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What Is Love

How can I answer what is love
it's part hope, part apparition?
For what it truly is, kind of
simply defies definition.

Have you ever felt so alive
that it was almost too extreme?
And giving in to passion's drive
have you ever pursued a dream?

Have you ever received a kiss
that left you dancing on a cloud?
And filled with spontaneous bliss
have you ever laughed way too loud?

Have you ever floated on air
or felt warm and gooey inside?
And when strangers just smile and stare
have you ever near burst with pride?

Have you ever felt fully whole
falling head over heels in love? 
And felt such bliss within your soul
that it rivals heaven above?

Have you ever felt like crying
when someone special didn’t show?
And if it feels like you're dying
you won't ask what is love... you'll know.  

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Zolar the Inet God

(after Edgar Allan Poe's "The Angel of the Odd")

It was a tidy day and I sat, replete, under vellux blankets.
Sadly, my tea was weak, the bottle of cinnamon whiskey
tantalizingly low, and my feet swelling above my anklets.
So I was snippy one might say, zippy, flipping with zee...

from one screen to the next, oops, forgot! Poor Usain Bolt!
Yes, I took it out upon him. Dressed him first in bouncy hearts
cruel, I admit, and then purposefully fried him, let him float,
banged him, tripped him, let the sloth dine, and let out a fart.

Crude, I admit. Let's blame it on the tea, shall we? "I say not."
I sat up. Who had spoken to little old me, an old lady too weak
for any great villian with a booming voice. I blew out my snot,
found my glasses and good grief! The speaker made of teak.

Pseudo teak, my stereo a bit old. But leaning against the wall
fruity-kins wearing leotards when he should not, the belly
like a spiked watermelon. I admit I considered a sip at neck gall
but got turned off by papaya thighs, arms turned banana jelly.

Who are you, I squeaked, smushing low to hide like a flea.
"Zolar, the Inet God. Say, I wonder, are you  a high roller?"
No, no, said I. No bingo, no slots, no high stake poker, just see...
"See? I see far too well. You let my buddy Usain go polar."

Tee hee. Just, um, fun and games. How about a nice slushy?
Yes, I admit it. With such as he, I couldn't help but imagine
giving a blender whirr, a smash and splash, sort of plushy.
With glee whee, off went vellux and I set to the kitchen.

The rum was old and watery, the vodka scummy at collar
and all went crash. Imagine the horror if you will, foot rot
 in my fine spirits? My hoover sucked it without bother
and when I examined residue, found crumbs, hairs and a dot

of mushy raisins. So I googled on my phone  with askance
how purify spirits? Zolar suggested kindly, "Try a colander."
A genius of the mash, a nonpariel of the objective chance.
My mind turned to such grater things I made my first blunder.

Who'd believe a fresh market reject could move with alacrity
I swung a hammer, missed his head, slipped on the slick floor.
The recoil hit my head, and I bled red vintage, singing a ditty,
Oh me, oh my. I'm gonna cry, while Zolar went out the door.

Not leaving my just desserts to chance, I slipped and slithered
rubbed my foot rot, and hopped after him, butcher knife in hand.
A beep from my iPhone and away he dodged, while I dithered
leading me, up, up and out to where it rained to beat the band.

It hit me then, just get close enough to hug Zolar, then push
he must have read my mind because he darted and I flew
head over heels, but thankfully over a branch like a lush
who did okay on the acrobatic bars, hair tangling in dew

covered maple leaves and my dismount worthy of a ten.
I mucked toward my door,  my bare feet covered with mud
I opened the door, except it was locked, no window open.
I checked my pockets, found a lighter, snapped, a dud.

No phone, can you imagine? Even Usain Bolt wouldn't recover
such blasphemy as rain, muck, and maniac fruit without zen.
I now had an axe to grind and a green house to uncover.
My thirst now absurd, my mind stuck on might have been

I raged, thrashed through cabinets, seeking a bottle once stored
and found it. Amen. I uncapped it, took a deep swallow
Hot. Hot, hot! Immediately I upchucked, help me I implored
to the God of the Inet, Oh Zolar, call 911, don't let me wallow

It's cold, wet, dark and mucky, and here I'm all upchucky
I pounded on doors, they'd open, snap a flash then close
oh, woe, woe. I clutched my head, my throat, I'm ever so unlucky
to wish to slip into slushy and end up posted before repose.

A siren in the night grew and grew, then flashed beside me
a voice said, "Ma'am? Can you hold it right there, put your hands
overhead?" Sure, but bladder being bad I couldn't stop my wee wee
from dribbling down my leg, then my feet slipped unplanned.

That's how the news pictured me, along with neighborhood
postings, feet all asply, a phew of urine and of whiskey,
my hair filled with leaves, eyes black and blue, and would
you believe it? My hand rests on watermelon, me unable to flee.

I never go near the iNet, never search out or  bash Usain Bolt.
The night of Zolar in mind, I even gave up cinnamon whiskey.
Because a fruit in hand is better than an axe to grind or a volt
from lightning, with tush grounded and no vellux to cover me.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2014

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Cry-Baby Cat

Cry Baby Cat, was a stray that turned up wailing outside our front door. We never turn down a stranger in town, especially when clouds have gathered to storm. Beginning to pour, I opened the door, and we welcomed him in, as the thunder began Well, he shivered, and wailed even more! His coat was all wet, like a little drowned rat so I dried him, the best that I can. We fed him a bit, and settled the cat in a box, filled with blankets, within. Found a new litter box, and tucked it away not far, where the kitty would stay. We turned off the lights, but the thunder and fright scared the cat, and he soon disappeared ! Right under our bed, while poking my head 'neath the spread of the bed, I said "Here, kitty, kitty"... and my heart had such pity, for the poor little fit he was in. And that's how it began, scaredy cat had no friends Till we fell head over heels till the end! He was just a cry-baby....., and although we said "maybe" he picked us back then, as his kin
________________________________________________ For Francine's Contest: Beloved Pets 6/18/15

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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Gathering Dust

It happened in a moment, during my 7th grade English class   *
As we studied classic literature; “Evangeline”,  the poem
A substitute teacher, wearing shoes of polished coal             *
His soft style, hair neatly combed, engrossed in reading poetry…
Pubescence slumped around me, nodding off, slowly being lulled...
Young minds. filled with clutter, gathering dust, from ancient stories

With glittering eyes, he read each verse                 *    *
The soft, eager voice, that stroked each word…
He would wait, on occasion, to look around the room  *
With wistful hope, I would suppose, to reach one heart, one soul

At the start of the class, I had been watching the clock
But, as I sat more enraptured, time just seemed to stop…
I turned the pages, one by one …and slowly fell in love

The beauty of old words, drifted through the stuffy air
Like the gathering of dust motes, glittered, hanging in suspension
Filtered in the angled light, of the afternoon’s warm detention
Sun filtered through window glass,…while voice of bliss droned on…. 

My heartbeat sped, with growing passion
I restrained my hands from reaching,… grabbing                 *
To catch each word, and keep them captive…
Dust motes, and words, were spinning around                             *
I was head over heels…for my substitute teacher…
I was head over heels for an old man named Longfellow….
Thirteen years old, I loved two older men….

Fell in love with the classics,....on a mid-day afternoon
                  While gathering dust, and the magic of words

For the Contest: "Gathering Dust"
Sponsored by John Lawless

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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Pretty Bessie the cow was on the pull - she had her sights set on Billy the bull To attract the attention of this young man Bessie the cow came up with a cunning plan She had plastic surgery to enhance the way she looked When he saw the transformation that young bull was hooked! Bessie the cow also had some body piercing done But when it came to milking this wasn’t so much fun! Billy admired her whilst he was grazing Bessie’s body now looked ‘udderly amazing’ Soon Billy and Bessie fell head over heels They are always together in the farmer’s fields Many many thanks to Mama Bear for sending me the two pictures which inspired this poem 11th October 2016

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN Jim’s fallen head over heels for a girl, He’s forgotten his mates; they’re in limbo One whiff of her scent, his head’s in a whirl But why did he choose Sue THAT blonde bimbo? Like a shadow they are never apart Stuck together tightly with superglue This bleached blonde airhead has stolen his heart Jim bade all his old friends a fond adieu Every single day they are together Still they only have eyes for each other Arms wrapped around her, true love forever Jim wears jumpers knitted by his lover! On bended knee Jim gives Sue a huge ring He splashed all his cash to buy her some bling WHEN A WOMAN LOVES A MAN Sue won’t hear a bad word about her Jim, with rose coloured glasses, Sue is blinkered He lets out huge farts, but Sue will just grin She just giggles and calls him a stinkard! Jim snores like a steam train, he never halts Sue turns over and pulls up the covers She totally ignores all of Jim’s faults They’re besotted since they became lovers Jim’s mates pity him; he’s under the thumb With a ring on her finger Sue’s smiling They are contented and Jim’s never glum Sue adores him; she thinks he’s beguiling Forever in love through good times and bad Sue chose Jim because he looks like her dad! Two English Sonnets Contest Sponsored by Mark Massey Two Sonnets written with my sincere apologies to the Bard! Checked with how many syllables 10 per line 12~14~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Wheels Effectively

Wheels are my legs effectively
And faster than your legs can be
And I can spin around you see?
And outrun you eternally.

I even race the stairs you know
From all up here to down below
And scoop you up, and there we go
We do it ten times in a row.

I park my chair next to my bed
Now leave it there, don’t make me sad.
You want to race it? Don’t be mad,
I need my chair, right now, nuff said!

You have your legs, I have my wheels.
I know exactly how it feels,
To fall in love head over heels,
With an object that forever steals

Part of my independent ways.
I have sometimes my sombre days
I always know though, it’s a phase.
I am right here, my wheelchair stays!


August 2016
Copyright © Darren White

Copyright © Darren White | Year Posted 2017

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Rudolph's Stuck In Traffic

Oh no, said Rudolph!  Stuck again!
   The sky is dense and techno-waved.
      Remember years ago, back when
            air currents never misbehaved?

Poor Rudolph stopped in sky midair
   and yelled to Santa, we can't fly!
      Earth satellites have made a snare
            of wireless currents in the sky.

You see, today's advanced machines
  are human gadgets called 'smart' phones;
      they shop the Web from tiny screens;
            airwaves mess up our flying zones.

Of course, they seek last-minute deals
   on Christmas Eve, worse time of all,
      when we are here 'head over heels'
            to bring kids' presents, big and small.

Then Santa answered, use plan 'B'
   come down one level in the sky.
      Take care and watch! Don't hit a tree
            or steeple top as we zoom by!

So Rudolph did as Santa said,
   though still, they'd be a little late;
      made headway now with deer and sled
            where techno-waves had low flow rate.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Christmas Rhymes
Sponsor: Kim Rodrigues
Judged: 12/18/2017

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2017

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Beneath My Heartbeat

My tranquil world is trembling 
with sublimated anticipation,
I’m losing my footing of romantic resistance
Body shaking is convulsive proof:
equilibrium quaking; off balance, I deduce 
Mind trapped in love — 
can’t wiggle out   ...   can’t squirm loose
My feeble objections
are falling through the roof
Wave after wave
moves swiftly beneath my heartbeat
I’m tumbling head over heels,
landing silver rush hard at your feet
And your avalanche of kisses 
are beginning to smother me
Only your searchlight of desire
can maiden eyes see 
how far I fell ...
As waves of your love
has buried me deep
Wave upon wave,
an earthquake beneath my heartbeat
Save me with a yes,
baby come vow rescue me 

This poem was inspired by a poem
penned by the talented poetess, Alexis Y.
Her beautiful poem is titled: "The Pledge"

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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I'm so in love with you,
Definitely head over heels,
I wish I could fall in love with you every day,
To keep experiencing how it feels,

How it feels to crawl into bed,
And fall asleep gently knowing,
That you are meant for me,
And we will be forever growing,

How it feels to wake up late at night,
So I can think about you some more,
Just to make sure my next dream of you,
Starts off like the one before,

It was me who first said I love you,
I was lost in your eyes,
You remember,
We both had stomachs’ full of butterflies,
I was shaking,
And I started to cry,

You said I love you back,
We both smiled and kissed,
I wish I could count every time I say I love you now,
But there's too many times to list,

Tonight is one of those nights,
Where I sit and get lost thinking about you,
No wonder my favorite number is two,
When it comes to me and you,

Dreams of walking with you along the coast,
With the sunset to our backs,
I have so much love to give,
And you deserve the most,

We've had our moments,
Our hard times,
But it all seems worth it now,
Because I have you baby,
And I'm done committing crimes,
Now I just write down my love for you,
And make sure it rhymes,

I love you baby.           this poem was  written by my 16 year old grandson.  i was
blown away when he posted it.  . at how good his writing skills are......i guess i 
will have to give him a site of 
his own now. .  i am so proud of him.

Copyright © janetta harrington | Year Posted 2007

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Myspace message

  You know I met you while at work
    We go to completely different schools
       I just happen to work right inside yours
           Just a little glimpse into your world
          and I fell completely head over heels
              It's too bad your taken 
                Of course you are 
                Your the typical prom king type
                  The captain of the basketball team
                     Or the Quarterback in football 
                        All those stereotypical labels
                         But to me your so much more
                          It's sunken in with me pretty well
                             Settled in my stomach 
                                and it's digesting 
                                Your the only person
                                  That makes me wanna fly
                                    Your girl friend makes it obvious 
                                      that she doesn't want me breaking
                                       any of her precious school barriers
                                          But I'm the type that's gets noticed
                                               Without even voicing an opinion
                                                     or lifting a finger
                                                    She's your own special hawk 
                                                       She has eyes behind her head 
                                                       and your glued to her lap
                                                        But you know something she can't control?
                                                            Me messaging you on myspace
                                                                   and you responding 

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2007

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I Feel There Is More

I recognize the subtleties of love, its reality is easy to see. An emotional kiss sent from above to bless the frightened and the enlightened. I understand the desire for passion's flame and see how disappointment can turn to blame. But I feel there is more. My heart starts pounding like a thoroughbred when I am with you knowing your love’s true. And when I feel loved, my smile starts to spread sharing sweaty palms without any qualms. Love is such an indescribable feeling head over heels I can't tell floor from ceiling. But I feel there is more. Love titillates both my heart and my soul and I understand why it feels so grand. You’re the missing piece that made my heart whole For I’m flesh and bone, scared to be alone. And love nudged two souls towards adjoined heavens praying fate rolls some sevens and elevens. But I feel there is more magic left, that’s for sure! (Qarinage) Nov. 13, 2018

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2018

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Growing Old Together

Growing Old Together:

Looking through the photographs,
of ten thousand memories ago;
it still seems like yesterday
even though today I am old.

I still remember the first
time we met, I froze 
and stood so still! 
So afraid that you would turn and go.

Then you smiled and said hello.
I was so very lost for
words and completely dazzled
by the sight of you.

The years have come and gone
since our first hello, yet every
single day will pass and I'm still
head over heels in love with you.

Wrinkles and scars they appear,
but that's not what I see.
I still see that lovely girl I
fell in love with so many years ago.

Gracefully we journey and
together we will grow old, I would
not want it any other way. Loving
you always even till the day I have to go.

Steven Beesley (c) 2006-02-02

Copyright © Steven Beesley | Year Posted 2012

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SO blind

   All this time I have always had my doubts,
Not the person led to believe is what I found out.
   To be deceived and lied to for oh so long,
Down deep I knew there was something wrong.
   Head over heels I had fallen in love ,
Always thought you were sent from above.
   How the knife is twisted into my side ,
So much pain I can do nothing but cry.
   These memories of what I thought was real,
I'm confused and I don't how how to feel.
    Is this really possible that I did not know,
Through all this time it never showed.
    Such an evil thing to do to a man ,
Especially the lies which he could not stand.
    How cruel and cold your heart must be ,
To carry on as you did never letting me see.
     Hard to accept all those moments  so dear ,
Realizing they are now my greatest fears .
     What was to be Joy and Happiness,
Replaced by the feelings of a loneliness.
   Never did I imagine this happening to me ,
Thinking that you and I were meant to be .
   It's a very hard thing for a man to accept ,
When he finds out that he's been tricked.
    Was it the money or the control you had ,
Maybe because you are really just that bad.
    Some day soon for this you will have to pay ,
For the sins against me and your evil ways.
    Goodbye to you  who ever you are ,
For in this heart you have left brutally scarred.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Until we Meet again in the end

Magic tunes play deep pipes 
as the dove flies high 
fluttering angel wings touching
inside one golden breath
warm breathless gem whispers softly 

Within each beat echoes a song 
skipping inside one circle spinning crazy 
upside down music floats the magic
head over heels 

When I am next to you 
embracing color of deep beauty 
a promise once made 
in this world to be forever true love

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2015

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Gymnastics and poetry are holding hands, they're falling head over heels in love.

John Derek Hamilton
December 09, 2015

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2015

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Jimmy had odds to beat, one he was a black teen and the temptations of big city’s Streets. 
But a single black mother’s determination held his attention sternly,
So he had only Minimal interaction with streets.
He had rickets but Jimmy could catch any ball.
He ran with a gang that like to brawl,
Then he entered a Youth Center where a Mentor introduced him to football.
Pop Warner he’s leader of the team,
Onto High School Football team as runner for TD’s.
Scouts without doubts offered degrees.
Mother’s pleased when he goes to USC, to be toast of the university.
Jimmy rode football like a Hell’s Angel rides his hog.
He played halfback, fullback carrying the ball.
Top backers called, packs of women clawed,
Because for a rental car he ran through a mall.
Sydney was a naive Germany beauty queen, 
Blond haired eyes emerald green. 
Done nothing much since she jumped with the school cheer team.
But she had dreams, being famous on T.V., a celebrity.
But she’s stalled in the Pokipsy Mall,
Serving chili, hamburgers and hotdogs. 
When in comes Jimmy, walking tall, followed by his enthralled.
Each sees the other and head over heels each falls.
Their love, sweet, she felt entitled to be,
With the famous Jimmy.
After their affair they married, two heirs, beach house on Bundy Street,
Her face on T.V. with Jimmy, her dream is complete.
But Jimmy believes in slavery,
Believes possessions are bounty one forever keeps,
And Sydney is his property.
But black eye secrets don’t keep,
So she and her parents agree, divorce Jimmy immediately.
Jimmy falls, fell by divorce when the gavel falls.
But most of all,
He felt affronted by the German goofball in front of media tell-all, 
So he watches her like a hawk, to see with whom she walks.
She saw a new fella who won her heart and Sydney falls.
He wines and dines her many times and shows respect to all. 
So Jimmy waits, pissed off jealousy he has no date, until one night on her Ronald calls.
Greens seethe engulfs Jimmy from head to feet, it shuts off reasoning.
Disrespect for “The Great ME” is all he sees in this rivalry for his property.
He sees she succeeds with this non-minority.
To the door during their adoring greeting Jealousy creeps,
Like Flash he slash the throat of the one he knows,
Then at speed stabs repeatedly the one she greets,
As he tries to flee from Jealousy.

Copyright © Michael Hawk Moore | Year Posted 2014

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Our House

Winding around the curve of the road
the brilliant blue of the morning sky had faded
and seemed it had been left out too long in the sun......
Something,...... some new kind of threshold, waited in the November chill
We didn't know yet, just what it was, but the memory 
would be imprisoned by our young, and eager eyes
for decades, to come

We had arrived........
with an alive sense of enthusiasm and a vivid anticipation

We left our children in the car, for a few minutes
until we saw the perfect yard.....that seemed to go for miles
the hills surrounded.....and a battered, eye-sore house, somehow had found us

I remember the house half timbered
with white paint peeling on the southern side
We had been expecting nothing much,
nothing more than a weekend's new adventure
not realizing we were entering the future
while the grey haired woman, who met us there, 
produced a key, and unlocked  the door.
We looked out behind us, 
where our children were already running up and down the grassy slope
"Twin Pine Real Estate" ,  scrolled across the door of the woman's car parked next to ours

If hesitation and....common-sense had overruled
The story would end here...

I do recall.....we said it all......
"Ramshackle dump" ! ? "Good bone structure"
"Good inspiration"  "They'll think we're crazy"
"With sweat and guts......."IF ....AND....or  BUT!"
"Elbow grease"........"Dedication"     "Celebrations"

We fell head over heels........we'll... beg, borrow, steal!

We hollered out to call the children
and then brought them in.   They shared the wish, 
to own a place to call our own, a home, some land, a mountain view
our grand ideas of property....of priority, of possibility, of probability, ..of family.....
Everyone would work, everyone would reap,  
A house we loved.........a dream to keep
and years have come, and years have gone...... the place that we still call home

9/16/14  A Special Memory Contest: sponsored by Regina Riddle

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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When Love Turns To Hate

She fell in love so unexpectedly, there were no warning signs.
Her head kept saying no, but in her heart she knew she would be fine.
She remembers saying she’s never gonna fall in love, but here she is again.
Head over heels sitting on the 9th cloud and forgetting the pasts’ pain.

Days and weeks went by, getting to know each other well.
Months turned into a year, deeper and deeper she fell.
She gained trust and confidence; he gained all her love and heart.
The moment they’re together nothing can tear them apart.

She loved him with all she had, gave it her 100 percent.
Every time he smiled, she knew he was heaven sent.
Materials things didn’t matter, she was a simple girl.
He promised to always love her, she became his whole world.

But promises ended up broken, he played her for a fool.
He got bored of loving her and suddenly he turned cruel.
Two years together and she never stopped loving him.
Never looked at another guy, she knew it was a sin.

But in a matter of seconds, everything came crashing down
She felt the walls close in on her, her smile turned into a frown.
She learnt he was lying to her. Caught him in another’s embrace.
All those late night work trips, instead he was going to her place.

Depression started kicking in, she tried to erase all the memories.
Threw out all his stuff, she cried as she fell to her knees.
He tried to apologize, saying he didn’t know how to tell her.
He wanted to break it off but he didn’t wanna cause a stir.

She made it easy for him, ended the relationship instead.
She lost her trust and love for him, she kept wishing she was dead.
Friends and family comforted her, deep inside she wanted to call.
She really missed him a lot, but she got through it all.

Tears would flow now and then as she would remember special times.
She tried to block it out; it only escapes for a while.
She grew stronger each day, knowing it wasn’t her loss
Constantly reminded what an amazing person she is, an inspiration at no cost.

A year later and he realizes he made a huge mistake
He should have never let her go; the other girl was such a fake.
He tried to reconcile but sadly it’s already too late.
Slowly and eventually her love for him has now turned to hate.

Copyright © Sasha Maharaj | Year Posted 2013

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After the fall

Quite frankly, I don't remember at all
You see I was quite young when I took my first fall.
Don't know which parent was there to catch me
Or how hard the decision was to stand back and let me. 
Did I topple forward or backward, or who made the call. 
And who scooped me up crying
After the fall.
I can't remember the joy of first letting go
And taking that step without holding on. 
Groping my way forward
Leaning against the wall
I got back up 
After the fall.
As the Earth spun the years flew by so fast
At 17 I finally knew everything at last!!
Unexpectedly, I fell once again,
Head over heels this time 
And out on a limb.
I was so sure of that bet
I gambled it all
Heart bruised abused and then broken
After that fall.
And then I broke my own promise 
To not love again.
Hungry for life
I gambled to win.
Life is a theatre of first steps first 
A one act play with no time to rehearse.
Co starring in roles
Cast without planning.
"Never more" echoes 
The raven still chanting.
Undaunted unwilling
To let darkness win all
Trusting Father to be there
After the fall.
Then the day came
When I had a son
To let him learn the word hot And hope he'd not run,
Would he still love me
Or trust me at all
When I pulled my hand back
And allowed him to fall?
And knowing I'd be there again
To help him to stand
And knowing he might never walk
If I didn't let go of his hand
And hoping he didn't revert back to a crawl
When I let go of his hand
And allowed him to fall.
As the earth kept on turning
My heart kept yearning
My son now a man
Living and learning.
He hasn't held my hand now in a very long time
The cats in the cradle slowly plays in the back of my mind.
I looked in the mirror today
And noticed my dad.
And remembered a talk that we'd never had.
Remembering how he seemed towering and tall 
And was there every time 
After each fall.
I lose my balance these days now and again
My steps aren't as sure
As they once might have been. 
In the winter of life now
I feel so small
And wonder who'll catch me
If I take a fall. 
I suppose I'll just have to trust Father
With both great things and small 
To pick me up on the other side
When I take my last fall.

Copyright © Kelly Crenshaw | Year Posted 2014

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Home Cookin'

What she's lacking in looks,
she ain't lacking in love,
When that girl cooks,
she's a blessing from above,

She's that special kind of girl,
make a heart skip a beat,
Put your head in a whirl,
knock you off your feet,

Put you head over heels,
keep you thinking of,
those home cooked meals,
and her precious lady love.

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2008

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That kinda morning
Just outta bed and yawning
Had a cold night that got me snoring 
It really seemed interesting
Got down on my kneels and 
yea dats me praying

Walking out to the field for my morning jogging
Caught this dishy dude, somewhere behind me staring
Came up to me, 
And like hey girl how’re you doing
Ignored him like I don’t care 
And was just minding my doing

Hours later I caught myself up drooling
Not knowing what was happening, 
I heard my heart pounding
What have you done to me doodie,
cos of ya I’m going crazy

Come save me boy, 
cos of u I’m curled up shaking
So caught up in ur love, 
hey see me here drowning

I’m going head over heels
And do u know what that feels
Dude lets make a real deal
I’ll sure seal up all ur ideals 
I’ll show you v got the right skills
Then u’ll know I ain’t need no drills

Cos I got much love
Inherited from above
Ama show you here I’m the boss 
Hell no u can’t kill my runs
and if u try, u r gonna run at loss

   {can go on n on, but hey i hope u feel my rap::: just playing around with words}

Copyright © Ewatomi Bolutife | Year Posted 2016

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MOVE IN THE LIGHT OF HOPE On life's spring of chance-- pulled in soaking tears by etched braids of loss, I stood tough though scarce to reach high my DREAMS. . . Arched brows. Frowns. Tests creeping quiet head over heels, they rob some life. Yet, be still do move on Believe in light. . . H - O - P - E! _________________________ ©O.E. Guillermo 09:51 am. January 05, 2015 Sponsor: Dr.Ram Mehta Contest Name: Diminished Hexaverse Placed 3rd

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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Pure Sweet Simple Love

Personal interaction with other humans Is extremely critical to our overall well being Without it, we become self absorbed The world can seem like a very lonely place With no real reason to exist Love, as they say, makes the world go round There is no greater truth Without love, we become robotic A feeling as if something is missing Then one day we meet that person That special someone and immediately we know From that day on, life will never be the same The sun will shine brighter The grass will seem a more intense shade of green The air will smell so much sweeter These are only a few of the signs That we have fallen head over heels in love The world becomes happier place than you've ever known And it all comes down to love Pure, sweet, simple, love © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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Beautiful Dreams

Inspired by music video:

will you not answer me?
when I call out to you, my beautiful dream

...little lily......

will you let me hang and drift?
when I reach out to you, my beautiful dream

...little lily on the road side......

will you not keep your promise?
when I give you love, my beautiful dream

...little lily on the road side tilting slightly......

will you make more excuses?
when I ask you why, my beautiful dream

...little lily on the road side tilting slightly to a soft voice......

will you not see?
that I've fallen head over heels, my beautiful dream

...little lily on the road side tilting slightly to a soft voice coming from......

will you not hear?
this lament from my heart, my beautiful dream

...little lily on the road side tilting slightly to a soft voice coming from the Tuatha De Danaan......

Copyright © Angeline Haikutwinkle | Year Posted 2016