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a poem- dedicated to nirvaan

oh nirvaan ! truly dearly you ,
how should i tell you,
how much i love you,
i am your uncle,
you’re my nephew,
thats not all i have to tell you,
i can see in you,
astonishing wisdom and noble cue,

so i like to earnestly convey you,
in this world of disguise beauty,
nirvaan be the crown of integrity,
cherish the values of buddha,
knowledge, character and generosity,
and accomplish the ambedkar glory,
your parents nita and vivek,
working hard for your sake,

for you the platform is set,
to lead the rest,
born in wealthy country of opportunity,
don’t ever forget humility,
towards suffering dalit society,
strive for their prosperity,
your grand parents abhayanand and jhanaprabha,
devoted most of life as an ambedkarite,

be the reason for their pride,
by never giving up the quest,
that born american by birth,
you are equally devoted,
to spread the dr. ambedkar's word,
to make india pro-buddha,
oh nirvaan! truly dearly you,
buddha’s of past, present and future, bless you.
sadhu, sadhu, sadhu !


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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Paper Democracy

Democracy for elites
Principles never enlight
Politicians aggrandize
Void of commitment
Dalit rights crucified
Every Day, Hour, Minute
Burnt, tortured, raped
Blood tears wept
Humanity if any ever left
Upper caste domination swept
Nation deliberately slept
How can Millions Rejoice?
As largest democratic voice
Shame, to them
Who makes false claim
But never aim
All humans born same
Who can we blame?
Judas, within us
At rank and file
Shouts & writes,
About Ambedkarite’s 
To win Dalit might
And rest in Vanity Fair
Alas, they too will flare
None would care
Upper caste won’t spare
They would dare
Every breathe Dalit share
This isn’t any nightmare
Reality check bare
Democracy nowhere


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2014

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Unquotable quotes: Outsiders and Odd Men - XXVIII

Unquotable quotes: Outsiders and Odd Men – XXVIII

                 for Colin Wilson (1931-1913) 
                    regrets for the “provoked” faux pas

To each his own: to Colin Wilson his alienated creators, doers and thinkers – Lawrence of Arabia, Nijinsky, Van Gogh (to name but a sample), but what about those who sweated their lives out within soft screen to hard covers: James Mason’s “Johnny McQueen” in Carol Reed’s version of Green’s Odd Man Out; Steinbeck’s mute mice and merciless military men in Viva Zapata; King Wen of Chou trapped within the hexagram Ming Yi for six years in the tyrant’s dungeons made ultimate sense of stray lines on tortoise shells or El Mancho of Lepanto languishing for years in Algerian stone quarries for want of 30 thousand ducats hatched his quixotic plot to appease those who let their whims overwhelm them; like a Ho who would not let a defeated people go down on their knees to superior fire power; like a Gandhiji who elevated and enshrined hundreds of millions of Dalit sous-hommes in articles of human rights in the sub-continent’s Constitution; like the Midnight Oil’s wail to keep sleeping on while their beds burn Down Under: ‘A fact’s a fact/It belongs to them/Let’s give it back’; like Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai come to the rescue of guileless peasants at the mercy of brigands and the waywardness of seasons; like a Mandela who steered his beaten down and trampled apartheid victims into the clear ground of fairplay in the aftermath of Botha detention; like a Lenin unwilling to let the Tsarist insouciance feed on the under-fed and over-worked proletariat corpse: like Mao who took his diehard followers on the Long March to re-possess his ravaged country equally from traitors and infiltrators and scheming conqueror hoards; like the general who turned the tables on his colonial masters to found the nucleus of the Republic now in Washington; like a Lincoln who forestalled Jefferson’s segregationist and cleansing plans of repatriation to bind the Union in mixed blood; like the ever-faithful Castro ready to sacrifice in bon-fires his women and children to face the Roman conqueror onslaught….
	All all “outsiders” who harbour the spirit of the “odd man out” in their psyches and willing at all cost to pay the ultimate price for wanting in their dreams to change this incorrigible world in the grasp of bigoted profiteers….

© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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- voice of a dalit women

now hear the unheard cries
of dalit women plight
upper caste takes pride
humanity here despise
seeing the cruelty dies
of high caste females crucify
mercilessly their own gender 
in the name of caste blunder
mutely supporting the plunder
of dalit women, who wonder
the silence of own gender
on the sight of feminity
in the board day light
paraded naked in their own vicinity
raped, ravished and trampled
no doubt upper caste feminity
is skin deep only
else they would have fought
for their feminine right
to live life free of fright
alas! they are caste blind
to see their mutual bind
feminists too are not so kind
to raise voice against the crime
however will burn candles
and raise issue nation wide
on death of upper caste women
died enjoying night party
such feminists who glee 
in distributing pink panty
for women’s right to party
awfully ignores humiliating death
suffered by dalit women daily
story of dalit women is grim
suffers discrimination all time
as a female and a lower caste being
though struggling through adversities
if succeed to come out of the rim
aristocrat high caste vultures deem
her hopes nothing but dream
ever preying on her virtuosity
that dominates their caste superiority
arising dalit women suffers subtly
high caste people discriminating policy
based on caste as well gender inferiority
where majority prays and swears by female deity
but treat dalit women mere commodity
nation egotist in its democracy
fails to notice caste discrepancy
dalit women should now be their own saviors
pursue the legacy of Savitribai Phule and Dr. Ambedkar
be educated, be united and agitate


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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an educated "Dalit"

educated dalit, working in office elite,
his journey from rags to riches,
hardly matters for high caste there,
safeguarded through religious care,
see the dalit with crucifying glare,
wonder how could a dalit dare,
to overcome his sordid tale,
of breaking away his caste jail,
for them its not his education,
but simply unearned reservation,
well, they prefer to stay ignorant,
rather than be observant and agree,
to their sly ancestors religious vagary,
of keeping majority of population,
religiously away from education,
widely making negative propagation,
low caste deserve condemnation,
now in era of globalization,
they provide legal justification,
by granting on paper certain reservation,
but see the anarchy of socialization,
majority of dalit population,
struggling for handful reservation,
while minority ruling population
gets the rest as gratification,
the educated dalit wonder,
there are many like him who thunder,
for the dalit rights to be consider,
and its time to learn from past blunder,
individuals fight and meek surrender,
unless someone like dr. ambedkar,
been true dalit caretaker,
gather the courage again,
to teach the dalits how to gain,
social rights lost in vain,
perceiving false political fame.


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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Dalit Kay Nina

Kung sasariwain ko sa 'king isip
Ang nangagdaang mga kapanahunan,
Liban kay Jessang lubhang pinintakasi,
Ikaw'y naroon 'di ko maikukubli!

Sa koliheyo kata'y nagkakilala,
Katoto kita sa 'sang asignatura,
Sa unang tagpo'y 'di ko maikakaila
May paghanga ako sa iyong nadama.

Aywan ko rin ba Nina't 'di ko sadya
Na noon ni Kopidp ako'y napana.
Nasok sa kamunti- muntiang himaymay
Na aking laman katagian mong taglay.

Makailag- ulit sa silid-aralan,
Habang ating guro' nagbab'hagi alam,
Ako'y nag-aastang maysakit tiyan,
Labas- pasok silid ng ikaw'y matunghan!

Minsan, maaga pa sa silang ng araw
Kung ako'y dumatal sa silid- turuan.
Takot mahuli? Oo! Ngunit ang pakay
Liban sa takot, Nais kang masilaya.

"di naglao'y lumipas ang mga araw;
Ikaw'y ipinagdamot, wari ninakaw
Ng oras. Naubos buong limang buwan
Kay bilis, animo kidlat kang naparam.

Sa gayon ka tatamis na alaala,
Ay gayong dita rin sinikap kong bathin.
Dahil sa likod ng sibol nang paghanga,
"di ko nasabing, "Nawa ikaw ay akin!"

Ngayon, tila mga along nagbabalik
Ang mga araw ng tuwa kong nasapit.
"yong mga araw'ng ma kamandag sa huli
Ngayong kaklase kita sa Master's degree.

Ngunit ngayong tana'y multong nagbabalik,
May sinusumpa akong 'di mauulit!
Ang batid ko lang a siyang gaganapin
Ay liligawan kita. Walang pipigil!

Kung sakaling ngayon ikaw'y may pag- ibg, 
At ikaw Nina'y sadlak sa pagkatali,
Magka- ao ma'y 'di ako palulupig!
Laya mo ay hihintayin hanggang huli!

Copyright © MILBERT SALMASAN | Year Posted 2014

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A Challenge

I never accepted such challenge that makes me fool.
I accepted challenge that provides me accelerating tool.
I am a Dalit, not human, 
Hindu treat me slave in a democratic rule.
Impassable roots and recommendations hide,
No place for strange but offering a stool.
What do you want to reward me?
Pain, tear, suffering or something extra cool.
I never heard you are also supporting me, 
Human civil rights aren’t a swimming pool.
I wrote, someone would hear my pain,
But everybody has cry in a bribery school.
We are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Jews or Buddhist,
Not a human, only religion in a living shell.
What is a worship message: to worship a tomb?
Kill them innocently if a life is quill.
Oh, my dear fellow, I write for nothing,
Whose not charged me appreciation, is that not hell?
Who loves not his grace, why do I feel pain?
Are we or not; human, that’s my untouchable skill?

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2007

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Who is the Son of God?

Lord Jesus  
A Son of God,
I read it in the Bible.
Where also lord mentioned.
A false prophet will be born.
After this message,
Lord Muhammad was born,
And these teachings were never accepted 
Christians followed Lord Christ holy Bible,
That ‘d written by his followers,
Because he was unable to write.

If this is the truth,
Who was the father of God?
That was the father of Lord Christ?

If Mary was virgin,
And God took this responsibility,
That her child, 
Jesus is a Son of God,
Is it that means? 
God was a human.

I read also on many occasions, 
Devil also slept with many women,
But nobody claimed that,’ he was a son of devil.
As Dalits were accepted untouchables,
Over the centuries and Mahatma Gandhi,
Accepted Indians ‘A father of nation’,
Claimed that untouchables are ‘harizans’.
The Son of God.

In 2001, The World conference against Racism,
Taken place in Durban that I attend,
And protested that, ’Casteism is Racism’. 
The 7th Global form,’ reinventing Government’ in Vienna,
I attended where I heard,
UN failed to hear Dalit’s issue of Caste,
Because they admitted that, 
Gandhi was a great philosopher.
He will be awarded with noble prize.

I appreciated the world philosophers,
Who admit Gandhi’s Claim that 
250 million Dalit’s are not human,
They are the Son of God as Lord Jesus Christ
But was that reason, 
Not Christians, not Muslims, not Jews, not Buddhists,
Condemned UN role of discrimination against Dalits.
Is these religions accepted that,
Gandhi was a great philosopher,
250 million Dalits are the Son of God,  not human. 
If they accepted that Dalits are also human,
They must claim to UN,
How did they fail to address?
Dalit rights are also human rights.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2007

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raise your voice

you are ambedkarite then raise your voice,
don’t give up your rights raise your voice,
that’s not your god who created,
your dalit destiny,
man is his own creator,
and master of his destiny,

do have a reality check 
see your ardent buddhist mate
succeed far beyond the rest
whats dragging you behind,
is you and your own mind,
if one man can do it,
you too can do it,

don’t complain later,
come together follow dr. ambedkar,
arise, awake and gain buddhist sight,
to conquer the caste might,
to overcome your past atrocity,
see right into future possibility,
be educated, united and agitate,
nothing else could mitigate.


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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dr. ambedkar- sun that never sets

i see a sun that never sets,
that enlighten inner quest,
by transcending hearts gate
to overcome lives fade

i see a sun that never sets,
burns stoically for the rest
to help achieve forbidden glory
of those lives gloomy

I see a sun that never sets,
for millions pride sake
breaking law of nature 
like a rebel dares death

i see a sun that never sets
and he is a man on mission
with sublime noble reason
to fight human discrimination

i see a man surmount a sun
brilliant high in the sky
nevertheless refusing to lie
unlike a sun that sets everyday

truly Dr. Ambedkar, a dalit icon
is the only sun, dalits reckon
and world shall not witness 
any other sun that never sets


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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death cry be heard

let the death cry be heard,
of those dalit murdered,
and seek emancipation,
against the discrimination,
ask not for justice,
if that only leads to injustice,
for they don’t even try,
to address your cry,
life yours made deplorable,
resolve to make it admirable,
life is worth living,
a single day as king,
rather like decades corpse sting,
fight for the dalit plight,
till they reckon your might,
forgo your false notion,
those who supports discrimination,
are people who runs the nation,
were intellectuals brief daily,
about falling economy,
and neglect human ignominy,
suffered by million dalits daily,
no justice ever deserve,
cry of women raped reserve,
and her family killed to serve,
fanatic high caste nerve,
is there an end to this season,
of hate towards dalit for no reason,
if its caste that only matter,
the nation then will definitely shatter,
fools may sing unity in diversity,
wise will see signs of adversity,
nation heading toward calamity.


Copyright © rahul gade | Year Posted 2009

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Why only Muslim terrorists?

To UN gathering in Newyork, 2005.
(This Poem is dedicated to Dalit human rights
Caste violence: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 (Gohana):
60 Dalit houses burnt down in Gohana, Haryana, India.)
Do you know why matters are pending?
Is nobody has interest to touch them?
Actually a person deals with a matter,
Why does he need it for a benefit?

Who cares about justice?
Thousands files are hiding cases,
They demand to proceed for justice,
Are the concerned people not aware it?

Terrorism is high spotted agenda today,
Poor Dalits are suffering over the centuries,
Their human rights and a terrorising class,
Is still a hiding case as benefit seekers deal?

Are they made options only for Muslims?
They feel their activities are terrorising,
But when they shall feel about Hindu terrorists,
Who burns Dalits houses and rapes them.

Today world’s unanimously adopting,
Why is it on terrorism only for Muslims?
Who shall speak for Dalit human rights?
Why is world blind for Hindu terrorists?

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005

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One day will come

I know, this is insulted task,
You are very important to me.
I know, this is insulted task,
You are fully enlightened to me.
I have no objection
You are quiet handsome and smart
I have no objection
Your are honest working hard a part
But I can’t allow you
You are still a servant.
But I can’t allow you
You are lower caste detergent.
I can invite you
If you have a different religion,
I can invite you
If you have a different language vision,
It is a matter of my purity
It is a tradition of my culture and faith
It is a matter of Hindu sanctity
It is a pride of my family myth.
You can’t understand
As you are exploited over the centuries.
You can’t blame them
If nobody accepted you a human the centuries
If you are Muslim
Still facing a caste barrier
If you are Sikh
Still facing a caste barrier
If you are Christian,
Still facing a caste barrier
If you are Buddhist
Still facing a caste barrier
You need to know
Hindu fantasies have strong ties
You need to know
Why all others have mourn flies
They also believe that
Caste is a God gift
They also believe that
Dalits have downtrodden rift
Is world ready to accept you?
Explain me, what have they done for you?
Nobody is ready to help you
If you are Dalit, they have done none for you,
They love you, 
Only the cause of their Religion.
They love you, 
Only the cause of their vision.
Religious philosophy is equal,
Divide mankind and ruled over them 
Religious philosophy is equal,
Kill the welfare of mankind to convert them.
One day will come,
When you will be a religious man,
One day will come, 
When a Dalit shouln’t be a Dalit fan.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005

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When will you speak?

How do you feel when you don’t speak?
What is wrong if you participate in a discussion week?
Most of the people they never speak when they are free,
They never mind who is suffering they don’t like worry.

If ancestors who participated they don’t speak, 
What would be the nature of world’s steak?
The system is developed for everyone’s benefit,
If someone is poor, unemployed or a lit.

A person is managing and collecting complains,
How can he serve better he cares for blames?
If someone is n’t satisfied and living a wild,
He expects as a mature but plays as a child.

His excitement and encouragement is only a dream,
He always sparks he does n’t like main stream.
He behaves as a smuggler and seeds corruption,
His grudge is only money he cries for interruption.

When people visit to their God’s home,
He counts only donation his nature is as a broom.
Why do you prefer to work if money is only a matter?
A clever person has his opinion, he is a good chatter.

A person drew a cartoon of God you demonstrated,
I respect you if you understand God lives in a cartoon painted.
You never thought the innocents those who were blasted,
They were only human Bomb not human who were frosted.

When innocent were raped and killed you never spoke,
They were n’t you that are religious why mankind has stroke.
I am Dalit; I know that over the centuries you ruled me,
I am still Dalit crying for justice you always befooled me.

My God isn’t a God but your God is only a God,
That is equal for all; they are living at home or abroad. 

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

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You live in my words

The words are true,
Before their origin,
I was as a stone.
When the words touched me,
My mind played with me,
And the heart catches the waves. 

The words are true,
Before their origin,
You were nowhere exists,
Neither in my heart or nor in my mind.
But when I got it in my ideas,
Who am I? 
I started to search you.

The words are true,
Before their origin,
You never send me a message,
Over the centuries, my conscience were asleep
As long as I got your massage,
I cared for me, I cared for you,
And cared for your creation.

The words are true,
Before their origin,
I was only a killer,
I killed innocents for my pray,
I lived with animals as an animal.
These were my only words,
That identifies you.

I want to become a human,
My destination is at that end,
Where mercy and forgiveness exists in human beings,
You live in my kindness,
My true words imagined you,
Where you live with prompt to disgrace me. 
My poverty is a curse for me,
You never stop my exploiters,
They robbed me over the centuries,
Am I also Dalit, untouchable or black?

You never cried, they killed my children innocently, 
And raped them, when they demand for food.
They were bounded labour,
And died every moment with this faith,
One day you shall come to approve them,
They are also human,
They shall be treated as human beings,
But you never appeared,
You live only in my words. 

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2007

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Kar-Natak Ki Janta

            Kar-Natak Ki Janta

Karnatak ki janta aaj param shresht shenshah he,
har neta,har party ki keval kursi hi mansha he.
ek kehta pani dunga to ek kehta bijli dunga,
shoshit, dalit, pidit, vanchit, sabka arakshan mein bhar dunga,
garibi berozgari, bhrashtachari, atyadi mein nasht kar dunga.
par janta tehri budhjeev chatur sarvgyani kaha,
meri jaati ka he jo neta, vote mein usi ko dunga.

Prati din rally har dam bhashan har neta deta jata he,
apne kataksh shabdo se vipaksh ki lanka jalata he.
par ab tham jao shreeman neta, dherya aur dhiraj rakho tum,
kaslo kamar aur karlo tayari ki ab,
chunav ka nateeja anaa he.

Savere si hi voto ki ginti shuru ho gayi he,
sab janta aur neta ki utsuk sane tham si gayi he.
pure desh ki nigah tiki keval ab prashn par,
ki kis party ka anna bethega ki mukhyamantri ki kursi par.
kintu ab aa gayi dhuvidha ki stithi, dharmsankat ye ayaa he
kisi bhi ek party ko purn bahumad nahi mil paya he.

Pure din har party is aapa-dhapi mein judi hui he,
ki jodkar kiski seate purn bahumad ki sarkar bani hui he.
seedhe-sadhe logo ne socha, jo bhi aega sata mein,
banaega janta ki sarkar, kary karega sarvhit mein.
parantu gatbandhan kuch ese bane maano bichhde bhai sang aa gaye,
jod todkar mili juli sarkar banaker, janta ka patta kat gaye!

Copyright © Shaurya Dev | Year Posted 2018

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I know my heart is impure,
That’s why I were born a Dalit,
I know your heart is pure,
That’s why you make me a Dalit.

It is sanctity of your God,
Or the purity of your receipts,
You never accepted that,
Dalits are also human.

Have you cleaned your toilet?
Have you cleaned your room?
Then what is your purity?
If your stink is also fart.

Did you sleep without food a night?
If a female child asked you for food,
You opened your heart for mercy,
And your forgiveness desired sex.

Have you enjoyed ever poverty?
And watched innocent’s death,
Who was crying for medicine?
But a doctor was asking for money.

Have you faced poor circumstances?
When an innocent was crying for help,
His child was raped,
And police charged him a thief.

Have you walked with ware feet in a heat wave?
When children were crying for water,
When he went for fresh water to a bell,
Uppercastes killed him, he impured their water.

They raped his wife and burnt her alive,
And they arrested his children,
They grown female child ‘a sex worker’
And male ‘a bounded labour’.

No Religion served their service,
God is one; we all are brothers and sisters,
No Government banned Upper Castes,
They humiliated Dalits in a democratic system.

You can speak loud; I know you are pure,
Your conservatism treated always equally, 
Whatsoever you arranged discussion,
You paid benefits to killers to maintain terrorism.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

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Own My Face

No way, have you check your English?
Grammatically, you write, 
Every sentence wrong, I am graduate,
Literature is my subject but I can’t write.

Why do you write in my language?
I know, you are writing for your fame,
I know, you are dreaming be a rich man,
But I can tell you, your writing is rubbish.

Do you know why you came to us?
Only to earn money, you think this is a way,
To teach my generation about poors,
And poverty, we developed this country.

Why shall we give you a place?
Your place is in feet’s, your own nation,
Spits own you that are why you are crying,
You are a Dalit, nobody have mercy for nothing.

You have a best way stop your writing,
We can spare you if you are a worker,
We didn’t except you to be a wise man,
You are a forth class worker in your country.

We accept you a worker is it n’t enough?
Why do you write about discriminations?
What do you know about differences?
He dragged a full glass beer own my face.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005

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That's why

Perhaps you don’t know,
About a treatment of insults,
I were insulting over centuries,
I am Dalit that’s why I am writing you.

If you are seeking justice,
Just remind them who are attempting,
Injustice can deliver anyone,
Can you mark a sign of peace?

I am n’t foolish, I am n’t illiterate,
I am wise and I am educated,
That’s why I am seeking cooperation,
To confirm your regard.

I were humiliated over centuries,
That’s why I am raising this voice,
Do you believe injustice?
Let’s go to kill discriminations.

I want to live my life,
That’s why my struggle is hard,
I thought one day will come, when
You shall regard your intellectuality.

If you are seeking your regard,
Just remind them our differences are,
For a better living, to keep us alive,
To justify the values of natural resources.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2005