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The Mystery of the NA

I was once really new to our Poetry Soup,
and I knew I should try to join in with the group;
post my poems on site to be read by a few,
and then give it a whirl, join a contest or two.

Soon a couple of them were a win, a good score;
was on top of the world, so I entered one more.
But to my big surprise when that contest was done,
my sad eyes saw in fact that my write had not won.

I clicked on 'Contest Entries' and saw it was there.
But, behold, a strange sign near that one, I declare!
An N/A…what was that?  Very weird, was this right?
Could not find what it meant anywhere on the site.

So I looked up N/A on the Internet, but
what I found was not good, left me still in a rut.
This N/A symbolized a long list, now for me,
my head spun to fit in which of these it could be??

   N/A…Not Applicable………Did I not follow rules?
   N/A…Not Available………Did my entry get lost?
   N/A…No Answer………Did they try to call me?
   N/A…Not Authorized………Did I need an okay?
   N/A…No Action………Did I fail to take steps?
   N/A…Negative Approach………Did I say something wrong?
   N/A…Not Analyzed………Should my write be explained?
   N/A…No Acknowledgement………Did I fail to respond?
   N/A…No Account………Did PS lose my file?

I Soup-Mailed contest judge and her answer therein,
“Well you see, the N/A means your piece did not win”!
Now I still do not know what N/A represents
When my poems don't win in Soup contest events!

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: Quirky Things That Confuse and Confound Me
Sponsor: Caren Krutsinger
Judged: 07/14/2018

~1st Place~
Contest: New or Old 4
Sponsor: Eve Roper
Judged: 08/05/2016

~1st Place~
Contest: The Contest
Sponsor:  Jerry T. Curtis
Judged: 01/10/2015

Anapestic Tetrameter (5 verses of 12-syllables lines)
Anapestic Dimeter (N/A Section - Questions Only) 

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2014

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Jesse's Girl

Rick Springfield's Jesse's Girl was playing on the radio, we were all partying guys and girls out on my patio. I prayed no one or you would catch me looking your way, noticing what I was doing for the better part of the day. The music?, just irony, go ahead give it a whirl, here I am awestruck by you my best friends girl I just know this is so wrong all the thoughts I have about you. You always look like you smell like soap taste like morning dew. You always look like you just came out of the dryer. I really have to ignore this urge or end up in the fryer. There's a girl just to my left I know it's me she's talking to. She might as well be talking to the wall all I can see is you. It's my party, my house but I grab my jacket and leave. Suddenly I hear someone running behind me, it's Steve " You ok guy, you're white as a sheet, are you ill?" he says, worry on his face. I reply "I'm fine, chill." "Good. Mind if I join you?" he counters and he's all in. Guilty is my middle name but I don't tell him of my sin. "I've been staring at your girlfriend all night" I think! "Is that what I should tell him?" I am on the brink. I change my mind and I decide not to tell him anything. We walk for a while before he shows me a wedding ring. He explains he is ready to take the leap. I listen quietly I don't make a peep. What is wrong with me? This is my childhood friend, I might as well be Judas look at if I wish his end. He is Caesar and I am Brutus with a knife in my hand. How did I get here what am I thinking this was unplanned. I congratulate him, his hug says it all. He suspects nothing, nothing at all. I know I will be selling my eternal soul when we finish, at the end of this stroll. I haven't told you the other side until now, she looks at me too. She can't take this vow. I know I will lose a lifelong relationship. I don't care. I'm going for it. Let it rip I 'm going to move in on her this very night or in the morning in the bright of the light, share my feelings. I am sure she feels the same way too I am sure she will, if she didn't I wouldn't know what to do. Steve must of left, but when? He was just with me. Two men lead me to a room. Lock the door for me. Everyone must of left. I hear screams in the hall. I think they injected something in me, the gall. The dream the dream I am having...again. Rape...murder...bodies, Steve, her, me, insane. What did I do?...what did I do?...wet I'm wet. Sleep. I have to sleep. That's it you bet. I bolt up. She's in bed with me. She's with me. A nightmare. I was was all make believe. These nightmares have to stop...these bad dreams. Go back to sleep. Yes. In the hall, what are those screams? 03/10/2014

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Neither a pauper or a king

Neither pauper or a king

I've got nothing I could give
but for you I would live
Will you take me as I am?
(cause) I'd love to be your man

I've got nothing in this world
Got no diamonds got no pearls
Love for you to be my girl
Take my hand give it a whirl!

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

In love forever we would be
happy for eternity
What a blessing it would be
If you'd just say YES to me

Together, we can fly so high
through the endless starry sky
and just like a butterfly
our life will flutter by

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

And if you say YES to me
I'll make you so happy!
(cause) you are my destiny
Please, come set my soul free

I'm neither a pauper or a king
but, I've got a wedding ring
be my wife, make my heart sing
with you I've got everything (I need)

Repeat chorus
Fade to zero

John Derek Hamilton
June 4,2017

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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Wish You Were Here with Me

I’m driving down this country road, it’s all in bloom
Top down I’m listenin’ to our favorite tune
Missin’ you next to me with your perfume
Wishin’ you were here with me

Thinkin’ ‘bout last night and what you said
Can still feel your touch as I look ahead
It feels so good that it fills my head
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I find myself smiling just thinking of you 
The world through your love is such a great view
This feelin’s so real I don't want to come to
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

I’m wishin’, you were here

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

We’ll have our time just you and me girl
I wouldn’t trade you for the whole world
I think we ought to just give it a whirl
I’m wishin’ you were here with me

Yeah, I’m sure this is the time for you and me girl..
I’m wishin’ you were here with me..

Here with me..
I know with you I just win
It’s easy to see..
If I don't know now then when

I’m wishin’ you were here
Oh wishin’, wishin’, wishin’ you were here..

(I am wishin’)
I am wishin’

(You’re here with me)
You’re here with me

(Wishin’ you were with me)
Wishin’ you were here with me
Here with me..
(Here with me)
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..
I’m wishin’ you here with me..

Copyright © Shawn Sackman | Year Posted 2013

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''Broken Wings''

Bird in a guilded cage, a broken heart, a solitary soul
Road less travelled, a soul full of longing, my heart bleeds
On a wing and a prayer, my heart is a lonely hunter, a weary soul
    Kiss the rose, look into my eyes
    Endless words, my heart laid bare
    No man is an island, tears fall like rain

        Words that were left unspoken, over and over again

It's never too late to change, wish upon a star
Near and dear to my heart, when all is said and done
Give it a whirl, as time passes by, my soul is weeping, weeping

    Stop and smell the roses, till the end of time

May 9, 2015



Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Dark Twisted Dreams

I've been having the nightmares for a while now each night,
      Although I know in my heart there is no chance of escape;
I really pray that this night will be different and that he won't come,
            But let me start from the beginning of this story.

A while back, my friends were bugging me to start dating again,
      They said it was unnatural for a pretty girl to be without a man;
But I had buried my one true love and was quite happy with my life,
           But they nattered on and on about dating sites and love.

So one day I decided to give it a whirl, why not at least try,
      I went to a site on line that had been suggested by many;
And I entered a lovely profile of my likes and a sweet picture of me,
            Within minutes I was receiving comments and emails.

But in reading the profiles, I felt that they were not for me,
      This went on for weeks and I was rejecting every single one;
My friends said, you have to meet them before making a judgement,
             Well I supposed they were right so I decided to go for it.

The next man who contacted me seemed to be perfect,
      He wrote that he came from London, loved everything Victorian;
Well I love everything Victorian too, he said he worked in medicine,
           Well I am a nurse, he said he liked tea, well me too.

So I made a date with him to meet at a tea shop not far,
      I took a lot of time to look pretty, washing my hair, makeup;
I saw a man enter and a horrible feeling came over me, oh no,
          And yes, he was walking towards my table, smiling.

I wanted to run but he was blocking my way, I was trapped,
      He said hello, he had a pleasant voice all right, and was polite;
But the problem was he had no neck and his skin was horrible,
            His body looked distorted, like a big bloated potato.

Somehow, I made it through the tea and strained conversation,
      He said, he travelled a lot and was looking for a companion:
Did I have a passport, I lied no, I said, your picture is different,
           The more I had to look at him the more awful he became.

I was screaming inside of me, oh why, did I listen to people,
      This was a living nightmare and I had to get away from him;
I excused myself for a moment and I just headed for the door,
            And I literally ran home, I was weeping while I ran.

Oh my, what had I got myself into, why had I listened to others,
      I went to my computer and deleted that stupid profile;
I even took a shower to wash off the scent of him in my mind,
            That night was the first of the nightmares I was to have.

I would be sleeping like an angel and then wake to that face,
      The face with no neck and a bloated body naked in my bed,
There seemed to be a slime coming off him and a nasty stench,
            And I would wake up screaming and screaming.

Those dreams have haunted my nights for quite a long time,
      They frighten me so much that I try to not close my eyes anymore;
I lay there in my bed waiting for this real-life monster to arrive,
            But he is waiting too, waiting for me to close my tired eyes.
                           Because, he really was a monster searching.

September 21, 2015


Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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My laptop is a very pretty shade of purple,
     I open her top gently and dust off her keys;
        Calmly I press the start key and wait patiently,
And I wait patiently composed in myself and full of hope.

I am humming when at last I am connected,
   The internet is before me and I am on my way;
       And then it happens, "internet connection lost,"
Oh gosh and darn it I start the whole process once again.

And again and again I try but not quite so calmly,
     Okay finally here we go I am on my way to creating;
        On my way to poetry soup and to writing a poem,
And then it happens, "poetry soup is not responding."

I am ready to throw the computer out the window,
   I scream at my laptop, "your usefulness is used up;"
      Off I go to have a tea and to smooth my feathers,
Kitty has been watching me and decides to give it a whirl.

March 22, 2015

Light Poetry

For the contest, Computer Poem Contest, sponsor, Carol Eastman

First Place

Copyright © Dear Heart | Year Posted 2015

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Trolling for Love

I'm floatin in a boat,
in the middle of the sea,
and I've got my trusty fishing rod with me.
I'm trolling for love, 
sweet, soft and demure,
so I cast our my line, 
and my heart is the lure.
come on precious mermaid, 
come hither sweet girl,
hop into my boat, 
and lets give it a whirl,
with our wing tips igniting, 
and our eyes brightly glowing,
deep passion pulsating, 
sweet liquid love flowing.

Copyright © Jean-Pierre Gregoire | Year Posted 2011

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A Woman Not a Girl

On this earthly plane I've come to be
an older woman,not a girl.
But in my dancing reverie
bend me over and watch me twirl!

For there came a time inside my life
I could only see the years pass by.
Realization cut like a knife;
I spent my days upon a sigh.

Then I put away my childish things;
one moment and they were gone.
I learned even the caged bird sings
when breathing in the newborn dawn.

Never a shrinking violet here
on the stage of my own history.
I'll keep going for now it's clear
life's really not such a mystery.

So I'll rock on into the night
when joy appears,give it a whirl.
Turn all the darkness into light
for I'm a woman,not a girl!

By Deb Wilson
for contest"Coming Of Age"
sponsored by Frank Herrera

Copyright © Deb Wilson | Year Posted 2012

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Take a Toke

Light up a joint, lets give it a whirl,
the illness you have is making you hurl.

The pain is so bad you want to cry,
take a couple of tokes and you'll be high.

The pain will dim as you stumble down the block,
time seems to be dragging, but not the clock.

Don't mind if you catch yourself mumbling,
run to the refrigerator, your stomach is grumbling.

A foot long sub and a bag of potato chips,
before you know it, pants get stuck on hips.

Forget the urge of wanting to shop,
you may get pulled over by a cop.

Insurance will not pay, it will cost you money,
that's all good, because you'll think it's funny.

Soon your head will feel like you're drinking booze.
Time to lay down for a nice little snooze.

Time to wake up and break out, the chronic weed.
If you want this "medicine" go plant a seed.

It may not be legal but a doctor has the say,
of what he wants to give you to take pain away.

It's up to an individual how to manage their pain,
I would rather not kill, the cells in my brain.

For Michael Jordans Medical Marijuana Contest

Copyright © Karla Null | Year Posted 2010

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Looks Decieve

Went to a dance to meet a girl
Thought I might give it a whirl
What a beauty tall and slim
Golden hair so wispy thin

Bright blue eyes and rosy cheeks
Stood right out amongst the freaks
Walked as if she were on air
To the other girls it was not fair

Then when I asked her for a dance
She said you haven’t got a chance
Stuck up was she so rich in look
But then perhaps she could not cook

Later met a girl so plain
Took her home on the last train
She could cook and she could love
Looks deceive my turtledove

Not good looking plump not fat
Long black hair in two big plaits
Full of love and friendly too
And for me she’ll surely do

Copyright © Owen Yeates | Year Posted 2013

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Hair Everywhere

Hair Everywhere

Hair Everywhere

Every part of my body looks rather shoddy because it’s covered with hair
   There isn’t a place, even my face, that has managed to remain bare
Time goes by, and I don’t know why, but it just keeps on growing
   Like drifts of snow when it’s five below and winter winds are blowing

Covering my back there is no lack of curly long black stuff
   And on my shoulders as I get older there’s way more than enough
It grows on my toes and everyone knows it blankets my forearms too
   Sometimes I yearn for a mild sunburn, but none of the rays get through

Could it be a bad omen that my abdomen has a layer of dense dark locks
   I look like a brute in a bathing suit; I’d rather hide in a box
There’s a wooly bush all over my tush and fuzz growing out of my ears
   And to my mustache, I say “Balderdash;” Got any pruning shears?

One thing for sure; it’s hard to endure; in fact; it’s really a bother
   I’m not certain of where I got all this hair; it might have been my father
It’s clearly true that he’s hairy too, so it’s probably due to genetics
   At least as a girl, I can give it a whirl and cover some with cosmetics

Copyright © alan balter | Year Posted 2017

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Joy is a thing
That comes
In the morning
Or noon
In the bedroom
Or locker room

Joy makes me leap
When my feet are sore
Or when my cheeks
Cannot rise
To the occasion

Joy is another heartbeat
Another wind breeze
Another shutting off
Of the car’s engine
Another reprieve

Joy is ephemeral, complicit
Joy is effacing, exquisite

Joy is one small item
In the corner store
Joy is my friend’s knock
At the door

Joy is the justification
For every smile splitting my head
Joy is the juxtaposition
Of every nightmare & dream
Fighting to the finish
In my 2 a.m. bed

Joy comes when I least expect it
Joy arrives when I’m exhausted
Joy calls when life is exiting grim
When the pounds are removed
On the scale of the gym

Joy is my companion
Joy is my sin
Joy is my compatriot
In a world of toxic gin

Joy flies in the face
Of the nightly news
Joy is a drug
When you’re not
In the mood

Joy cannot be explained
Dissected, categorised
When you’re dejected,
It cannot be analysed,
When your moods are
Shifting, modulating,
Moving, stimulating

The tides change
At the lonely beach
I am alone
Feet soaking 
In the shallow pools

Life is beyond prediction
Time is beyond abduction
Sighs are beyond allusion
Smiles are beyond transduction?

The leaves have turned
Though it’s July
The teens have learned
Even in the summer time

Why am I writing?
Why am I poetising?
Why am I squeezing precious juices
From my 
Grey matter spaces?

The answer lies in a question
The search for the sources
The origins of elation
The quest for explanations
The longing for responses
The demand for clarification
The end of anticipation

Births and deaths
Weddings and separations
Graduations and bankruptcies
Grand openings and 
demolition’s ease

I cannot account for 99%
Of what happens 
Under the sun
Or cloudy skies

But this one thing I do know
Despite my challenged mind:
In the control tower
There’s only one person
You can find:

That’s yours truly
Your shadow buddy
The wearer of your 
The dweller of your

Winds come, winds go
Traffic’s stuck, traffic flows
The world’s an oyster
A crystal ball, a sieve
The batter’s up
It’s you, waiting to relive

The next moment
The next chance
Oh, joy’s hopin’
To be asked to dance

Give it a whirl
Give it a spin
The gates are open
Join the joyous

Copyright © Vin Nelsen | Year Posted 2017

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To the girl that I used to be

When I was 5 years old, I remember that I ran wild and free.
I always wanted to grow up, become a better person, and become the person I always wanted to be.
I always thought of myself as a powerful and sassy little girl.
I always told my mother No and I always tried to give it a whirl.
She asked me what do you want to be when you grow up?
You know what mom, I want to be a princess. As I said drinking out of my cup.
I mean what little girl didn’t want to be a princess or a rockstar when they were younger?
When I would go in public, I would have a costume to be under.
I tried to act like I owned myself, and I knew that my mom took great care of me.
She always disciplined me and sometimes she had to count to three.
I always wanted to grow up and be just like her.
When I get older and older, my past is starting to become a blur.
When I was 10, I acted like the rebel child.
Even though what I was doing wasn’t bad, she knew I was wild.
She told me I couldn’t have a boyfriend, until I was 16 years old.
I mean come on, 16 years old. Yeah mom I don’t think so. In my class people were already getting married on the playground. Their marriage was going to be bold.
When we were driving back from a volleyball game, she asked me.
What do you want to be when you get older? I mean you have the key.
This time I didn’t know what to say.
Maybe a doctor, I don’t want my future to be gray.
I was a nerd. 
I always wore glasses and I had braces. I could hardly say a word.
I made stupid mistakes and sometimes you couldn’t put up with it.
I always threw a fit and most of the times you just wanted to just quit.
Now I am 16 years old and I am growing more and more to be like you.
I have become more compassionate person and now it feels like time has flew.
I am getting told all around that you look just like your mom.
I know I shouldn’t worry about it because my mom is the bomb.
Now my mom, looks into the beautiful girl I have become. 
She has seen all of the obstacles I have overcome.
Maybe I should ask you again. What do you want for your career?
I strongly say I honestly think that I want to be a Creative Writing because I am so in love with writing. I just wanted to make it clear.
I have become a person who was terrified of thinking outside of the box.
To someone who loves being creative and loves to talk.
I am glad that I have become more of an individual because she has pushed me to do my best.
Thank you for everything. I am truly blessed.

Copyright © Brooke Munden | Year Posted 2016

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Poetry Stuff

I'm not too good at what they call
But I guess I can give it a whirl at this
All these people seem so fond of, all this
that is written here and there looks like the
I used to write when I was a child, I guess it's 
after all. well, I'll again attempt this poetry

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2011

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Life's A Grabber

Life's a grabber, ain't it? With all of its up and downs Never know what's in store Best to be a clown! Whatever life hurls at you Just laugh and giggle away Time to worry tomorrow Tomorrow's another day! This is my own philosophy Won't work for everyone Give it a whirl, let it go Kick it up, have some fun! Life will be long and happy With sunshine every day Don't worry bout the forecast Just smile and chuckle away! Life's a grabber, ain't it? Don't waste it on some frowns Click your heels, skip along Turn nasty upside down! © Jack Ellison 2014

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2014

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My Mind Is Twisted

My mind is twisted, not your average mind Off centre is a good way to describe it Not saying it's a bad thing or totally unwelcome Kinda like this weird kinda twist Normal and mundane just has never appealed Always had a strange outlook for sure Look at things from a different perspective A little weird but sure not a bore Everyone should try it, just give it a whirl Why am I promoting this thing Until you experience it you'll never know joy It will cause your dear heart to sing I'm really not special, just discovered a truth To feel happiness all else above Since grade school, teen years, now old and grey The secret's no secret, it's love My mind is twisted, not your average mind Off centre is a good way to describe it Not saying it's a bad thing or totally unwelcome Kinda like this weird kinda twist © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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about the great poets here

(my friends i wrote the piece below in one long exhale. i did not change a word but 
rather let it sit as it fell. could the writing be improved. yes it could but why try to 
create a masterpiece when finger painting is so much fun. you have greeted me with 
wide open arms. you have been a great support at a stressful time in my life. so here 
it is from my heart to yours.)

they are those who ride us on their backs
 send us on journeys to places they built
one chess piece at a time

they put into words 
what we knew 
but could not say

why am I telling you this

there are wonderful poets here

choose a dish
 visit their buffets
taste more than one feel
give it a whirl

experience worlds you'll never find on a mac
visit their vivid dreams
drive one of their soap bubbles
ski on the end of a needle and thread

discover the barely open doors
the naked flesh between the creases
 displays lined in scrap paper
that one can absorb eyes closed

crawl  under and over the sea
tunnel the milky way to a brand new galaxy
witness a sky that like curtains part
peak at what is on the other side

life is short play nude
spend a bitty bit of time 
with bitty bits of folksy folks
 on a striped colored blur 

they are special the poets who live here
so do yourself a flavor 
put on your roller blades 
and go for the tricycle ride of your life

here is the best part and get this
(i hope your holding your breath
and turning red white and blue)
some of their poems rhyme
some of them even use styles

here comes the huge reveal
( unlike me who is not really a poet
and doesn't actually know it)
they use good grammar
extensive vocabularies
and here's the kicker
capital letters
and proper punctuation 

go figure
which they also use
well that figures

there are great poets here
you do yourself a disfavor 
if you're only here to write
and not here to read

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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Dad And Me

She said "Let's go to Dad And Me, it really would be neat."
I couldn't say no. I loved her so. She was so young and sweet.
A weekend just for us, my daughter and I, with so many things to do.
Arts and crafts, swimming and fishing: for a dad, it was a dream come true.
We packed up the car with camping gear. We packed everything on our list..
Mom helped out, checking it over, to be sure there was nothing we missed.
We got checked in and were assigned our tents. It was quiet and serene.
We sat around a campfire telling stories and drinking water from our own 
Next morning at dawn, we met at the mess hall, eager for an early start.
It was time for some boating and fishing, then to the pool.
After lunch we would do some art.
Our day was planned into the night; an answer to a father's prayer
No matter where we'd be in the years to come, we'd have this memory to share.
Sunday morning we had some archery, and in the woods we could see some 
My daughter gave me a hug, smiled and asked "Dad, can we do this again next 
I didn't have to think twice. It was so nice. I said "Yes, we'll give it a whirl."
Another weekend to look forward to. Just me and my little girl.

   This was written for my daughter, Tina, and the wonderful "Dad And Me" 
weekends we had at Camp Louise near Berwick, Pennsylvania.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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First time thou opened thy eyes, thou started to cry, First time thou stood on thy feet, Fell on clay, when assayed to fleet, Thou first day of the school, Sojourned puling on the stool, First ever exam of thy life, Graphite refused to write, Numerous first times when thou tried, still couldn't ride, But thou hast never given up, strived again, & cemented thy reign, Then why should thou quit, if thou failed in first love? Indeed Thou won't hold gloomy memories & blub, Love is everywhere & will be eternally, Until thou succeed, just give it a whirl sequentially .......

Copyright © Owais Ahmad | Year Posted 2014

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I'll always be there

I'll always be there

I know you felt so persecuted
so abandoned and deserted
but, many troubles were averted
I'll always be there

I know, life's been hard on you
but, you have had some blessings too
somehow true love has escaped you
but, I'll always be there

Your days have been filled with trouble
you've not yet learned how to live
Why not learn from my experience

Are you ready?  'Cause I'm ready!
When you're ready,  I'll  be ready!

Here in this wild and crazy world
you're my one and only girl
so, take my hand let's give it a whirl
I'll always be there

Life with me is not like a dream
'cause this life's much harder, than it seems
but we can win, 'cause we're  on the same team
I'll always be there

Are you ready?  'Cause I'm ready!
When you're ready,  I'll  be ready!

Our life's been great all through these years
We've both conquered all of our fears
and, I'll keep drying all your tears
yes, I'll always be there!

Chorus repeat and fade

John Derek Hamilton

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2017

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wedding day

Nothing like waking up to walking down the isle,
knowing that your soon to be husband is excited. 

You've been waiting for this since you were a little girl,
you just couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

you start to get ready as your mom is there, 
as she sticks little pink flowers in your hair.

You start walking to the entrance as your dad cries,
you walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek and tell him it will all be alright.

He just cant believe it that his little girl is leaving, 
He don't want to give you up so he keeps on weeping.

you'll always be his little girl so go on be happy,
just always know he'll always be your daddy.

Copyright © Jessica Davila | Year Posted 2009

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my pain

My Pain
Into the rig I drew my blood into
You could never know the pain I’ve been through
I can only think of myself as ick
The pain I’ve caused makes me sick
The tears I’ve shed could fill a small brook
Why god did you bless me with a ugly look
Where is my shield to hide behind now
Id rather die and come back as a cow
Some say life becomes rainbows and flowers
Id love to be able to harness sobrieties powers
Advice for others I can dish
Help for myself I can only wish
My heart and soul I wish I could train
Id never help others for personal gain
Why she likes me I don’t know, she’s a beautiful girl
But hell, ill trust her and give it a whirl
Now its time to wrap this up
My confidence in me, would only fill a small cup

Copyright © nick faber | Year Posted 2011

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Who I am

They ask who I am so I think I will give it a whirl
I am a father to my sons and a very special little girl
I Work harder than most men with such precision
I write poetry that portrays my opinionated vision
I hold the door open for all who follow 
I rise when I fall no matter how hard to swallow
I speak with confidence I believe in me
I strive for success and being all I can be
I raise my children with the methods of my Mother
I love my Sister and I miss my little brother
I struggle to smile, some days are easier to accept
I have the personality that no one can forget
I tell good jokes I make people truly enjoy
I sometimes cry and my smile's a decoy
I have been through more than the average man
Never break the law or ended up in the can
I took care of the less fortunate  for 5 yrs strong
Then fell into depression because they were treated so wrong
I don't need lots of money to have a good time
I seem to be hitting what they refer to as my prime
I lost some loved ones because I could not Heal
Just wish they considered how depression made me feel
I was treated as if I wanted what took place
I remember feeling like a failure a total disgrace
I have come a long way from where I was stuck
I understand now I don't need good luck
I wish that someday I could help promote change
I have So much to offer yet too much to arrange
So I write about change in lines of poetic verses
Because poetry helped me escape the constant curses
I will end this poem on the upmost powerful note
be respectful Promote love, teach your children, believe in yourself 
and you will stay afloat

Copyright © SEAN TROTT | Year Posted 2016

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Carpe Diem

Seize the day, That’s what they say;
But how do I even start;
I spend my day, wasting away;
I don’t even use my heart;

How can I seize what I can’t see,
I don’t know where to begin;
How can I be the best of Me,
Without fighting the battle within!

I will sure try, to figure out why,
I can’t seem to jump start my life;
By being so shy, it’s me I deny;
I’ll never be somebody’s wife!

But I have learned that when you yearn,
For something for long enough;
You have to spurn all your concern,
You just have to be tough!

And show the world that you’re a girl,
That isn’t going to give in;
Just give it a whirl, let it unfurl,
Then you will surely win!

Copyright © Tirzah Conway | Year Posted 2010