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Best Imams Poems

Below are the all-time best Imams poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of imams poems written by PoetrySoup members

The Female Prophets and Imams
There are female
Prophets and Imams as well –
They are few in number. 

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Categories: imams, faith, philosophy, religion
Form: Haiku

The Imams
The Imams are leader
Of the believers in brief –
Mosques have Imams too.

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Categories: imams, faith, philosophy, religion
Form: Haiku
The Prophets and the Imams
All prophets are Imam
All Imams are not prophet –
The prophets are pure-bred!

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Categories: imams, faith, philosophy, religion
Form: Haiku
Premium Member Silent Lies and Deception
Silent Lies and Deception

In the silence of murky waters
There slithers oily snakes of the night
Wearing masks of deception
Beware of fools singing with Stalin’s tongue

The KGB...

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Categories: imams, corruption, evil, history, humanity, philosophy, writing,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member By Now You Have Forgot' - To Whom It May Concern - Part 1
Remember all the Wise Men on their knees upon your yacht?
With orphans on their backs they’d crawled (with others that they’d brought)
Through rubble on the...

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Categories: imams, war,
Form: Monorhyme

The Devil's Advocates
Politics is a dirty game,
So indeed is religion –
One screws with your mind,
The other with your soul;
One promises heaven on earth,
The other, heaven after death.


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Categories: imams, political, religious,
Form: Free verse
Premium Member Abu Nuwas
Abu Nuwas

He proclaimed to the caliphate
In the dark hours of the evening
Rejoice! These splendid virgins are a bleeding
Drink our youth, and let not harm come...

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Categories: imams, allah, arabic, inspirational, philosophy, poetry,
Form: Free verse
Long Before ISIS
Thirty years ago, long before ISIS started executing Kurds, Muslims and Christians, I hired a Pakistani Muslim as an art director in Chicago. I was...

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Categories: imams, friendship,
Form: Prose
The 734 That Died at Mecca
It is disgusting that 734 people died at Mecca,
Last Thursday, when so many lives were lost,
Needlessly, for want of crowd control officials,
To restrain the 1.4...

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Categories: imams, anger, death, god, leadership, religion, rights,
Form: Rhyme
A people without a god
A people without a god

I ask you to serve our goddess,
to pay the dues of our kinds,
leaving those western men you call priests and imams...

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Categories: imams, faithme, allah, me,
Form: Free verse
Whit'll ye dae
Whit'll ye dae when the Muslims come
If they bring thur minarets,mosques and imams
An' ower the city sound the muezzins' prayer alarms
An' they mak great play...

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Categories: imams, satire,
Form: Rhyme
Where does love lie?
Many are clueless, some go paranoid
Trying to seek out meaningless solutions
And answers in the pages of a book;
They consult...

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Categories: imams, hope, life, love, god, god, love,
Form: Free verse
worth fighting for
Worth a Fight. 
It is no longer about right or wrongs it
is about taking a stand..... Against those whose forefathers
came to this country to escape...

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Categories: imams, abuse, cute love, education,
Form: Free verse
armed with a plunger
armed with a plunger
he stares down into the
toilet bowl, as the waste
he’s just expelled
captivates him &
a whole swirl of
ideas comes flooding
like a parade of pummeling

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Categories: imams, life,
Form: Free verse
Destined we are curdle together by nature
Though at the twin rivers shore
Believing same will provoke harmony 
Bridge on the rivers and wall of our minds...

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Categories: imams, devotion,
Form: Blank verse
Haj: Africa to Mecca
Bridled pilgrim on tributary road
Sanctified route that Imams trode
Hoping cares and sorrows to unload
In Mecca's blessed, sanctified abode

Prayerful disciple dutifully abnegating world in part
Humbly following...

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Categories: imams, dedication
Form: Rhyme
Unholy Jihad
Replete with devout unwavering resolve,
Their hostile campaign is meant to involve

Those who refuse to adopt what they believe,
So they murder and maim in hopes to...

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Categories: imams, death, introspection, social,
Form: Rhyme