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The Depression Destroyer

What causes someone to sink so low
And let an upright spirit to kneel and bow
To the pressures they are unable to undo
Neither can reverse this malady nor subdue?

Let us not someone retreat in the darkest nook
Before we try all the remedies in the book,
Replenish her love and together ardently pray
And shower her with care night and day.

Disheartening it is to see one of our own thus bear
The burden that lays on her heavy and rare;
Hang in there, Linda! Have faith--PERSEVERE,
Forget not who you are--The poet Destroyer!

Wishing you all the best, Linda, and a speedy recovery!

~Fighting Depression Contest by Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2014

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Rogue Waves

In this uncertain life you work hard everyday,
step in the hamster wheel you have mounting bills to pay,
careful not to resort to temptation you crave,
you think of the Que Sera Sera song sung by Doris Day,

You watch the news people are filled with rage,
hoping agains't hope that humanity will turn a different page,
feeling like that solitary hamster stuck in his cage,
people who have no problems resist you like the plague,

Things seem to go pretty smoothly then you have a rogue wave,
major health and financial problems out of the blue like a slap in the face,
you hang in there and keep swimming for your life trying to be brave,
just keep hanging ten on your surfboard knowing that Jesus saves,

Another day of waves of anxiety is the price we pay,
worrying about our country's future and our children's fate,
sometimes you feel like time is short and your just devil's play,
anxiety is the devils priority until were in our graves.


Copyright © cheryl hoffman | Year Posted 2017

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Things That Annoy Me

I reckon you could call me an old curmudgeon but that's alright!
I've been around four score and three and I have earned that right!
There are many things that annoy me but I'll mention just a few.
Hang in there with me as I attempt to get across my point of view!

Barkin' mutts and their inconsiderate masters drive me up the wall!
The droopy-poopy pants kids wear just makes my wrinkled hide crawl!
Cussin' in public by so-called ladies and gentlemen is so uncouth!
It annoys me that high-profile jerks don't set an example for our youth!

It nettles me when someone says they'll do somethin' and then they don't.
I'm annoyed with people who keep me waitin' which is usually their wont!
Careless drivers bug me especially jerks who think it's cute to tailgate,
And telephone solicitors who the serenity of my castle they desecrate!

I'm disturbed about those who flout the Constitution - 'tis an abomination!
It bothers me that we don't ask God's guidance for this troubled nation!
Pompous bureaucrats annoy me no end with their paucity of breedin'!
It rankles me to pay more taxes for which the guv'mint is ever pleadin'!

I ain't got no patience with a screamin' brat or a loud-mouthed dude,
(Nor people who murder the English language as I just did - it's so crude!)
I could ramble on and on ad infinitum about things that annoy me,
But I feel my blood pressure risin' so I had better let the subject be!

Robert L. Hinshaw, CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved

Not for the contest.

Copyright © Robert L. Hinshaw | Year Posted 2014

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one more try

the more they hate the more they weld
the more were together the more we build
funny how they tried breaking us
they all lied but she stayed real
every day i spend with her
i want her more and that's the deal
every time she is there for me
she attends to my every need
every day she watches my kids
even though i did what i did
not trying to bring up the past no more
a new chapter we close that door
shes so loyal shes got my back
how could i hurt my kids like that
im her paper shes my rock
in that rock lies a precious stone
everyday we talk on the phone
i love your voice that precious tone
just hang in there those haters will lie
were here together to give it a try

Copyright © chezaray belena | Year Posted 2010

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Ultra Sound


There is omniscient God
And there is the Ultra Sound girl
And there is me with 24 hours

Left ahead
To wander

Two of the three
Of us
My fate.

I am not one of them.

The cool blue goo
Was swiped
From my belly and side
And the nice lady
Patted my thigh
So intimately,
So compassionately,
With such a sense
Of genuine comfort

That I wondered
If she does that
With all
Of her
Pan of patients
On her table
All day long
Like dough
Beneath her

Or if, perhaps,
We had made
A connection

Or, if it was just ultra sound
Good luck
Hang in there

Was it
The first

Of many explanations
Beginning with,

“I’m sorry to have to…”

But, anyway, she said to go ahead
And let my breath

And that it was over,
For today.

As if I were
Her husband
In front of her
In our morning bedroom,

I fastened my buttons
And tucked in my shirt
Then zipped up my pants,
Re-tied my tie
And pulled on the arms
Of my suit jacket

While we chatted
Small talk

About anything
But for
What was
In front

It was
The rest of the day



One knows the truth.

And the other dares not ask.

Copyright © Robert Trezise Jr. | Year Posted 2016

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This Thing Inside

Do you hear it?
that cracking sound,
It's just my heart breaking down.

Did you see that?
that sad broken man,
Who's lost and still not found.

Can you bear it?
this world that's down,
and quickly falling to the the ground.

Can you take it?
this constant feeling,
of joy within a rope and ceiling.

Through these years of pain and sorrow there's one thing i know,
If you take your heart out and parade it on a show,
You will be destroyed inside and feel every blow,
the pain grows on and all you can do is hang in there and watch it,
until that day the pain breaks free and takes you whole self with it,
until that day you'll be in shame and ask your self these questions.

Can you feel it?
that small thing,
that grows into a lonely ending.

Can you taste it?
that sour feeling,
that expands into a world of hate.

Do you hate it?
this constant ringing.
this voice inside wont keep quiet.

Will you stop it?
the final question,
by then it will be to late.

Copyright © Dylan Strom | Year Posted 2010

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The Feeling of Being Underwater

Looking at his house
He sees nothing special
A pile of wood and sheetrock 
Bigger than others
But he owes more than it’s worth
His house is underwater
A term he doesn’t understand
In real speak the house belongs to the Bank
To the brokers and the lawyers.

Wanting a piece of the American dream
He misrepresented himself
Taking crumbs from the table 
So to speak
Fudging a number here
Adding a zero there
The smart money said it was alright
Don’t worry they told him
Everybody’s doing it.

He and his wife were barely making it
Hoping just to hang in there
Things would get better
They kept telling themselves
But it was too good to be true
The economy went south
Things went wrong
Lost a job
The bills piled up
He and the wife stopped talking
Broke, he feels pushed aside.

There are two sides to every lie
And in this one
There’s a bill somewhere
That’s long overdue
And so my friend
It will have to be paid by me and you.

Copyright © Edmund Siejka | Year Posted 2011

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Where my soul belongs

While a part of my soul longs,
To be carried away,
Far far,
From myself,
To another world,
To a mountain top,
To a lonely place,
To where the air is thin and light,
To where sensations stop,
To where feelings end,
To where noise is drowned out by clouds of silence,
Another part,
Just wants to be where my soul belongs,
To myself,
Entirely available and present,
Near to who I am,
In the moment,
Here and not there,
To the voice,
Who cries,
Do you see me?


The wings that lift me into the sky,
Soaring in the icy drafts, 
Glide with grace,
Leaving no trace,
Of the invisible pilot,
Who steers,
By the reigns,
Of the eye of the mind,
Like a drone,
Operated in some far off place,
By a craftsman conjurer, 
Whose fingers mime,
What the imagination can not speak of.

Like a dream,
Where the magic fluid of time stops,
Just long enough,
To not disrupt,
The trust of continuity,
The wings contract,
Revealing an intention,
To impact.

In a slow, 
Steady gyration,
I am carried,
First up and around,
In a giant bow,
Like the swinging arch,
Of destiny’s hand in the sky.

The torsion and kinetics,
Leave no ambiguity,
The emotions, 
Though calm,
No doubt.

What awaits at top,
Hanging upside down,
In the air,
Strapped, trapped,
In a chair,
Is unspeakably worse than the crime,
Devised by the mind,
Of he,
Whose role is to parole,
The empty fallacies,
The narration of self,
Tells itself.

What awaits,
When the screaming starts,
In the eyes of those you love,
Is the absurdity of your own silence,
Is the utter feeling of having already given up,
Is the incompatible peace in knowing the end was near,
Somehow not bothering even,
To just say, hang in there my little friend,
I am with you, I am near,
Instead just sitting there,
Waiting for it be be over,
While he,
Who you love most of all,
Sits alone in tears.

That my friend,
Is horror…
The rest is just,
A blissful crash.
Hiding is the remedy,
Fighting the disease,
Forgetting is the poison,
That writers conceive.

I will go then,
To that place,
Where solitary men,
Seek refuge,
From the fires of the soul,
Where broken drums,
Seek silence,
Where flowers,
Never grow,
To walk among,
Empty woods,
To count alone,
Scars and wounds,
To touch and wander,
To love and let go,
To make amends,
With friends and foe,
To whisper,
Just one last time,
The words,
Those ineffable,
Incredibly quiet,
Intensely eternal words,
Whose power
Only she could know.

As if by doing so,
The sun could set,
On the shoulders of all that I have seen,
I would say,
My friend,
I am not broken yet,
These words,
Do not forget.

Go then,
On the art of living,
For the sake,
Of dying,
Not just yet.

The marksman who chooses his arrow,
Is not like the blind falling sparrow,
In his sight, 
Whether day or night,
The beginning of time is now,
Bend it then man,
Forfeit the other plan,
Make from the shaft and plant it.


This then was not a poem,
Nor, was it ever,
Meant to become one,
Which is not to say,
Nor deny,
The obvious desire,
Immanently displayed,
In the mood portrayed,
To write something poetic,
A gem even,
A crown of jewels,
For the world of fools,
Those miserly souls,
Called readers.
Being something entirely different,
A monstrosity of sorts,
Manifestly opaque,
Entirely myopic, dystopian and fake,
More than blurry,
Always in a hurry,
To cover over what was never even there to begin with,
One might ask,
What was it?

To which I respond,
Hat in hand,
Letter of resignation,
Hidden in my sleeve,
Be patient reader,
Do not despair,
This little speech,
Is meant for the air,
To be inhaled only,
By those addicted,
To disreputable habits,
Those little rabbits,
Who rise from the orifice,
Of one we all know,
Yet never did notice.

This then was how it ended,
Never to be amended,
Or recommended,
Not redacted,
Nor retracted,
Just left alone,
To make peace,
With the words,
Who always do,
And say,
What they please.

In the beginning was the deed…


Copyright © Yorn Called | Year Posted 2014

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Dear Lil Sista

Dear Lil sister. .
Hey pretty girl how you doing these days.  How's life treating ya,  hope it 
hasn't been to cray. I noticed you were down,  well how bout u talk to me. I 
just wanna uplift ya, see you become who you were born to be.  I know your 
life has been crazy,  Lord knows it to.  But all those trials and tribulations 
they won't break you. I know you hate that man from your past for touching 
you the wrong way, you never told no one n it bothers you to dis day. It 
created a dark cloud that covered your heart,  now you have trust issues 
can't tell the enemies apart. Night after night you pray to God for a fresh 
start.  Low self esteem,  but baby your a work of art. Yeah i know you was 
sad growing up without a father. As the years go by life seems to get harder.  
I know you wanted that affection, the love you deserve as a daughter. Moma 
tried her best but some things sh couldn't have taught ya. I know you wish he 
told you, how beautiful you are over n over again.  How all of your power 
cums from deep within.  Those weren't the cards you were dealt so you seek 
refuge in other men. Trying to fill that void that has always been missing. 
Now your in a situation and too scared to leave cause you think to yourself 
nobody will ever love me for me. Countiuosly talking to yourself,  and crying 
secretly.  But baby girl that's a lie I say differently. Your a daughter of a king, 
so that makes you a princess.  Your father hates to see you cry, that's why he 
wants to give you his best. You are heirs of royalty don't u ever forget it. You 
ARE victorious let me hear you admit it. Please baby girl don't be another 
statistic this world wants to see down, so handle your business. Never follow 
the crowd honey be independent. Cause when those checks come in,  they'll 
have a lot of digits. Always remember to remind yourself how beautiful you 
are.I don’t care if your tall, short, white, black or covered in scars. Being 
beautiful starts from the heart, so love yourself first. And always know that 
the best comes after the worst. Hang in there hun, I know life's a twister.  But 
you can always count on me. Sincerely your big sister.

Copyright © Shakeirra Freeman | Year Posted 2014

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Good Citizen

Red,white, and blue are the colors that represent our flag.

People  honor our country by saying the pledge.


As time goes by, laws change and taxes get higher.

We start to get mad and frustrated at the government as bills pile up and our  money starts going.

We try to hang in there and help America out by voting.

For we are good citizens even when the country doesn't always treat us  like one.

Copyright © Christina Wiliams | Year Posted 2012

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Who's The Best

Again, I've been listening to people boast, you can't miss it because it's on T.V. radio and now coast to coast. More and more, people with their chests stuck out, bragging, I am the best all for me and to Hell with the rest. They laugh about it like it's a joke while around their necks they are placing a very heavy yoke. For running the world is a tremendous task, I don't think none is ready, you will have to be a true king, not and not a bit petty.

I use to hear, what can I help you with or what do you need? Now it's what can you do for me? It's become all about greed. We all have an emptiness inside that needs to be filled, we try money, sex and drugs to reach a state of bliss, like a shot in the dark we all miss. So we become miserable and try to make people see things our way, while thing it's funny when we screw up someone's day. I hear the truth shall set you free, well here's the truth, misery really do love company. 

Because from God people are getting further away and becoming worse every day. They are becoming very bold, while their hearts are turning ice cold. So I looked to The Father and while giving Him praise, I asked Heavenly Father are we really living in the last days. And this came to me, read your Bible, it's all in prophecy. They shall take God's ways and hang them on the shelf. 2Tim.3. For people shall become lovers of their own selves.

Covetous, boasters and proud to name a few, just some of the ways people will ensue. But don't loose heart the Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody cause here come the True King. Like none we've ever seen. He was here before the world began and came to Earth to take away all our sin. Now it might look like the battle has been lost, Absolutely not, the battle was won when He was nailed to the cross.

Read your Bible it's the source, it's all been worked out, just hang in there and let it run it's course. So all the high and mighty, who think you are so hard, you are about to meet, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No bragging, no boasting, you shall stand in awe with the rest, where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Now Who's The best? He was here before and He shall return to sit on the throne of the Earth, there's no reason to be concerned.

We shall live for ever and for ever be free, no more stress or living in poverty. For we shall be in the hands of God Almighty... Hark, The Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody here come The King.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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GoldFish WetDreams

So here's my big insight.
My two cents worth,
which will remain worth only a penny
unless it somehow aligns with your penny
for thoughts and shared feelings.

What if we put our human nature genie 
back in Earth's home-nature bottle?

OK, already I hear Fundamentalists about the great transcendent Sacred Divide
between humanity and monkeys and trees,
and even more so between human biosystems
and any generic ecosystem,
like a river,
or four growing seasons
in a regeneratively nutritious healthy year.

But, if you could just hang in there for a minute
or two
and let yourself wildly imagine theoretical implications
of looking conjecturally at all of creation as one integral Creating Nature;
as a Thought Experiment, maybe?

Just pretend you're following along in Einstein's brilliant kind of heuristic exercise.
Enjoy your ride a bit more.
We'll get back to the Cross and the Ballistic Terrorist Terrors later.

Maybe a lot later.

So we have one united, more or less, nature
and now we have two words sharing a prefix,
rooted in the concept of "home" or "household",
the study of human value transactions, expansions,
competitive rabidity and cooperative gift-nutrition-forward rhythms
and seasonal patterns.

Then we have this newer word, ecology,
for the study of nutritional through pathological relationships,
weedish monocultural eruptions,
empathic trusts and mistrusts and mutually immune distrusts
within Nature's ecosystemic organic health lives
and deaths of history.

Yes, you see where my natural organic mindbody is going with this.
In that no one seems quite clear about just what economic science does
very well, 
that could not also apply to ecological systems more generically,
maybe if human nature is know, 
a slightly demented portion of Earth's econature,
then we might regain an important clue
about our "home team" ecological nutritional
and eco-dissonant pathological value exchange patterns
and rhythms.

All this, by simply remembering that ecosystems
gave evolutionary-historical-cultural progenitive birth
to biosystems,
including AnthroTribe,
as divine Light gave birth to humane Word.

So ecosystemic development
is also egosystemic healthy wealthy regenerative development,
or ego-suboptimizing degenerative under-development,
sweeping across enculturation's history 
of redundant multicultural languages
and side-by-side specialist paradigms.

And, now we can all just learn to cooperatively get along
and live happily
and healthily ever after.

I feel better.
My job here is done.
I can rest in ecosystemic peace and quasi-justice.

unplug the phone
and fire up the hibachi.
Let's grill sweet corn and vegeburgers.

And, by the way,
you remember what Bill Maher said about THC
"What? They're afraid we'll be smarter than we really are?"

I wonder if that's similar to why an economist might resist thinking
of ones' AnthroSelf as an ecologist wanna-be,
but only studying the elephant's capital-mind-head investments,
as opposed to a full nutritional mindbody analysis,
because if eco-normists were expected to confine their scientific conjectures
to ecological-evolutionary models,
then they might be smarter about forecasting the future cooperative values
of sustainable WinWin health-power
than is your average MedicinePower Person.

I'm frankly not sure what these two insights have to do with each other,
but it seemed to make sense to my goldfish,
who just upped and died
with a smile on her face,
so we grilled that golden ruled ecosystem too.

I'm sure that's what she would have wanted,
but primarily because,
had our situations been reversed,
that would have been my highest and best
nutritious recycling baptism-dream as well.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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For the World's Best Boss

Calm and composed to the core…
What from a boss could I ask more? 
Humble, patient always gentle,
On your ethics, you can never fumble!

Path of peace is always your road, 
Come what may, you never explode!
With "Just hang in there" your favorite line,
Provided comfort, made me feel fine... 

My emails, calls, you would never revert,
Made me feel isolated and lost in a desert,
Untill the day I realized that Lee "Does",
And “actions” things without a buzz!

Boss, friend, mentor, guide! Who are thee?
You always supported me! Thank you Lee!
Complexities- you take in your stride,
You help with grace and zero pride....

You are as special as is today,
Sending you wishes from Bombay,
Today-The last date of this century, do celebrate,
Please accept thanks and wishes from your sub-ordinate!!

Copyright © RIMA ANIL.NAIK | Year Posted 2012

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Sillies Galore

Why does our nose smell and our feet run? Methinks the answer could be kinky If Mother Nature chose the other way round It sure would be messy and stinky Here's something you should never ever do Don't make fun of a paleontologist Bet you're wondering why, you bright people Coz surely you'll get Jurasskicked What did the banana say to the doctor? “I'm not peeling well today” Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? Apparently he pasta way! Two drunks in a bar, one says to the other “Isn't that Hortense over there?” The other says she looks pretty calm to me Saw her knickers, try not to stare When a midget fortune teller escapes from jail It's called a small medium at large Was laughing so hard, nearly soiled my knickers That surely gave me a good charge The difference between pea soup and roast beef Obviously you can't pee soup But roasting beef is really quite common Now hang in there until the next group © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Sun Speckled Pond

Sun speckled pond, 
Reflecting my old face.
I’ve come again to catch your frogs
The ones that you misplace.

You can’t keep me out
Your ring of mud and reeds.
I’ve worn my faded sneakers
 And rolled pants to my knees.

But first I’ll take a break
And sit here for a while.
It’s been some time since I’ve been back.
I’m tired. No denial.

We were together for so long
You must remember then,
The quiet nights, the fireflies
The summers without end.

Perhaps I’ll leave your frogs alone
And sit here for the night.
And watch the mists arise at dawn
And give the frogs a fright!

Hang in there Pond, for I’ll come back
And help you to remember
And catch your frogs amidst the reeds
And sparkling deep green splendor. 

Copyright © Richard Jordan | Year Posted 2015

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Hot Fudge Sundae


Must be the weather
I'm floating on air
Nothing to distress me
No worries no cares

Life's a big hoot
Fun stuff nonstop
A hot fudge sundae
With a cherry on top

Some may say
“Man, get real”
Here's what I tell 'em
It's all how you feel

About life and it's trials
They're only a test
So hang in there people
Show 'em your best

I'll sum this thing up
With this bit of advice
If you feel like chuckling
Never think twice

@Jack Ellison 2012

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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A Hidden Tattoo

What makes us sluggish, unable to get moving It's something to do with low pressure Known to cause problems in migraine sufferers Unavoidable, can't change the weather Happily I can say I'm not one of those sufferers But I sure can sympathize, my friends Other than a few minor muscle aches and pains With this ailment I don't have to contend Throughout my life I've been free of major ailments My ten fingers and ten toes are all crossed Whatever's ahead I'll have a hard time accepting Must be brave and strong at all costs It's never been a topic we like to discuss When we're young and our life's on a roll But lately the subject's been foremost on my mind Guess my age is finally taking it's toll As the old saying goes, “what will be will be” The time frame is not usually up to us Unless we determine we can't take it any more And decide we've had quite enough I don't recommend taking the cowards way out Hang in there and see the thing through Perhaps Nicole Kidman wants to feel your body And show you her hidden tattoo!!! © Jack Ellison 2015

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2015

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Hangin In There

I was minding my own business, a smart tabby cat lazing in the sun,
As the chief of this roost, the house diva, the boss of my domain,
Having such a busy itinerary, its really hard to get all things done,
I have to eat and sleep then I must do more of the exact same,
As the smart one I keep a cool attitude, you know, I got game!

One day my little owner scooped me up, she said she wanted to play, 
She toddled me down the hall, saying we would just have so much fun,
These little hands had a firm grasp of me, I could not budge or run away,
Dressed in dolly clothes she hung me on the door then said “ALL done”.
Left all alone to hang in there, smart... maybe not, I guess she’d won!

Submitted by Lee Ramage
Written July 30, 2011
For “Hangin in There Contest”
Placed 5th place


Copyright © Lee Ramage | Year Posted 2011

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Typically Luke Poem 2 - HURRY UP LUKE

The second in a series of poems about my cheeky grandson, Luke
Hurry up, Luke we’re going to be late Get your head out of the garden gate Don’t know what you put it there for You’ve got it stuck three times before At the other side there’s nothing new So why go sticking your head right through Oh! It’s stuck again; don’t get in a flutter Hang in there I’ll fetch the butter A bit of grease behind the ear Will get you out so never fear It is rude you know to make people wait So hurry up Luke, we’re going to be late.

Copyright © Gary Wayne Hill | Year Posted 2013

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Hope for Soul Mate Searchers

For so many years I had been alone
Was it God’s plan that this lifestyle had shown?
I’d accepted, had no expectation
Of ever finding a special connection

My life is changing in so many ways
New town, new home and a question that begs
Was it patience God wanted me to learn?
Is happiness something we have to earn?

Introspective days brought revelation
And now I welcome a new sensation
Just seeing his face brings a smile to mine
He heals me with words so gentle and kind

We know not what the days ahead will bring
But just having faith can make a heart sing
So hang in there, dear friends, seeking soul mates
Do not despair, a bright future may wait

Just lead a good life, be thankful, feel joy
Allow God some time blessings to employ
One day sun’s rays o’er the hill will arise
A soul mate may appear in morning skies

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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(Rhyming Couplets) People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too It is time for you to seek God's face repent and pray. I worship and glorify His holy name every single day. When I don't read His Word I'm really feel bad and sad. So many things and situations make me in fact mad. And now we wonder if we're living in the last days too. The economy is awful and the mighty dollar gyrates downhill. Unemployment is at its worst and my heart is truly ill. Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. Good times come and go and friends will betray one day too. So many people believe they're very smart. Some rise early and some make a late start. Many watch and hear but they don't listen with their heart. Sometimes I feel fine but now and then I want to cry. I try so hard to understand some many things or hence I try. And some of us wonder if we're living in the last days. It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. You want all your problems and mistakes to go away. You wish you have more time in your hands to play. Money may be green but it doesn't in the trees grow. People do anything for money and that's truthfully so. Good times come and go and friends will betray you one day too. There's too much on my plate but there isn't much to do to say. I worry about my future as you make about your way. But in my heart I love you so and always will think of you. I bow my head and pray hard that we can stay alive this day. Winter is bitter cold and frosty snow plummets from the sky. It is time for you to seek God's face repent and just pray. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2014 December,12,2014

Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2014

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Moving on Part Two Part Three

Moving on ???

I have come to wonder – as time passes – why ?,
the lady brings tears to my heart – makes me cry.
This lady who took in hand, in holy of holies, in mouth,
resurrecting a dyeing old soul, then went south.

This lady who, with a little time, could raise,
the dead, and in that time, did vigorously praise
as she took a weeping willow, turned it into a mighty oak.
That was then, now, never comes back, not a word has she spoke.

I think of times, when beaver lips, kissing, did stroke
a fading son into becoming a mighty oak, at midnights son rise.
I do feel – maybe too much sometimes – that I have lost the prize.
Oh !, why ?, does she choose to ignore, to  leave behind

this old man’s limp, impotent, troubled mind,
a mind that feels, that senses, that is trying to find
out why it is that he seems so unimportant,
why ?, it is that this is all he can rant.

B. J. “A ” 2
July 26th 2003

Part Two

I wonder ?, - with your distance –
if we, at these moments,
are not closer than time will tell.
I wonder ?, - if you, as do I –
feel the losses in never knowing
a mornings glory, of never hearing,
knowing, telling a positive story.
I wonder ?, if our time has reached
out and touched an end.
I wonder ?, if you no longer look for,
need, no longer want me as a friend.

The naked winds of actions, reactions flow past these eyes.
They do not deceive, hide their meanings, nor do they tell lies.
What lies lie behind the eyes of the beholder, is in the telling,
is in their perception of the world, it is what their mind is spelling

out for them, and does not have a thing to do with cold
receptions, distances, avoidances or harsh words told
as moist air drifts across the bridge and it begins to rain
and with one’s nose, know what brings on the pain.
B. J. “ A ” 2
July 28th 2003

Part Three

A war of the roses, by any other name, was no sweeter !, 
as pre and post-midnight hours dragged on in battles waged, 
from both sides, where I experienced a clever, cunning, crafty, 
master manipulator, a shrewd, screwed, master of mass destruction 
that used words as weapons, breaking, crushing the head of the enemy.  

I have to wonder if I am the enemy proper ?, or that of a cracked mirror ?,
reflecting the many facets of your life’s experiences ?, and because of this roll 
– a docile, inanimate entity – it is easy to throw sticks and stones, darts, knifes 
and other keen, explosive, destructive projectiles that seem to flow with such ease.
Could this all be ?, because I have no value, no meaning, no relevance, no importance.

Are these the reasons for the twisted perversions of reality, of my phrasings ?, 
of my statements ?, my beliefs ?, my thoughts, thoughts that have come back at me 
in a barrage of hostility, at such a driving force, it could knock ones world of its axis’s.
I wonder ?, just how much of this comes from a lifelong habit, of defending against ghosts.
I wonder ?, just how much of this is your reality and how much of this is imaginary / fantasy.

I wonder ?, just how much of this might be – attempted one up man ship. 
I wonder ?, just how much of this might be – pure, unadulterated, game playing.
I wonder ?, just how much of this scenario might be an offensive / defensive mechanism.
I wonder ?, just how much of this might be the walls, the moats, the chasms that might hide 
whatever the reasons for you choosing / taking an opposing position – for taking the opposite side.

The choices made are the choices I have to live with – acceptable or not.
There is no possibility for me to be in control ?, especially if I am being controlled.
Being in control seems to be the essence, the heart, soul, spirit, the name of your game.
Being right, seems to be an aspect of your game, no matter if the evidence proves otherwise.
You are not the only one. I see many of these troubling traits in other areas of life on this plane.

I see it in other people, friends, relatives, acquaintances and professionals.
So too, with me, and so I must not place to much stock in how I seem affected 
by these behavioral traits, I have observe in human nature / nurture, for I am a big boy
and walk this earth, this plane, with both eyes wide open, even if they have been blackened
many times, swollen shut, along with my bruised soul, battered spirit and beaten, grounded ego.

But then, what ?, is a good friend if he cannot stand some abuse
still hang in there and remain a good friend that can be counted on.
Thoughts – few of the many – left in the wake of another battle, waged, 
in the war of the roses, that will never be able to release their sweet fragrance, 
with total abandon, freedom or true understanding and acceptance of what they are.

Without prejudice – Without judgement

B. J. “A ” 2
July 29th 2003 

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

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The trials

Until the Lord approves it
Nothing you do will come to anything
And He is gonna take forever
Wear you out
Until you don't know which is which
That's my God for you
And yours too
I could never blame Him
Because He has a mind of his own
And when he's ready
Whoops just like that
Out of the blue
No warning
No advance notice
He will give it to you
What you wanted
So don't lose faith
Just have courage
But what am I saying?
You may be mad
Get frustrated
And call Him every name in the book
I don't know that many haha
But He will come through
Wonder why everything takes so long?
Wonder why there has to be a wait
But why?  He is God
Don't you wish you are God?
No lol
Nice talking to you
And hang in there

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2014

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The Scrabble Beast

One day my pal Nancy 
Asked to play Scrabble with me
I’d never played before so thought
How difficult could this be?

It’s just some silly letters
Arranged to make some words
Any second grader could do this
Hell I’d even take on the nerds!

So Nancy and I placed down a wager
And started the intense game
Wow the words she compiled!
The Scrabble Beast was hard to tame

I used my seven free tiles
To construct the word ‘bequest’
She laughed and said, ‘that all you got’
The Scrabble Master not impressed

I tried to hang in there with her
But found her far too astute
No surprise about an hour later
She left will all my loot!

***FYI:  I love nerds :)  I would have used the more 'socially-acceptable' term 'geek' if it would have rhymed :)

Copyright © Natalie The Rogue Rhymer | Year Posted 2011

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Hatmattan - A season of hope

Gather all you can
Even through the harmattan 
Oh It's annoying hay fever!
And the cracked lips it serves

Cough all you may
Sneeze it all out
For it's only an ephemeral reminder
Of the fortitude we have within

That we get bent somehow
Maybe cracked
By the elements of life
But never broken

So shiver not
Hang in there
Eyes on the skies, chest out
It's only for a season

Breathe deep
And suit up
Take the giant strides anyways
Through the fog

Soon you'll find you've garnered
Even through the apparent cracks
And the broken system
Strength immeasurable

Ineffable joy and clarity
That it was never a destination
But a story of growth and purpose
One of a bright and beautiful people 

Too dazed by their own light
To break through the systemic fog
Clouding the apparent vision
Of the designer's perfect circus of life.

Copyright © Bernard Brakatu | Year Posted 2015