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I know we are supposed to love them
all creatures great and small

I know God had a reason
when he created those that crawl

even those that creep and flit
are part of a master plan

filling every earthly niche
in air, in water, on land

but Lord in your mighty scheme
please tell me in what mood

as you perused your work
and saw that it was good

inspected every nook and cranny
touched every leaf and twig

prompted you without a glance
to invent the pesky earwig.

Copyright © PATRICIA CRESSWELL | Year Posted 2017

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Insects A to Z

A is for Ant, tiny but stout, they can lift fifty times their own weight,
B is for Bee, reaps nectar for honey; may opt to attack if made irate. 

C is for Cricket, chirps his best at night to attract stunning female, 
D is for Dragonfly, fast flier with two pairs of wings; strong not frail.  

E is for Earwig, type of beetle with a pair of pinchers on his belly,
F is for Fly; an ugly pest that invades picnics or anything smelly.

G is for Glow worm, lady of the night, turns on her light for her mate,
H is for Hornet; female ran colony, few males have right to date. 

I is for Inchworm, lack legs in body core causing a looping gait,
J is for June bug, beetle that swarms in June; starving toads seal their fate.  

K is for Kissing bug, sucks blood from the lips or face of unsuspected beasts,
L is for Lady bug, beauty to behold; tastes repulsive to say the least. 

M is for Mosquito, female pest that drinks blood, causes disease in return, 
N is for Nit, eggs of lice clinging to hair till hatched making itch a concern. 

O is for Owlfly, dragonfly-like but not related; with large bulging eyes,
P is for Praying mantis, takes praying pose before ensnaring lunch surprise. 

Q is for Queen Butterfly, close relative to Monarch, russet with black edge,
R is for Rice weevil, pest that lives inside grain; growing in the secured wedge. 

S is for Stink bug, releases foul smell from its thorax when alarmed,
T is for Tsetse fly, bloodsucking kin to house fly; a human host is harmed. 

U is for Underwing, heavy large moth that flies at night; hated garden pest,
V is for Vine borer, moth larva bore in squash vines; sweet insides they ingest. 

W is for Water bug, stores air in a void under his wings; walks on water,
X is for Xerces Blue Butterfly, first U.S. butterfly extinct by home slaughter.

Y is for Yellow plant bug; devastates plants by feeding on tasty plant sap,
Z is for Zebra butterfly, has striking stripes; creaks when he’s faced with a scrap.   

From A to Z there is a menagerie of insects sharing our lives,
some have become extinct but an infinite amount still survives.

Copyright © 2013  By Caryl S. Muzzey

Fifth Place Winner ~ "Z is for Zaria: An ABC Couplet" Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Cyndi MacMillian
April 3, 2013

Footnote: I am a sixty-two year old woman who still loves writing poetry, whether I can or not…

Copyright © Caryl Muzzey | Year Posted 2013

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I don't Share

I had a yen for home grown peach
And found but one that I could reach.
I picked and took a bite at once
To taste of its sweet succulence.

Then looking fat and fully fed
An earwig raised his ugly head;
And looking me straight in the eye
Dared me that next sweet bite to try.

I very calmly took his dare,
Next time I looked, he wasn’t there.
No lowly insect takes my peach;
The only one that I could reach.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2010

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administration of pineapples

Kindly stick to digging pineapples in the future as magic dust particles can really only spring up in defense patterns. And is it really wise to deal cards in a high tide. Deliver not an oceanographic breeze to a tree of great magnitude as deviance can be discovered in even the smallest of bud. Playing a trumpet during a daring pillow fight whilst groundsmen look out in horror at the large gathering clouds of fin shapes who have arrived to spill their juices thus setting up camp. Many cathedrals giggle at the thought of tortured bears. But basing one's thoughts in a recently baked fruit cake is often rare so instead turn to 1:1 and sing sing sing in a boom box voice. How opiniated is a section camera? How gravitational is a 9 foot bull fish? So place four wheels on a piece of crusty bread, balance then a lettuce leaf above, take two cotton bud drops of beetroot juice to create a satisfied smirk. Then place on an antique tray and deliver with great speed to the sausage dog who is waiting with great patience upon the paisley rug listening to the tick tock from the dome on the fireplace. Fake not an apple. Dare to balance on a broom handle? When wishes are wands and waves are weaving. Tidally. Trapeze. Trapezoidal. Trip. Trap. Tip. Till. Tolls. Trolls. Trapezius. 4% of a dark seated shroud. Moulded. & 56% of a lit basin. And nothing can ever really be decided in a vindictive pan of pea juices so please do not play hop scotch in a pan. From many layers form many eyes and ears and thoughts too have lives so travel very lightly when visiting a mobile plane. And planets also spin and clap yo create vast swabs of colour. Energetically produced atomic flares. Lifes creators. And mountains can walk so try using a cavern as a cape. So comforting. Still is the air of a dawn surround. Pleasant is the aroma of a passing dolphin whose brightly lit umbrella forms a beacon for a vast array of cuttlefish on an excursion to cloud clam. Beetles are beating their acres of field drums. Whilst machinery is left to the ground. It was very busy poisoning humans and grounds. But now it is alert no more. Only visited by thorn, beasts, and passing flies. Stink not a house with a seven inch pie. It is not clever and will never bring clarity to a bowl. Whilst classifications of earthworms can be seen in the mist complex of tapestries worldwide. Is merely the outward projection of a missionary orb whirling through atmospheric conditions and when water pressure is tight never put on a green or purple skirt as harmonics are nit located in strange thighs of yellow so sink on a bus of gold. So spoke the penny farthing of the dinner injested and the inherited wisdom speech of a large goose can be found on dandelion hill on a sunny cloudless day. Sundown is time to bow and moonlit skies are for prancing. Pronging a fork into sealed ground to release tension. Even an earwig has more knowledge than a human. Whilst the whimsical lady adorned with pearls and guilded horses sits pleasantly sipping tea after investing much in the eradication of the populas. Assured of safety in an underground palace awaiting a shuttle to the site on the red planet. So injest not items of denim as domination arrives in the forms of military vests. And swooping circles of yellow enforcement whose faces are devoid of emotion at this time of great peril. So all now sing to the mountains, skies, and field. Assistance will arrive as predicted by ancient scribes and wise folk. Listen and pay great attention to the inner logics. Where earth may see adjustments. And pickles never cry. And butter can be very slippy so never ever attempt to ski in a pan. Goblets of giving then. Pig playing pianos pleasing plinths'. Duristrition. Duties. Double. Doubled. Duvets. Divans. Dogs. Digging. Derived. Divinations. Did. Do. Doing. Diving. Dripping. *** blankness. Blanketed. Boom boom boom. Banging. Bringing. Birthing. *** papering. *** administration.

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Hare says I am far too slow 
Earwig says to crawl below
Dormouse says and also toad
Go with care when on a road
Eagle says be keen of eye
Hen says crossing why am I?
Owl says wiser I should be
Good advice they all give me

Copyright © NEILL MOCKETT | Year Posted 2009

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A lap dancing molecule is dressed in a monocle. Such dainty prowess but naked no dress. No suit could taste an acrylic sheet as sheer fabric is often moving unseen across oceans,beams, and many window ledges. Who would then argue that a tempered sword could beckon in this era as most people have taken off wool and now the flock stands bare. A show of a shower. An increased discolouration of tyranny and a mounting view of hue. Mist not a moat. And take no orphaned lonely goat to a show. An AK47 is looking at a tent. And although rusted is trusted and thrown around in the air with great gusts of emblematic soul thrusts. Dupe not a diamond headed cobra. For ancestral wisdoms flourish if harm is perceived. Placing of the cloth should be attempted only when the stream is full. And the stench from a rhododendron printed garden is abominable yet can it be abolished? "yes" cried the 893 serpents, 500 belligerent buffalo, an earwig, and a giant sea turtle. Carve that then. Ha ha. It is to be the dutiful honour of the maiden of the eleventh ocean to place chorographical lines on necklaces. It is neither a weave nor a wand. And placing ones hands behind ones back is a sign not of cohesion it is detrimental to a bloodline. Once sold. A soldier fed is a soldier dead. And a field of archaically driven radio beams is a quagmire of hidden ancestry. Gone. But not gone. It is not the place for a nine foot leopard print jacket to state wisdoms at a ball or a garden party. It is the place of the feet. The dust. The trust. The formation of the ground. The true leaders denied but not denied. And all chaotically clam style ship faces  and all Jacobean worshipping masonry brick heads placed the many many peas in a boiling pan then laughed. Sold manuscripts for money. Then drank blood in oceanic temples. Worldy wholly wantons. And a sack of germinating potatoes pollinated. Discuss not a wonder. Pulling pleasing playing partying patties pastries pasteurised. Slip slap slop then. Great. Fantastic isn't it? Feel not akin to a tired dilapidated drinks fountain? Xxxxx passing Paddington people xxxxx adjudicator adhere. Xxxxx vaporisations p y q Zr

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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1000707 and 1006006 are having a chat

A miniscule minotaur is a mini mayhem by the way. In a catacomb place ones feet in a small bowl then look in the mirror and sing to the shaft of light beaming down from the ceiling pin. The pin was placed a long time ago yet still remains. Removable and as yet undiscovered by ones with axes and spades. No digging derives nor divulges data nor date. And inaccuracies spin in sandstorms. Thus compelling all to be as silent and still as a scorpion regarding a kill. It is wise to be patient then. Singing away to the shafts of light. Many eons pass. Many eras dwell and leave. And the multitude of horsemen led by a dome head. Such dramatisation in military sweep. But not a mine. Nor a mink coat. Mainly the crafted gold to symbolise the skies and skirts sway on hips of not only females but males also. Pretty gabled arches can gargle do do not place too close to the riverside. It is within the weeds that can be crafted the boats to reach the junctions. Sped speedily sound. And a toothbrush monitoring progress in a glowing ease of red and green hues. Spot not a tree trail? Or a basket dancing? Performing to the winged hierarchy at a beach. But a stall selling figs and honey melons is an ample quantity of fine fresh produce for the gentry whose lineage whispers of far flung specimens. Wide angled lenses are far better than binoculars when regarding the display from the inner rocks. Cameras in general do not enjoy flashing as they get quite shy really so pose not and play not and always keep to a serious full stop in an engine death. Oh and now 10000707 is kept in a bunker. Not a throne. Typing codes for vortex and cortices for worldwide elitist programming circles. No bath. No grapes. And no baboons bringing wine. And no masses of gold either. Forgotten is the initial aim of the ones who are grown like amoebas on thus earth. No dwelling. Just input. Daily. Duty. Derisive of life. And corrosive of soul. Smaller since born of earthly climates. Underground stems. No light to absorb. No light to grow. Stunted shunted and put in vast laboratories full of computers in a golden glaze of atomic prowess. Number of golden tanks equals zero. Good. Place no earwig in a jar. It cannot escape. And escape is vital to terminate the injustices brought by some of mankind to what they do not plainly understand. And the colours spoke. In shapes. In faces. Above. Appearing. Then disappearing. A nations glance. A nations demise. And still the spin and spin. No amount of money, fakeries, forgeries, mistruths can deny the existences of a true historical fact. Now leaning learning leaving leaves. And leavened bread brings birth. Birthdays are often a fantastic opportunity for a light and sound display. And who would argue with a beaked helmet? Triangular prism point of view says that the current global element of xi7 is weakening. And also added was the spotted potted power worldwide will whirl around the time like a globally positioned aerial whirlpool. Now we all need to listen carefully to what the little duck in a paper cup is saying.....takes a while to learn but quack quack quack is such an ancient and diverse vocabulary that can link many races in glowing colourful linguistically performed fashion. Thus unifying humans. Thus composing truths together. No bartering bomb. And no bang bang bang either. That will go under the wave. Xxxxx and now a large camel line with feather boas doing a can can dance. Hahahaha scorpions singing saline salon song. Hahahaha Egyptologist educational evening event. Xxxxx colourfully cleaning creating calmly xxxxx vertiginous vaporisation version xxxxx repudiation z d t r t z z Z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Earwig Brain Harvest

crawling biting lacerating
sniffing, chewing

tunneling through
damp, waxy tunnel

ahh, sweet white brain

gulping orange wax
swimming, striving

wait, I’m stuck!
what is this obstruction?

a strange, tough membrane…
elastic and taut

yes, of course, it’s the eardrum
foiler of earwigs

gotta punch through
snip tear poke rip slice

barely squeezing through
billowy elastic

syrupy warm fluid
slowing me down

sniffing pinching testing
struggling driving thrusting

ahh, finally…
the glistening white membrane

whoa, it’s slippery!
So plump, so electric!

white cheesy wonderland
viscous holiday

millions of neurons
Storing thoughts and feelings

master control center
the very essence of consciousness

right under
my brown, scaly legs

my prickly feet skittering
across the pulsing ridges

I believe I’ll deposit
Some filth…

Copyright © Vincent Procopio | Year Posted 2012

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How interesting is a two curved toucan

senators seeing stapled starkers
Loopholes. Lanky long. Llama Klamath llama please do not lean on those bent gables. For gables are gargling and gargling sounds very eerily similar to a gaggle of geese. Mission endeavour is a plane in a prism. A pram. Circling. But not a curdled crisp. Boot not a rebooted tooting train. For trains are teams and team is neither a steam locomotive nor a mystified heron on a penny farthing. Part board part hoard and a collapsing crash of hands. Figure a fakery is an idiomatic meaning of a didactic form of unilaterally placed flowers. And the beak says hi. But not before the fire arrives in a bowl of plankton. At noon. In a square. If travelling in a circular ship travel light and only carry one tray, one mug, a beaker, a wheel, and a supernaturally charged frog. Interesting to note how the enhanced forms of wit is involved in intergalactic war games. Playing on a two ton tea towel. Very very heavy. Heavy rock and heavy metal is in a school eating cereal at the back of a classroom. Haha. And the deafening boom of bell brings balls to halls and hallowed singing in a line. Youth yawn yearly. And a little micro dot of a hedgehog plays the bass guitar with a sparrow, a nine foot semi eroded dustbin, a mentally disturbed earwig, a corrupted cucumber, and a non digestible house brick. Wow. Such enlightenment from a factory of frozen peas. Hahaha the wine is in the winds. Hahaha message board secret speaking to a pen. Hahaha number of stolen goods dancing with the police. How apolitical and jar of gold coasting coats. Xxxxx Palladian ponies. Xxxxx geometrical gnome. Xxxxx synchronous swanky swans. X uncharacteristically z z z z z. At 689% of a slice of pear cider. Personified x

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017

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Missions on a selfie stick is described as a result of a sudden appearance. But a carbonated omitted beast is not normally associated with a dramatic spoon and cables dancing are very often fragrant. Neat is neither a feet nor is it a metric metre. It is to be felt only with a ginormous beef cutlet at a banquet barking. Bring a breaded fish with you. And a two ton blanket. And the legs off an earwig. It is in silence that a smiling fish sings. And the waltzing from the leprechaun ball is at its height in a summer plumage.  A Worldy view on a statement is a staggering stagnant prawn on a deep mission. Pointing pouting political poultry. And a jar of creamy melodic mustard humming. Humming a hymn. Defined by a single bead. Waving. Weave not a scent. And fish for a teapot in a lavender plant. Taking train stations to a discordant discotheque is not to be done in the middle of a floating road as booming shark teeth are prevalent in vans,buses,and even lorries. Traditional traders trading talismanic teeth. And a wise dove doing a fly by wearing a silky blouse. Have you a baked bean as a dress? Or a pickle as a hat? No. Then you must get them. Very high fashion. A savoury duck is climbing a wall. Radio for help then. Signal two point eight. And a large scale for the delay. Fry some fish. Listen carefully. And do not trust a fish monger. Xxxxx insectivorous ideologues ignoring ignorance's indefinitely. Xxxxx tomorrow today. Xxxxx geometrical Z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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Waving Wars Weary Wearing Wraps PARTRIDGES

A fat grassland is neither a wasteland nor a heather mountain. It is wise to twirl a large ink dotted feather flock to the sky uniformed but not adhering to dress codes of societal norm. When norms are very nautical nowadays and can disappear and disparate under a cotton candy dream boat on a cruise to the sands. It is nevertheless an unforgettable view constructed by fashioning cheese on one slice of bread. This will surely ensure that bean is comfortable. But bringing banging blackness is not wise in front of a large herd of officialdom as curriculum based language leaving is a learning leaning laugh. And now it is time mr lobster face to vacate these premises. For there are no vacancies for tide is not moving and there is now no waves. Due to incorrect malnutrition placed by curtailing cartwheeling faces that drawl out words akin to a squeaky rifle that is being polished to a tune. No ha ha no x and no z either. That was the p y q reporting from an earwig tantrum zone with lots of earwigs dressed in attire more suited to a war. Bmnbmnbmn. |

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2016

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A study at dawn

Skylights warn and warm where acorns drip. The slight angle of acidity in the air can be measured accurately with a ruler or the nib of a ball point pen. Ball point pens are not really balls or points for they are pens and pens are prints, paint, and form occasional prisms in a paper whorl of scribbled ink. Of every hue. Fine and finer. And details outlying the plans are interrupted by a sixteen ton coffee cup whose snores cause vibrations then the liquid seeps over the edges and lands upon the written words causing much smudge marks. Suited earwig headed man with round glasses is not amused. Most perturbed to be exact. All night he had spent revising and crossing the t's and dotting the I's. And now it was indeed a rather sad scrawl of blur. Oh dear. Picking up the pen he walked over to the papers and spoke loudly in order to wake the cup. The cup was startled. What had it done? "you were snoring" shouted the earwig head. "you have spilt liquid onto my work. MY work is thus destroyed." To which the coffee cup gave a nonchalant look and folded his arm handles. Great thought the man. But wait are not those pieces of building blocks left from the babies ball banquet. Great they are. I can make a little model of what I composed on print. He began work immediately. Five seconds of sleep. Wow. Always astonishing how a window cloth can gather a stronghold over smears. The model began to take shape. It would be ready for the board soon. Remarkable. The thick pieces of plastic were soon assembled into formation. Overseen by a paperweight swan which glided around the desk hissing at the cup. And later the widow spiders would wave, the whales would walk, the wallpaper would wink and all the grounds would begin singing operatic arias and clouded liquids would clear the residue of a fallen road kill of a suitcase. Suitcases can look quite messy of left at the side of a road. Especially when they are run over. Splattered. The nylon wire in the air is humming today but isnt in tune with the birds. Ha the sentinels are sweeping the little play tent. Ha ha the paleontologist is playing with a patented patterned platypus. Xxxxx multicolumns z z z z z with a twist of a dormant doorman dormouse standing at over three thousand feet in a stable. Ok then. Interplanetary. Z.

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017

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Oh wow a great big long list

Ten times a fish cake can be as explosive as an atomic earwig playing with a red hot poker. But a reclusive sea horse often climbs up a cliff. But only when the moon is fat, round, and pink with some blue. Blueberries on the other hand chase pillows around on a street. It is rather interesting and entertaining too. But ooohs and aaahs from sealed bras are neither can can dancers, flip flops or flamingos. So always trip over at least once over a mop bucket especially when ironing a pair of spotted silky trousers. Most often it is deemed necessary for an iron spoon to see a film at a cinema. Cinematic clothes choosing charming chatting chequered creations. And all the little bugs wave. Good. Fish in a pan of stew with a maggot then. Fantastic. Xxxxxxx beautification Z Z Z Z Z

Copyright © Taoi Chanan | Year Posted 2017

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oh why,
earwig fie!
choose you not to
fly ?

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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July's Sticky Air

I fled the kiln
of the house
where ceramic floors
bake like focaccia bread.
My haven is a bench
in the shade of an oak,
praying for a breeze.
A bevy of bees hover
over blushing jasmine 
and scarlet lilies,
dousing me with honey
in July's sticky air
as my finger
culls a drowned earwig
from my glass of iced tea.

Copyright © Dale Gregory Cozart | Year Posted 2018

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~~~~~~~~~~~ you are in my head... so glad you can't read my mind... earwigging... earwig... ~~~~~~~~~~~

Copyright © Mick Talbot | Year Posted 2018