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A Cathartic Weave Of Three

Listen to poem:
listen, the whispers of leaves turn colour autumn is here. now that you are gone who will wake every morn to lift the sun unveil the sky etch in the clouds who will paint the rainbow? i had a dream and in the dream i wove you a poem i used the fiber of my character to create spools of silken thread dipped in the juices of my passion i dyed them in the colors of my imagination re-enforced each and every single strand with the strength of my love touch, the echoes of the rain - waters - blossoms spring. now that 'us' is just a word no longer with you as one i alone wind up metal toys cut out paper dolls the beach swept from under my feet the child in me flees. spun spools from the intricacy of my spirit designed a pattern to the rhythm of the music of my inner thoughts enamoured in your vision crystal beads gather on my brow as i toil your finely bred gift as i braid every part of me with every memory into every sliver of fabric taste, uncut snow shapes crisp cold ices the wintertide. instead now rusted a fools gold chain of loneliness hangs around my neck like a noose mourns a union that once had breath a twosome that now is dead. see, the sand sculptures paint rekindle a childhood summer past. sew in the loving glow emits my flawless dreams with my boiling blood initial my woven piece my work at an end i awake you lay there a wingless angel asleep smiling as if you heard a bell ring your boundless warmth embraces me the moon no longer smiles the stars no longer wink smell, seasonal airs stimulates senses memories they deliver. without a touch barely - i kiss you. in this my decade of one hope is a wickless candle the night just day without light in the glee, hopes and dreams, in the human spirit, lives the miracle of life. magnificent voices in every pitch deep and resounding, the melody of echoes and whispers – uncut. Jan 4 2017 With Love Armand

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2017

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John F Kennedy - Martin Luther King Jr - Robert F Kennedy and Donald Duck

Listen to poem:

it was the sixties
we were young
we were going to change the world
spin it like a basketball on our finger
take the three point shot 
win the game
we had great leaders 
john, robert, martin...

the planet was singing 
with the purity of a four year old
The ants go marching two by two;
The little one stops to tie his shoe,
it started raining bullets
our optimism soured
slightly at first

and the grassy knoll
and the sniper
and the magic bullet

john was shot 
jackie squirmed
we sat on the edge of our seats

The ants go marching four by four;
The little one stops to shut the door,

John F. Kennedy was assassinated 

The ants go marching five by five;
The little one stops to take a dive,

years had passed, five
look before you dive

the civil rights movement gathered 
to fight for their God given rights
the right to be treated as humans 
exactly more no less.
to listen to the man who had said
"Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon 
which cuts without wounding and ennobles 
the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals."

the man who stood on the hill speaking
"I have a dream today!"

The ants go marching seven by seven;
The little one stops to pray to heaven,

Boom, boom, boom, boom! 

Martin Luther King Jr. was shot 

and my God it rained 
it rained salt
as a nation black and white cried

The ants go marching nine by nine;
The little one stops to check the time,

time for the rise of Bobby
Hoorah! Hoorah!

Boom, boom, boom, boom! 

i wish he could have ran faster than the bullets
they murdered John's brother
Robert F. Kennedy was dead

the sixties where almost finished
and i wondered 
if the world would ever be the same

I marched away buried my face into the ground
To get out of my pain.

great leaders lost
words that radiated 
radiate hope

America was
the envy of the world

it's two thousand sixteen 
and we have sunk so deep into the dirt

i know we can't Trump this disaster 
have you ever heard of fools gold
we have a choice
our lives count

remember the ants
nature's banner is blowing in the wind

don't make
the little one shout
"THE END!!" 

March 16 2016

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2016

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Yesterday we were alive, young, and free 
Laughing and dancing like the wind and sea
Yesterday we were young, foolish and ignorant 
Not caring slightly for what was important 

Somehow we thought our friendship was the blast 
So we never realized that we were known as outcasts 
We were so involved in our own little world 
That we did not realize our friendship was like fools gold 
It was golden, wonderful, and surreal 
It was anything but the real deal

We laughed, gossip and talked 
Hand in hand through the hallway we would walk 
All of our little secrets we would share 
All of our insecurities and all our fears 

Today I  am sad, alone and betrayed 
To learn that our friendship was nothing but a facade 
Today I am older, wiser and stronger 
But I wish our friendship would last just a little bit longer 

I often like to sit down and analyse what we have become 
And it hurts my heart to see that we are no longer are one
Sadly I must accept all of our times together are done

But no worry tomorrow is another day
Maybe someone else will decide to come my way 
But until then I will relish our memories of yesterday

Copyright © cachline etienne | Year Posted 2016

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Withered Are Memories Made On False Ground

Withered Are Memories Made On False Ground

Majesty of her charms , pale in light now
Love's glow has died, ashes only remain
She was sad , my heart took a fleeing bow
Her cries left only darkened bitter stain
No long goodbye words, we both knew not how
She was mad, I felt no need to explain

What is the past but dead dreams on black ice
Time returns us not to make our amends
Wishful thinking, going back would be nice
Yet new pains could rise, and forward it sends
With no overs, nothing said would suffice
Best journey on, racing around the bends

In hindsight , glory heavily infests
False goodness and sweet touches abound
However, truth lies in dark empty nests
Where heartache and misery were first found
Seek not ye fools gold as wisdom suggests
Withered are memories made on false ground

Robert J. Lindley, 5-02-2016

Copyright © Robert Lindley | Year Posted 2016

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You Missed Me

At the glassy gate, I wait for you
adding cherry between breaths
adding robes to your soft name
ushering the syllables through my warm mouth
echoing like the sight of a star
on my heart, your name is woven and sewn
like the stitching in my baby blanket
and the baby hands that find your beating chest
I am bound to you
and you, to my gates
But then,
you see the blood on my posts
and then,
my eyes stern and welled,
fixed like the sun, you spin
as night hunkers over you
like a broad toothy uncle
pulling you aside, arms slung like sandbags
impressing you with fools gold
teaching you to gawk, painting me a circus
causing you not to see me,
hiding my heart beneath my chest
and this smooth skin, my red wine gates…
 And no matter how I call, the tracks will lay, the wheels will fall
I would cry but it’s too late… the station’s gone…
You missed me love,
you missed me…

Copyright © Allison Ballard | Year Posted 2012

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now that you are gone
who will wake every morn
to lift the sun
unveil the sky
etch in the clouds
who will paint the rainbow?

now that 'us' is just a word
no longer with you as one
i am alone to wind up the metal toys
and cut out the paper dolls
with the beach swept from under my feet
the child in me flees.

instead now rusted
a fools gold chain of loneliness
hangs around my neck like a noose
mourns a union that once had breath
a twosome that now is dead.

the moon no longer smiles
the stars no longer wink

in this 
my decade of one
hope is a wickless candle
and the night 
is just the day 
without light.

Copyright © Maurice Yvonne | Year Posted 2014

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One Direction

One Direction is the best pop group ever,
In lyrics and harmonies they are strong;
They take me to a place better than words, 
It is to them that I happily belong. 

They are all beautiful to me, 
But Zayn is my favourite right now, 
I am in the clouds when I see him, 
He’s my you and I, to him I bow. 

Louis and Niall are footballers, fireproof, 
And Zayn does graffiti in public spaces, 
It’s not fools gold to create known meanings, 
To rock almost anyone in different places. 

But Harry was popular instantly, kiss you, 
Little things he did meant that many he excited; 
So many teens over and over again, 
Such that summer love was ignited. 

Previously, I would like Liam the best, 
Because he had that one thing for me,
He is sporty and lived while he was young, 
A heart attack was just waiting for me to be. 

But now its gotta be you, Zayn, 
Your vocal runs are something great, 
I wish that you’d write about your art and creativity, 
When no control is your date. 

C’mon c’mon One Direction, 
Reunite once more and wear that little black dress, 
No little white lies about why you can’t, 
Don't forget where you belong, just say yes. 


I hesitated to post this one, because I'm somewhat embarrassed about liking One Direction. But it's better to be what you are than to be somebody else. So I'm happy to admit with both my hands up, I like One Direction.

(you may notice that there's the title of one of their songs in every line)

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2015

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Fools Gold

Faith is nothing but vanity

A journey going nowhere

Walking among shadows

In search of a fool’s gold

Hope is a sufferable dream

A temporary fictive reality 

In a world of imagined lies 

In search of a fool’s gold

Love is a deceptive tease

A lone cherished memory

Beyond avowed happiness

In search of a fool’s gold

Change is an impossibility

A never-ending fairy tale 

Life’s faultless enterprise

In pursuit of a fool’s gold

Time is lone reality check

A naïve whimsical breath

Of infinite wretchedness

In search of a fool’s gold

Life is an pointless odyssey

A heartless song and dance

Void of an insistent destiny

In search of a fool’s gold

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2014

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Crime of the Century

The crime families have met
It’s all been flogged and settled
The crime of all crimes
The crime of the masterminds

They have met with the hackers
And the behind the scene masters
The plot is in play
Let all the world fall prey

Bankers will fall
Poets will run over to the mall
With their two dollar money orders
All for fame and obvious fortune

Any fraudster knows
To bring all the gullible in to binge
The prize must be huge
Huge and as heavenly as sin

If you never have to pay
Make the prize a billion they say
In gold or in fools all told
Oh yes this tops even Thomas’s crown

Affairs and petulant airs
They love the sound of their own voices
Living in a world with few choices
For those still seeking fools gold

Anything they don’t understand
Must be evil
Burn those whom don’t adhere
To our negative trump like ears

These brilliant pyramid men
Have figured out the perfect scheme
Send me two dollars
The contest is different than it seems

If you cant tell a template from the evil gate
Or an amateur student like affair
You are as blind as the guard
In the museum of fraudulent despair

The super tramp of 
Krispy Kreme
Has reported live
The crime of the century!

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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The hands of the clock show midnight is near
Will tomorrow soon show itself here
As midnight descends tomorrow's not close
Promise gone
when time clock's hands foreclose 
Finding tomorrow is chasing shadows
It's elusive as wind on endless meadows
Tomorrow is the mist in morning dawn
Intangible but yet a step further on
Tomorrow promises a whole new day
Getting past midnight makes it too far away 
Yester records tomorrow has there been
Yet venture to yester impossible again
One moment nigh morrow seemingly there


It's fools gold for none get there from here

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2014

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He said he loved me before we met
that he loved me in unconsciousness
Now I have loved in many degrees
but this saying remains a mystery.
It begs the question "what love is this"?
Is love not love of character and deed
and all other reasoning remiss?
Love comes easy 
I know right off 
a beautiful soul
I long to unlock
Attraction is simple but enchantment is rare
It's the substance of love that leaves you aware
One can promise a wealth to hold
but until it's seen it's only fools gold
Unexplainable connections may never end
but to trust ones character enough to depend
that is the key which locks love in
Therein lies loves lasting synonym
If love is not a conscious choice
what voice have deeds to tell
when if by chance enchantments spell
fades with many miles dispelled
So if enchanted I live without
yet find trust in the love I see
greater the blessing to dream awake
than enchanted by the one who sleeps

Copyright © Sarai Virden | Year Posted 2014

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I Wish

I wish that I wasn't venomous
That my lips weren't laced with poison
So that I could kiss you without feeling guilty
I wish that my love had value
Not the fools gold that you treated like treasure
So that you could live not like a peasant, but a king
I wish that I wasn't made of sweet cotton candy lies
That I could feed your soul instead of sending it on highs then sudden sugar crashes
So that I could hold you without worrying you'll starve
I wish I was pure
Not tainted by my mother's mistakes and a stranger's fingers
So that I could be the lover you deserve
I wish that the voices in my head were silent
That they didn't whisper the same things over and over
So that I could belong to you and not the darkness that hides in my past
I wish that you hadn't left me
That you still held me when I cried
So that I wasn't so alone
I wish

Copyright © Jackie Adams | Year Posted 2014

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No regrets behind unrestricted emotions 
especially when you're soaking in what seems real. 
Peace be still, calm storms are rarely ever quiet, 
seems like we're all pirates in this world 
always stumbling across fools gold, 
trying desperately to hold on what we can't keep, 
sometimes in this world you gotta keep that smoking ace up your sleeve 
expect the best but prepare for the worst, 
what's the worst than can happen? 
Finding out the person you gave your all to
 isn't who you thought they were, 
everything else is a blur 
but it slowly starts to make sense 
once you give it more thought and less emotion, 
neglecting to make decisions with your mind will leave you heart broken

Copyright © Corey Ross | Year Posted 2012

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Wages of sin

For the wages of sin is death...convicted and condemned now taking final breaths
In hot electric chairs and cold gas chambers
The voltage of vengeance stir onlookers with anger
They poke and they point...they scoff and they laugh
For the wages of sin is death

Looks are deceiving when love starts leaving
Lies and deceptions create crooked conceptions
Truth takes a train and men turn to monsters
Guilt and innocence get mixed in the puzzle
Like Rambos in jungles cuttin quick to make another kill
They eat the bread of violence and drink the wine of wrath
For the wages of sin is death

Walking in wastelands looking over their shoulders
Creeping up their spines like invisible spiders
High rollers and low riders
money multipliers to nickle dividers
Shaking hands with Satan now they burn to a crisp
Because the devil's never happy and fire's his only friend
For the wages of sin is death

Sin starts slow and picks up speed...slight breeeze to twisters in a blink and a beat
Cold to warmth to burning heat
Small victory to destructive defeat
Sleeping on streets all paved with fools gold
Souls get sold for a dollar and a sideshow
Spotlights shine and truth tells its tale
Remember this rhyme and remember what's said
For the wages of sin is death

Copyright © anthony beesley | Year Posted 2011

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Fool's gold

Was a liar
A very clever one,
People excepted him,
Took him at face value,
Fitted in,
They seemed to like him,
Kept a low key,
Worked undercover,
Got himself a good name,
All the time weaving his web,
Pretending to be something he wasn’t,
On the surface, he shone
Underneath shallow,
He made a living
Out of pretense,
Earning plenty of money,
Thinking no one would suspect,
He continued without shame,
Thought he was great,
The real thing,
His life was a sham,
Fools gold deceived many,

For competition sponsor
Julia Ward

Copyright © Wendy Rycroft | Year Posted 2016

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In the Meadows

Somewhere in the vast black meadows
A treasure is in the shadows
You may not now know but you know
'Cause its there and its gonna show

So go ahead and look around
Even if its fools gold you found
It may not give you what you wanted
But you can now see what you needed

See these weeds and these flowers they grow
In sync with the decisions you sow
Do not stop when the stars start a raining
Every ending is just the beginning

And finally when you understand
Just how the moon greatly loves the sun
In life's melody you shall stand
Look around, timing is on the run

Copyright © Emerald Canoy | Year Posted 2015

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A son desires – requires a little of the fires –
that some fathers places upon funeral pyres.

Lost to ghostly shadows prowling the hallways of ones mind.
Catching glimpses of, drifting past the corners of, one will find

little in them, of substance to tell one just what kind
of man – this man called dad – was / is and no sign

that a day will come, when his light, his essence will define
for ones aging soul, the empty places left in the passing of time.

I wonder about my Daughters, will they dig deep into the past ?,
for the gold, find fools gold ?, find stories untold, having passed

into history and into their presence, as part of the whole ?
Will I become fodder for a funeral pyre ?, or buried in a hole ?

B. J. “A” 2
April 1st 2004

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2014

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Of Donkeys and Elephants, Part I

The call to order; the chorus now sings
Lord of the Flies dressed in his dapper best  
Dance to the pull of invisible strings  
Hands of the puppeteer moving the rest
See the perverse design of humankind
Exploited by those who would rule over us.
To our soft underbelly, we are blind.
Even the brightest miss the obvious.

Every campaigner’s fiat currency  
By which the masses will be bought and sold: 
Scratch it, beneath is no substance to see, 
His debts tendered, payable in fools gold 

But still the promise, cold unblinking eyes, 
A righteous pillage, your justified prize.


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Thief of my heart, you make me sick!

You are like a sickness
And I am a dog unto its own vomit
I keep coming back to you
 again and again...
You are like Tuberculosis
Or cancer
The reason that I am vulnerable...
Is because 1 kernal of love
Is left in my heart for you
I need the most powerful drugs
Known to mankind
To kill what I feel for you
And what I feel is unhealthy
You are like the Cancer
You grow inside of me
Crowding out what is good for me
You are like a Leech
You suck and devoure
My life essence...
You feed until
I have nothing left inside of me
You get what you need from me
But while you do that 
I am slowly dying inside
I need love...
But you can't give me that
And your fake, mirage, fools gold
Grows inside of me
Choking off my heart
To where
I can hardly breathe... anymore.
It hurts so much to love you
That I swear 
I am having a heart attack...
All because you invaded my heart
My life space
And squeezed shut
My beating heart

Copyright © Christine Trower | Year Posted 2006

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St Claire Of little Portion Sequel

For it wasn't love it was fools gold,
Sent letters of love releasing my soul's cytosol, breaking the threshold
Nothing to my mighty efforts, the single one to die in Juliet & Romeo 
How high was I, in this song of hearts, beats became crescendoes 
Now, the pulse grows dimer and dimer diminishing day after day crying diminuendos 
Paradoxical dreams of our chemical encounters, jemis vu deje vu,
Reaching for drugs sold over the counter. Making sense of all this, gotta stay calmer

St.Claire was my devotion, a cove & cathedral, turned clock back in time. For I was a knight in the medieval.
Was I chasing a harlot, is this the reason Poe letters laced scarlet, why Shakespeare ended each poem with sonnets. Please someone shred the Shroud of Turin so I may touch Jesus's garment. His love was shown on Via Dolorosa. Mine were loving an inanimate individual. Why must love go through gauntlets.

A once bloody heart, turns obsidian, waging war with words
this papyrus and pen are reenacting the Crimean. 
Even if you were tied as Iphigenia
on the shore, I would have swam across the Mediterranean, Aegean
Until stories of heroism will be diagramed in museums

Forget the past participles of proudly pursuing portions. Gave my heart a bad coercion,
that obsidian rock, canst suffer anymore erosion.
Cancel thoughts of being a cathode her an anode electrostatic forces causing an explosion. 
Underlining unconscious must get rid of her, 
ex out the (I) negative exponent and (You) negative integer
Bring some positive formulation. This love wasn't reciprocal 
All my myocardial muscles squeezed the ventricle
Stretched out all limbs of love but you cut the tentacle
Graduate from the Institute guarding women's rights, 
Promoting from the Legionnaire of love to your Sentinel 

So there is no perfect love, thus stated the Euthyphro 
Not in this Life time, maybe in utero. 
Great Physician in the sky please don't perform Salpingo
Started a sequence of seduction syncretism for nothing, 
Curse you Shin-Dalagarino 
What must I do with these mundane manuscripts scribing,
Hence forth thy mate dear Mercutio 
by Pegasus

Copyright © Howard Abegesah | Year Posted 2016

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fools gold

I keep investing my time
Like a prospector on a gold rush
I keep panning and panning
Hoping to get one glimmer of gold
To help me to survive in life
Instead I keep getting fooled
By all that shines
I see and love
Fools gold...
Men who I can't take to the bank
Men who are all pretty and sweet
But inside they are all fake
And they leave...
ugly green stains on my heart
When will I finally strike it rich
With a man who is 24 Carat pure gold
Who has love for me
That is priceless...
A love that will help me to survive 
Life's toils and strife
When will my panning days be over
It seems..
My heart is weary and water logged
From hoping against hope
Holding the strainer of my heart in my hands
Hoping to find
True golden love...
instead of constantly being
Played like the fool
With this river that runs
full of fools gold.

Copyright © Christine Trower | Year Posted 2006

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A Mountain Void A Miner

A Mountain – Void.
A Miner,

Observes this beauty, a Granite Monolith, looming ahead.
An image to light the eyes, brighten the soul – are fed
the belief that within the systolic, lies pure gold
at it’s heart – to be mined – but it is oh so cold,
hard and reluctant – stories seen, heard are told
yet this miner, digs deep, continues to mine,
a prayer from his lips – hope, dreams he will find
at it’s centre, in it’s core, within it’s heart.
One would hope, that this would be the place to start.

A most exquisite journey on high – into the ether,
were distances, exist not, where, may neither
come to know or experience the pangs of aloneness,
aloneness – none existent – gives life to closeness
as they traverse life’s disappointing, rocky roads
carrying, in their heads, the weight of life’s heavy loads.
This, they may, happy, do together or on their own, alone.
Only you, the gods and heavens are known 
to have the answers to what has been shown.
All you have laid out, all that has gone down,
and whether or not, this miner, is perceived a clown ?,
a fool ?, as the weight of all kills the music, the sound,
as he keeps trying to dig deeper into this solid ground,
this rock gives up, not a flake, a nugget, a vain of gold 
that, throughout, in the past, to others, has been told
existed once upon a time. The miner finds only fools gold
the core of what he has been mining these past two years,
years that have brought him many, many – many tears.
Fools gold is all that he can see, in all that is reflected –
pools of images, imagined, distorted, throughout detected
that one sees, envisions painted upon the shaft walls,
observing the reflected light – walking those stony halls
looking for the source light dancing on wings that fly free,
that would lead them – together  ?, - to what could be
for the rest of their life’s journey and life time
upon this plane, and all that is wished for, you to be mine.

A dream for this old mind, a dream, live, I’d love to find
In the hands of this old fool, not fools gold of any kind
to accompany this old man through his waning days,
the winter days of this life, on this plane as he plays
the last notes of his opus, the libretto, the requiem 
of a life time that will depart, when it’s tine will come.

This miner is loosing the will to dig more for the gold
That lays the walls, those steel bars oh so cold –
That Mountain – Void, that beautiful, Granite Monolith
that stands on the edge, the miner on the edge of a cliff.

B. J. “A” 2
March 14th 2008

Copyright © William J. Jr. Atfield | Year Posted 2013

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dont say it

don't say it if you don't mean it 
don't say it if it is not true
my heart is already hurting
its healing because of you 
i thought i could just carry on 
ill hide away the pain
but beneath the smile and happiness
ill always keep your name 
the hurt will pass and time will heal
is the voice of those concerned
i threw myself into this hell
and never have returned 
oh Lucifer my savior
release me from this cage
of happiness and memory's
that now just fuel my rage 
is love just a fools gold
does it really exist
is their a path to finding love 
that i blindly must of missed 
please take her name from inside my heart 
and cast it into the sea 
please take this endless wave of hate 
and constant misery 

so don't say it if you don't mean it 
don't say it if it is not true
i know the way that i am feeling
but the question is
do you? 

Copyright © simon nixon | Year Posted 2013

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Body Blow

Swollen eyes
drip with clever tears
a thin disguise
years of slippery lies

A loss of face
fools gold in the hand
a rush of space
words snap into place

The silver voice
forked-tongue delivers
practiced poise
cold weapon of choice

The silence breathes
a clock tick-tocks
a body heaves
a lifetime seethes

Copyright © Greta Robinson | Year Posted 2011

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I cannot presume to know the motives of those outside my own heart
And counted are the moments that I realize my very own
But I do know that human nature is irrevocably raw at its core,
And this acknowledged by its Designer
Is a necessary balance weighing the uncompromising laws of love

Some despair at this unyielding hard truth
Or so flee from its cold reality altogether
Choosing to close their eyes and cover their ears
'Til light turns to dark and the music of their souls is silenced.
Mocking those who take each breath in hope and song-
Tossing them aside as fools and madmen.

But what madman will rejoice when goodness prevails
And who believes a fool to comprehend divinity?
And yet, this is of no matter to the believers of the unreal
Felt though not touched, always alive even unto death,
Never to be captured, for what of faith then?

Why? Why would they? Why would you? Why would I?
You ask, as if you do not know...
The courageous, genius, famous, powerful, royal, revered
The cowardly, ignorant, obscure, weak, common, rejected
None are immune
ALL relentlessly intent to self-deceive
Through an invisible pane of glass and viewed through the warped mirror of
This- the carefully crafted frame from which the enemy's portrait laughs
Why, you ask? You know why...
But do not dare, can not bear, to believe

Earth and element
The moon and beyond
War and oppression
Masters of nature
Art, innovation, philosophy, exploration, invention
Conquerors of all but the TRUTH

The conquerors become coverers...
Smothering, twisting, reshaping, redesigning, reinventing
And denying TRUTH with imitations, poor reflections, and even carefully crafted illusions
From conquerors to coverers
Children with their heads in the sand
Sands of gold... fools gold.

Unless, you've dared to pull your head from the sand
Dared to stand, dared to look up
And let the golden grains fall away one by one
Until you're naked, worthless, unwanted, unloved
Like a newborn left to die in the trash of the cold alley called "truth"
No longer the conqueror, but the conquered.

NOW you are where you can be found
Rescued, Saved, Redeemed, Covered in TRUTH
Freed in LOVE

Copyright © Del Grasso | Year Posted 2014