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Don't Go Out On A Limb by Asuncion, Bernard F.

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“...we achieve true wholeness by embracing our fragility...” Jalaja Bonheim i had no script no actors no stage instead let me direct this life my life stage the words add a subtle dramatic tone with fragility once the foundation is built i'll work on emotional recall work in the layers does it sing does it dance does it make you think does it make you feel you can design the most beautiful building in the world but with no structure it will not stand for this one i start with the word "I" yup that’s a keeper next go out on a limb "Love" it can't be all about me so i finish with "You" yes you ‘what happens when you open your heart?, your inner strength becomes an outer foundation.’

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2016

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Ladies Your Advice Please A Collaboration

A collaboration with the women from P.S.! Thank you to all who have taken the time to help with this collaboration! 

Brenda Chiri:

Help me ladies , I need your words of advise!
For I've been played, not just once but twice!
Of late in love I feel at fault, such shame.
But I remained loyal,why is it  myself I blame?

Yes a man I don't need, I know that much.
But no one can live, without anothers touch.
Tell me how once again,I can or if i can trust?
Please ladies for your words I need, it so much!

Jan Allison:

Grrr don't get me started on the subject of men.
Its not just the male sex,just think of when,
We suffer with MENstruation and then MENopause
And blokes drive us MENtal....yes men are the cause!

Kim Rodrigues

Lady number one will throw you a bone.
I mean, find yourself a puppy dog to own.
You'll find he's warm,you can nuzzle with him.
It's not a far stretch to go out on a limb.

Let me off a second choice- a cat and a book.
A little imagination to help you forget that schnook.
Everyone knows a kitten loves to read over your shoulder.
And with the itty bitty furball you won't get colder.

Eve Roper:

Yes a man is good at sweet seductive of words,
to gaze in your fragile eyes and taste your red wine.
Spin you round his finger like twine and say you're mine
Till he's full,grins boyishly flies away like the birds!

Lin Lane:

Men are proud creatures who hardly ever admit to being wrong.
They'll portray themselves as a good guy and string you along.
A portrait of humility until becoming controlling and headstrong.
So look behind the mask they wear before you sing a torch song.

Alexis Y.:

I tell myself, he loves me, he loves me not
I put up his crap because he's all I got
I came to realize I could do bad all by myself
Until a real man comes I'll put my love on a shelf

 Seren Roberts:

Words of advice are often said with forked tongue
Hoping you will follow and end up feeling glum
Listen to your heart, does it miss a beat
When your near a certain someone, or you just on heat.

A man is helpful sometimes when the loads are heavy
No sex though remember to reward with a biscuit and a bevvy.
As to the touching bit that's hard to overcome
Cos nothing is better than a man's well rounded bum

Suzette Richards:

If you are not understood; 
it is all for the good.
Keep the mystique alive; 
and let the men jive.
As the hunter, he thrives; 
satisfying his male drives.

Andrea Dietrich

Some helpful information for my female friends have I.
Most men adore attention, so give them what they crave:
your time, your adoration and for sure, some apple pie!
And then perhaps your guy might end up your love slave!

CayCay Jennings

My words may well be thoughts most unpopular,
but, I make no claim as a romantic scholar.
In my view, when dealing with the human lot,
it is a variety of personalities you have got.

I feel gender is not a character slot.
Either sex can be born a thorough snot
and a complete deceit of predator rot.
Friends or lovers can turn you distraught.

Janis Thompson

Yes, there are from Mars and we are from Venus *from a book
they need to treat woman like the weaker sex that they are
they need to realize they all need us but we don't all need them

Madison Demetros:

Where men become our suitors. 
Where a man will softly peck us on the cheek, and weave, interlace his fingers in our ribbons of silky hair. 

But the thing I love the most about them....
is how lovingly, how longingly they stare.

Winsome Miller-Rowe:

Testosterone is to blame
They say when accosted
That excuse is so lame
It leaves you exhausted

Tell him you prefer
A man using his head
Than a hormone swayed amateur
That is easily led.

New Note : Ladies still excepting any who want to add!!!1/17/18

Note:Any woman who would like to add to this please send me your rhyme and we can write you into this bit of advice!We are far from it being complete so if you want your advice to be added just soupmail me your rhyme and we can work it in! Thank you to the ladies who have already helped out!

Copyright © Brenda Chiri | Year Posted 2017

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The Spirit of Humanity

Lift me up
As I rise on shaky knees

Give me strength
To rise from this bottom of rocks
Willed in my determination
To climb back to this mountain top

Call me a Climber, ambitious
An Expeditionist

A Pilgrim on uncharted land
A Soldier on these battled bends
An Activist when I take a stand
Peaceful, but with determination

A Bird, I’ll go out on a limb
Holding tight against the wind
A Leader, I won’t hop the wagon with the crowd
Not back then, and still not now

A Dream of many faces, of many phases
Something courageous
Even in valleys we rise like nothing can break us
Even through opposition we rise together in greatness

Even when we stumble in our focused cause
We still hurdle boundaries and break down walls
In millions, we still pause
When a handful die by some madman's cause

There’s still something decent within us all

When we answer the cry of our fallen brother
Rebuild, pray, and aid in their recover
Because we are not one without the other

Copyright © Brandi Simpson | Year Posted 2012

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Regret is...
Not mending a broken relationship with a loved one

Regret is...
Not taking a risk in life to go out on a limb 
And try something life-changing

Regret is...
Not asking that cute guy out that comes in the 
restaurant everyday and sits at your table

Regret is...
Giving up a child for adoption
Deep inside knowing you couldn't take care of him,
But in reality you could have

Regret is...
Not publishing a book before Idie

Copyright © karen croft | Year Posted 2013

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Mr Fantastic

Bigger than bodacious 
Higher TCH than contagious

I poke at the smoke and make a cause to estrange this

…Toodle-to-do in my space ship

I love how much I can remake this-
And bank the right to go out on a limb

..Spill on the film
Make the gas on the ground increase its bliss

 Run through the breeze and accept your diss

Though it is time to resist
And look back at your breast

Ask mother to draw me up a sign

Because like it or not you are on my line
And my best friends,
And my bosses

Your eye’s doing crosses
And your cops pulling over bloggers

Wait, stop!
I said stop on a dime!
Pick one up and help pay for the blind!

We adore dances as long as they make man-shifts,
Make shift
Endanger wigs
Throw out chicken strips!
And hopeless trips!
Play out banquettes, with not enough men to spank it!
Even though they're all over it!

Callin'all out smurf!
And say **** anybody with my tip!
It's high in the mountain range
And it see's you as strange!

Blame  blame  blame!
And then do it all again!
Go to the gym later and explain!

Ask why do young men have names?...
I haven't given them my change!
I am still alive! 
I deserve to be played!

I am in turn to say hey, go away
You little brother,
stayin' for a long time and then bein' like...mine!

Copyright © Jimmi Canada | Year Posted 2013

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The Loneliest Caterpiller-A Tale of Bravery

Once upon a time there lived a very small caterpillar. She was quite shy, meek, and timid of small crowds. She would even go out of her way to avoid confrontation with the other insects until one very important day. One day she saw danger coming to her caterpillar environment and so she had to go out on a limb in order to get the attention of all the other insects. She had to make her presence known and forget all about her shyness. She even had to dress a little bit differently and carry a different tune in her heart. She had to help the rest of the caterpillars see that there was true danger on the horizon. She needed to show them what the future would bring.

A certain amount of time had passed and small tragedies began to happen in her neck of the woods. The branches of her tree began to shake and the apples all began falling from the trees. She tried to warn everyone up until this point in time, but no one would pay attention to her. Now her popularity grew and half the insect population came to hang out on her branch of the tree. She could not rest day or night. She was barraged with requests to speak to the other insects.

Soon enough the weather changed and the leaves began to fall. It was now autumn time and a mighty gust of wind came and took them all up. Up, up, and away to a mightier tree than they were perched on before. It was the mightiest oak tree of all. It made the tree they were previously perched on look like a small sapling. Once they arrived atop the new tree their entire existence began to change. They were now safe. They had solid shelter. They also had a view like none other.

What is the moral of this story you might ask? The moral of this story is that it takes a small meek caterpillar to accomplish great things! It also takes a brave caterpillar to go out on a limb to ensure the safety of the rest of the community. And thirdly, if you want to do something mighty for your community you must imagine yourself carrying out the task even before the opportunity presents itself.

Jeremiah 17:7  But blessed is the one who trusts in the LORD, whose confidence is in him.

Copyright © Gwendolen Song | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to an Arborculturalist

Why that no good little birch
I think I alder leaf her
My aspens in the dirt
Don’t you know I’m not that poplar
I damn near choked on a little oak
And though I tried I am not maple 
Now the branches are all broke 
and the limbs are so unstable
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Can’t see the forest for the trees 
Can’t tell just when the root will rot 
You know I think its elm diseased 
And I can do with out the knots 
Well now it’s really got me stumped  
Just when I should have sawed right through it  
And it’s too late to pack my trunk 
Or perhaps I just out grew it
I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later 
And bough out fir the one that’s true
Some trees grow up in a grove
Others make a stand alone
But there ain’t no peach with out a pit 
And there ain’t no pine with out a cone 

I’m sure the heart wood ain’t no good
So I won’t go out on a limb 
But when a tree is being felled 
I wish that someone would cry timber
I just don’t think that I’ll ever see 
A poem lovely as a tree 
So I won’t Beech and I won’t Pine 
I’ll just remind you one more time 

I could go against the grain
But I’d hate to needle yew  
So I guess I’ll cedar later  
If you were sap then you’d run too

Copyright © SE Harvey | Year Posted 2014

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Running Out of Time

As I look down from here
I feel like I am falling
That is when I realize
It’s you my friend calling

I go out on a limb
To gather my harvest
I must make it through
Winter is the hardest

I have to climb up higher 
To reach the best crop
But you my old friend
Always cause me to stop

I know you’re always with me
So I'm begging for your help
But I am still afraid
I’m just talking to myself

It’s starting to get colder
This summer was no fun
I have to get more food
Before this season's done

I’ll ask you once again
And face you with courage
Please leave me alone
While I put food in storage

I can hear you laughing
You think I’m just squirrely
I go through this each year
This fear makes my head swirly

I’ll go out a little more
I won’t look down, I'm fine
My friend you can’t go with me
I’m running out of time

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

*inspired by Matt's Funnest-Hardest Poem Ever contest

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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When I was very young
I heard a story of a princess
She was someone
That enjoyed pain of others

She was beautiful and powerful
She had many knights 
Whishing her hand in marriage 
But she did not care for any of them

Her expression was cold as stone
And her heart did not have a drop of love
In addition she enjoyed hurting people
Animals and games of bloody spectacles

She decided that only man she would marry
Would be the one who won a tournament
Tournament in which knights would fight
As the tournament began 

She calmly watched as knights 
Tore each other to pieces 
All for her amusement
Yet still 

She had neither pity nor love
For any of them
One of the warriors came from the east
He was very handsome

He fought very bravely
Like a lion
But his expression was such
That even knights defeated by him held no grudge 

The princess was amazed by his performance
And she actually started to care for him
When he won the tournament
She went down the tower with biting heart

And her cold expression was gone
She was ready to give him her hand in marriage
But to her surprise 
He did not want her

Because he knew what kind of person 
She was
This is how the story ends
Knight returned home with his honor

And princes who was antagonist 
In this story was left with noting
However in real life things go little different
For example

Most likely winner of the tournament
Would take the princesses hand in marriage
Because she was very rich
And if he didn’t

She would have had him killed 
In real life when someone goes out on a limb
They usually end up one who is hurt
Makers of Concord supersonic plane for example

Were unable to use their jet  
Because of technical problems 
As well as financial
And they were the lucky ones

Still I admire the knight
Although speaking from my own experience
It is very difficult to go out on a limb
And I don’t have a lion like will and courage

But to those who would try to punish me
I will be like a scorpion
Small and seemingly week
But that will sting like hot knife if someone tries to step on it

Copyright © Patrycjusz Kopec | Year Posted 2015

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Recent Argument

This is how we argue, it was 
texted back and forth...

Me: I give, you take
A smile I fake

I try and try
While you just stand by

I apologize, you accept
But it is a two-way concept 

While I'm walking on egg-shells
You push me and poke
What is this to you?
Some kind of joke?

I go out on a limb
you snap it in two
What is it exactly that I have to 

Hubby: Since you fake 
Like a snake 

And find anything wrong 
In anything offense you take 

I bark you bite 
You just want to fight

About nothing stress you bring
Im not dancing to what you 

Its not what you say and its all 
how you say it 

This code and cadence I can 
not break it

I have it worse than you
Your place i would trade it.

Me: WE bark and WE bite
WE shove and WE fight
WE take offenses at the slight
BOTH are wrong and NEITHER 
It takes TWO to make peace 
and TWO to fight

Hubby: ok'd

Copyright © Spanish Rose | Year Posted 2012

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on my mind

In due time, I still believe your heart will be mine. But it is hard to keep trying, When each approach fails, and I feel like dying. Yet I cannot give up, for giving up means to die, and I am far yet, from such cry.

But I know my words are senseless and dim, and I go out on a limb, when trying to make you see that you are the only love for me. I know the hardships, faced loving you, but right now it is all I want to do.

In a thousand lifetimes, I will still find you, and I hope to prove true. You are scared to get burnt, and left in ruin, but I swore on my life that wouldn't happen soon. For why, break what once was broken?

Why say what once was spoken? This life has gone by, and left us scarred, you too once dwelt in belief that someone cared. But you shut out any feeling, after so much pain, denying access to heal again.

The sad thing is, this confession might scare you away, but I'm really hoping, you'll choose to stay. For you know me, so deep, so well, and in my mind is where you always dwell.

Copyright © Nadine Strydom | Year Posted 2016

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it starts with us

what will tomorrow bring
 if today brought so much sorrow
that always has me wondering 
do i even want to see tomorrow

im tired of all the disappointments
im tired of all the problems we face
im tired of all the unemployment 
im tired of all the disgrace

we make no sort of sacrifice 
in making everyday a better day
yet we pray for a better life 
but we refuse to change our ways

we do have all the power
to bring about a change 
yea the choice is ours
we who bares  the shame

we can see a brother lying in the street
lookin as if he's about to die
when all he ask for was something to eat
yet we still pass him by

too busy to go out you way 
or to go out on a limb
 probly worried about someone would say
if they saw you helping him

and those of us too busy living our life
that we cant even give our children a hug
or offer a gentle word of advice 
and wonder why they're strung out on drugs

then the fact that we put our trust in people 
that tends to lead us astray 
doing anything they can and calling it legal 
and pushing us to go that way

and that's a few examples of our problems today
yet we hope for a change
but as long as we continue to live this way 
then we only have ourselves to blame

Copyright © Robert Walker | Year Posted 2012

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I spent all afternoon just filling out the application.
Actually it was about twenty five minutes if you don’t 
count the time waiting in line to fill it out.
The damn thing was four pages long, and they gave me a little pencil, 
like the ones they give out on golf courses, to fill it out with.
Some of the questions made me chuckle when I read them.
“Tell us about your past work experience.”
“How many licenses/certificates do you hold?”
“How many wpm can you type?”
That one made me laugh out loud.
I was applying for a job driving a hi-lo.
The Supervisor in charge of collecting the completed applications 
looked at me and smiled.
The one that really got me though was the one in the section they called the 
“Employment Agreement”.
It read: “Upon condition of employment would you be willing to submit 
to a background check and drug test.”
Submit, I thought, that word was ironic.
Yeah, I’ll stay up all night studying for the ‘drug test.’
I laughed so hard that I almost peed my pants.
When I finished, I handed it to the Supervisor.
She told me that she couldn’t help notice how much pleasure I 
expressed in filling out the application.
I told her I hadn’t worked in a little while.
She said, “Well, we are looking for enthusiastic types.
I’ll put your application in the ‘special’ pile.
I’ll go out on a limb and recommend you for the job.”
I thanked her.
She said she thought I would do well.
She said I seemed like the happy type.
I told her, Yeah, that’s me, happy.

Copyright © Mark Vigna | Year Posted 2014

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one in a billion

Its hard for me to find the words to explain.
Everything that you've invested, tears, sweat, and the pain.
Your dedication is a small measure of your worth.
In my eyes, a better woman has never walked the earth.
Life hasn't been easy, yet you took it in stride.
Noone suffered such hardships, and yet you do it with pride.
You made miracles, even when it wasnt enough.
What else, if that doesn't define a mother's love?
Telling you now, if you don't know how important you are.
I'll go out on a limb, there's no distance too far.
Cause to put it simply, i owe you too much.
My respect, admiration, and unconditional love.
You are my beginning, my end.
You're every woman, you're my sister, my mother, and friend.
A search for you wouldn't turn up none in a million.
You're irreplaceable, mama, you're a one in a billion.

Copyright © bruce griffin | Year Posted 2016

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Not Just Ivy

I am the vine. 	
I am a brilliant emerald that prospers along the earth. 
I am the protector, 
covering parts of nature you may have forgotten about.  
Like a father who protects his home, his wife, his children, 
I protect my garden, I prevent erosion. 
Parallel to the husband, the father, 
who is there to preserve, keep out impurities as well.  

I am a strong green vine 
running along pathways, guiding you along the way. 
The father also guides his children 
and is a strong, yet gentle presence in the home for his wife.  
Sometimes I stop, rest upon a fallen limb, 
waiting for my company. 
Likewise the husband must cease,
take a moment to breathe, rejuvenate.  
I do pray for you even though you may never know.  
You see, when I’m climbing to those high, steep places. 
I am gathering my thoughts. 
 I haven’t forgotten about you.  

I am the vine. 
I sometimes go out on a limb for you 
to be sure you get to where you need to go.  
Similar to the father who goes without 
many times just for the sake of his family.  
He is selfless, same vibrant green color as a praying mantis. 
I am sure to be found with three straight sides and points
so you will feel safe with what is familiar. 
The father also makes points daily
hopes his voice does not fall on deaf ears. 
I should never be without my points 
so you will never be without advice. 

I am a strong green vine 
I remain connected
 to not lose touch with what is relevant to you.  
That way you know I care.  
The husband must have importance. 
I am the vine.  He is the vine. 
If you join me, I won’t mind because then, 
you too will experience the feeling of worth.

Copyright © Althea Peak | Year Posted 2013

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Hollywood Holocaust

Fake in this city everyone takes. Money,Greed and sin indeed a ground were 
Satan surely breeds, This generation is raised to understand that Hollywood is 
the land of promise and plan the beautiful people that see life as so very simple 
as though their way of life is America's new temple. The big homes and nice cars 
a scar of success their all better than the rest i mean really are we to worship 
fake breast.

So my name is not on some walk of fame or my life displayed on freeze frame, 
hey that's the price of fame oh you feel violated when some one sticks a camera 
in your face and you take them to court and swear you have a case.

America don't conform to some Hollywood taste its just a waste what we 
sacrifice for them so they can be some big Hollywood gem and make millions of 
dollars for them. Right now i'am going to go out on a limb, i say all Hollywood is... 
is one big toilet to piss in never should any one inspire to go to Hollywood and 
build some fairytale empire along side these chump entertainers for higher.
America we must set our standards higher put out this raging Hollywood fire the 
need for a positive influence is dire.

Copyright © Cole Beck | Year Posted 2006

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Some People

Some people appear to accomplish so much,
You wonder just how they can do it.
Whenever an obstacle gets in their way,
They manage to barrel right through it.

They honor commitments, go out on a limb
And even push on when they’re sick.
They manage to finish so much in one day,
You’d love to know what makes them tick.

They nurture their families, check in with friends;
See doctors, pay bills, go to work.
No matter what problems are waiting to pounce,
There isn’t a challenge they’ll shirk.

Such people inspire both envy and awe;
They live on a parallel plane
Which, even if most of us try to approach,
We’ll find our attempts are in vain.

Copyright © ilene bauer | Year Posted 2013

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My Little Loyal Hands

Relationships are neither simple nor perfect 
Ever-evolving responsibilities and a unique bond
A delicate poise connects love and emotions
Are invariably thick by any yardstick and gives a free hand
Suffer hardships as well as times of joy 
And see the light at the end of the dark tunnel and realize 
After all it is just the end of the lair not the world 
Our battles are epic and one-sided
We were three with no leg to stand on
People stayed away in droves to add more power to elbows
My handsome, innocent boy and beautiful, gifted girl along.
The world would never dream half, they remain my hope ever.
Sometimes it's hard as a mother to accept
They took nothing except my love
I said my traits aren't the best at times to learn and take from
But they believe that they have it all from me
Had to go out on a limb to prove them right
They deserve abundance, I promise to give them all I can
Both happy moments and lessons of life
We hang out together at spicy snack corners and swing high on joy rides just to smile and live again in our own little world!
Knocked on wood and hid my tragic past
Kept in store to share when they grow big
I tried to inspire, impress and hid my true self at times
For them to watch me strong, brave and unbroken 
Lived million odd lives in one 
With firing sun and smiling moon 
Ups and downs or twists and turns
Faced hard times forgiving people 
Acceptance of loss and coping with that rout is terrible
I implant the seeds of wisdom in my little hearts
They wanted to be like me but I only have the best intentions 
Wanting them not to experience my life
As love supports, holds and mends the broken hearts
It's just motherly love at all times.
They've faced many challenges though 
Sometimes with only problems, no father, little to no money
Still the humans they've become are truly Amazing!
Mother's love for kids never runs out, became lonely together 
Left behind the painful past memories and start anew
Went through times of grief and joy together as one!
They received my life with love and compassion 
Recognized my past and loved me for what I am!
I would have never reached this far
If He had not poured unseen blessings upon!
I call for no vision to see Your immeasurable wonders
My Lord! For I know the battle is not mine but Yours
Every thing happens for a reason 
He gave my kids as My little loyal hands forever!
God's mercy descends I know not from where
Now, they know that My face, my hope, my sorrows and joy
Are theirs as well!


Copyright © Hussaina Azgar | Year Posted 2017

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he friend me on fb

he friend me on fb

i have no idea how my ex found me
like a sniffing dog he did
can you imagine that
king of the blood hounds 
on my trail
and on my nerves now
after all the pain he put me through
he wants to friend me on his face book page
what am i suppose to do
what would you do
for a long while, i looked at the request
noting the time and date
hoping not, praying not
like the words can come to life and bite me
like a snake
i was scared
i'm not going to lie
i been snake bitten with him before
many, many times
countless times crying myself to sleep
so what's a girl suppose to do
one thing i know
trust me on this
he's not the olive branch type of guy
he doesn't go out on a limb
he's in it for himself
so i couldn't  understand the fb request
but you know me
one of many blond airheads of his
and i bet he has many, many
i went to his site anyway
i don't know
but they should now cut my fingers off for penance 
anyway, anywho, anyfool  
i came so close to pressing the accept button
and sending him a message
can you believe that
me airhead trying to reconcile 
no he needs to do better than that
yo mama
mama you up in the heavens
listening with big ears of yours
listening to all this
ready to gossip
i know you
i know you
mama get back on your seat
whats a girl suppose to do
funny bunny got bit by a snake
and funny bunny still likes him
men, men, men
they get in your hair
mess it all up
and women miss that
just telling the truth
but don't tell him that
mama you having fun up there
please put that voodoo doll away
for now
and please sing to me
in my time of need

connie pachecho


Copyright © connie pachecho | Year Posted 2017

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Just Live

Live it up, while you still can,
Because life, won't happen again,

Don't think of tomorrow, or the day after that,
Live your life for today, because that's where you're at,
Don't dwell on the past, because it's done,
Your life may not be long, and you only get one,

Don't think about, what you don't have,
Think of what you've still got, and what you've had,

Take a chance, go out on a limb,
That chance just might, not come again,

Live for yourself, not anyone else,
Because when they're gone, you're all by yourself,

When one door closes, another will open,
It just might be, the one you were hoping,

There is no fate, there's no destiny,
We make our own lives, from what we believe,

Don't live you life, in constant sorrow,
Because the best day you've ever had, may be tomorrow

So what do you think, would be the best day of your life,
Well do it today, because tonight might be, you last night

Copyright © Jesse Jorges | Year Posted 2008

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In Search Of

In search of love,
I'll go out on a limb.
In search of friendship,
I'll search until time ends.

Where there's love
that's where I'll be wrapped
within its mystic clouds
of happiness so protectively.

True love and friendship
derives from deep within onself,
so once found,
gladly share it with someone else.

For all things are given freely
from the heavenly father above
remember this as you go along
your journey for whatever you 
are in search of.

Copyright © Larry Richardson | Year Posted 2006

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Out On A Limb

If I told you how long I’ve liked you, what would you say?
Would we still be friends?
I could go out on a limb,
and see if you saw me as more than a friend,
but what if you didn’t?
What if finding out scared you away?
Could I handle rejection along with your loss?
Then again, what if by some grace of God,
you felt the same, but were always too timid to admit?
I can let this feeling pass away, 
but I know from history that it will comeback another day,
Maybe not tomorrow, but it will be back, 
it’s a feeling I never seem to truly kill,
and until I find out the truth, I don’t think I ever truly will

Copyright © Daron Long | Year Posted 2006

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Don't Go Out On A Limb

L-et Tuesday morning come, 
I-n twenty-fourth January; 
N-ight cold chill disappears, 
D-awn erases the

B-lue water in the pool
O-pens the time for a swim; 
H-aven't yourself gone
O-ut on a

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017