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When Martians landed from outer space They requested to meet a world leader So Donald arrived with a smirk on his face But soon turned green with an alien fever The Martians decided to probe his brain to see if they could cure his malaise Their readings showed that he was insane so they zapped him with powerful rays Donald started to twitter deliriously but the Martians understood every word They didn’t believe he’s taken seriously as his tweeting was totally absurd The Martians communicated with telepathy Using thoughts no one could understand An interpreter was called immediately and declared that as leader he’s banned A torrent of tears fell from poor Donald’s eyes His orange skin turned an odd shade of grey The Martians usurped Donald and to his surprise Their first earth words were ‘have a nice day’ The Martians decreed immediate world peace And that we must all live in perfect harmony We must love one another, all wars have to cease No current world leader even dared to disagree Latest news on Donald is he’s now in a better place He sits in his rocking chair with a grin on his face Take me to your leader Contest Sponsored by Caren Krutsinger 8/6/18

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2018

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I am a Bitterweed

I enjoy turning the cow's milk sour
as they graze on me hour by hour
Simply because the farmers you see
Run their tractors straight over me! 

I have sunset flowers of Yellow 
And most of the time I'm mellow
I light up the fields for those passer by
And hear them exclaim, "Oh My Oh My

But out of respect I'll simply say
Enjoy my color and have a nice day! 

Bitterweed means toxic

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2015

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Fire Rainbow clouds

Today I saw an unusual phenomenum
Bright colors like a rainbow burst
Across a wispy cloud or two

Red and copper, blue with sheen
like a million tiny candles
aquamarine and teal
a glimpse of heaven

I feel God has blessed me
with such a sight like no other
shared today with my family
a treasure beyond compare
also I feel an inner touch
from God to me, personally
Just to say-have a nice day!!;_ylt=A0PDoS4ECYNMNTgAJSajzbkF?p=cloud+with+a+rainbow&ei=&iscqry=&fr=

...the rainbow clouds are a new view for me over the past 3 years...every time I see something new in nature I think how BIG is God?? How loved we are!!

Copyright © Doris Culverhouse | Year Posted 2010

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Steve works in a call center to earn an honest bob but some days he can't believe the words that flow from some folks gob They cus and curse Then eff and blind - you'd not believe your ears and if he wasn't made of sterner stuff he'd leave the room in tears! I said to him when folks are rude to remember the golden rule Just imagine them sitting in the nude that way you'll keep your cool! So when they rant and scream and shout He thinks of his meager pay but still tries his best to sort them out and ends the call with 'have a nice day'! Posted with the kind permission of Stephen Pennell 10~16~16

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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I love how u make my twinkle
i love the way we kiss and mingle
i love the when i glance in ur eyes
i hate when we have to say goodbye
but i love every moment with you
and i would do anything jus too
be with you forever
and just know that i will never
let you down
no longer make u frown
baby i will do whatever you want me too
prove how much in love i am with you
together no one can break my heart
but seperate im easy to tear apart
i jus wish you knew
how much i really love you
so i will just say
i love to hear your each day
and i hope and pray
that your feelings for me never go away
and their is one more thing i gotta say
i miss and love u and hope u have a nice day

Copyright © Eric Morris | Year Posted 2009

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The football

>I am not a keen fan of football, although I  did play for my team when in the army, I played left outside, sorry I mean outside left.  Watching the TV the other night.  Something triggered my brain cell to write about:-

The Football.

The football I used long ago.
Was made of leather, now you know.

Inside it had a bag of air.
I do not kid, it was just there.

Was not light, took quite a kick.
If headed, made you feel quite sick. 

Men were men, in days of old.
I was one.  So just be told.

Watched a match.  The other day.
On TV when I switched on I say.

Was that a beach ball?  I did see.
In pretty colours, he he he.

As I watched the match a while.
With just a tap, ball flew a mile.

Well not quite that far, it's true.
But tap it about, players did do.

Were some players swimmers, for they did dive.
Brought on my face, a certain smile.

Earn't a penalty.  One did do.
Missed scoring the goal, he did it's true.

Football rose high in the air.
If rugby two points would be there.

But kick that ball, they sure did do.
So could my missus, I'm telling you.

She'd get that ball in the net.
As none would dare stop her, of that I'll bet.

But as that football looks so gay.
With pretty colours, I meant to say.

I guess them men could play all day.
As no one took their ball away.

Pretty ball diving too.
Is that football? I'm asking you.

If boys and girls come out to play.
They use balls like that every day.

Oh! It's hero worship, did you say?
Playing with coloured footballs today.

Well on that footnote I'm away.
To colour my football today.

I have to thank Dragon's auto punctuation for commas and full-stops. Although I had to type  this statement myself as all Dragon did was  , and . Have a nice day all you who read this here. If you do not, well I hope you have a nice day anyway, but you will never know I said that will you? (The mad Author)<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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At McRonald's, you get what you order,
McVirgin burgers from someone's daughter,
Sluts just wanna have fun,
In a sesame seed bun!
Do you want any French fries?
Have some fertilisers and pesticides!
We're not selling these apple pies,
Because we really love you, guys, 
Here, more landfill and sulphate dioxides,
Have a nice day today,
Anyone for take away?
All in a plastic sesame bun,
Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!

Copyright © Julie Grenness | Year Posted 2016

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To hell and back with cancer

>To hell and back with cancer, is my personal feelings, please do not take them to heart.

To hell and back with cancer.

It started with a lump to see right in the front of me.  I thought it was old age.
But when it moved to my side, I thought that lump was, acting quite strange.

I have a team of GPs, at my local, National Health Surgery.
Was quite late PM, I saw one of them.  To hospital quickly he did send me.

I drove there in the snow, you know.  One, dark December night did go.
I wondered what was wrong with me!  What did my GP feel?  Or indeed see?

Walked into outpatients I did do.  They read the letter GP gave me, to hand in too.
Oh, did I forget to say, GP wrote it out straight away, then sent me on my way.

Soon I was whisked away.  That’s right, was a blur of tests that night.
Bloods, x-rays, many doctors too, said I had to stay there.  It’s true.

Over a year, I had tests galore.  Was at home, so tried them tests, to ignore.
After scopes by the score, I often thought, would they do anymore?

Then they dropped the bombshell.  'You have cancer.' My mind thought, 'hell.'
My sister died of that, you see.  And I thought I’d soon be with she.

Those doctors thought another way, to save my life, they did say.
‘Strengthen this man’s weak heart.  Then on that cancer, we can start.’

Papworth surgeons repaired my heart, was so strong now Broomfield could start.
In six months, they did just so, took out that cancer tumour, you know.

That ladies and gentlemen was four years ago, recovery was a tad slow.
But hey I am still here you know, boring you with my poetic flow.

I know we all cannot survive, I know I am lucky, as now I thrive.
I hope all you cancer folk out there.  Survive like me and breathe Earth’s air.

But sadly if you have to go, to that Paradise, I do not yet know.
Seek my sister Alma, can you hear.  And thank her, for helping me down here.

Thank God also who I do pray to too.  I love him, as all folk should do.
Then when I finally have to go, I must thank him personally.  I must just so.

I was laying awake all night as I usually think I do, although must have had the occasional unknown cat nap, as you do. When something told me i must write this poetic verse! My tumor was a GIST. A large tumour attached and feeding from my stomach. Without my knowledge and causing no pain. It was forever growing and I was given 10 months to live without treatment. I reckon I am in year plus 4 now. Have a nice day,life's too precious to ignore.  (TmA) <

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Customer Service

"Thank you for calling ACME, INCORPORATED"
"For English, press 1"
"En Espanol, numero dos"
(Customer presses 1)
"If this is a business, press 1"
"If this is a residence, press 2"
(Customer presses 2)

"Please listen carefully to the following"
(Customer listens)
"If you have an account, press 1"
"For new service, press 2"
(Customer presses 1)

"Please listen carefully to the following"
(Customer listens)
"To make a payment, press 1"
"For questions about your bill, press 2"
"For hours of operation, press 3"
"For payment locations, press 4"
"To transfer your service to a new address, press 5"
"To disconnect your service, press 6"
"To update your account information, press 7"
"For technical support, press 8"
"To return to the main menu, press 9"
"To speak to a representative, press 0"
(Customer presses 0)

"Due to high call volumes, we're unable
 to assist you at this time"
"Please hang up and call back later"...

"Have a nice day!"

Copyright © Milton Toran | Year Posted 2012

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The Good-bye Kiss

I lay, half asleep in the dark morning, listening to her get ready for work.
She opens the door to the dressing room, turns out the light,
and cautiously moves in the darkness to the side of our bed
where she feels her way with her hands up my body,
accidently caressing my ********,
to find my face and give me a good-bye kiss.
“Have a nice day”, she whispers; 
I groan in a sleepy reply.

I hear her go down the stairs and into the kitchen.
I semi-consciously listen to the sounds of a quick morning breakfast being prepared.
I hear her gather her work-day stuff;
open and close the front door;
and open and close the door to her car that I imagine is frost covered
in the still dark driveway, illuminated by a lone, fog incased street light.

I hear the sound of the car choking to a start and drift away down our lonely street.
I relapse into a deep, morning slumber.

Awakened by the sound of the front door opening again;
I wonder what it is she forgot this time.
I follow the sounds of steps coming up our stairs and
feel the slight smile being painted on my face
anticipating another good-bye kiss and, perhaps,
another accidental brush against my still erect member.

With eyes still shut by left-over sleep, I mumble, “Forget something?”

The quick, bright flash of light accompanying the loud bang from the loaded weapon
are the last sensations I experience in this life here on earth.

Whether it was her;
a paid assassin; or,
a random crime -
I will never know.

Copyright © Joe Flach | Year Posted 2012

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“Hello, and thank you for calling Acme Products! Please listen to the following selections as our menu options changed 5 years ago and we want to make sure you have them memorized.
If you need help with billing, press 1.”
“Are you sure you don't need help with billing? We have such nice people in our billing department.”
“No can do. The system requires entering your selections via the keypad. Please repeat your request.”
“Well, if you're sure you don't want billing, press 2 for a listing of all our latest products.”
0 0 0 0 0 0
“That is an invalid selection.”
"You know, you really should take a look at our newest products."
“Please remember to listen carefully as our options changed 5 years ago. For assistance with complaints on an already-purchased item”
“Invalid selection. Try again. For assistance with complaints on an already”
“I'm sorry. Input not understood. For billing, press 1. To hear about our newest products, press 2. For customer service on existing orders, press 4.”
4 4 4
“Thank you. If you did not receive your order, press 5. If you have a complaint about your order, press 6.”
I fyk djgm Acme Products. 6
“Please remember to use the keypad to enter your selections. If the complaint is about  a box damaged in shipment, press 7.”
"If you received your item but it is defective press”
“Please enter your name using the telephone keypad.”
“Please reenter your name.”
W I L E E I H A T E A C M E C O Y O T E 
“Customer 'I hate Acme' not found. Please try again. Please enter your name using the keypad on your phone.”
“Thank you.
For questions related to Acme Invisible Paint, press 9.
For questions regarding the Acme Do-It-Yourself Rocket Sled Kit, press 10.
For questions regarding Acme Iron Bird Seed, press”
“Sorry. That is not a valid entry.”
K I # L L A * C M E
“Sorry. That is not a valid entry.”
“For questions regarding Acme Iron Bird Seed, hang up and dial 1-800-555-1212.  Have a nice day and thank you for calling Acme Products. We appreciate your business.”

crack crunch shatter
signal lost

Copyright © Mary Oliver Rotman | Year Posted 2015

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Make Someone's Day

If I had a dime
     Every single time
I heard someone say
     Have a nice day!

No riches on me
     Would you ever see!
Nor money in the bank
     Would I have to yank!

Most people won't take
     The time to fake
A laugh or a smile
     Might cramp their style?

So here's an idea
     Add a smile to your criteria
Make the effort, laugh and say
See yaw, have a nice day!

Copyright © Marlene Murray | Year Posted 2006

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The Canadian Rubber Factory

I got told a joke this morning 
It really made me smile
So I thought I would share it on poetry soup
But in my own unique poetry style

A lady went to the dentist
She sat in the dentist’s chair
She was feeling really nervous
She wished she wasn’t there

The dentist thought he would put her at ease
As he put on his rubber gloves
He told her a little fictional story
Of a Canadian rubber glove factory

Into vats of latex the employees dip their hands
Big hands, medium hands and small, all the workers think its grand
They peel them off when they are dry
And into labelled boxes the rubber gloves lie

The dentist works on her teeth for a while
The lady doesn’t move or crack a smile
Finally the dentistry work is complete
The old lady arises from her seat

She gets on her coat and pays her bill
There is something on her mind still….. 
Do they use male staff to produce condoms in a similar way?
The dentist laughed and said have a nice day

Jan Allison
25th April 2014

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2014

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The Doctor Has Left the Building

Come in Doc, stay a while and please close the door.
Your pills aren't workin..still sore...what? Take more?

Whaddya mean, "Don't worry"?
Why are you in such a hurry?

You just barely came in,
Now your leavin' again!

How much? Thanks for the break, but that bill's still pretty sour!
Been here two minutes...That's makes it 6000 bucks an hour..

Pardon me, what's that you say?
Yes,.... do have a nice day...

The Doctor Has Left the Building.

Copyright © Robert A. Dufresne | Year Posted 2010

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That Parker Quink Ink smell

>‘That Parker Quink  Ink smell’

I’m mostly writing with a pen
Not all the time, with my best one.
That is the kind, you fill with ink.
Am I advertising, if I say it’s Quink?

I only know when I was young.
I liked its smell, not a bad one. 
Now I am very old.
At least, that is what I’m told.

And of course, I do use Quink.
And bless, it has not lost, its pleasant stink. 
Not stink, as in them old stink bombs.
That blinking kid rolled in class along.

Teacher left us all in class.
He left laughing, watched us withering, through the door glass.
We grabbed our mate at play did do.
Squashed what sink bombs, were in his pockets true

He did not roll those bombs again.
Really, it was not a shame.
Bet you’ve guessed why, with no wink form me.
At last could smell me Quink you see. 

I am not a secret ink smellier.
Smells do upset me wife.
Could leave the bottle top not screwed tight.
But I’m really happy with my life.

Writing this, writing that.
Helped occasionally, by my friend Kat. 
He does not like the smell of ink.
So tops are on tightly, on my Quink.

Wonder if I’ll get any royalty?
Must write to Quink, see what they say.
Got their address, did so today.
How? Did you ask? The Google way.

Parker own Quink  they really do.
Should I tell them about, me pen too?

You might ask, why did I write this poetry?
I’ll tell you now, of what I did see.
I opened the drawer of my desk.
And saw two Quink tucked up safely,in the dark no less.

Bottles both of black and blue.
So none could lose their colour true.
As if they did, I’d surely tell.
If those two Quink inks, had lost their smell.

Sorry to say there are too few characters left on this page to write the other poem  I wrote today.  That was whilst waiting for my second official hydrotherapy pool exercise, treatment session.  Pause to read that last sentence through specifically to see if it makes sense. I think it did, so will leave it well alone.  Have a nice day (The mad author)<

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Bored in Manhattan

From my penthouse here in Manhattan
I observe crowds of bodies all in fast forward mode
Through slightly dampened windows I watch fascinated
As locals and visitors cramp into one “Big Apple”
More people in Manhattan than my four neighboring boroughs
I am just an unknown local or tourist to most
Later I sit among strangers and friends on black plastic chairs
Near the porcelain figurine of Elvis, the King 
Enjoying my Southern Country breakfast with a NY bagel for an extra dollar
In EJ’s Luncheonette, below my building, on the Upper East side

Different races, skins and religions harmonious
A multicultural city that never sleeps
Times Square magnificently lit at night
Bright lights all colors of the rainbow flicker
Broadway theatres and shows all famous in their own right
Central Park or Central “Perk” put us forever on the map, all thanks to six Friends
The rivers Hudson and Harlem bind us all together
As we chant to each other “Have a nice day” 
If you ever visit you will have no reason to be 
Bored in Manhattan

Copyright © Sarah Bryant | Year Posted 2016

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Please do not hound me

>As an ex- B 2 dog trainer, from the Royal Army Veterinary Corps of too many years ago.  I cringe when I see dogs dressed up like fashion models.  But knowing me, as you do, it did inspire a poem. Have a nice dress free day today, all my canine friends.  However as it is the Cruft’s Dog Show this week and they are after internet canine stars, beware.  You know I will not be watching, so your street credibility will still be intact.  Smarty knows what must be going through your minds.  And he will not bol (bol is a doggy expression which means bark out loud. This being the dog equivalent, of lol, which we humans use as the written communication of laugh out loud, on that infernal internet, we all seem to be hooked on.) 

Please do not hound me.

By Stanley Russell Harris (TMA)

I'm not a fashion model.
Not a woman or a man.
I feel the best in my own coat.
That's how I feel best, man.

And if you are a woman.
I'll lick you if I can.
You see, they say, ' I'm man's best friend,'
although, they might be wrong.

But dressed up like a fashion model!
I think that's, oh so wrong.
I hope my canine friends don't see me.
Or my street credibility will all be gone.

With that thought inside my head.
I'm off now, back to bed.
So long, 'Woof.'

The above tail, sorry tale, I mean poem, (Dragon pay attention,) was inspired by the Author of Smarty Search and Rescue Dog Books.  Available on>aff=6463.  Have a nice day everyone.  I am still on cloud nine having been declared cancer free, yesterday, yahoo.  <

Copyright © STANLEY Harris | Year Posted 2016

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A free country,authorities questioning our rights no crime,no contest,a superseded street plight peacefully discussing the right for your stance self expressions,through a calm balance. The road of life has many signs,riding the ruts ethically speaking out loud,there is a few buts when police intervene,trying their ways to blind you with law,and you make them pay With their own words,more indepthly sort feeling a losing battle,will be bought they mumble few warnings,then on their way good afternoon officers,do have a nice day.
Paul Beadnall: .Sponsor Brian Strand Contest Name SEPTEMBER-YOUR CHOICE any theme/form max 14 lines

Copyright © Paul Beadnall | Year Posted 2011

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Soooooooooooo there's a Comments Contest well

Whew!  Well, I never had much of a chest to get it off of anyway
but I thought about soup mailing a friend to ask his/her thoughts! 

And then I questioned myself, " Are you nuts?" that's how things 
get started! So that didn't last long...hmmmm

Next best thing to do was "let it sit" you'll think of something! hmmmm

Couple of days went by and I kept eye balling that block button
My hand would sneak over there and sneak back. 
Nope, if it happens again just ignore it. You can do this! 

Yes I can do it, thanks to Tom Hanks. Remember his line in
"You've got mail"?  "Just when you say exactly what you wanted 
to say, remorse always follows".  That is so true and should be 
taught from birth, 

but back to my unanswered soup mail....I thought of something 
and it apparently worked for I haven't had another shocker since
then but you never know when my hand will creep towards that
block button, just to see if it really works, of course!

Have a nice day!

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2014

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Early Morning Deli

Early Morning Deli

So, I’m standing in the early morning deli line.
Waiting for my sliced turkey and cheese.
One old man behind me and another old lady behind the counter.
She’s slicing up something and doesn’t even know we are there.
I roll my eyes and wait.

He strikes up a conversation about turkey.
Just what I need!
He tells me he has been married for 58 years.
His wife is home with her nurse. 
She’s had MS for 45 years now.
She likes this special turkey with a slice of ham.
Her favorite lunch. He enjoys going out to buy it.

We’re still waiting and I ask why a store would hire
such an unobservant helper.
He says she’s really a very nice person if you get to know her.
I’m thinking about him, his wife and the deli lady.
She finally notices us.

I order his recommended turkey for my daughter.
She’s coming to visit.
As I’m about to leave he taps me on the shoulder.
“Have a nice day”
And you know what?
I do.

Copyright © Richard Jordan | Year Posted 2015

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Contest Poem

Some have jobs that are creative and such,
Me I'm a wannabee, a hasbeen so much.

I like sittinrounddoinnuttin best of all
Waiting on tomorrow for da next phone call

Don't like the idea must be twelvelines or less
Just a couple when describing da mess

I do think its nifty for a one day challenge here,
But it dontfit da lifestyle for da coffee N beer!

So whattheheck I'll doit wit dah zip directions.
But it ain't like hanging exposed to infections,

Well now I've filled the bill is all that I can say,
So here it is in English and YOU have a nice day!

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2013

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I only use Skype to contact my son Yet my contacts list is now over run So many men want to get to know me I wonder what the reason can be Each day I get messages by the score I’m fed up with it, it’s becoming a bore Some wear medals in all their glory I’m sure they can tell me a great sob story One was called Mark, but next day he was Harry! I’ve had contacts from Tim and James and Barry To all these guys back home in the USA Get off my Skype - let ME have a nice day! Jan Allison 18th April 2016 I’ve had 26 - (now 44) messages in 4 days one guy has used 3 (now 7) different names and different photos lol. 2 more ‘contacts’ popped up whilst typing this and now I've had 17 'contacts' just today arghhhhhh

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Red, White and Blue

I fought in the Revolutionary war
To win freedom from tyranny 
I fought for the right to choose my religion 
For the right to live free!

No taxation without representation
Was our battle cry!
Fought to uphold the system of slavery.
We would live free or die!

I joined the rebel army
To fight the Yankee way
We sang about ole’ Dixie
And walking with Jesus on judgment day 

I must of killed me a hundred or more
Of those Union fools
While Sherman burned down our country
Homes, hospitals and schools.

I fought in the war against Mexico
Fought in Korea, and World War One 
We raped, pillaged and plundered
And would not stop until we were done!

I was flying over Japan
As we dropped Enola Gay
Three days later, we let Little Boy fly,
Wishing the innocents to have a nice day.

I walked the Ho Chi Minh trail
Set flame to many straw huts
Killed, raped, a whole lot of gooks
And those traitors back home, said I was nuts!

911 shook us to our core
So we attacked Afghanistan
But getting rid of Saadam and bombing Iraq
Was part of our long-standing genocidal plan.

 Shock and Awe, a day that will live in infamy,
Is the name that we gave,
To the barbarous saturation bombing  
That laid countless Iraqis in their grave 

The fighting continues, war goes on
It’s big business, lots of money
More young men and women, to feed the machine
Have the last laugh, because it isn’t really funny.

Now I am wedded to this chair, 
Having lost both legs, sad but true!
I sit straight and erect, as I salute
The red, white and blue!

Copyright © barry ponneck | Year Posted 2014

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She is still as elegant as I dare remember
Those early springs: its now late december
She is sitting  with her back perfectly straight
I’m afraid she’ll chastise me for being late
She is wearing a blouse of organdie  I think
With lacing at the edges a flattering pink
A full length skirt tucked  under her thighs
Her house maid slippers with ribbons for ties
Her little loop ear rings with silvery plums
Her hair quite gray combed back  tied in a bun 

As I approach she turns that same sparkle in her eyes
There isn’t a sign that me she can still recognize
I was told  she suffers from a recognition affliction
That her thoughts will wander a constant condition
I look into her eyes and tell her who I am
She smiles , sighs and asks if I’m the elevator man
She seems to be struggling to recall the past
She may catch it for an instant then gone in a flash
There is no conversation enlisted by her
I try to make small talk she doesn’t concur
I bring up old memories she just stares away
I think I see  a reaction but  it just doesn’t play

I hold her hands they’re so tiny and soft
It may have awakened a long lost thought
But she just turns her head and looks away
She seems to be struggling with something to say
As hard as I try to engage her in conversation
No response, I’m handcuffed in total frustration
The mind never stops working so I’ve been told
So she’s thinking about something dear to her soul 
She has exiled herself maybe a defense mechanism
So as not to contend with the oncoming attrition
You don’t have to accept  the declining fear
Turn off your senses and just not be here

My grand aunt (2)

She  surrendered her memories and all future strife
Savors the times that were the joys  of her life
She’s hoarding those good times not sharing at all
Reliving those moments as best she can recall
Her ride never stops it’s a carousel of unending joy
She sealed up those reveries not even time can destroy

When she was young she dressed with victorian distinction
That she’d outshine her companions was an easy prediction
A white blouse, tailored skirt and slight tint on her lips
Nylon stockings a hint of rouge a rhythmic tilt of her hips
She aroused masculine attention wherever she went
The only man in her life was a casualty  heaven sent

By a conflict in Korea her life’s altering event
She carefully concealed her painful lament
She devoted her time and energies to family and friends
Community interests , charities  the list never ends
Those interests consumed her life and spiritual grit
While all the time exhibiting humor and wit

I’ll not see her again this day for me is complete
Those deep seated emotions are once,,not to repeat
Her sweet and tranquil mein has held me in sway
My eyes are misting as I drive away
I’m not sure but I think I heard her say
Thanks for visiting me “Robert “and have a nice day

I’ve come away thinking these folks are cleverer than we 
They’ve cut themselves off from the pains of reality
They’ve insulated their thoughts for solo enjoyment
Not  wasting any time with mundane disappointment
They relish the wonderful moments of their passing life
They just forget and dismiss the grief and the strife

Copyright © John Arribas | Year Posted 2016

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King David Did Not Exist

Did you know there was no King David?  There are no records to indicate that a King David ever existed other than his being mentioned several times in the bible.

Perhaps that is because GOD "always" referred to David as "My Servant"

David and his 200 men once wielded swords against an enemy of 400 wielding swords.  I forgot to see who won but likely David was the victor!

Have a nice day....

Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2015