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Cut Your Losses

Life is a game of wins and losses,
You must know when to cut yourself off.
Cause I’ve tried to push through, I’ve tried to hold on,
Relentless yet insecure, I was nothing but a pawn.
Now the tide folds over, the season turns from brown to green
I face towards the sun, you’re still all that I see.
But something has changed, your skin is fading,
I smile as I foresee a happy ending.
And so it goes, the saying holds true,
The more time that passes, the more I forget about you.

Copyright © Devin Bowes | Year Posted 2013

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And I didn't see her coming

she was about thirty,Thai, with long shiny black hair
and a body to die for: and I built her mother a house
and we walked together in the rice fields but it wasn't 
enough for her and she asked me to buy a four wheel 
Toyota to "take the family around"

and I thought a while about my shrinking balance 
and growing libido,and a friend said, "cut your losses",
so I finished it, and I was free and solvent and the Toyota 
four wheel became her dream again

(but I must have been crazy)

Copyright © Peter Lewis Holmes | Year Posted 2015

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To B

Look child I'm done, this is enough 
Why are you still interested in what I am doing 
I'm flattered by your concern but I'm sorry 
We are not friends, nor are you worth enough to be considered an enemy 
Go away live your life stop bothering me 
There is no war here, no fight to be won 
I am a Goddess, a Woman, wholly me 
Still you play at your childish games 
As if the police would ever believe your lies 
The truth prevailed with only a nights disruption 
Cut your losses and move on like a good little grown-up 
Your insecurities have brought you down and held you back 
No way shall I allow you to strip my spirit with your ugly words 
You sit in your house behind the closed doors of your mind 
And claim my soul is ugly, while it is you and your kind that 
Judge and condemn in an attempt to oppress those whom 
Oppose your way of thinking and the cruelness of your souls 
I do not fear you. You are a child throwing nothing more than a temper tantrum 
" Mommy mommy pay attention to me, I am angry" 
Your pathetic life has pigeon-holed your womans soul and all you have left is 
Anger, so your contempt for me is understandable. I am free 
Unbound by the chains of dispair and fear 
I cannot say I feel sorry for you, You do not deserve my pity 
I have moved on from you without a moments hesitation 
The black hole of your soul shall not consume me 
I wish I could say I miss being your friend 
But I can't. Truth is, it was all too easy to say goodbye to 
Your crude humor, your promiscuity and the ever-present 
Knife ready to stab the backs of those you "love" 
You were right about one thing I will never be you 
I will never shun those who care or turn my back on those in need 
Nor will my soul ever be as black as yours 
Still it is my sincere hope that you can save yourself 
From the hells you have created 
Grow up little girl stop your foolishness 
Do not reply, no one wants to hear the ramblings of 
A barely literate girl in a womans body attempting 
To condemn the soul of a Goddess. You will only succeed 
In making yourself look weaker and if possible even more stuck-up 
Stick to what you're good at like consuming the love around you and turning it to hate.

Copyright © Jennifer Abrams | Year Posted 2012

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Burnt to the ground

How do you even begin to assess your losses 
While you house still smolders in the dark
Can you even try to recover what has been damaged
When the smoke still burns behind your eyes
You step timidly over the edge of the rubble
You once so grandly referred to as your life
And stare into the charred abyss
Wondering if it even matters where you start
Or if picking up the pieces is worth it at all
And some dark, sad, scarred, and tired corner of your soul
That knows you may just be too tired to rebuild
That part of you reaches into your pocket and fingers those keys
Fighting with all its might, the urge to just drive away
But oh how easy it would be just to cut your losses and go
Like you’ve done a thousand times before and run
Hide awhile in a bottle and a bed
A carnival of chaos and self destruction
With lights bright enough to blot out the darkness in your soul
At least you know how that’s done, that at least you can do
And this just seems to hard
But as you turn the key in the ignition something clicks
In the engine and your mind
This may just be your last chance
To finally get off the roller coaster 
That has only ever gone straight down
And the instant relief of checking out and going numb
May finally have cost too much
So with shaking hands and stinging eyes you put down the keys and turn
You take a breath and smell the smoke
 You pray to a god you’re not sure you believe in
That you can find the courage to rebuild

Copyright © Jesse Andrews | Year Posted 2010

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Lost Cause

You ask if I'm okay, there's a long pause
I try to find the words to let you know I'm a lost cause
I know you tried to help, had so much hope
But your efforts were no match for the self hatred and dope
I'd like to lie and pretend it's all okay
But I can't keep pretending so just walk away
I'm sick of both of us clinging to delusions
I'm sick of the problems that stack up on top of solutions
I'm never going to be who you think I should be 
My pretty face distracts you from what's plain to see
I'm not worth the effort time or the prayers
So go find a new project fix someone who cares
I've given up and you should too
Why are you here after all I put you through
They all told you I was a loser what did you expect
Just cut your losses have some self respect 
If love cured addiction we'd all be okay
But I'm too far gone to pretend today

Copyright © Crista Billings | Year Posted 2018