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Grin and Bear It by Flannery, Vincent
Grin and Bear it by Wood, Autumn Rose

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Grin And Bare It

Sometimes life can get a little rough “Grin And Bear It” Or should that be “Grin and BARE It” Sounds like good advice Grinning and baring it can be a whole lot more fun But make sure your friends have all gone home And the kiddies are tucked away in their beds fast asleep Before you and your mate start prancing around in the nude Doing and saying all those naughty things Like, “nice melons you have there my dear” This starts the whole proceedings She responds with, “nice frontal protrusion!” Immediately, the fun begins and the house starts rockin' All because you, “Grinned And Bared it!” © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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If the Shoe Fits

You read or hear some words and think
“That isn’t very flattering;”
But then your heart is on the brink
Of pittering and pattering.

For possibly, those sentiments
Contain a little clue
That give you just the slightest sense
They might apply to you.

Perhaps you’re being paranoid
Or worried without cause;
It’s easier to just avoid
Those words with fangs and claws.

But sometimes you just have to shrug
And flash a grin and bear it,
‘Cause even if it’s kinda snug,
If that shoe fits – then wear it!

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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Retro - The Ever Fashionable Oppression of Women

A modern trimming,
Grin and bear it.
The slap of a buckle,
Reminiscent of the squeeze.
Laces bloodied,
From a prayer of acceptance.
Breathing is optional.

The shove to a corner,
Start early for pattern recognition,
Bind the idea prematurely.
Numbed pain,
Limited motion.
Embrace wind through the long locks,
It's only an illusion of progression.

Copyright © Donna Iadarola | Year Posted 2011

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Gormless sue

I once had a girlfriend
Her name was gormless Sue
They mustuck her for a Gorilla
and put her in a Zoo.

They fed her bananas
through the bars of her cage
and soon caught the eye
of a young male called Dave.

Dave chased her around
the cage every day and all through the night 
and it wasn't a pretty site.

Sue begged me to save her and let her out
So y picked the lock
and she ran out screaming
and ran and never stopped.

Then the zoo keeper
mistook me for a bear
No one let me out and I'm still there.

Ah Well what can you do
Suppose I;ll just have ro grin and'' bear'' it

Peter Dome.copyright.2014.march

Copyright © Peter Dome | Year Posted 2014

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Birds of a Feather

Opposites may hold attraction
But lack lasting satisfaction.
Frequently push comes to shove.
In comes hate and out goes love.

Animals in fights and fleeings
Still are mostly social beings.
In a pinch, at end of tether,
Birds of a feather flock together.

Multitudes of furry creatures
Seem alike in lots of features.
Yet that’s not their point of view,
And they vie to prove this true.

Mockingbirds may sing like parrots.
Horses, rabbits crunch on carrots.
Many species act as one
To lark and run in the sun.
But in times of stormy weather,
Birds of a feather flock together.

Whether cat or dog or ferret,
Each as pet will have its merit.
Yet if all alone, where’er it,
Not a one can grin and bear it.

Humans also seek each other—
Father, mother, sister, brother—
Hither, thither, upper, nether,
Birds of a feather flock together.

~ Harley White

Copyright © Harley White | Year Posted 2016

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Freedom was always calling - A Poet's Prison Memoir

Throughout the years of bars and fences, several things kept me from falling
My Faith in God, My Mom, My Writing...and, that Freedom Was Always Calling
The nightmare started in "93", shipped off to do a second bid
I knew my mother was hurting deeply from all of the pain her silence hid
Downstate was another dagger, the lonely days, the nights, the "Draft"
In times of peace the seagulls shrieking...and, I could have sworn at me they laughed
Then came Green Haven/the pain continued; those forty months in just a cell
Abundant vermin, to live determined...where most Co's were scarred as well
College courses would keep me focused, mixing with others who sought degrees
To be well rounded my reading varied from Og Mandino to Sophocles 
All was good, then times grew darker, by "95" my health had waned
Some forsook me while others wondered how my Trust in God remained
On bended knees I prayed this daily..."Not my will be done, but thine"
Then I was showed One set of "Footprints" which I knew could not be mine
Deliverance came, yes things got better; I thought my sorrows were finally gone
Until I left to live in Fishkill, which in truth was Matteawan 
Intellectually I was their equal, they had no choice, but to grin and bear it
For, I knew their books, their words, their history...and many things deemed esoteric
Bogus tickets, the box, harassment, they thought I'd fold from all the stress
Still, what would I be if I didn't suffer?...a spineless man who acquiesced 
People have asked me how I survived it, a prison life sometimes appalling
I inhaled deeply, and finally told them...That Freedom Was Always Calling

Freedom Was Always Calling by Poetiq1der aka Don Simmons

Copyright © Poetiq1der Simmons | Year Posted 2014

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Life's Emotions

when it comes to stress I grin and bear it
love I will welcome with arms wide open
patience in waiting rooms I often sit
always hoping for knowledge be sharpen

living with all these emotions is hard
and each one of us has a bunch of these
for hate and anger I always discard
keeping emotions in check is no breeze

serenity is the ultimate goal
negative emotions may prevent it
and they tend to darken are very soul
peace of mind wouldn’t even cost a bit

for me poetry helps me keep it straight
my future is always my to create

Copyright © Robert Heemstra | Year Posted 2013

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Grin and Bear it

Shyly                                              Loudly
          Smiling                    Laughing
                     in the face of 

  Go              Go
    Little stuffed
    Friend, open
     Your arms
        I'll cry 
You'll hug the bad and
         It will all
         Go Away!

Dedicated to my mother. She insists that Teddy Bears make life bearable!

Copyright © Autumn Rose Wood | Year Posted 2009

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Grin and Bear It

We all have so many decisions in this world we must make 
But none of them, could ever cause such eternal heartache
None of them will ever push your soul so far away
Then the day that you delete your own Child's birthday

I like the color blue and maybe you like red
But this is a matter of what the Creator Himself has said
And if you choose to trample on such hollow ground
Then wonder not why with all other such evil you have found 

So worldly easy to relegate it to a choice
For you have never even heard that little baby's voice
Remember the other side and allow it speak to you
For satan has always lied and here you are giving him his due

Such a valuable prize stealing your soul in this way
Choosing not to see his wicked lies but you will one day
Oh trust me children are so very hard to raise
But that is just one more way that I can give God praise

Please reach out at this time for the Lord's Hand
He will give you the strength in helping you to understand
For the Lord understands knowing this won't be easy for you
But in God's all complete wisdom, He picked You!
Deuteronomy 30:19
I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, 
that I have sat before you life and death, blessing and cursing:
 therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live:

Copyright © Vincent Flannery | Year Posted 2014

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How I feel today

Today I have just heard I had lost my oldest Brother
I was told he had died in prison
To me he died more than a year ago 
He had caused me more grief than he would ever know 
Leaving upset and pain 
Causing even me! blame
Since finding out what he had done to others
I had found no good thoughts for him! “My Brother”
Sorry Father and Mother
And for all the others 
I want no sympathy for our loss 
We will grin and bear it at our cost 
For how can I tell anyone how we feel 
When mixed up! I don’t really want to know what is real
He deserve not our sympathy 
From his Sisters or Brothers
Our sympathy should be saved
For his Children, family and his victims of others

He has left us feeling guilty of all our feelings
But we have every right
To all of their meanings
He has done us all wrong
And don’t let us forget it
I am sad that we can’t just let it
Our memory with him is now tarnished for ever
With the evil and harm
That he had done
I now wish for peace and calm
Wash away my Brother sins
Not for him but for us
We must leave them that we must
Wash our feeling in his dust
He is gone now
All we cuss
We must carry on now
That we must
Building our memories that we can trust
For the good of the children and all of us.


Copyright © Eric Bidmead | Year Posted 2014

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My Public Service Part One

My occupation is supplying individuals with the substance of their worst desire
Most dealers driving force is the desire to increase their wealth, monetary gain
My driving force the result of my own treacherous case of Heroin addiction.
Sharing the same desires and disease as the individuals that I serve daily.
I have tried other fields of employment, none able to sustain my habit.

Legal jobs only pay two to four times a month, leaving too many cashless days
Cash Jobs often require distant travel, early arrivals, and back breaking work
Any of these three downfalls, enough to bring about a feeling of dope sickness
Boosting involves to many unknowns, and the real possibility of utter failure.
Cooking meth can blow up in your face, both literally and figuratively speaking.

People will always judge others whose choice differs from their own.
Still believing drug dealing inevitably causes massive collateral damage.
my customers are more than willing, consenting adults, I don't serve children
My personal choice affecting only me, what I ingest, won't make anyone else high
Myths created to disgrace peddlers and users of substances they don't condone

Each day I receive dozens of phone calls and text messages, almost non-stop
All requesting the assistance of my Community based Service (in my opinion)
I make numerous trips to different parts of town, from rural to suburbia
Meeting fellow diseased individuals who seek a cure for today's illness.
Without the service I provide, numerous people would be left to suffer
The damage isn't created by my presence, it exists in my absence.
Most customers so grateful they could alleviate a days worth of pain
However, not all transactions are appreciated or simple in nature.

From time to time, I encounter a broke customer, wanting a front
They lack the fee of admittance, but refuse to get out of the line.
Forced to be firm, but still fair, I provide a service, not a charity
Others refuse to follow my simplest of directions, all issued with purpose
Unaware their lack of obedience may jeopardize both of our freedoms
Some lack any patience, constantly calling and/or texting my phone
Unwilling to cease their onslaught until their demands are at least heard
Occasionally, I encounter a person who believes I somehow wronged them
These trouble makers I give an easy two choice question to choose.
The two options being: Grin and bear it, or leave completely empty handed.

Copyright © Anthony Guccia | Year Posted 2016

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The future now

I never been
ocular witness
one of the happiest moments
that I dreamed.

I did never taste
the wine of freedom
that I knead in my cellars.

And the river goes down onrush, 
in order to sweep
this litter life.

So here I am
At the bank of Acherons
grin and bear it
as in a bus station.
The system 
is doping me with money.
My friends 
promise me a sunny day.
And I want 
the future now!

Copyright © Dimitris Varos | Year Posted 2012

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When My Winter Turned To Summer

When I was young so often I was cold,
internal winter, my body season.
Though recently that's changed, truth be told.
Reader, let me share with you the reason.

It started at the age of fifty two.
Found my body suddenly in summer.
For middle age it's really nothing new
that menopause can be such a bummer.

My visage gets that glow, fiery passion,
the red in me, like a fashion statement.
Summer comes so quick with my hot flashin'.
How I truly long for heat abatement.

I'm in summer now, I do declare it.
Till season does pass, I'll grin and bear it.


submitted for Funny How My Winter Turned To Summer contest sponsored by Brenda Chiri

Copyright © Carol Connell | Year Posted 2017

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The Deaf Hearts

I'm jabbed at my side with plummet and jab, and yet I must grin and bear it,
I'm abhorrent with scorn for those who must mourn, but then I indifferently swear 
Pathos and play this is the new way to read past a cover,
But to sured dismay this supposed display is nothing but a buffer.
Acceptance in many, a noble pursuit but is it worh scrupulous losses,
For every companion is lost in a canyon of lacerated crosses,
For sin and lamehnt are the only avail when deceit is a popular practice,
Honor and grace can prove ugly in taste for those who apparently lack this,
Jest in the cruel and pain in the righteous seem to be the new standard,
So why not be masses with sections and classes and measures of Lucre as 
The reason is subtle it's muffled in evil, but one can still hear it beating,
Through hunger and death, bloodshed and stress that seems to incumbent the 
The beat of one's own heart, it has all the answers to questions regarding the 
It's written in code for angels and God so only who listen will hear it,
To the sainted listerners, it's an astute obligation, to grin and bear the malice tht 
the deaf hearts do commit,
For at one time or another, we have done unto our brother in a contradictory 
fashion that what he would have us do,
So we have to keep on sinning and never cease our grinning, when we really 
want to burst into a burning flame of hate,
For others haven't heard the news, that not to be true to yourself is to lose, 
So priviledged few, that have a clue, will simply have to wait.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

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Screetching and Stomping Lessons

One hundred dollars 
come out of each check
just for screetching and stomping,
but, ah... what the heck.

My kids screetch the fiddle
(aka, violin)
and I pray the poor teacher
let's them come back again.

And they stomp and they stamp 
in their new clogging shoes,
and I pop some more asprin;
this headache's bad news.

But I just grin and bear it,
'Cuz I'm a proud dad
And now, three years later...
this isn't half bad.

Their fidd'ling's more fidd'lish
Even "Charlie Daniels"-esque,
And their feet stomp the rhythm,
It's not so grotesque.

I'll keep paying for lessons,
though they cost more than gold,
so the kids can entertain
their dear Dad when I'm old.

Copyright © Jason Talbott | Year Posted 2011

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Hidden Hurt

Awake in my bedroom, rigid with fear
The man I call lover is coming so near
No sweet gentle touch is waiting for me
But the vile look of anger is all i can see.

What did I do wrong? Screams loud in my head
Was it something I did or something I said?
The blood pulses hotly inside my ears
The sweat rises sharply alerting my fears
I smile at him calmly though it's all a front
He twists up my face and I feel the first thump. 

The fists keep on coming again and again
I beg to myself to keep strong, feel no pain
But the pain overtakes, my head is just spinning
He's kicking and biting no end no beginning
A knife he gets out and holds up to my throat
And then I drift out taken away in a boat
  to a beautiful place in my in my dreams I presume, 
I'm no longer there in that terrible room.

A part of my mind has saved me for now 
I don't know the reason, I can't tell you how
While my body was going through torturous hell
My heart and soul were kept safe and well

The beating has stopped and he looks at me crying
I say it's alright but we both know  I'm lying
He says that he's sorry, that I made him do it
My eyes dead and hollow I just agree to it
Too weak to object, self respect in the dirt
Just grin and bear it
My deep hidden hurt.

Copyright © Maddie WIcks | Year Posted 2017

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A Downside of Adulthood

Whatever you discover,
It’s the grown-up thing to share it
And when others flaunt their joy in it,
You have to grin and bear it.

For there really is no reason
To keep secret what you’ve found
When some other folks can benefit
From how you’ve worked the ground.

Still, there might be some resentment – 
Just a tiny little twinge – 
When you hear of their enjoyment
While you’re stuck out on the fringe.

It’s a downside of adulthood
That to sulk’s not in good taste.
Suck it up, for generosity
Rarely is misplaced.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2014

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This world is full of heartaches

This world is full of heartaches 
That chase you every day.
Some times you try your very best
But find it hard to pray. 

You try to grin and bear it
You hide it all inside,
Until it seems to smother you
And all you do is cry.

You search your mind to understand
Why life is such a pain
When all you want to do in life
Is help another gain.

I guess there is a reason
Why we have despair,
But I wish I knew the answer
I can't find it anywhere. 

I will have to leave it up to God
For I don't understand why
My heart feels very heavy
As on my bed I lie.

Maybe some day He will tell me
In Heaven up above.
But for now I will just be patient
And trust in His sweet love.

©October 26, 2001, Canada
Written by Ann Hart


Copyright © ANN HART | Year Posted 2008

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A Life Once Lived

A life once lived holds no merit-
Behind the mask adorned in silence-
Able only to grin and bear it-
Daily growth and test of patience.

Woe to the different, the gentle spirit-
As a life once lived now holds no merit.

Pressure builds by ignorant souls-
A return of memories buried deep-
Searing pain manifests as hot coal-
Holding it in, emotions seep.

Woe to the different, the quiet spirit-
As a life once lived now holds no merit.

Direction lost and purpose unseen-
Into darkness blindly heading-
Searching hard while feeling unclean-
At the end, a crow sits quietly whispering.

"Woe to the different, the selfless spirit-
As a life once lived now holds no merit."

Copyright © Jordan Dickinson | Year Posted 2017

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I am more aware than the average person
that your business revolves around giving everybody bad credit
even if you can afford the 900 dollar phone bills
for not using your phone
they will get their outrageous monies owed
or its bad credit for you

What an amazing way to bring down a whole society
i always thought it was an interesting weapon
considering the drug dealers using them
are the only ones able to afford such high bills

Con the youth to purchase one of your plans
a payment method that sounds doable
then your blown right out of the water
money you dont think you owe
well pay it or get bad credit for 7 years
what a bold weapon upon society you have
taking the nation down
almost single handedly

And your customers complain
gripe and groan
grin and bear it
but this has gone on too far
your cell phone scam is a weapon
and you are destroying people with your lies
everyother person in the world has bad credit because of you telus

how friendly is that?

i have yet to meet one person
that hasn't gone to buy your product
and then spend 7 years of their life with their bad credit trying to pay you off
Taking down a society by contracts
contracts where you lie
my bill should be 45 dollars a month
i'm lucky if im not paying 225

bad credit for 14 years telus
i know im just a number to you
but if you are soo friendly as you say you are
we are gonna get close my friend
I have soo many issues with your bogus company
you are a weapon telus
and you just destroy everyone in your path
7 years bad luck for signing up with your contract
then 7 more years after that
you have turned my entire life into a prison sentence
and there is no way out of it
no point in paying my bill
you would just lie about that

the money would get lost in the mail
or you would cut me off
If i had it my way
I'd go find the telephone pole i bought unknowingly
and cut it down and take it back

with bad credit you can't go anywhere
and it's really hard to find a place to rent
i was homeless because of a telus bill
so drop your friendliness act
i know an enemy when i encounter one
and i have no time for someone who call sthemselves a friend
and treats me like crap

Copyright © Troy Jeremy Nelson | Year Posted 2010

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Nother round of fun at hospital.  I was x-rayed, y-rayed, cat-scanned, dog-
scanned, sun tanned, lobotomized, hypnotized, capitalized, cross eyes.  All copd 
and heart failure again.  no sleep 4-5 days.  didn't eat for 3.  just couldn't breathe.
c'est la' vie.  it's the way it is, and gotta grin and bear it.  Later'.

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Peachy Whirl

Oh, such amorous flamenco A bailaora who whirls fervidly Nascent paltriness, a winged coo Unruffled yet sways seamlessly To grasp is to grin and bear it To ace is quite an arduous drill To master is to act with grit And delectate the peachy whirl One oblique pennant of breath Suchlike to humane multitude Defiance from old shibboleth A vagueness of life’s certitude 09.23.17
First Place "Poems that Paint a Picture 3" Silent One's Poetry Contest

Copyright © Moon Flower | Year Posted 2017

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Alone in the Dark

God, I’m scared
Scared to be alone
I’ve lost so much
Lost my light
Now I’m alone in the dark
So alone.
My friends try to reach me 
 I’ve fallen too far,
Still trying to stand tall,
But I’m crippled, broken, and bleeding now.
Everything I see is salt in the wounds,
Writhing in pain, all alone in my private hell.
“I’m dying inside and nobody knows it but me.”
Only that’s not the case, everyone knows.
No matter how hard I try to hide in the dark,
No solace, 
No protection in the dark, 
In the cold,
So blind I can’t find myself.
Pain overwhelms feelings of other things.
“Without you, I’m not me”,
And that’s exactly the case,
Smile in the face of death, my welcomed visitor.
Blind, deaf, and dumb 
All I can do is inflict pain.
I hate myself for what I’ve said, and done.
Love is absent from my life
Yet it consumes all.
The absence filled only when I’m touched
And that’s something I’ve missed for months,
Smile, grin and bear it,
Not working.
They see through my shallow smile
It hurts them to see me, when I can’t see them.
In booze I’ve tried to drown the feeling,
But it’s magnified through the liquid.
I feel so stupid,
I want out.
I can’t leave, as much as I hate this place,
I’m drawn to it, stuck.
Drawn like a moth to a flame,
But perpetually burned by it,
Forever night, forever dark, forever cold,
At least that’s how it feels.
Time doesn’t heal, it steals from me
My breath and blood, joy and love,
Gives me in return, pain,
Enough to bathe in
I’ve tried to bleed,
The blood brings no relief,
I do feel human, and that’s the problem.
My bliss is gone, and has left me with no malice,
No hate,
And no desire for revenge,
These things I am without, 
Though I’ve sought them.
Passion, in all of its forms, is gone,
And has left me alone with my agony.
Perfection for me lies in a place were the light lives,
In the smile of another
No one sees, I can’t fix me
Broken before, re-broke now,
Shattered beyond the skills of those I know.
Too broken to fix,
Except by one, who is not ready to be there
Love is the problem, and the solution
Pain is love and love is pain.
Despite the cold,
In the darkness,
I am prepared to wait, 
 Weather the storm.
I just hope I survive the night.

Copyright © Josh Cox | Year Posted 2006

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Christmas poem

Its christmas time and in the meek
Theres playfullness laughter and its snowing

Theres people everywhere here and there
Shopping giving getting without a care

Theres nothing we can do about it
We just have to grin and bear it

Soon it wont be as busy with everyone in a hurry
And well sway into the night and topple all worry

So enjoy the time as it is what it is
A time of fun and laughter for us kids

Copyright © Matthew Rozon | Year Posted 2016

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Welcome to our house
Theres all but saddness,
Always full of children
Must enjoy pure maddness.

Many neighborhood children
Plus three of our own,
Oh, how relaxing it would feel
If only our kids were grown.

They beg and plead with you
How can you possibly disagree,
For they only want a social life
While your only asking for sanity.

So, you just grin and bear it
For someday you will long,
To hear even a slight noise
Realizing your kids are now grown.

Copyright © Jodie Steward | Year Posted 2007