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The Best Drive Me Nuts Poems

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Hello Kitty

Hello, all my fuzzy friends
Embarrassed, but I gottah tell you that cats and dogs are my buddies
Loving my family and
Live life to the fullest and to the best of your ability
Ohhh...what a world full of positivity and negativity...what a messed-up world

Krazy kool kats drive me nuts
Idolizing their cuteness and their noisiness
Totally tricked by their fickle ways
Trained to make an excuse that it's "one of those days" pets are the best and cutest!

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2015

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I am going to write a funny poem now
All this figuring out is driving me bananas
Have you ever thought why God is so hard to figure out?
He likes to drive me nuts 
I am beginning to think so
So now I don't want to do it any more
Any way the wind goes is fine with me
Comsi comsa lol
He likes to test my limits I'm beginning to think
Well this girl has a limit
And she has it
Wonder who would He bother next?
Because everything is smooth sailing here
He got it 
He makes all the decisions
No input from me
That is just fine and dandy

Copyright © Toquyen Harrell | Year Posted 2015

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Utter Perfection

The way you sit and comb your hair, with languid strokes and shoulders bare; your gazing at the looking glass, reveals your pedigree and class. The way you walk with swaying hips, the way you kiss with melting lips. I love the way you come to bed; it’s in your smile. No words are said. And furthermore, as time goes by, no mists have melted from the eye. If truth be told, no ifs, no buts; it’s very clear - you drive me nuts! ~
For Michael's "The Perfect Woman" Competition by Charles Clive.

Copyright © Charles Clive | Year Posted 2013

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Not sure

          I'm not sure why!???
          if I love you,
          just  because,
          you make me laugh.....

          or.....just because
          you remind me to plug in 
          GPS on my way home,
          so you....
          don't have to worry sick to your stomach,
          did I make it to my home,

          Or , just 
          I love you....because 
          you have kissed me ,
          like no one else will ever do.....
          Why do I love you,if I do?
          even though you drive me nuts,
          when you say I'll call you,
          and guess what,
          you never do,

          so ,please , don't ask me why,
          I don't even know ,
          and don't care to know,

         but , 
         I think ,it's just because , 
         make me laugh
         like no one  else before,!!!


Copyright © Ivy Vresk | Year Posted 2011

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Dreaming sleeplessly
I'm in a deep sleep regardless
Of what you say thotlessly 
Damage the distress in progress
You sent me letters and emails
Thank you...I'd like to say Thank You
Every time I walk - five thousand fails
Thank you for not making me blue, boo
In perspective, I'm trying so hard
Yet, I'm still this pathetic bard
I feel and see music
It's so darn epic and enthusiastic 
So therapeutic and exquisite like a perfect pic
Flicker the lights on and off
I guess I wasn't enuff
I suppose I like the pain ruff
Hey, be quiet, silent tears that fall from the inside
You can only see my outside
Fading like the atmosphere
The blue and grey waters of the oceanside
Leaves me with no fear,
For I am your chocolate,
Wrapped up in chandeliers of hopes...
Wrapping paper isn't that expensive
But, my love isn't cheap...
Let that sink deep
Get me a ride 
By your side,
My beautiful future bride...
Subside from my side afterwards...
I see words and letters backwards...
Dyslexia does drive me nuts...
No if's, and's or but's about it...but I don't hate my guts
I'm becoming the new me
Let me be me and set me free

Copyright © J.W. Earnings | Year Posted 2016

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Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Why do you always forgive
and invite me back home?

Why do I respond to my Prodigal Son
with prodigious love?

I guess.

Because we share an Older RightBrain Stem,
right down into our DNA-drenched bone marrow,
that always feels cooperatively drawn toward WinWin co-empathic trust
and always unconsciously dissonantly struggles
with competitive Win-Ego v Lose-OtherEco compromises
with how Earth and Ego would health and wellness thrive
if we all could remember
we have all been both Prodigal Sons and Daughters
and Prodigious Elder WinWin Ego/Eco Mentors
who could never become happy choosing between
ecosystemic LeftBrain deductive natural health
over ecopolitical RightBrain inductive nurturing wealth.

Like having your LeftBrain deductive self-regenerative cake
while RightBrain ecosystemically decomposing it too.

Said like a WinWin Prodigal co-investing Son/Daughter.

I guess.


I appreciate the return invite
but it is this habit of yours about always needing the last polysyllabic word 
that continues to drive me nuts.

What can I say that will help you feel better
about this annoying habit of mine?

Preferably nothing.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Everything is about you
The way you talk
The way you smile
The way you laugh 
The way you walk
The way your eyes can read me like a book
The way the touch of your hand can make me tingle
The way your skin against mine helps me sleep at night 

But when youre not here
I cant think
I cant eat 
I cant sleep 
I can barely breath
I cant funtion properly 

I miss you
You, just you 
When youre far away
I feel like a piece of me is gone
You get me like no one else
You let me push your buttons 
without exploding 
I cant get to you
You have no idea how that makes me feel 
Youre so different

Why are you different 
Why cant you be the same
Why do you make me feel this way
Why do you make me feel so 

Im not perfect 
I cant be perfect 
Im full of flaws
From my head to my toes
But so are you 
I overlook them 
I dont know why 
I look at you and for some reason 
All I see is perfect 

You drive me nuts
Why, just why
Why do you make me feel this way
I cant explain it 

I want you 
but I cant have you
You dont want me 
And it tears me apart
I need you 
But you dont need me 

How you make me feel 
Is undescribable 
I cant use words
Or physical movement
To show what you mean to me 

In the end I know I'm a joke
You dont want me 
and you never will
I sit here 
and let myself suffer 
Hoping you'd change your mind 
But in the end it's all a joke 

How can I love you
when you dont love me too

Copyright © Dakota Cooper | Year Posted 2018

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Hold me high and don't let me fall

Uhh, hun how I wish I could show you how much I love you,you make me smile when I feel
like crying you make me laugh when I am down.Even though u drive me nuts that's why I love
you,you keep me on my toes which is why I love you so much.Kiss me in the rain,act like a
nut with me .Be crazy catch me when I fall.You make me feel like no one has before I just
wish I could show you.You call me beautiful which means the world.You hold me when I cry
never let go because that would hurt me way to much to stand.When you kiss me it feels
like I could fly.When you hug me don't let anyone hurt me.

Copyright © ashley stupak | Year Posted 2011

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Time To Get Up

Tick tock tick tock
Out window with that clock
Each and every frigging day
Tells me to get out of hay

Brushing teeth
Breath smelling so sweet
Another dam hole in sock
Oh how I hate that clock

Blue jean entire
God I'm really tired
Clean sand bugers out of eyes
In rush to say goodbye's

Gas light engine on again
This crisis is such a sin
Scrounging pockets for a buck
Pulling out lint what such luck

Morning greetings from the boss
When all I wanted to do was stay in bed and toss
Paper work piling up
No coffee to fill my cup

Tic tock tick tock
Come on hurry up dam clock
For shopping still has to be done
And let me tell you it's no fun

Kids husband dogs and cats
Drive me nuts like a pack of rats
What can one do
But not to come unglued

So I want to give a big thanks
To my alarm clock that doesn't play pranks
And gets me up and out that door
So I can pay for those things I truely adore

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

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Irritation About This Generation

There are so many things I could rant about, things that drive me nuts with irritation. Sometimes I just want to scream and shout! God help me sometimes with this generation! Printers make it so hard to print on two sides, What the heck is up with that renoun Dell? Geez, why can’t all printers make it reverse inside, I swear I’m going to create a REAL printer to sell! Or how swear words are too easily used, it’s so trashy to hear them over and over again. Swearing too much doesn't make me amused, especially when dirty words are used by women! Come on, blaming a waitress for a bad meal? This just happened to me at Outback yesterday. Don’t customers take in consideration how they feel? It could cause the poor girl to have a bad day. You know what really frustrates me sometimes? When I slice myself while shaving my legs like I do. It’s a real problem and I feel it’s a terrible crime… I could rant all day about these things…can’t you??? Rant Contest Shadow Hamilton May 7, 2018

Copyright © Lu Loo | Year Posted 2018

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So Hard

Struggle with the loneliness
gun in my hand
Thinking of the cold steel bullet
just laying there within

Picture your face
throughout the grim, dark day
If you could see me like this
I wonder what you'd say

Thinking back of the times 
and knowing you're the one who left
That's one thing to drive me nuts
one thing I can not forget

No one is around
I've looked hard and long
The streets in my heart are empty
cause everyone is gone

I could take it all away
to not take another breath
Falling so fast
without having a safety net

Feeling of the cold steel bullet
thought of you is the last I think
Into the fiery pits of hell
for eternity I shall sink

Copyright © Cameron Crick | Year Posted 2012

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Grandma Arlene

you don't know what you have until it's gone, i wish i would have known what went wrong. 
oh yeah the ciggiretes. she smoked them till she was out of breath. the house always 
smelled of those stinking butts gosh, that scent would drive me nuts. ciggirets smoke in 
my hair, clothes and skin recieving subtle stares from strangers wondering where iv'e 
been. i wish i could have stopped him. i wish i could have stopped her.when i get older 
i know she'll be nothing but a blur. she's in heaven now some say where she belongs. i 
say it could have been stopped, her live could have been prolonged 

Copyright © nydia byrd | Year Posted 2005

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Now He's In My Head

I've imagined it a thousand times 
all the things that go with 'us'
loving him is truly sublime,
but I'm thinking so much it'll drive me nuts
he's constantly filling my head
his laugh, his voice
all other thoughts promptly leave in his stead
bound, shackled, they have no choice
our time together is of sweet bliss
the tension is astonishing,
the anticipation of the elusive kiss
of which the very thought leaves my heart pounding
with him I'm left flustered
without, he clouds my mind
a storm of him which blusters 
I've imagined it a thousand times

Copyright © Elena Welsh | Year Posted 2017

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Dying For Love

mi amore, stay strong for me, mi amore, show me how to be as strong as you can be

mi amore, why can't we be together in this world dancing together eternally 

Tell me amore, do you love me so, why can I not let you go

Alas amore I say to you hasta la muerte, I will you true

You drive me nuts but keep me alive, amore, tell me will you feel the same

Or do i drive you too insane, do I make you blood turn, do I cause your chest to turn

Amore, I adore the way you are, you see not what I can see

I see the power you hide from me, though it is hidden well

My heart is deep in your spell, I had forgotten long ago

How to love, and how to live, as i see your life drain

I feel nothing except your pain, mi amore, I pray you see

You are the wind beneath my feet in the air

Even if I can see no face, I know it is you right there

Holding me above the ground, giving me the adrenalin for my heart to pound

Copyright © Raven Tones | Year Posted 2017