreement and a special bond plus a scared oath...
Like grand lands - just kick back and chillax for a time - you're the one I'll never have the heart's desire to loath
Spread butter to the toast...and slice away all doubt
You're the one I can't help but boast about
You lead me to a nirvana-like, narrow pathway
Come follow me as I blow you XOXO's along the way
Let positivity drive us on and trek that big mountain
Shine on, dear angel of unbreakable, ardeous strength, like the dawn - weep no more, you fretful fountain . . . 
Let God's healing rain heal our pain
That's been driving you and I insane...but we're still sane,
Driving on our love-abiding, painless lane

Promise me you won't break our friendship vows...

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Relax and Kick Back

Relax your mind from any troubles that come your way
Easier said than done…but it’s required of us to have leisure time once in a great while! I have no problem with that whatsoever!
Laze around and put your mind at ease please? Hang out with your friend and have a cup of tea or coffee or any alcoholic beverage! There’s plenty to choose from! There are soft drinks in the refrigerator! There’s orange juice? Milk? Water with ice or without ice perhaps? Please, tell me or I’ll drive you and myself nuts! 
And…simply…kick back! Chillax! Everything’s gonna work out in the end for a purpose that’s beyond brilliant! Just let it be…for now!
XOXO’s will be sent to you by a mystery girl (Your secret admirer sends you XOXO’s to you in other wacko words)! Oooh…I wonder who’s that lucky person! Do you have the hearts for her, young man? Whisper ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in my ears and I won’t tell a single soul, I swear from the bottom of my heart!

Allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone and explore the Joyous Island – surely you’ll know where the wind blows!~~~
Never lose touch of wisdom and wise sayings from the elder you’ve met somewhere in your past…use your time wisely, good sir, and don’t forget to be carefree!
Danger might come our way! But, be happy – that’s what it’s s’posed to be, pal! Dangers are but for a moment, so have no fear, dear boy!

Kick back and let yourself unwind for a time! Let everything solve on its own – take a break from the job and God will finish our job in no time if we place it in his hands, we’ll witness his mesmerizing miracles
I’m sorry! I’m so sorry to hear that you’re currently unemployed! I wish you luck in your future findings and your search for jobs of course!
Chit chat with your companion and speak your mind to him…oh buddy – make sure to spend time with each other and do some rather epic activities 
Kill the fears and reign over your phobias and be brave instead! Everything will be OK! No need to feel this overwhelming amount of dread!

Believe me – I’m not a pro at being worry-free, but I am able to give you tips about how to decrease your anxiety (I hope you take them into consideration and I hope it proves to be helpful in your daily life)
Ah…right! The title is redundant – silly me...I should’ve caught that before writing this composition, but it’s too late now – this verse is about to be done and it would be another chore to change it up! Funny, I just noticed the title and its “accident” – that, my friend, is heelarious! 
Chilly- the weather is… you should’ve worn a sweater or something of that type of clothing! 
Kangaroos spend their leisure time, hopping happily – will you do the same or get all worked up all over again? 

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Spring has sprung

Spring mornings are cool bright and wonderous
Birds loudly chirping as they fly and tweet
Flowers blooming surrounding all of us
Fresh raindrops drenching the earth at our feet

Summer is coming cool weather we'll long
Yard work and spring cleaning, the swirling dust
School is out for break the sparrows sing songs
Pollen floating in the air as is lust

Spiders seem to come alive spinning grooves
Lizards running along the walls outside
Cats give a chase to everything that moves
Picnics at the park baseball home run slide

Kick back and relax go to the beaches
Read an old fave Dr. Seuss The Sneetches

Copyright © Dana Christou | Year Posted 2015

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A La Mozart

Always been creative in one form or another It's definitely what turns my crank Sometimes I wish I could turn it off but no dice Been blessed with this very creative mind Which can actually be a real curse At times I'd just like to kick back Put my mind in neutral and let the world go by I think the word I'm thinking of is "vegetate" However, this word is not part of my vocabulary Those that don't suffer from it can't imagine Why I would want a break from it Well, to begin, normal things like watching TV Or watching a movie at the theatre not hold my interest They are non productive hours I know, you must be thinking, "poor soul!" Don't get me wrong, I enjoy being me Although at times it can be overwhelming Writing poetry is my current outlet I have no idea what could possibly come next Maybe I'll write a symphony, a la Mozart! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Steel Bars

Tried to trace this man, 
studied the case and had my plan, 
a soul is whispering from somewhere
asking for help, I said, back off !!!

But a call is a call
it searches my soul and being, 
then found myself doing it
i must say, back off to this man! 

Met him and succeeded 
invited me to his place, we proceeded, 
as I enter his great place
full of goons, must I back off from it? 


He offered a drink as he mixed, 
he went for a while to change his shirt, 
so when he came back and drink his piece, 
Alas! 10minutes, he went off asleep! 

Traced the walls for possible passage, 
and I have found where she was a savage
I hurriedly searched for the lock and there I found
hanging at the back of her life size portrait in grief profound! 

I ease to unlock by the key I got
and quickly lift her up, help her to get up
we walked pass by the sleeping monster
tried cautiously to escape away from there.

Damn, he is awake! 

He advanced to kick
threw it hard so quick
too glad I managed
to kick back in a glimpse! 

I reached my gun, hidden on my waistline, 
Aimened vigorously, with authority
Stay where you are! 
Back off !!!

He tied her up, 
used her for his cover-up, 
urging needs of flesh he had...
Damn man, back off !!!

Two years she wept for pain
asked mercy from this man but in vain, 
she almost lost her mind and gave up her soul...
Spare her, back off !!!

Caught between the crossfire
of ravaging flame of bonfire heat, 
Burnt her skin like hell...
Back off !!! 

He tried to get up, moved forward, 
I have to trigger the gun, 
I said, "Come on, and you'll be gone!" 
Back off !!!

And bullet is heard, ripping his left leg, 
fell down to the floor, he cried and beg
"Daughter, I love you so much, don't let her do this! 
help me, tell her back off please!"


I almost killed the man! 
Yes, why not? I can do it! 
But I controlled, called backups
I will never back off to this fight! 

I saw her weep loudly, her life was a mess
Damn to this vulture who eats his own flesh! 
He deserve a bullet on his head, don't you think? 
Ruining his daughter's life, he must be thrown in hell! 

Flesh to flesh, blood to blood
Is it easy to back off and just let this pass? 
No way! How dare anyone would say: 
Back off, Carole, stop and never look back! 

No, no, no, no, no! 

He must pay his crime, I swear he must die! 
But I am not a killer, 
nor a hunter but I would lie, 
If I don't admit I wanted him to burn in hell and die! 

Then I turned my back, let them get him
Turned him over, trembling with anger
He must be thrown into steel bars
let him pay what he has done, for years...

Steel bars, keep this man! 

Inner Whispers

(dedicated to the victims of sex slavery and incest)

Copyright © Inner Whispers | Year Posted 2014

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The wind-chime tree 
 is singing in heavenly voice,
 there are Angels beneath the golden rusty
 red leaves,
 There singing out in Harmony 
 a slow and sad ;'hymn in the soft
 I lolled into the peacefulness 
 I kick back in my relaxing chair
 close my eyes , and dream.
 Aluminium Fairy's are dancing and laughing 
 on Green sleeves and Y shaped branches
 They STOP, Spin clockwise in the wind 
 holding on to the tip of failing dying leaf 

 I hear them say 

 ''WHO is she ?

Copyright © carole fairish | Year Posted 2014

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A Moment

All I want is a moment of peace,
Somewhere that no one can reach.
A moment that's quiet where there's no noise,
A place close to Heaven where I can rejoice.
That would be pure serendipity,
Just the silence and me.
A moment with no aggravation or screaming,
A place where you'd feel like you're dreaming.
A moment with no stress or arguments,
Free from all torment.
Clear my head of unfoolish thoughts,
Get my mind right so I want be a fault.
The beauty it would be to think straight,
It would make life that much great.
A moment in time to finally relax,
Kick back and get my mind intact.
Just God and me talking away,
Telling him how I'm feeling today.
No unpleasant sounds to disturb my mood,
Or be around people that are acting crude.
A moment with the wind and sun shining bright,
The birds chirping tells me everything's alright.
How happy I'd be to focus on me,
To calm my soul with peace.
No tension from unnecessary drama,
That has causes your life so much trauma.
A moment is all it would take to satisfy me,
And put me in better spirits so I'll be free.

      March 31, 2014
~ The One and Only~

Copyright © Pamela Bland | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday To Poetry Soup Poet Laureate Richard Pickett



Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2011

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Contradicted Convict Finds Concept

I used 2 think I know what I wanted out of my confused soul/
I want not what I have ,I want what I never had/
I want my time 2 stop, yet it still continues 2 go/
I strive 2 be good but almost always end up in the bad/
Livin in this American Struggle I was once happy, now seems like Im forever sad/
Im a man of values and peace but find myself in corruptness and fights/
In prison I had many dark days and very few bright nights/
No matter how wrong I was I am still 100% right/
Im searchin for inner peace but find myself so self-conflicted/
I want this but rather have that, Im so self-contradicted/
I find my heart fightin lovely thingz my soul so badly hated/
I want 2 be normal but find my talents by so many overrated/
I find it so easy 2 forsake that I rarely myself ever forgive/
My mind wants 2 die while my heart still wants to live/ 
I want to be recognized that I go unnoticed and lose track of the real me/
So I came 2 a concept of appreciating the fact that Im now free/ 
Now I just want to kick back an be me....

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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A Personal Day

Ever have one of those days
where you just have to get away
from the daily work grind...
where you can just kick back, 
relax a little,
and finally unwind,
tomorrow is that day for me
because I took a personal day,
where I'm going to sleep in till noon,
wake up and shower and dress
and watch a little television
if I'm in the mood,
then eat a leisurely lunch
with a lot of crunch,
and savor every bite,
afterwards have a nice dessert,
like some sherbet,
that'll really hit the spot,
then drive to my appt. in town
and get massaged by a masseuse,
go get a manicure and a pedicure,
shop for a new dress,
and go get my hair done by my hair stylist,
later at home check my e-mail
and see whats on the soup,
laugh at some of the funny poems
because they can be so humorous,
read some of the serious ones,
and feel the corners of my mouth suddenly droop,
then after that I'll maybe take a walk
and stroll around the park,
but by then it'll probably be getting late
and the dusk will be turning to dark,
so I'll go home to my family,
and I'll say good night
and go retire for the night,
where I'll go into my sanctuary,
change into my pajamas,
watch some t.v.
and turn off the light,
but I know most if this is just a fantasy,
but it really doesn't matter
since I'm not really into all that glamour
why I'm just your average Josephine,
like a lot of folks just trying to stay afloat
by making ends meet,
Because when I look around
there's 1001 chores to be done,
especially the housework,
where I'll be washing dishes,
feeding the cats, dogs and fishes,
cleaning windowsills,
dusting and vacuuming,
mopping floors,
wiping down doors,
doing the laundry,
and shredding some old bills,
But hey, I'd rather get these mundane
chores out of the way on a Friday,
so then on the weekend 
I can do what I want
and go out and have a fun day!

Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2016

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Been workin' all week and needin' a rest.
Vacation starts soon and will be the best.
Plan to kick back, get some rest and chill out,
Get some things done at home within and without.

Back yard cooking is high on my list,
Bring over the friends and the family I've missed.
Then without warning, the demons attack,
First the sewer backs up, Oh they've got a knack.

The basement is under two inches of water.
It's brown and it stinks and it seems to be fodder,
For horrible things like germs and bugs,
That live in the sewer with long, black slugs.

We call out a plumber who works fifteen minutes,
For four hundred cash before he'd begin it.
All under the table to avoid paying tax,
On his hard earned money, but we got the sack.

Looted and sacked and hung out to dry,
Fifteen minutes work, here's mud in your eye.
Then I rip out the carpet, it's ruined, it's toast.
We must buy another 'cause this one is gross.

There goes all our money,
Now we have none.
So how's your vacation?
Ain't we havin' fun!

                              Judy Ball

True story of a summer vacation two years ago.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2011

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ARTE MAYOR: Neither Cricket nor Football

ARTE MAYOR*: Neither Cricket nor Football

Is this the way to prop A-first
Sock not oval ball overhead
Slam not round ball with drumstick dead
Cut not corporate tax: the worst
Hundred millions sweat till tv burst
Swamp Super Bowl cheer-leaders' tights
The day England scorned Wales' rights*
Would arméd football rugby durst

Catch not ball in leather-gloved hand
Watch how slip-fields pluck balls from air
Out-fields brave boundaries debonair
That's what  cricket's in any land
Trumped-up charges make no A-men grand 
Nor soft base balls stop eyes grow sore
A-1 Nation must make World soar
Hail Rugby! King Twickenham brand!

Throw missile back You Quarter-Back
Take no step beyond the Red line
Referee draws to keep the front-line
Push no further than ball in pack
The Golden Rule's not to kick back
Unless you're in scrum cheek to jowl
And lick the foe if he must growl
Block those horns in grid-lock Am-track!

Curve ball's By Gad no in-swinger
Reach first base sans one lone strike
Home runs no match sixes through dike
Stop runs coming through huge bouncer
Best way to take the World over
Scrap apéd games from lean memory
Learn to play ball gentlemanly
You'll need no Vinson carrier!

*Arte Mayor (Sp. Major Art) stanzaic form, the art of Archiprest de Hita (12th-13th c.): eight syllabic lines in eight-line stanzas, rhyming abba acca.
*England beat Wales in epic match at Cardiff to win Six-Nations' Rugby 2017 Trophy; the same day the Super Bowl was watched by 125 millions on TV. If the same audience could have seen the match at Cardiff, I'd wager that would have been the very last Super Bowl event in history.

© T. Wignesan - Paris, 2017

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2017

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Karma's New Years Revolution

When you sit back and look at your life
What can you see, Whats pops up in your mind
Is it the people thats been nice and kind
or the darkness creeping up from behind

No matter who you are, theres always two sides of life
And that cant change no matter how hard you try
You try to right your wrongs, But its like tryna swim with both your hands tied
You drowning in all these pitiful lies
Throwing your hands tryna grasp the skies
You try to fight and fight but nothings makin it right

Show yourself that you changed your ways
Stop callin all the people you hate gay
Dont kick around the homeless like some stray
Karmas a bitch, A bitch that'll make you pay
There is no right or wrong way
just the game of life and you gotta do as it says

You cant kick back and say your lifes been all straight,
Just cuz you got a job and food on your plate
Or cuz you go out on the streets and Just skate all day
You have a chance to change what karma will take
Its easy and free, like Trumps gold digger bitch on a date

Show yourself when others aint around
that your different and not tryna show off y'alls crown
Wanting all to know your the goody goody of the town
Cuz when you do, all you looking like is some doopy ass clown

Karma's not a racist, or sexist.. no cop so stop
Just cuz you gay or colored dont mean you cant be on top
Let your ambitious smiles be lifes cash crop
And you may ball hard but dont go lettin yourself flop

Instead commit
Show karma this shits legit
you thinkin it cant fit
But thats just your thoughts, Y'all can make it
Dont dig yourself a deeper pit
Instead... Pull yourself out that shit.... 

Thats my thoughts,
Just a tip....

Copyright © Douglas Johnson | Year Posted 2015

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All That Jazz

                                    All That Jazz/Dedicated to Horace Silver

That underground sound sizzles because it's hot!
That sound from underground tells a story
Drawn deep from my soul
It's's blue
Sometimes so sublime it soothes you 
Jumping and jiving with a crackle and a pop...

Who's chomping that silver sound from those ivory keys?
Who's thumping that bass and walking the talk?
Trumpets on fire...flying high to dizzy heights!
The sax said, "Just kick back"
The melody's serenade persuades me to relax...
Thunder flash...cymbals crash
Those mighty drums!
Red tom-toms and rumbles set the pace
For all that jazz

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Copyright © Allen Hackett | Year Posted 2012

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Three Types of Onions

---This verse is split into 3 parts - it is officially called The Onion Trilogy! I hope you find this clever, silly and flavorful
--- make sure not to cry when reading my poem! I was teary eyed while writing this! J/K

Black Onions - poem #1

Hey, no racism
Involved - I burnt the onions 
My eyes wince with pain

Hey, no offense, man
I'm not crying - chill out, dude
Kick back and relax!

Pink Onions - poem #2

I'm a funny guy 
What's wrong with the color 'pink'?
Don't miss out! Try it!

No homo - pink's cool
Pink is a nice color, bud!
You don't believe me? (Oh well!)

Green Onions (poem #3)

Original, no?
Really good with meals and shtuff!
Drink the soup - you're sick!

I used to garden
I believe we planted this!
Green onions are good!

They're green and healthy
You should put it in your soup
Keep brewing sick lines (you get the pun? - sick)

I was a young boy
When I ordered my kid's food -
Baked potato (with green onions sprinkled on top! Yum! My mouth's watering now!!)

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Waterfall of Wonderfulness

Believe me...buddy: 
I've been through my ups and downs!
Stay strong, child of His!

I feel so sublime
Like a verse with cheery rhyme 
Yes – wonderful time!

I let out laughter
I squeal with childlike joy…and
A waterfall? Oh boy…

I chillax and breathe
In and out…calming my nerves
I’m a fearless man!

Thrilled, but terrified
You’re fine – all I have to do
Is go with the flow!

I drift on calmly
Fate’s drawing near, don’t worry!
Accept the challenge!

Ch-chilled to the bone
I’m about to lose control
I need self-control!

Relax, boy! Kick back 
Come on, man! Break a leg – hah! 
I can face my fears . . . 

I am colliding 
I’m letting go of my boat
Ooh, I am gliding!

I feel superb vibes, 
Crawlin’ up and down my spine
Wonderful feeling!

Listen up...buddy!
My heart has been pumped with glee
You heard my heartbeats?

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Do not try to date a writer

Do not try to date a poet.
She will know that you have read her poetry, 
That you know her sadness runs wide
And shallow
She has spread it like oil
Spilling across a street
You can see the light reflecting in it
Like rainbows
She will hate you for finding it beautiful

Do not try to kiss her
She will fall in love with you
And hate you
All at once
She will write poems about your lips
And their tenderness
And their force
She will kick back like you are 
Gagging her.
She will scream.

Do not love her
She will think you an intruder.
She thinks herself weak and you
A predator.
She will seal herself up
Run hot candle wax over her poems
And when the seal breaks
And she spills into your hands
She’ll curse you for not being able
To hold her

Copyright © Gracie Bawden | Year Posted 2013

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I feel so lost so gone, but yet so found/ My mind so weak, so fragile, but yet so determined so bound/ Mind so high so fly but still on the ****in ground/ Voice so silent so quiet, but yet so loud/ Feel so skinny so thin but still gaining them poundz/ Thought I wouldn't make it through the first but still standing in the seventh round/ My words so limp so skimp, but yet still making them gangstified soundz/ I feel so energized so choatic but still wanna lounge/ Ya'll better be ready when 7 comes through your town!!!! I can't lyrically quit for shyt/ Living around rez life lyrical bull isshh/ fake ass hating trickz/ wanna be bloodz and fake ass cripz/ I jus need to kick back and take another green hit/ ****a alcoholic fit/my own lizzife iz like a three dimensional skit/ I got to wake up and let myself go..can't hang on no more......gots to find my lost heart and soul...God please let a young native like me grow to know the real shyt in life!!

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012