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Road Kill

I passed a squirrel
on a two-lane back road
that a car had run over
Some rule was broken...

Its front legs scratched and scraped 
at the pavement but it was stuck
like glue, flat on the asphalt
Its head was bobbing
up and down, side to side
(Surely there was no pain?)

Damn it ALL, you little...
Slammed on the brakes 
skidded to the side of the road
made an illegal 3 point turn

Returning to the scene of the crime,
I crushed the head of God’s creation
turning it into fresh buzzard food
turning it back home to its Creator

This creature did not have it coming
This creature did not deserve it 
This creature was as good or better
than me or any other human being

God's child minded its business
God's child never hurt anyone
God's child of Nature's symphony
might have done the same for me

God's child had no clue
it was crossing a road
or even what a road was
but I did…

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2014

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Africa, You Blew Me Away

The dark continent; a place of extremes
where the sun rises early and surprises me with its intensity.

In between can be found the stuff of life at every level,
whilst beneath my feet the red soil heaves with life
as the insect microcosm dashes about its business,
before the white heat commands them into the shadows.

All around, the vegetation stands tall and proud,
as if trying to be the first to touch the sun
and birdsong fills the heavy air
perfumed by the breath of exotic spices.

How can this be the dark continent
when every sight that blesses my eyes is brighter,
bolder, painted with brushes not of my earth?
yes, the skins are intensely black, blue-black

But when the smile which adorns every beautiful face
grins – and bursts open to reveal two perfect rows of pearls
the infection is passed to the viewer
who now sees only brilliant light
as the soul is finally revealed.

These people, wearied by poverty and bowed by blind politics
nonetheless walk tall and proud
as if trying to be the first to touch the sun
standing head and shoulders above
our stiff-necked dissatisfactory lives.

If Africa is the dark continent
then I am suddenly in love with blackness
and I fear for the dimming light 
which bathes my homeland.

Copyright © Bill Lindsay | Year Posted 2015

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Timeless Island

Waves crash on the rocky shore
Beyond the dunes there is moor 
This land knew both peace and war
 In ironic and insipid clash with calm on ocean floor

Is storm on the land in full fury
But it will blow over without becoming truly angry
It will give golden fields of grain
Much needed rain

Standing like a beacon on a hill  
Is a large windmill 
Nearby there is stone ring 
Build by some ancient king

In the center of the meadow
Casting a shadow
There is birch tree
Who’s subtle leaves project mysterious majesty

The tree is testament to time
And the whole island is defined by time
It stands alone in vast ocean but not as vast as time
It is also forgotten by time

But what makes it sublime
When you watch birch tree you can almost smell time
When you remember it as a small shoot now a tree
And on the mainland how things have changed you see

But here noting is different than before
Windmill still stands upon the hill nearby rocky shore
The coral reef still ornaments ocean floor
Stone ring replaces calendar as it did millenniums before
But there is more
Time here is different than on any other shore
Defined by orb of light
It is longer than in any other light

Time is absolute
Everything in it its business will execute
But number previously absolute
Here will grow for this is light’s attribute 

And previously absolute number will nourish like a rain
That falls on the golden grain
It will nourish the neural flame
Whose status timeless became

In time everything gets old
The tree the windmill the grains of gold
But in stone ring flame will not dissipate in time
Because it is in cahoots with very time 

Copyright © Patrycjusz Kopec | Year Posted 2016

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Wisdom and Knowledge

Wisdom can be contained in a rectangular prism
but if summoned it commeth forth surpassing any intention
making its limits endless when it starts it never is finished
and all against it is defenseless hence it handles its business
to go against it would be senseless since it thoroughly mentions
its vengeance is intensive to the point where no one can vent it
and it replenishes itself learn and you'll be a witness
to its insintive couse wisdom comes from another demintion

and its cousin is Knowledge but not the Knowledge of college
a knowledge that's polished with logic that can only be solid
it's like a wallet full of dollars but is not of the pocket
and it's fondest of surprises but its prizes are promised
to be diagnostically honest on whatever the topic
diabolical Know it all an argument is uncommon
acknowledge that like its cousin it can not be abolished
only wisdom can mock it also know that wisdom is wisest

Copyright © Lonnie Conner | Year Posted 2009

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Why?'s to Wise? Romance

I sit, at night, on the concrete pad laid before my door.
My buttocks chilling through the fleece of my sweats,
My knees and hips aching from a day well traveled,
sitting at the threshold of the second half of my century here.

The moon is elsewhere, involved in its business of 
Gaining on and fading from its apogee.
Dragging deeply on my cigarette, 
I stare up and out, into the mottled sky.

I see something to my right, I adjust, but it is not there.
I see something to my left, I adjust, but it is not there.
Right and left, left and right, the stars dance truly only
In the corners of my eyes.

Now I know.

My undiscovered love is like movement in the dark.
When I search for him, when I bring all my focus acute on him, 
he dissolves.

One day, perhaps, he will saunter up, and I will see him,
In the corner of my eye.

I can at last see EVERYTHING,
In the corner of my eye.

Copyright © Judy Haas | Year Posted 2007

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I Am Feeling Alive Again

I see the smiles beaming in your eyes
And I can hear the passion moving in your voice
I can feel your breath moving inside me
And your spirit soaring above me
I wish if I could fully understand the science of the mind
And the mystery that is floating around in sky
If you put a tiny particle under a microscope
You can see its movement big and bold
The moon is still and the stars are filled with goodwill
The faces of yesterday continue to show us the way
They are our guide don’t drive them away, listen to what they have to say
Observe the night sky and listen to the message that is passing by
The master has highly favored you and nothing or no one can derail you
Throw your hands up in the air for spring is finally here
Flowers are blooming everywhere, drink some rum and have some fun
It’s still chilly in the north and those in the East are very smart
I am not pressured neither am I burdened because my life has just began
My sleep pattern is slightly altered and my brain is working faster 
I feel like walking a hundred miles and swim in the great big ocean
I feel like climbing the mountain and roll in the grass and sing out loud
I have to work with what I have got until I get a chance to do just that
The days are long and the nights are short and you have stolen my heart
This afternoon I took a stroll down the neighborhood marketplace
To interact with the local people and learn about the prices of things
Socrates was the master of the market and he was always at that place
That’s where the local people meet and you can get all type of food to eat
You can learn everything that transpire in the street, and the gossip stories are not cheap
I wasn't really shopping I was just cruising and feeling out things
I walked about the fish market and end up at the chicken market
I asked the price of everything just to learn about smart shopping
She took out a hen from the cage and weighed it on a big old scale
It weighed three pounds and cost forty-five dollars in their local currency
I had no intention to buy it I just wanted to know the cost of it
Something dynamic caught my eyes…cages filled with pigeon on the other side 
I pleaded with the vendor to release the pigeons
because  they carry the human soul
She said “no its business, money is more important than freedom”
I gave up trying to persuade her and went straight to the back
And I stumbled upon the chicken street 
hens and roosters were crying out
Asking for help to get out of their cage
The entire street was filled with rosters and hen locked up in pens
Immediately the imagery of prison sprang up in front of me
I could see men and women looking through bars  same as the
the birds were crying out
And then the word came, the prisoners should be released to face their spiritual destiny
There were more hen than rosters locked up in the cage
No one was buying and the poor creatures
were bundled up together and left to suffer
I couldn't helped but walked away, I wish if I had not gone that way
Why should these things matter to me? Why do I have to see them?
Many things are personified and I cannot ignore my calling
My mind started thinking big and my spirit started growing
I erased the imagery from my mind, and filled it with something more divine 
The market place is fun; people of all sorts congregate on the side
Vegetable, fish and all types of meat waiting on customers
I like the natural market setting 
It’s the birth place of artistic, scientific and philosophical ideas
When great and shallow minds gather around
We can rip stupid ideologies apart, build new theories
And invent new machinery and advance technology
Spring is finally here and my mind is getting clear
Love and laughter is blowing in the air
I am feeling alive again!

Copyright © Christine Phillips | Year Posted 2018

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Five shades Of Anthracite

Five Shades of Anthracite

Triads of black white and grey in the middle colour in above and out within

                       Five silhouettes a passion play mix shadows dancing in the moonlit night
work art and framework on the vertical horizon of ecliptic thought’s array

Alchemy casts precious golden sculptures in the feeling fondness wisdom’s
                     mind tending to its business slow and fast evolving rainbow’s kairos white

Five shades blend into one reasoned action intuited perception truth reality 
              embodiment beholding earth wind fire water aired in carbon gilded nuances on 
the journey’s crested prism’s holograms when three plus two engraves infinity 

              They overtone refinement’s overture into the pentagon from anthracite to gold 
by way of any tinted tingle unadulterated quintessential and concerted meaning

13th September 2016

Copyright © Kai Michael Neumann | Year Posted 2016

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Love at Any Rate

Love at Any Rate

Love at
any rate
Can make you
Feel low
And dirty
What happens
Next a neuron
Fired or quit
Working right
Then and there
Went the neighborhood
Where Sarah Belle ummm...
Lived but for
Or refreshed this
Is up
And running
Up and running
Up and
Run for your life
Went on
About its business
Tea is empty
Ness that dragon
Loch and cay
Puff like magic
And it's gone
At any rate
it came along.

Copyright © Cyndi White | Year Posted 2018

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Simple like a Bird

The bird chirped on a twig,
Nice little home bird,
That we find around us in numbers large,
Neat little bird,
That goes about its business wide and far,
Its puny body, thin legs and soft wings,
Have a simple running brain,
Catching the worm,
Dousing thirst,
And nesting at best,
When reproducing,
It probably does it to perpetuate,
Perhaps it also enjoys the act,
Or treats it like hunger,
Once multiplied it tends for younger,
 Catching a worm or two or more,
Some of us have perhaps seen them giving flight lessons as well,
And when and how it dies an uncelebrated death,
Nobody knows,
Perhaps the young ones she tended,
Also do not mourn her or perhaps they do,
I am not so sure,
She now stopped chirping and took off,
As she soared high in the peak of its life,
On an intended flight,
Oaring air troughs far and wide,
I saw it against the backdrop of blue sky,
Though I could not fly,
But perhaps I could be as simple as her.

Copyright © Shishir Gupta | Year Posted 2005

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Moon's Desires

The moon has its own itinerary Going about its business As if I don’t exist Within this world of exhaustive Pieces of a whole Just like the moon harvests Only full but once a month Eating away at itself It moves along with grace Unbeknown to the reality That the sun Only has so much to give And will on day expire Leaving the moonlight to die Within its own desires To be on its own devices
Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2017

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Being disconnected..
A disconnection of everything
A spark of electricity along with its juice..
Makes a connection..
Wires are all connecting to different connections..

Sparks are flying everywhere..
A perfect connection ignites..
Feeling disconnected..
A disconnection of people, places and things..
Bombarded by faulty wiring..

Perhaps my inside wires are not able to ignite..
The wires are not doing its business..
Once there was juice..
Once there were sparks flying everywhere..
A need to mend my faulty wiring.
To apply a band aid to the painful disconnection..
Will it cover and mask the healing process?

Healing the wounds of disconnection..
A broken disconnection needs mending..

As I ponder in the moment of what lies ahead..
A visualization of a massive connection..
With all of my entire being..

A high jolt and charge of electricity..
Captured and stored within myself..

An act of empowerment in visualization..

I feel a Incredible charge of empowerment..
I shall indeed connect the wires  .
Juices flowing..
It ignites
Sparks are now flying everywhere
Faulty wiring shall cease to exist..

Healing rises..
Connected I am..
I have risen..

Risen to a massive connection..

Copyright © Robertina B. | Year Posted 2018

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This Life's Journey

This Life's Journey 

One day it will cease to continue.
The lights of its streets will turn off,
And the sounds of its business will vanish.

Wether you will be ready or not,
It Won't matter, your clock will stop
And you will rest, eternally!

All that you have worked hard for
Will be left to be shared 
Either peacefully or violently.

Food and drinks will be served
And tears will flow with broken hearts;
It will be an end of an era.

Live the moments, cherish the memories,
Tomorrow is just a day that may never be
And you may never know.

Copyright © Chris T Isaacs | Year Posted 2018

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My Cue To Fall Apart

The journey home seemed endless
People were still smiling
I wondered how and why

My broken heart
Was seeping out of me
Such was the pain I couldn't cry

I occupied myself
To numb out the first few hours
Somehow waiting for my cue

I cleaned the house
Until my hands bled
And bruised black and blue

The stinging seemed to help
I could see this pain
It felt real

Everything else
Was my body going into shock
This I couldn't feel

Still the birds were singing
The sky going about its business
Even today it wouldn't be grey

The world niggled me
Like an excited child
I just wanted it to go away

The wait seemed constant
You know its coming
But not sure when it will start

My heart is broken
And I am just waiting 
For my cue to fall apart

Copyright © Jo Hayton | Year Posted 2009

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Business As Usual

"Business As Usual"
I keep saying to myself I''m a M.O.B. 
I choose my friends cautiously
and on the account of fallin in love 
It sure did cost me
so now I ask myself, do you still believe its just business.
When your on ya knees asking for forgiveness
where God's the only witness this white America needs
either someone's dropping you knowledge
or your being deceived 
being naive or taking heed
waking up every morning
not knowing where the next day could lead
doctor's pumping on ya chest talking bout breath
just another adrenaline rush
ashes to ashes dust to dust
in this cold world for a black male overcoming is a must
this is God's world and their ain't never 
been a such thing as luck
this is the life I'm living where I'm drowning in a bloody pool
but I keep telling myself its business as usual

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2006

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Little bee

Little bee pollinating flowers

It has no idea how vital it is

Little bee goes about its business

Spreading seed igniting life

Cross pollinating like nature had designed

Just how valuable you are in life

Little bee the perfect little nature thing

Floating around flowers savouring and feasting on the pollen it is seeking

Little bee you are amazing to me.

Copyright © fauxcroft wade | Year Posted 2018