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The Best Fall Head Over Heels Poems

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A Valentines Day to Remember

You were my first,
First real boyfriend,
You meant everything to me,
I even introduced you to some of my family.

You were my first kiss, 
That really made me, 
Fall head over heels for you.

And now you leave me here,
Here in the dirt,
Wondering what I ever did to you,
To make you do this to me.

I am still waiting,
Waiting for you to take me back,
Back into your arms,
So you can hold me tight.

Copyright © Lauren Cavanaugh | Year Posted 2013

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There's No Escaping LOVE

As sure as the sun will rise each morn,
And the flowers of all hues will bloom,
So will love find you soon,
For there's no escaping love!

You may hide in the toil of the day
And cower behind the veil of the night,
You may try every which way you can
But love will surely find your way,
For there's no escaping love!

Sure as the stars shine in the heavens,
And the moon crowns the nightly sky,
So will love find you on the sly--
Bright eyes agleam in playful glance,
For there's no escaping love!

Sooner or later you'll be smitten,
Beseech or beg you'll be bitten,
And lo! fall head over heels
for a boor or one who heals,
For there's no escaping love!

So take love head on,
Learn her wanton ways,
Her teases and taunts;
Roll with the punches
any which way you can,
Duck and dodge,
There are no loose ends,
No leeway,
She's hard as a rock,
No, she's not soft clay,
Ah, Love! try as you may,
There's simply no escaping love!

For Justin Bordner "Love Justice" contest

Copyright © Abdul Malik | Year Posted 2015

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Your voice melts my heart
Your smile makes me giddy
Your eyes warm my soul
Your touch gives me goose bumps
And I fall head over heels for you.

Copyright © Tracey Kraft | Year Posted 2010

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let me make this clearer

let me make this clearer for you,
I never want to be,
a simple girl whose lost her way,
this is not (my) reality

let me make this better for you,
whatever shall you mean,
I never want to see your face,
in my life, eternity

let me make this happier for you,
i'm sure a woman will come along,
she'll fall head over heels,
and you'll just see another thong

let me have my fun,
as you have with me,
i'll break you to pieces,
cause I strive for eternity

Copyright © Faire Lucas | Year Posted 2009

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If love was a forest

If love was a forest
I tip toe the climb through its beating heart
There is lost love, the dry deaf leaves
Strewn ground high and spread thick with utility
And there is love yet felt
The young vigorous flora juicing on the branch or vine
Waiting to be plucked or forced fall head over heels
Onto it's destined prey
And there are rocks, dirt and the melange of mayhem
Where love trips and collides with mortal wonder
The unsuspecting hearts and whims of others
Where considerations can be aberrations
Sometimes forcing scrapes and cuts and wounds
That may never heal
Yet to walk through...
To stop at times and gaze along the way
To wander deep into impervious platitudes which lure and mesmerize
To lose the path, endure the anguish
Where light goes missing and no direction leads home
To survive despair, starvation and last rites
Only to be saved by an angel
Made of sunlight and magic elixir
Especially for, and only capable of being consumed by you reason enough to press on.


Copyright © Suburban Lovechild | Year Posted 2015

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Love Me for Me - The Real Me

See me not caring anymore
see me walking out the door
you've hurt me for the last time
and I'm tired of you trying to
mess with my mind, so see me
not caring anymore, see me
see me walking out the door...
Someday somebody will find me
and fall head over heels in love
with me, somebody who will
appreciate me for me...
I thought you were the one now
I know I was wrong but oh well it
wasn't the first time, it won't be the
last time, ‘cuz I know I'm not always
a very good judge of character but
someday maybe I will find my soul
mate and live happily ever after until
then I just have to believe someday
somebody will find me and LOVE
It's unbelievable how many times
I've been played the fool but I guess
that's how it goes when you think 
everybody's has a heart of gold but
I'm tired of being used and played the
fool so you are the last one from this
moment on until I know my soul
mate finally comes along...
Yeah 'cuz I just gotta keep believing
someday, somebody will find me and

Copyright © Bo Lanier | Year Posted 2016

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"My plans fall head over heels
and flat on their face!"

By Susan J. Mills

Copyright © Susan Mills | Year Posted 2009

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Before I fall head over heels,
I ask the Lord, please show me what's real,
He knows the sensitivity of my soul,
He also knows when I love I don't let go,
If a freak thing happens, and I must leave,
He's answering my prayers, because he's protecting me,
He will take me away beyond my control,
And later what's revealed will open my eyes to know,
He covers my heart when danger is near,
And he's allowed me to speak pass the fear,
When the wind beats against me, he will block it with his hand,
Your not touching her! She's mine! You understand!,
My strength lies in him, and in case you didn't know,
He's erased my sins, and made me white as snow,
So you can compare social status all you want,
Because first and foremost, he's the man of my heart,
If intentions are bad, he'll let me see,
I will not rely on the world to see,
You can call me too sensitive, gullable, or naive,
Because my God will surprise you, it won't be me.

Copyright © cortney bartholomew | Year Posted 2015

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his (poem story)

the true beauty of his presence, his presence of his shadow as i rest my head to 
sleep.dreaming of him is always so sweet, in my mind i will always keep. the 
scent of his essence, the scent of a fresh rose, a fresh mint. a heaven sent to my 
nose. the sweetness of his kiss upon my lips i can't resist, so soft and gentle i 
never want to go away. forever in my life stay.
the sensation of his touch , the warmth of his hold feels so right. in his arms he 
holds me so tight.the brownest of his eyes, i know he will never tell me lies. his 
strong gaze. i'm sure he wants me in his future. theres no one else i want in my 
world because no one else can make me feel like he do. the deepness of his 
heart, his heart never wants us to part.  in his heart i will always be. the 
blackness of his skin deeply reaches me within; his blackness is his true beauty 
and what makes him so sweet. the purity of his soul to love me i know is his goal.
his soul is what makes him my angel. the smartness of his mind, the mind of a 
master takes full control of me. his  mind hypnotizes and cause other thoughts to 
go blind. his sophication, his ability of his different ways of communication , the 
warmth of his words. i fall head over heels, the love i have for him is truly real. his 
love is why i live. he is my king, he is my everything.

Copyright © trisa atkinson | Year Posted 2007

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Flower Song

Waking from a sound sleep 
stretching to the tip of their limbs,
The melody rises from the deep
awaiting that first warm swim;

Basking in the sunlight 
that giggle just below the ground, 
You hear it just out of sight 
the secret of youth found 

Just get on your feet and dance 
fall head over heels hard,
Embrace that dangerous romance 
play but never show your cards; 

What could possibly go wrong?
Just another flower song.

Copyright © Melani Udaeta | Year Posted 2015

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Life goes on

Life does go on 
even if we still mourn
we have to learn to wipe
with our hands because 
soon all the paper towels are gone

Sometimes I don't know if I can face
this globe without you 
there is a hole in my heart 
that I will never be able to remove
so I'll call you my tattoo 
the skies the limit it's what you
always use to say
but it still pains me that your
up in that same sky today 

I walk with my shoulders high
same brown eyes of the solider
that lies 6 inches deep
the same eyes of the man
in the casket that I can no longer see
we all bleed for one reason or another 
and I'm still black it doesn't make any 
difference if my skin is vanilla 

I'm trying to make it to my dreams
I'll sling myself to the top like a propeller
even though nothing is as easy it seems 
they say when it rains it pours 
well I'd rather be wet than stuck 
in side not opening doors 

you swore you'd always be here
and I swear I can still hear you
that's why every now and than 
I look behind me it's as if your still
lingering in the air like mildew
I have yet to find someone 
who I could fall head over heels for
I guess being a daddy's girl you'll
always have my heart 
that's what it's here for 

I've had people slice and dice me
like apples and pears 
but I'm still here 
I learned that  
life does go on 
even if we still mourn 
so I wipe the tears away
and look forward to tommorrow
because I know it will be a brighter day.  

Copyright © Shahana Jackson | Year Posted 2009

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Beautiful eyes

Beautiful eyes

Imagine falling in love with someone you have never seen.
Would you give your heart away to a mystery?
What if you could fall head over heels, do you think you would try?
Or would you run away from what could be?  Are you confident or shy?

Would you gamble your happiness in the name of love?
Or would you hide away from the possibility,
Of anything ever being good?
Would you risk heartache or hide inside your broken heart?
Are you too badly stung, to keep believing in love?
I am ready to be loved; please let me know if you are.

I have seen too many movies to go through the exit door,
Without telling you of my feelings; I am preparing to fall.
It is up to you if you want to save me from the loss.
Am I to become a forgotten memory?  
Or are the two of us going to take-off!?

The beginning of a journey that could last for a lifetime,
Or an end to the dream and a wave goodbye.
We are standing at the precipice; no turning back after this.
It’s decision time.
Do we walk away from what could be love?
Or do we fall in?

In all the possibilities, we do not have a thousand opportunities,
To find love at first try; we cannot turn back time.
Carpe diem with me and we could go and get something to eat.
Love is standing before you with a rose in his hand,
Telling you that you have beautiful eyes…

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © Aa Harvey | Year Posted 2017

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First glance

In the dawn, when the setting sun scattered it's colors
The moon sprinkled him with glitters:
And for the first time she saw him in the gleaming moonlight...

In his eyes she lost herself,
Her heart skipped a beat,
And she hushed herself,
She fall head over heels in love with him...

Copyright © Manu Ranjini | Year Posted 2018

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Still a Sixteen Year Old Boy

When we were both fifteen, I jumped on your Cadillac’s hood and scratched the hell out of it as only a
dancing teenage girl could do.
I remember you watching me with sparkly hazel eyes, as if I was a pet, and you were so proud that I was yours, and brand new.

I did not hear a word about the damage for forty-four or five years, even though you probably went home and cried some.
You remind me how darling I was on that date, and how fascinated you were with me,
That I was so adorable and winsome.

Time and time again over breakfast, lunch and supper, you have reminded me how thrilling I was on that first date,
To fall head over heels in love with me, even though I ruined the paint on your car, sealed your fate.

You have been my sunshine man, a hero with a sense of humor, a marvelous husband, a great daddy, with loads of charm.
I wish we still had that 1959 pink Cadillac with the chrome tail fins. I never meant to do her any harm.

I love it that you kept the damage to yourself for so many long winters, short summers, and colorful falls.
I have been proud to call you my husband, and I know you have made all of the correct husbandly duty  calls.

We have been together for nigh onto fifty years now, but when I look at you coming through the screen,
The man I see on the other side, winking at me, is a handsome boy of almost but not quite sixteen.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018