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Beyond the hills of Auburn
Past the river, through the trees
I found a secret garden
Pretty as you please
A field of red corn poppies
Cosmos and blue bell
Candytuft and blazing star
Bedecked a wishing well
Scarlet sage and tidy tips
Covered a distant knoll
A quiet little gopher
Lies sleeping in his hole
Resting beside a trickling brook
Beneath the weeping willow
I have a bed of scarlet flax 
With yarrow for a pillow
Today, I was truly blessed
When a robin dropped me here
You see in any other place
A gardener I would fear
For I am but a lowly weed
That most would only shun
But in this secret garden
I am loved by everyone

Copyright © Dawn Drickman | Year Posted 2005

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Rabbits on the Ark

God told old Noah to build an ark,
To make it out of gopher bark.
Noah did as he was asked,
And worked until he completed the task.

Then God told Noah to gather the beasts,
Two of every kind, the hes and the shes,
So that when the earth is dry again,
They can procreate, new life begin.

All the animals were good, except for the rabbits.
Though small and cute, they had some bad habits.
Quiet and stealthy, they would roam around,
Hiding in dark corners where they weren't easily found.

You might be wondering how bunnies could be bad,
But you need to remember the reputation they have.
Hiding in the shadows, what do you think they're doing?
They're not playing hop scotch - they're cuddling and wooing.

Now cuddling and wooing isn't such a bad thing,
But rabbits are known for quickly multiplying.
Though Noah tried to keep the bunnies apart,
He was no match for their affairs of the heart.

So when it came time, the ark to depart,
The animals came out two by two like the start.
Two by two they strolled off the ark,
After being cooped up, getting out was a lark.

But then came the rabbits and to Noah's dismay,
Not two but hundreds were coming his way.
Then the Lord told them all to be fruitful and multiply.
Noah looked at the rabbits and let out a sigh.

Entered in PD's 101 in a row contest #5

Copyright © Kim Merryman | Year Posted 2013

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"I never travel without my diary, one should always have something sensational to read . .
 . " Oscar Wilde, 1891 

Tues    May  9:   
Just when I was busy with plans for Russia, Rudolf Hess dropped by with  crazy notion of
flying to UK for peace.   Said he bought  some new boots yesterday   for the trip  - 
dead   shiny .  I’d like a  pair like that.    I told him  -  forget the trip   and tell
me where you got the boots. 

Wed     June 22:     
Invaded Russia.   Eggs for lunch  -  hard boiled again -  I hate that. Must speak to Eva
about it.

Thurs    June 23:      
11:00  am - heard Chamberlain on radio again – that dreary voice!  that paper-waving 
droopy-moustached  old gopher!   My small black moustache  is much neater.     
12:30 pm -   inspected new bunker in East Prussia  with smoother concrete walls .   Eva
wants  to wallpaper  them    (nice little red flowers) and why  not?    
8:00pm -  after dinner,  practised  arm-gestures for  big Nuremburg speech  on Saturday. 
 Rehearsed a few ad libs. . . .  Eva liked them.

Fri    June24:      
Rained all day.   Slow day  (almost invaded Egypt) - stayed in and read.      Eva dyed her
hair  creamy-yellow.    ( I’m gonna start calling her Blondy.)           That new german
shepherd Bormann   gave me  -  I took her out for walk. . . . she's called Blondi  too  
 (Joke there  - the guys will like it) .   After dinner we all  listened to Franz Lehar’s
“Merry Widow” again.  I love it.   Eva fell asleep;    so did the dog.

Sat   June 25:   
Nuremburg speech went ok. Got all the ad libs in except one.    Rommel was on the phone
talking about Africa and Libya, and some place called Tobruk. Must make a note – where is
Tobruk? P.S. Must find out where Libya is.

Sat    Dec    6:  
Just read the latest in the newspapers....almost four million Russian prisoners  now.
Sun   Dec  7:  
Those crazy Japanese have  gone and done it. . . . oh  boy, they’re gonna be in trouble! 
Thurs   Dec 11:   
Oh, what the hell. . .  in for a dime in for a dollar :  this Russian war is too  easy,  I
need a bit of a challenge. Think I’ll whiz down  to the  Reichstag tonight  and tell ‘em
we’re declaring  war on the USA.    Might  get a pair of those shiny boots there too.  

Written by Sydney Peck  
for Constance La France ( A Rambling Poet )  -  Contest Name:  The Diary

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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Turn, Turn, Turn

Spring takes its bow early in Florida’s climate Winds expire, February debuts in quiet Dazzling lavender blooms on cherry trees wake first Sweet aroma o’er the verdant landscape’s dispersed Summer lures eager tourists to beaches in May Dipping their toes, they feel the ocean’s salty spray Torrid heat ushers hurricane season in June Cautious homeowners await the year’s first typhoon But for late November, Fall seems nonexistent Taking to nature trails, hikers’ hours are now spent Wild boar and turkeys identified by their musk Gopher tortoises chill in shells, deer await dusk Locals celebrate yuletide holidays with joy Brevity of winter - nature’s cruelest ploy
*Written August 22, 2014

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2014

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Brave new world

(based on Aldous Huxley's book "Brave New World")

Human hatchery

Clink clink clink clink...
Test tubes prattling past
along the chrome plated production line.
Glistening under fake fluorescence
humming in harmony
with the magnetic motors
of conveyors, centrifuges and camshafts.
Biological blobs of gamete goo,
vials of vile biology,
a tempest of sperm and ova,
neatly confined to a pyrex womb.
Organised, sanitised, harmonised.
Fordist fertilisation.
All equal under Ford.

Or at least until your fate and fortune 
are forced and fixed at forty metres.
Not nature (abhorrent), 
not nurture (disgusting),
not what you know,
not who you know,
but the viability of your cell.
Destiny by DNA.
What will you be?
An Alpha Aryan?
A Gamma gopher?
A mass produced Epsilon?
Will you be genetically enhanced?
Or poisoned and asphyxiated?

Perhaps you'll be discarded
as excess bio-matter
by the second trimester
at ninety metres?

Or survive to be hatched
at one fifty metres?
Neatly sown along furrows
of sterile steel cots.
Rows and columns,
ranks and files,
levels and floors
of battery babies.
Chemically conditioned,
weaned on sleep whispering,
embracing their place in a perfect society.
United by soma!
(a gram is better than a damn)
Disease designed away!
All praise Ford!
Everyone is happy!

But nothing is perfect.
Bernard is cursed.
Excess embryonic alcohol
injected at one twenty metres.
Someone wasn't paying attention.
Industrial accident.
Disruptive misfit.

Beta's hypnopedic haikus

Alphas lead the way
Grey matter, grey uniform
Alphas rule wisely

Betas work less hard
Mulberry clad skilled workers
Glad I'm a Beta

Gammas are stupid
Wearing green! Ugly as trees!
Ignore the Gammas

Deltas are dummies
Khaki clones, oxygen starved
Bokanovsky batch

Epsilon primates
Brutish, black robed underclass
Disposable drones

John's suicide soliloquy

To be or not to be?
I cannot be.
So I decide not to be.

How can I be noble and suffer
the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
when the arrows have been broken
and the slings put aside
by this ugly utopia?

Should I shuffle off this mortal coil
and enter the eternal sleep
perchance to dream without soma?
Will I enter paradise
paid for many fold
with barb wire and thorns,
with torments and trials,
with utter utter heartbreaking longing?
What sense does this make
when paradise lies at my feet
that I've not suffered enough to deserve?

How can I earn the love
of the woman I love
when she gives her love so freely
to myself and others who scantly earn
the meerest slither of her golden fruit?
Love so sweet to the lips
but diluted by banality and promiscuity
to the tasteless sterility of boiled water.
Yet I still yearn.

And when I attain my unimagined dream
I reject her with anger 
and sow the seeds of confusion
in her innocent eyes
and watch the weeds of fear
choke her very essence.
What demons have hatched from my soul?
What has this world manufactured in my heart?

And so I seek solace in solitude.
A lonely lighthouse keeper
in a stormless sea of soma civilisation.
Absolution with abject poverty,
the stings of self flagellation
barely noticed against my rented heart.
The madness of mixed up mantras.

Yet retribution comes from a hornet's nest
of helicopters carrying the inane.
Spectators of the spectacle.
Curious about the curiosity.
Fascination with the forbidden.
Cultures sparking across electrodes.
Moths drawn to taboo's acetylene flame.
I curse them! I curse them all!

I was born savage, then made savage.
Marooned on Prospero's isle
by insanity's tempest.
I can brew and boil 
and billow and burn
and cast down purifying bolts against the outside world.
One asylum to another.
Never knowing peace.
O brave new world, that has such people in it.
But this world is not for me.


BNW society is divided into five major classes. From highest to lowest: alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon

Original BNW quote - sleep conditioning for Betas - "Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm really awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly colour. I'm so glad I'm a Beta."

Bokanovsky is a fictional process of human cloning -

Hypnopedia is the process of sleep learning -

Gametes are cells used in reproduction (sperm and ova) -

Soma is a drug mass produced by the BNW government - citizens are sleep conditioned to become addicted

"a gram is better than a damn" is a BNW mantra used by its citizens to encourage non-conformists (i.e. are unhappy) to take soma

John was a savage rescued from a reservation by Bernard Marx for his own political agenda. 

Bernard Marx was a physically and mentally imperfect Alpha misfit reportedly caused by excess alcohol injected into his embryo during his hatching.

John's soliloquy is a parody of Shakespeare's "to be or not to be" soliloquy from Hamlet. Since John learnt to read from an old copy of Shakespeare's works, this seemed appropriate.

In BNW, Henry Ford is revered as a god - the Christian cross is replaced with a T (as in the model T Ford, an early affordable mass produced car).

Written 10th April 2017
Entry to "brave new world" contest

Copyright © Mark Martin | Year Posted 2017

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z is for Zaria , ABC of Disney Characters Contest

A is for Akela of Jungle Book fame
B is for Baloo from Jungle Book the same

C is for Cinderella what a pretty sight
D is for Donald Duck, hope he doesn’t bite

E is for Eyore the lovely donkey that brays 
F is for the Fairy Godmother your wishes she obeys

G is for the Gopher loves Honey from Winnie the Pooh
H is Hyacinth Hippo from Snow White fame that’s true

I is for Ian the Alligator who is always hungry
J is for Jiminy Cricket who starred in Pinocchio story

K is for Kiara means princess in Swahili from Lion King
L is for the lovely Lady not sure where Tramp is hiding

M Is for Mickey Mouse with the best fashion trend
N is for Nala was Simba’s childhood friend

O is for the Owl with eyes so big. Sees everything
P is for Peter Pan in his book he is king

Q is for the Queen of Hearts with a tray of lovely goodies
R is for Rafiki is a Mandrill meaning friend in Swahili 

S is for Simba who likes to live dangerously
T is for Tramp who is looking for his Lady

U is for Uncle Max the Meerkat another Disney star
V Is for Vitani the outsider lioness who looks from afar

W is for Wendy, she is waving to Peter Pan
X is for Xerxes  you will find him in Aladdin

Y is for Yzma from the Emperor’s new Groove
Z is for Ziggy the hungry vulture everyone hates to love

Hope you like my ABC of Disney
Stories for you Zaria to enjoy.


Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Noah's Ark

Noah you must build a vessel 300 cubits long, 50 wide, 30 high and it must be strong
It must carry a roof three stories high, finished to a cubit upward with entrance on the long. 

Use only Gopher wood that is smeared both inside and out with pitch
Then take your family and every animal that I might destroy this world in which:

Evil must be cleansed by a flood of Heavenly destruction 
Ye shall perish too, if not great care, taken in construction

Pay particlar attention to each of my animals aboard
For like me, you are their Salvation and I in turn, your Lord

Noah, I command you Rise! Go! Collect the tools you will need 
For there only remains 300 years to completion of this deed

Tend to every last animal no matter how large or small
For I am the Lord, thy God who created and love them all.


Copyright © Judy Konos | Year Posted 2013

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Find Me - Shape Version

		     Find me
	    in the 	        sea full 
	of empty 	        shells.
	They are 	        bones over 
   Noah’s 			         burnt vessel,
    ashes 			         of gopher, 
Calvary’s 			         wood the
	 timeless 	        ark and 
	rungs on 	        Jacob’s ladder.
      Moor your 	        might to 
	my truth 	        and blink 	
	your eye.	        Before 		
	  you are 	        adrift 
	in Luke’s 	        gulf, 
		     find me.

Date: 02.16.17
Contest: Show Me Your Shape
Sponsor: Anthony Slausen

1 Timothy 2:5
For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

Matthew 24:11
And many false Prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

Genesis 6:14
Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

Jesus saith unto him, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

James 4:14
Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow.  For what is your life?  It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

Luke 16:26
And besides all this, between us and you there is a great gulf fixed, so that they which would pass from hence to you, cannot, neither can they pass to us, that would come from thence.

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2017

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Find Me In Six - Find Me

Find me in the sea full of empty shells.
They are bones over Noah’s burnt vessel,
ashes of gopher, Calvary’s wood the
timeless ark and rungs on Jacob’s ladder.
Moor your might to my truth and blink your eye.
Before you’re adrift in Luke’s gulf, find me.

Date: 01.18.17
Contest: Find Me In Six
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

Copyright © rob carmack | Year Posted 2017

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Why there were no Unicorns on Noah's Ark

Build an ark out of gopher wood that’s what I want from you.
Noah said he would to God and he and his sons set out to do.

Take two of all the animals of the unclean variety 
But seven of the clean kind, are you listening Noah to me?

Yes lord I hear you, and I will do your Will.
Can you tell me how long before, the water the earth will fill?

Build the ark now Noah, and do not question me
You have a huge task ahead, and I will save your family.

The ark now built, the pitch spread, the unclean animals passed two by two
The pigs the camels and unclean ones, for food I do not give to you.

As for the clean ones, take seven of each I say
And then there will be food for you, when you leave the ark one day.

But what about the unicorn God, they are so hard to find?
I am afraid then Noah, said God, that he must be left behind.

If we find another though, is it a beast unclean or clean
Would we need seven or two, I am not sure what you mean?

If you find another one Noah, the rains I will keep away
Because I am now telling you. the last one has flown today

Oh my Lord why is that, the unicorn is so fine
Yes, said God to Noah, and that’s why he is mine.

© ~GG~21/05/2013

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2013

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Heybrother, can u spare a brain cell

Is there a memo motionless meaning that co considers
the let me know not the in between time of soul space that swells
spit in time and all things youless and common/uncommon in a new raw
omniplural potpourri vs a humnopre-salient cap-able anti
impractical public a anonoymous -----let it be the me behind
the windless wheel well of counter culture communation happy
ig no rant dance given to adulto frown friends with no 
inner countenance to the opposite of their children's 
heretofore genetic anaglous inheritenance, happenstance with the all degradratory of who's who on first impractical **** annoyance given to parentosociosuck prevelances.
Let it be me and my behold every endurance
behind the wishless wheel wonders like stale bread kisses that
will leave a bastard/***** beholding another ever unpresent illego negligent
my me mine me behind--as an ever ill gotten gain gopher behold!!
I offer no ill indifference to a an **** ego indifference, as it wanes itself 
in an annotated post partum parental quandary with all of the estrogenous misgivings that minus all of our copious relative holiday misgivings; hope/love/angst/fear/fake fornication that co comprise our inner grasp gasp being to err offend everyone in our inner nature neighborhood never openly negative of your own offspring offerings as they relate to your perfectly PC credentialed crassness of age coinciding with the
all year round as life asked of us relatives to/fro in/out closed/open/in/out/add/subtract/distract, ect, ect, ect,. 
Far from first inner circle seconds included and removed offended defended included/excluded as to their proper "tudes" to be later revealed related as to a toddler tranquil trance perfectly placed belovedly behind a two tone parental (irr)rational regal rememberance
that reveals a riviteing rancid rationale reward right vs mostly wrong. 
Matching sibiling ill will/deeds and useless non needs can lead to a covert cancer covered man-nipulates meanlip measures of misgotten memories factly misered measured mandates. Welcome my friends to the drone that never ends, human race, human race; youngins' all youngins' all.

Copyright © Dave Collins | Year Posted 2015

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Hands of Time

Hands of Time

Crows landed quietly;
quietly as closed eyes sleep
the restless sleep of the grown.

When? popped the lines
of her veins, like gopher
trails under spotted skin?

Her neck once smooth and long
now the mushy marshmallow
of her granddaughter’s delight.

You are so soft said she, tracing
grandma’s wrinkled cheeks while
loving fingers fiddled with little girl hair.


I remember my own grandmother’s hands;
don’t worry, Grandma, I have them now.

Kathryn McLoughlin Collins
June 18, 2013

Copyright © kathryn collins | Year Posted 2013

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Dragons on the Ark

Now Noah and his fam'ly stood
Beside an ark of gopher wood
The'd builded for a century
And all the creatures (not a few)
Began to come in pairs of two
And slowly made their entry

A pair of fiery dragons came
And Noah had to keep them tame
To keep the fire in
But once a day they came unglued
So Noah's wife, she cooked their food
In pans of hammered tin

Now here's a thing that's really neat
These dragons slept at Noah's feet
All through those rainy catfights
When Noah donned his socks of brown
And went to shush the critters down
He took his pair of nightlights!

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Magic Forest

Sammy Squirrel is having a party
And inviting all of his friends.
Robert Raccoon and Peter Possum
Have their names marked off as he sends.

Charles Coyote and Will Wolf are invited,
Edgar Eagle and Hattie Hawk too.
They say they will be at the party.
None claim they have better to do.

Tilly Turtle may be a little bit late
And Howard Hare said he'd be early.
He promises not to step on her toes
Since Sarah the Slug can be surly.

Sammy worked hard in the summer
And stowed away nuts in the fall.
He filled all his bins to overflow
And finds he cannot use it all.

He could compost, that wouldn't be wasteful,
But it wouldn't be very much fun.
A good party is what is needed
To applaud that cold winter is done.

Howard Hare came early with grasses,
Harvested from his natural garden.
Barney Bee brought honey from his hive.
He needn't ask anyone's pardon.

Bruno Bear brought berries he'd found
And offered to make a desert.
Gary Gopher brought roots and mushrooms.
He had dug them from out of the dirt.

The forest provides for all of them,
With food for each animal's taste.
That's why it's a Magic Forest,
With great plenty but nothing to waste.

Written March 22,14

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2014

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Jebediah Suggs 
watched the gopher tortoise hide –
    his veggies at risk

“Y’all listen up, dang fool tortoise
If’n yer expectin’ a meal
Ya gotta ‘nother thin’ comin’

“I been a plantin’ and a waterin’
Watchin’ my garden grow
Till y’all pop out ‘n’ steal a spinach leaf
Ta take it with ya below

“Dadgum hole makes it hard ta catch ya
So I’s been standin’ watchin’ behind
Yer in fer a new home
Some spot with no veggies I’ll find”

Ole Jeb, he nabbed his prey
‘N’ the offender looked had fear in ‘is eyes
Turtle soup was what that gopher be thinkin’
But he was just goin’ fer a ride, much to his surprise

Me, I yeehawed when Jebediah
Snatched the tortoise and drove off on a relocation junket
‘Twas then I realized I’d become a redneck too
So tell me, whodathunkit?

*Entry for the “Something New” contest
(based on a true experience)

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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The Old Plane Graveyard

My husband drives the highway past the old plane graveyard.
Permission to visit once a dream, now his reward.
He drools, as he studies the bounty before him, to take.
First the one that comes closest, but none he will forsake.
He smiles as he watches the sun glint off the metal shapes.
He will climb around slowly with his measuring tapes.
To see in the cockpit he would give his right arm.
But needs it instead to draw the fuselage with all it’s charm.
He grunts and he groans as he crawls upon it’s length.
He’ll count the rivets later, after he takes a drink.
Then back he’ll go to examine some more.
There’re switches and gadgets, and baubles galore.
He’s never been happier as he stares at the planes.
To disturb him now would truly be a shame.
He lithely runs between each and every plane.
And he spouts about symbols and phrases hard to explain.
He imagines them flying, as only he could.
Piloting the planes would be better than good.
Occasionally his head pops up as he does research by the ton.
He looks like a gopher as he searches hither and yon.
Finally exhausted he will pack up his gear.
Now he’ll do research on the computer to make it more clear.
He’ll know each it’s history. It’s date and it’s year.
Even whoever commanded it, plus their bombardiers.
The faces he’ll research to go with the names.
And emblems he’ll find that once adorned this old plane.
His friends from his club will go oh and then ah.
Then they’ll ask him to share with modelers, one and all.
By computer the details will spread the world before dark.
It will travel to people in every terrain, no matter how stark.
And modelers will smile as they build a new plane.
With details, and beauty, and history explained.
Now officially remembered with a new life for the old.
People now made happy will remember stories so bold.
I end my refrain with a history newly rediscovered.
An old plane’s life brought back, now on a modelers’ magazine cover.

Contest: Impress Me III
Motif: Historical.  Carol Eastman and Hubby

Copyright © Carol Eastman | Year Posted 2011

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Winter Woe

Whispering winds of winter woe,
icy branches bend and bow,
catfish cradled in the mud,
winter waters slow their blood.

Scampering squirrels, fat & fluffed,
chasing, leaping, playing rough,
the birds are bent on staying warm,
surround the suet in a swarm.

Babs and Buster, canine friends,
stalk the squirrels who torture them,
they snort and sniff at gopher holes,
tormented by these mining moles.

In the western window, warm,
the felines flourish through the storm,
soon the sunshine's streaming in,
thus the cooking of cats begin.

Cloaked and covered, in cozy coats,
we wait for Spring with hallowed hopes,
to lay upon the dock again
and feel the sunshine bake our skin.

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

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         And it came to pass...

  Man begat man, and giants walked,
 Among mighty men a righteous dearth:
  And to each took them wives
 That they bear and multiply the earth

  Their wickedness vexed The Lord
"I will destroy man and fowl on the wing,
  And a full end" it grieved Him so,
"Of all beast and creeping thing"

  The world was filled by violence
 But Noah walked with God and was just:
  And begat Shem, Ham, and Japheth,
 And they all did in The Lord trust

 "Go make an ark of Gopher wood,
 Upon the earth I bring a flood of waters:
  And with Noah establish a covenant
 In his seed - his sons and daughters"

 "That behold wherein under heaven
 Everything with breath of life shall die:
  Of two of every sort bring beast,
 Creeping thing, and fowl of the sky"

  For forty days and forty nights
 Upon the earth God caused it to rain:
  And the waters were greatly increased
 Till the fountains began to wane

  When the earth was again dry
 The Lord God spoke unto Noah saying
 "Go forth of the ark - bring back
 Every living thing there laying"

  Of three sons was the earth spread,
 And Noah planted a vineyard to behold:
  But of the wine had much drunk,
 And this Ham to his brothers told

  When Noah awoke from his wine
 He was wroth what Ham had done:
  And said "a servant of servants shall
 You to your brothers be my son"

  So blessed he Shem, and Japheth,
 That Ham dwell in the tents of Shem:
  And all the days of Noah were
 Nine hundred and fifty years to them


          King James Version

            September 2010

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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Alone on a Tropical Island

How I got here, I have no clue.  I do remember being on a cruise.
Passengers were walking, talking, and watching the cerulean blue sea sparkling.
Intrigued by the total awesomeness, I climbed on a thin ledge for a better view.
Everything else is one big blur.  Now, here I sit surrounded by white hot dry sand.
Alone, I am all alone.  I see some palm trees and a few shrubs, but they are far away.
I have no idea what I am going to eat.  I am getting thirsty and there is only salt water.
I do see a few butterflies at play.  There must be flowers with nectar; where, I wonder?
Now, I see a pocket gopher peeking out of his safe, shady underground home.  
That is what I need, shelter from the scorching sun.   And, I am thirsty, oh, so thirsty.
Maybe there are coconuts on those trees; I could eat coconuts and drink the milk.
When a cool tropical breeze begins to blow, I’ll head over to those distant trees.
What will I do?  How will I survive without supplies, or tools, not one helpful thing?

Ah, a breeze at last.  I’ll take a quick swim in the sea and then, head for the trees.
Oh, what a blessing!  Yes!  There are coconuts on the tree and many on the ground.
Smacking two coconuts together with all of my strength…payday!  The first one cracked.  
The warm liquid felt great on my dry mouth.  Now, to eat the meat with only a stick –
The sticks and husks under the tree will make a good fire.  I’ll start it with this flint I found.
Tonight, I will sleep under the stars; tomorrow I will build my shelter and make some tools. 
I rested very well, except for mosquitoes.  I noticed one bush with no mosquitoes near.
Beauty berry plants!  The crushed leaves make a good repellant.   

Now for my shelter –
Dried palm trees put across the two sister-sand-dunes with palm fronds covering,
Whalah!  A roof!  Palm frond on the back wall and the entrance… a shaded hut.  
Evidently, there was a tropical storm sometime back and that was my blessing.
Supplies!  Oh, a rock with a sharp point on it and a few straight sticks laying around,
Using vines, the rock, and 5 ft. stick, I can make a spear for fishing.  I wish I had a hook.
A short stick, vine-twine, and a smaller rock, I’ll make a hammer to crack the coconuts.
I arranged coconut shell halves in the sand to collect water during rains.
Confident that I could survive long enough to be rescued … maybe even longer,
I took coconut wood and husks down to the beach for a fire signal; then, prayed.


Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2017

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Breaking the Chain of Command

While bulldozers, drunk with gasoline
Have once again freshly scared and maimed
Where once lived trees and grass and sandlots free
Trembles now with engine roar, drowning out echoed glee
Where ghosts of children played their games
Are forced to leave their childhood memories
In trenched out holes, in broken trees
The big top guns....pour the concrete, build the towers
Ravage earth, take the power, then run- run- run

The dinosaurs raise their iron heads
Jaws dripping with loads of earth and grass
Like a gopher rampages through his halls
Forcing the small guys to their knees
One by one the disappearance of the land
And while the green world our grandfathers knew
Is gone in days, with every oak that falls
When this new invading presence someday is done
Has had his fill of dollar bills, 
Then soon abandons one and all..

What will be our fate
Who will mourn, who will recall?
Will we stand up, change the course 
Can we stop invading forces
Before it’s too late? Before we have lost it all?


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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Arsenic (true story)

We know it as a poison,here are some things that you may not know
It can drop one dead in their tracks, or it may take a while
A trickster, one of devious deeds, the Devil's tool
It may appear to be something else, when putting  on a show
The Mafia has been using it for years, they like it's style
Not something a common man learns in school

If given in the right amount, but not a lethal dose
The dosage prepared by someone with medical experience
Then to a "gopher" to administer the crippling task
In a few days will appear to be stroke, or very close
Leaving the victim helpless, with little or no defense
While arsenic hides behind the mask

Affects the right side of the brain and cripples the left side
Drives the blood pressure through the roof, three hundred plus
Your mind is going a million miles per hour wandering what is taking place
A severe cramp in your left leg, bent at the knee with your foot touching the backside
All you can do is lay there and cuss
You cannot walk, you cannot talk because of a twisted face

A stroke leaves ever lasting damage, arsenic will last for a few days
The blood pressure comes back to normal, but flash backs will haunt you
The doctors in this conspiracy, will doctor you for a stroke
Will tell you that you are not a doctor, i have found out as I have my ways
The people that do not know this, have no proof on what they can do
They will laugh at you, like it is a joke

They sent me a message each time, but I know that they will be back
Claim that they are going to make me pay, or drive me insane
Because those people are never going to be nice
Remain calm and pray, until the next attack
I never run, but now I walk with a cane
As for Mr. Arsenic, I have already met him twice

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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Reverse Psychology (true story)

Did you ever feel like you were fighting the Chinese army
In had to hand combat, you can never stop the flow
You are thinking, :God there has to be another way"
You just have to reverse their psychology
Or you are out of bullets and you are at The Alamo
Your best ammunition is to pray

Several years ago I had a low paying job in construction
My boss wanted to be Hitler, a slave driver
No matter how hard I worked, he wanted more
All it was doing was my destruction
To him I was just a gopher
So I had to change the numbers in the score

Working overtime, 7 days a week, I got tired
So early one morning, I went to his office to have it out
I knew that I had to go about it in a different way
One wrong move and I was fired
Made it short and sweet, left little doubt
He listed to what I had to say

"You know last night, I prayed hard for you"
Dropped his pen and his eyes got big, I had his attention
Like the fear of God was in his soul by what I had to say
Not giving him time to think I said, "might do it again tonight too"
"But did think that I would bring that to your attention"
Almost humbled he said, "Why would you do this for me"

"Well I figured that a feller like you needed a prayer"
But be careful you are not out of the woods yet"
"And No Sir, I don't want an apology"
"But wear a hard hat when you go out there"
"just thought that I would tell you so you don't forget"
"Why one of those old falling blocks could reverse your psychology

Copyright © Danny Nunn | Year Posted 2010

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Woodchuck Band

I fell down a Gopher hole
Slid up too a strange new land
Popping out the Gopher hole
I witnessed a woodchuck band

Together they were singing
About howling at the moon
The wolves just sat their laughing
As the woodchucks sang off tune

A surrounding like Woodstock
Made up of cuddley friends
All of them getting along
For real and not just pretend

A frog passes me a drink
Poured from a bottle of wine
His name is Jedda Dia
He is now a friend of mine

We party all through the night
Exhausted I fall asleep
I wake up in the morning
Greeted by a talking sheep

"Here is a cup of potion"
" drink it and you can go back"
"this is not a place for you"
" by day the kittens attack"

I admit I was confused
Yet I did wish to go home
So I drank down the potion
Then my mouth started to foam

As my head began spinning 
I thought I was going to choke
As I looked all around me
This strange new land turned to smoke

The very next thing I knew
I was back in my own land
Some of you think I'm crazy
I still remember the band

Traveling through the forest
Just be careful where you walk
You may slide down a gopher hole
And witness animals who talk

Others will say you're crazy
Quite bonkers like me
Imagination or reality
I prefer my insanity

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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Movie review

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Delectable nostalgic film:

Toe tapping “can” song
I am a Man song

Journey without seeking the treasure
Cows can’t swim, roofs measure

Little people push brooms
Fiancés deck grooms

Politicians run out on a rail
Some dance, with their tail

Baby face throws Bi-polar
Getaway car-high roller

Sirens sing then whisk away
Leaving toads behind that day

Blind rail traveler foretells all
But the rail car scene, Oh man- that fall!

“Kin is kin”- “gopher Everett”? 
“Dapper Dan man”, with a hair net

Some scenes I’d cut
Not necessary they put 

But otherwise a great dime
About three men “not” doing time

I’ve seen it about 4 times, still singing the songs

Copyright © Sandra Hudson | Year Posted 2009

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O, Viking Gods of The Norse

 O, Viking Gods of the Norse
you governed the mighty seas
your boats were built of gopher wood
and you made wise use of a breeze!

      Copyright McCuen 2008

Copyright © MC MC | Year Posted 2008