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First off, there's no place like that 256! 
We are a base of divergent cultures 
with a space enough for each to partake and taste of the mix. 
Mehn there's no place like the 256 
On the face of the planet, 
We are blessed with the finest climate, 
that is best for the primates and yes, 
the world is taking pics 
coz there is no place like the 256. 
They call us the pearl of Africa, 
where the colors are black yellow red 
but the trees stay green 
where else can you find this 
but in the 256 
So forget what the outside thinks. 
See they pick on a few things 
to say that the inside of my Africa my 25 stinks. 
but they ain't on the inside 
so they miss some insights 
and of these I speak. 
Yes we have problems, well every country does. 
And the outside only conceals their own troubles 
by over exaggerating ours. 
They make bad reports about us 
so they can have us, 
repeat the class. 
So they can have us 
believe in what's theirs and hate on ours 
when we think of, class 
So they can have the right to look down on us 
Coz they believe we are from a less previleged class. 
They want to talk to us about class? 
Have they ever, thought of the fact that 
they could belong to a whole different school of thought from us? 
Before trying to program us 
into becoming their autobots like optimus 
while they masquerade behind the claim to transform us? 
Globalisation is good but at what price? 
They should recognize that what is nice to them 
could be a vise to us 
and respect us when we dont take their advice 
Now to you my people, wake up.!!! 
Can't you see? 
That your mind holds the power to make or break UG 
That the only way you can be free 
is by setting free the very way you think 
I mean, this is supposed to be 
easy as ABC 
but they usually won't tell you this 
in SST, HSC or at LDC . 
Consider yourself lucky 
if you got beaten by your parents to do what's right 
Coz nowadays, 
society justifies so many wrongs under the excuse of human rights 
They bring darkness, confused as light. 
And you can hardly smell the rat coz their fumes is right 
The same system my man trusted, consumed his life 
We are too blind to who we are to see that our future is bright 
So we would rather hold onto foreign gifts and presents.
Majority of our population are the youth, 
that's by the stats given 
and if we exploit this opportunity
 then our national prayers can become thanksgiving. 
if the roads are bad, how can the youth be self driven? 
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Copyright © Wake The Poet | Year Posted 2016

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I knew just what I had
to do,
To achieve a spider-free
I'd read it on the internet,
Under 'Have a Spider-Free

Apparently it was easy;
As easy as ABC,
So I read with the greatest
And thought 'OK, we'll

The remedy was conkers,
Yes, it was as easy as
And I had to spread them
around a bit,
From a high shelf to the

So I put one behind the
And one behind the TV,
Then two on the hearth
and window ledge,
Then made a cup of tea.

But all my fears came
into one,
As there across the floor,
Strutted an enormous
arachnid - 
Of a size never seen 

I watched him walk
round the sofa,
Then over towards the
But the conkers were
just not doing their job,
As he looked fine at me!

He strolled across the
fireside hearth,
With a bold and fearless
Without a care, without
a sigh,
And without him meeting
his fate!

But then at last it happened
The spider lay flat and
When a conker fell off the
window ledge,
And bonked him on his


Copyright © Darryl Ashton | Year Posted 2016

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Am I suffering from illusions?
Have I gone crazy too?
Oh hell there is so much confusion
I just don't know what to do.

Loving, living is now so complex
Friendships so hard to brew
Sincerity, once a reflex
Kindness has gone askew

You are no longer certain
Who you are talking to
'cause that lady behind that curtain
Could have been boy Stu

Can't we make life simple?
As easy as ABC,
Can't we just go for a ramble,
Or a trip to the sea?

Copyright © Reggae Magnet | Year Posted 2013

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You are Cute with a capital C
And Gorgeous with a capital G
You are beautiful to me
You are my Beloved with a capital B
You are my Darling, with a capital D
You mean the entire world to me. 
You are my alphabet girl you see
Every letter from A to Z
Loving you is as easy as ABC

Copyright © Paul Curtis | Year Posted 2010

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Heaven's Gate

You said that  life is not as easy as ABC
That it might burst anytime like a balloon
You  told me everything I should learn
But you never taught me how to let go.

You were the river where my life flows
You were the smile that lights my face
You were the voice who told me
]not to let go  and just keep going
Now you are the soul; I’m crying for

As you strum your guitar
And sing your favorite hymn
I reminisced our days
And all the dreams we gathered

The leaves have withered 
But your flowers boom eternally
For you lived your life happily
So I hope you rest peacefully

May the portals of heaven open up for you
Thought this would make me really blue
But then I know you are in a safer place
Where you would surely receive God’s grace

Let me give you one last kiss
It hurts to end up like this
But it’s not yet my time to go
For you were summoned all alone

But before you go 
Promise me one last thing
When my invitation arrives
Please wait for me in . . . 
Heaven’s Gate

Copyright © Desiree Gapuz | Year Posted 2005

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One Day I was Doubting

It still makes my heart melt,
Every time we touch,
I only wish you felt 1/2 of what I felt,
Then I would'nt hurt so much,

No matter how much I tell my heart,
Everything is gonna work out,
It feels us drifting apart,
And fills my head full of doubt,

Every part of my being,
Wants for us to be okay,
But my eyes just are'nt seeing,
Things like back in the day,
I know life is'nt a fairy tale,
And things are always better when new,
But something made us quickly go stale,
Its just that your love for me never grew,

Blame each other we won't,
That to either of us would'nt be fair,
Its as simple as 123 if you don't you don't you just don't,
Easy as abc if its not there its just not there;

I'm handling it better,
Since I finally reached a conclusion,
Now the truth fits like a snug sweater,
And I no longer have the illusion,
The one where we'd always be together,

And become husband and wife,
Happy and loving forever,
For the rest of my life,
                                            Leah Howes

Copyright © Leah Russell | Year Posted 2011