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Sitting in a cloak of black conservatism:

I feel my hands,
oily on the desk like shortening in
slate gray cookie pans,
the speedway inside forcing the absence of 

And my thoughts,
so flippant to implore
if a man with a chartreuse neck tie
can see the long wet streaks
across the cherry plane.

He speaks,
a sequence of interrogatives
common to the bored walls
of serious conference,
evoking tone inflection
in the pattern of polite.

Darest I mention truth?

I am your whore;
infect me with smug integrity,
smack me with false prophet leadership,
just leave some crisp bills
on the nightstand, sugar.

Yet my voice models his wavelength,
relaying back the catchy tired language
of one hit wonders;
eyes brighten,
hands extend
from the man who owns a chartreuse tie.


awards a loaf of Wonder bread,
and a two bedroom lower.

Copyright © Michele Nold-Godleske | Year Posted 2006

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The Daily Show and Tell

Dear Toni,

I saw you on The Daily Show
the other day
having your way
with Trevor,
or was it the other way around?
Not sure.

I'm also not sure where we first went wrong,
but I'm sorry for once having thought you my dumb blonde beauty.
Clearly this is not who you are
as you continue to play our family's conservative version
of Twinkle Twinkle Patriotic Star
and Patriarchal Stripes,
Flags and National Anthems.

Slow as deep rich Honey,
if you wrap yourself any tighter
in our conservatively-speaking at-risk Patriotic Flag,
I worry you might not breathe health both in and out
for long-term regenerativity.

I began hearing you as not just narcissistic
and uncaring about the health and security of my Galveston grandkids,
not to mention our whole extended family
of white male and female children
along coastal Texas over the next 100 years,
but sometimes I think you still confuse healthy conservatism,
which goes way back in our matriarchal nurturing days and ways,
with what sounds more like nihilistic condemnation
of any regeneratively humane future
for economic and politically empowering ecological health,
nondually co-arising like Grandmother Moon 
and Gaia Earth,
who gave birth to matriarchally conservative nurturing me,
and therefore also still organically conserving biosystemic you,
my honey sweet smart girl.

I wish you had spent less time defending your right to freely express your mind and feelings,
which, indeed, brother Trevor was not contesting,
so you could have spent more time sharing your mindfulness
about our healthy and secure future,
which continues to be at degenerative risk
by further white male plutocratic domination,
as if patriotically Christian and Enlightenment
ForeFathers would have wished to see
my grandkids moving from Galveston,
toward Houston,
our future frontier of new-coastal engulfing waters.

Setting aside your distaste for all things Progressive-Futuristic,
including the vastly dusty tomes of academically orthodox science
and LeftBrain dominant deductive-only facts,
and evidence of both ecologically regenerative
and anti-ecosystemically degenerative futuristic fantasies
about climate change as urgent climate pathology,
even setting all this aside,
please review our U.S. conservatively patriotic 
Right of Left Progressive-Liberal
devil's advocate agenda.

Somehow I think you lost the first chapter
in my Matriarchal WoManual.
Avoid inappropriate touch and speech at all times;
but also embrace therapeutic touch and speech favoring, as positive,
(possibly even RealTime Millennial Progressive)
future regenerative times.

Please avoid merely repeating past degenerative conservatism
as if beautiful ecopolitical women were merely dumb blind blondes
within our ecologically multiculturing marketplace.

I appreciate that you do not see yourself 
as a victim of history,
but more as a victorious Devil's Advocate,
and I love it when you mention this
despite U.S. women receiving enfranchisement rights
even after Black male property owners in several Northern States.

But, darling,
how on Mother Earth do you think we received this right to vote
for Donald Trump
rather than the candidate who would otherwise become the first woman U.S. President?
Do you think our patriarchal faithful Fathers
climbed off our Mothers in bed 
and said,
Oh, yes, you want it?
Sure. Here, it's yours.

How do you think your rant
against marchers and protesters
sometimes shouting Women's Lives Matter Too,
your stark disapproval of those who physically demonstrate
that they have not had your same benignly secure relationship
with your rather too-dear U.S. Flag and Patriotic-Only-Need-Apply Anthems,
as heard within post-millennial virtual realities
of Devil's Conservative Advocate supremacy?

How do you think your active disbelief
in the economic and political necessity,
or even historical effectiveness,
of strident speaking and marching 
in public and private spaces and times
would feel to your maternal Elders
during the post Civil War era,
who had no other cooperatively regenerative power?

Perhaps not quite whiney enough?

I am sorry to say,
as I boundlessly love you,
and always will,
I am quite sure your conservative great great grandmother
would be pissed as hell at this,
her post-millennial offspring,
playing at Daddy Trump Devil's Advocate;
joining the continuing LeftBrain dominant paternalistic
plutocratic team,
when she so vigorously marched and protested for this opportunity for you
to vote for our first woman U.S. President
of a bicamerally Matriotic-Patriotic
Right-Left balancing
post-millennial RealTime U.S.A.

Your Virtual UnReality Shows
you learned well to help yourself stay away
from inappropriate touch and speech of others
you feel a reactionary need to overpower,
but have yet to begin 
this deeper maternal ecotherapy
to always and everywhere regeneratively touch and speak
through Mother Earth's cooperatively sustaining climates
and landscapes of health and safety
as nutrients worthy of your positive nurturing
(despite also known as post-millennial eco-politically progressive)
for all EarthTribe's multicultural future regenerations.

Don't date yourself so much
as an anti-feminist blonde beauty
overly glutted with the conservative diastatic age
of General Eisenhower,
as yummy as that was at the time.

But, this is your time.
Seize it.
CoArise with your cooperative matriotic duties
to speak wisdom
to LeftBrain supremacist Trump Cards.

With at least 7 healthy generations of love,
GrandMother Moon

ebbing my Yang sway
to flow our Yintegral balancing day

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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like morning doves, together we could be

i am still getting used to this writing thing
this poetry writing thing
the mystery of hiding my madness
concealing my mad love
oh i love him mad
forgive the poor grammar - madly 
yes, i love him madly
like i said i am still becoming familiar with this writing thing
this poetry writing thing
i am lost in translation on Mondays
then bouncing from cosmos to cosmos by Sundays
i am more comfortable in the unfamiliar 
somewhere over there feels like home to me
i feel more love from the strangers i see over there
strangers who also cling to similes, and to metaphors, and to antonyms, and to synonyms
we all are clinging for life, and for purpose, for hope
strangers who are vaults to the secrets of the subconscious
strangers who are daring enough to address the flaws of the human condition
strangers who are brave
strangers who i believe love me for me; who love me solely for my creativity
who love me for my dramatic storytelling; who love that i am drama Queen
but back to this writing thing that I am still trying to get used to
this poetry writing thing
my flows are nothing like a Shakespeare nor my biases like a Ayn Rand
but the love of my life reminds me of them
he reminds me of them 
beautiful deception
his smile feels like a song that I can taste - so pleasantly sweet 
a relentless radical
he claims he'll drain all of my conservatism out of me
is the love of my life a male-Ayn Rand or a female-Shakespeare
i am never sure 
but he provides something deeper than ordinary to me
before he came along my days were ordinary
still, i cannot love him more
in the physical sense
i just cannot for i have nothing else to give
but through freehand or calculated poetry writing
this love intensifies
strangling me
but i breathe easily
petrifying me
but i reach my hands out to him happily, freely
i am reaching out to him through the writing, through my poetry
which explains how we met in outer space
so yes, I guess we did meet somewhere out there in outer space
maybe a 10-dimensional love for all five senses - his and for mine
i am not sure
i am never sure actually
but back to this writing thing
this unforgiving poetry writing thing

he asked me for one line

"short poems.. i struggle with" i said to him embarrassed but unashamed. 

he asked me for one line that could make things easier

"what things?" i said to him embarrassed but unashamed.

he asked me for one line

"like morning doves, together we could be - even tonight" i said to him

then i woke up. 

Copyright © Chante Reeves | Year Posted 2015

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Christian Evangelical-Charismatic Republicans

I grew up with rural Michigan white red-neck evangelical root systems.
These did not always feed my multicultural self/other liberation of the GLBTQ subclimatic root system
for regeneratively healthy instincts,
yet I learned to survive within this fundamentalist-alien-straight Christian White anthro-culturally supremacist climate of heterosexuality
not understood as a fully regenerative multiculturally organic sexuality,
most certainly inclusive of GLBTQ,
among full-octave color rainbows of exegetically trusted truth 
with beautiful ecopolitical dynamics.

My staunchly farmerish  fundamentalist-nutritionist Christian parents
would no more know what to do with a Donald Trump as a Presidential Republican National Party Candidate
to become a White Male Republican Christian Preferably-Rural Fundamentalist EcoPolitical President of the United States,
running against incumbent General Dwight Eisenhower,
however I think he probably would not even have been an appropriate topic for polite, much less nutritional 
as integratively-spiritually appropriate for healthy developmental conversation.

Despite these agrarian Republican root-systemic memories
during my ecopolitically developing GLBTQ adolescence,
not a lot of people have asked
what I have seen and heard and smelled
within the approximately 200 years of tension
between a Republican/Elitist-WinLose NatureSpirit EcoPolitical Conservatism,
hoping to win for ego's embodied nature
even if they must thereby lose our multiculturing spiritual-experiential Salvation,
thereby a dark anger/fear mark against WinWin regenerative ecological health.

Today, I see this continuing Republican tendency
to distance economic and political elites
from our more humble,
yet somehow not too fearful-angry,
maybe touched by paranoia,
especially about the natural supremacy of heterosexually ecopolitical parents,
refusing to see possibilities for multiculturally ecological parenting as more optimally spiritually-nutritionally rooted in Jesus' Creation Story TimeLine.

By unremarkably co-arising dipolar contrariness,
the currently prevailing Democratic national through local nutrition strategy
of looking for opportunities of and for multicultural trust-building,
to permaculturally broaden a shared ecopolitical ecology of health
becoming together ego/eco bicameral-binary empowering
in a more dynamic healthy kind of GLBTQ thru Z kind of way.

While the historically unthinkable Republican Nominated Choice
labeled Donald Trump,
represents a remarkably not-Christian fundamentalist conundrum of a non-choice,
his own sense of supremacist entitlement
to interpret and prophecy fools of self-condemning hypocrisy
carries some resonance
for those premillennial die-hard evangelical White Republicans
where ecopolitical faith
is rooted in becoming stronger
than those who disagree with us,
while Hillary Clinton's embodiment of Democrat
cultivates co-empathic trust
among constituencies feeling disconnected from multicultural promise
of healthy democratic inclusion of diversity
as an intrinsically therapeutic positive
for ecological climate-healthywealthy outcomes,
more ecotherapeutic
than the more anthro-elitist monoculturing ecopolitics,
LeftBrain way too Male TestosteroneThymine Dominant elitism 
of Old School Rural White 1950s Michigan Republicanism.

Today's Republican has upstaged Fundamentalism
with more excessively climatic Rabid Paranoid Terrorist 
WinLose-politically and economically preferred proclivities,
but not quite a full-blown climate LoseLose death-wish rabidity 
searching out invisible Climate Win prospects for regenerative health,
while nakedly investing in 
further dissonant discomforting cognitive-affective suboptimally degenerative suffering multiculturally rainbow-rooted DNA/RNA ribonucleic systems.

Donald Trump was chosen over other nutritional-enspiriting alternatives,
chosen to lead through condemning those unlike him
as false prophets of hypocrisy and cunning
toward unhealthy liberating multicultural power-sharing intents,
sometimes vengefully judgmental
of us lesser non-elites,
now both evangelical White non-elite would-be farmers and feminists
on around the growing rainbow of multiculturing margins,
on through the cystosine-nurturing more LeftRight ecobalanced half of the U.S. adult nature relations,
and just as oxymoronic to be an Evangelical Christian Republican
as it is to be a Transgender Republican.

For Jesus of Nazareth, the poor and marginalized,
homeless and hungry,
and especially their children,
were more sympathetic comrades than Monoculturing Elitist Pharisees
they were sadusees, too, like us right now,
having been robbed of our parents' Republican Supremacist paranoid-competitive belonging, 
nurturing ecopolitical as ecological longing,
no longer deep learning paranoia
for interior and exterior ecopathologies of YHWHGod's unkind impersonal
lack of omnipotent love,
our unresolved theological problem of evil NonRepublican NonChristians,
and why similar rainy outdoor wedding crappy days
fall on fully invested Republican Christians,
who never quite fully believe in the power of a personally-invested God the Good Father
in exactly the same unreflected way
from that nightmare's dream on through death's dualdark portal.

What happens now that our Republican EmpireBuilder 
has become seen with too-naked vulnerability
to collectively hide our own egocentric predative paranoia from ourselves,
fear and anger about radically full-speciating inclusion
of ecopolitical Democrats,
regenerating empowerment's healthier climates of pronoia liberation?

Perhaps positive psychology
as therapeutic ecopolitical judgment
on behalf of mutual help
rather than continuing to seek power
through mutually condemning judgments,
competitive WinLose ecopolitical choices,
reborn faith in higher WinWin power 
optimizing Earth as Tribal Home,
no longer anawim of our own optimally organic Body of Christ potential.

truly investing in Christ's physical/mental health.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Like Fish in Water

Like fish
for whom water might have the transparent invisibility 
of ubiquitous healthy atmosphere,
our primal natural-spiritual nondual first love
and last hope
is for ever-more regenerative health trends,
and not degenerative pathology trends.

That being so,
if indeed I have this Left-Right balanced accurately,
conserve-progress polypathically,
economically and politically,
then health optimization for both LeftBrain ego conservatism
and RightBrain ecoconscious nondual freedom of integrity,
can never settle for WinLose choices,
instead, using these emerging competing choices
toward discerning WinWin multicultural regenerativity.

This could be true within a humane-divining individual,
within secular-sacred families and households,
within natural dynamic-enspirited, 
cooperatively-owned and managed economies,
and between politically incorporated governments,
as it is true within any regeneratively trending healthy ecosystem,
whether explicitly,
or merely implicitly,
bi-lateral balancing our nondualist co-arising journey
toward WinWin healthy ego/eco-consciousness,
like fish in ecotherapeutic waters.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Forum with My Heart: The Jungle's Lonely Voice

Eleven – “Novelism: The-Newness-of-the-Old”
(for: Deborah Guzzi, my poetess-commentator)
… & the argument continues
… That nothing new exists of itself in Nature is now a widely reputed view. Nothing is new
but for the very thought of its novelty! Yet, the Newness-of-the-Old, an idea which I call
Novelism, permeates the entire horizon of the anti-novel ferment of our Age of Fashion.
	It is true that Nature is full of repetitions; Creative Repetitions, of course! If not
History would have died repeating the same tales. However, it isn’t true that Nature is so
reluctant in giving us new things. We would rather contend that through her seeming
change-less fixtures, Nature shows her constant dynamism. Yes, all these fixtures, the
endemic sufferings of her staticism, celebrate her novelty in endless forms.
	O, think of them: of all the activities of the Mortal star, Man; of his crafts: those
apparent webs of his genial faculties that applaud him as the Genius of Creation – what is
so old & traditional but our ordinances of Sleep & Wake, Work & Feed, & other vigilant
demands of our cultures? & what isn’t tempered with our spirit of fashionism in such
cultural voices?
	Nature may, then, be afraid of innovation & be accused of abject conservatism, only by
those who are lazy to follow her rhythmic changes. Everywhere these rhythmic drums beat so
	When we think of the joyous travails of the Sun; of the virginous reputation of the Moon;
of the crudity of the beast; of the swift & endless voyage of moving waters into Seas &
Oceans; of the swift slippery driving styles of the Fish; of the Sky laughing at the
endurant soils of our Earth; of the Seasons in their equilibrium songs; of the ever-happy
& singing Birds – what notes of dynamisms we hear! & in neglecting such notes, aren’t we
heading for a dance of the heroic pessimism?
	While we consciously neglect the novelties in a society by demanding for a kind of
novelty, aren’t we adding to the Crises of Nature? – but, Nature’s personality can’t be
forced to possess unnatural garments that we extend! Then, let Ideas possess the Society,
not Individuals! Ideas lead to newness, although, ideas are created by men; men go out of
the Stage more swiftly than their ideas. If the Idea rules the Setting rather than the
Voice of Man, then Novelism, the-Newness-of-the-Old, would thrive; & thriving, she could
bear her drivers, the men of ideas, along the paths of Innovation!
(… & the argument continues)

Copyright © Canny Amah | Year Posted 2010

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Nattering Nabobs of Negativism

(Spiro T. Agnew Looks In A Mirror)

Tea party’s lasting epitaph
The “walking dead” today
Reactionary to the core, 
At home, at work, at play,

All Muslims truly terrorists
Might strike next in my town,
Why try to hide your racist heart
Just greet them with a frown

No stranger ever gain our trust,
They might have ill intent
Sweet Liberty’s scrap turned to rust
And brother love long spent!

Let’s do what we accuse them of
Paint Muslims with one brush
As Donald roasts the temple’s dove
On fires stoked by Rush.

Conservatism blown to hell
By rabid dogs of fear,
Hyena’s on self-righteous right
With blood from ear to ear

True monsters feeding on their own
With public left aghast,
Like mongrels fighting for a bone,
All manners in the past.

How many millions do they need,
The middle class striped bare
The one percent caught up in greed,
Like deer in headlight’s glare!

Oh how can I unravel rhyme
Or trump the devil’s curse
The perils of a warming clime
Though Hell’s fire would be worse.
Republicans can only “No”
Have lost their faith in “Yes.”
The only compromise they know
Is one they won’t confess.

For death to them is Left not Right,
Though they still have two hands
But those who want to be their friend
Must yield to their demands.

For Satan’s taught the Right to fear,
For flesh and not for soul,
What’s safe is maximizing wealth,
Your health is not their goal.

Like bobbleheads they ply their craft
This world is just a frame,
And all they really care about
Is who is left to blame!

Brian Johnston
December 10, 2015

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2015

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Conservative Healthy Spirals

Genetic, so therefore regenetic, conservatism
of DNA and this fractal function's Elder RNA-rooted ecosystemic
political psychologies,
ecologies of empowerment,
and not so much;
and notnot historic enculturation
of Business As Usual LeftBrain ReIterative Dominance
of deduction-reduction-redaction,
yet still dipolar-dialectical ecosystemic health 
(0)-sum-core-centric ecopolitical conservatism.

This ecopolitical conservatism
of DNA/RNA health-solidarity
is sometimes humorously intended
judgments, choices, cooperative exegesis
about how to sustain balanced-harmonic distinctions
between what has been exegetically proven
to produce helpful outcomes,
therefore ecologically as ecopolitically self-regenerative 
fusing polypathic integrative possibilities 
for value-laden allegorical analogies
speaking RightBrain nature-spirit ecoconscious conservatism.

RightBrain YinYin
as LoseLose too-nurturing for evolutionary,
much less revolutionary self-regenerating survival,
what was pathologically,
yet also more eisegetically, suppressed,
Yin-Empty-implied more than Yang-Explicated-Interdependent Synergetic Paradigms of Time's EcoPolitical Balancing Values, Norms,
NatureLeft-SpiritRight Ecological Revolutions,
Multiculturing Climaxing Health v Pathology 
for EcoEarthCentric RNA Climates.

RightBrain omnipotent fertility
appositionally co-arises implied dualdark anger/fear futures
with increasingly deadly climatic outputs
of other-condemning and self-condemned LeftBrain Ego Identity
as anthrocentered repressor and suppressor 
of RightBrain's regeneratively multicultural
polypathic freedoms from/for languaged enculturing expression,
feelings and intuitions,
chemistries and clouds and cultures of Elder species'
inherited DNA/RNA functional regenerative conservatism;
multiculturally nurturant YinYin,
notnot WinWin
fractal-dialectical-developmental-fusing freedom
toward polypathic bicameral ecoconsciousness
of optimally divinely-humaned health means help,
and pathology speaks of self-condemning hoarding
of LeftBrain anthrocentric
egocentric self-conserving
ecopolitical cognitive-affective Negative Psychology Dissonance
about economic wealth of DNA
spelled differently than ecologic health of RNA.

We are of a long Bodhisattva-CoMessiah regenetic dipolar line,
called to and for redeemer vocations
of sound ecologically empowering judgment,
not to condemn ourselves
or become condemned by future failing generations,
but to regeneratively help
and thereby become,
more polypathically regenerative
of health v pathology bicameral deep learning intelligence
that ecology of self-preservative Left 
prefers ecopolitics of Earth RNATribe Conservation-Nurturing Right
wu-wei balancing younger-anthrocentered DNA Left ecopolitical 
positive psychology as 
dipolar regenerative (0)-sum ego/eco-systemic bilateral-temporal ecopolitical climate co-operation.

Prime Eulerian function E-squared
is prime relational temporal square-root function C-squared,
is Fullerian UniversalConvex-Empty (0)-soul LEFT
Integrative-Interdependent-Unitarian DiPolar Concave-BiCameral (0)-sum RIGHT,
WinWinning toward Left/Right Bicameral Ecoconsciousness
of Nature/Spirit as Yang/Yin as +1PolyNomial/(notnot) PolyPathic (0)
Primal Fractal-DoubleBinding TemporalSpaciated 4D-octave-frequency dimensional-seasonal-sensual-sensory-neural-psychological-ecological-economic-politically Interdependent DNA/RNA Solidarity Network 
for Healthy v Pathologically Trending Climate Relationships. 

Perhaps the only way to escape decomposing death
as notnot fear and angry total lose to lose fully healthy living
physical interdependence
may become our mutual embrace of dying together v dying apart,
and why are we so sure this makes no difference
to our multiculturally shared ecological Golden Rule.

Perhaps fear and anger about competing egoistic 
total death of internal climate, 
ongoing organic chemistry 
between subclimates of mutual nurturance more than disturbance,
is our remaining collective ecological-political empowerment issue,
nondually continuing to co-arise
from DNA's threatened future loss of healthy Earth-Home Climate,
with ecopolitical subclimates
doing our best to balance
healthy-life v pathologically trending
notnot future-fractal-dialectal decomposition,
irrationally not polynomial
only when forgetting that not always double-binds time's flow,
notnot polynomial most optimally regeneratively
healthywealth equivocates health/pathological ecological humors,
where good-kind climates always lead toward Paradise.

In other Gaming words for Creation Reiterating Stories,
dipolar appositionals of WinWin regenerativity
are LoseLose decompositionality,
within either of these two extreme hypotheticals of sustainable healthy balance
v pathology,
from Earth's centric DNA/RNA ecopolitical Solidarity perspective
we are all in life together for our mutually health-promoting judgment.
Life invites helpful ecopolitical cooperation,
while death's LoseLose face
betrays self-and-other condemning terror of nihilism,
fly apart self-condemnation
when we also judge ourselves more rationally to help,
together capable of flying regeneratively
choosing healthy Left/Right ecopolitical lifetimes over 
continuing LeftBrain Dominance.

Your Holy Spirit cannot fully enjoy Positive EgoPsychology opportunities
without a ProCreator
with fully cooperating Positive Political Empowermental Trust
and a RightBrain Messiah
co-redemptively (0) eco-normative to gift life forward,
ecologically Positive Redemption Economizing
life's collective conservation 
bringing multiculturing balance through ecotherapeutic co-investments.

It is because we see 8 color octave frequencies 
within ultra-violet/dualdark cosmological 4D light
and hear these same octaves as resonant sound waves,
that RNA, and then DNA, 
have become deeply fractal etched learners
through double-elliptical octave temporal rooted functions,
evolving spirals.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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Translation of Eric Mottram's 28th Legal: Letter Jan 2, 1966 by T Wignesan

Eric Mottram on the American literary and cultural scene during 1965-66 while he was the recipient of the American Learned Societies’ award for a year. (begun in the last post and to be continued)

January 2, 1966: Dear Wignesan,
 [...9 lines suppressed] One thing I can I’m afraid say for certain: it is highly unlikely that Laughlin will do Bunga Emas [An Anthology of Contemporary Malaysian Literature: 1930-1963]: he is blocked with reproducing his past books which turn out to be so excellently judged that reprints are needed. Can I see the Soyinka review? (Much as I hate Peace News’s guts at the moment): contrary to your thought, Tom McGrath did not send a copy, the b---d. He has not replied to my letters either and is hanging on to my Burroughs article when I want it back to try to find a home for it over here.  [...4 lines omitted] As for your comment on my own pitiful lack of confidence and hubris, you are not the first to say that, and someone over here said exactly the same thing last week. With which I am tired. But I do see that I am in danger of being left far behind by activating loafers.   Your choice of politics or university is so enviable I could weep. It’s probably that my birthday, just ‘celebrated’ makes life hateful. I must make decisions I can’t make about my future career. If only it were as easy as just accepting the jobs offered here. What happens is I don’t think about it and go on writing, thinkong[sic], reading, talking to people. The reception of my TLS piece was decent here - even among Negro writers who saw it. Which is a test. The response to the Stand piece on Williams has yet to come although Roy Fisher wrote me nicely about it. Now I have just finished another marathon on Arthur Miller for next year’s Stratford Theatre Studies. No more commissions now so I must get on with my books. Only a jazz piece to do, but it’s nearly done.   You seem to think I lecture etc here - not at all: my fellowship strictly says no lectures except one-shot occasions. So I turn down offers, although I am doing a summer course at Buffalo in July, when my grant technically ends: it’s a very lucrative affair and should be interesting working with postgraduates on American nineteenth century writers. I did one lecture recently on Auden as Ang[l]o-American poet for NYU. Mostly I listen to others, which is good for me. Already a third of my visit gone and I have to book my cabin home this week! Good old tempus. But at least the reading for the Negro article - masses of it which did not go into the final thing - will come in useful. I’ve just read Stepanchev’s American Poetry Since 1945 and it is one of the worst books of criticism I have every[sic]  read; fortunately it is short or I wouldn’t have bothered to finish it. It claims to be a survey and treats the poets like bits of literary history - and even then has nothing on Koch, O’Hara etc and their crowd (a little and useless on John Ashbery), nothing on McClure, Snyder, Ferlinghetti or Corso or Whalen, and inadequate on Duncan. And Ginsberg treated simply as a ‘popular poet’ who sells well for inexplicable reasons.  You’d never guess from this book that the poetry scene is rich and wildly varied: I have been to a number of good readings by a variety of poets and the younger men still come on, as Sandburg might say. The avant-garde theatre too: last night I saw a production of Gertrude Stein’s Play I Play II Play III and Ruth Krauss’s A Beautiful Day - at Judson ‘Poets’ Theatre: both were brilliantly done, with a flair and a certain vigour which I liked very much. The Columbia Contemporary Music Group puts on programmes which would make the Third blush for shameful conservatism and the experimental cinema has two regular theatres for its stuff, much of which is admittedly pretty awful but some of which is really new and realized: mostly in the field of combining film with stage and happening ideas. The new Tulane Drama Review will give you an idea. In painting and sculpture, the pop, op and abstract expressionists and hard edgers are still pouring stuff out. Recently, at the Jewish Museum, they had a show of  Tinguely’s mobile sculptures, and Kenneth Koch put on a play which used them - actors in the production included the painters Jane Freilicher, Larry Rivers, Joe Brainard etc. and the writers John Ashbery and Arnold Weinstein. I was lucky enough to get a seat - the performance was oversold many times.   So while establishment poetry, theatre, etc. is as businessman-bound as ever it was here, the new thrives as nowhere else. The trouble is that politically America is imperialistically nineteenth century and socially it lives in the past era of charity. As for the integration of Negros - what a joke! Nothing substantial really has happened at all. And yet jazz is greater than ever: the new names - Shepp, Ayler, Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders - are unknown in England but soon will be. I heard Mingus the other night and it was just pitiful repetitions of old successes - he seems temporarily to have lost the gift. But at the New School they had the New York Art Quartet in a programme of advanced jazz (tiny audience) which was superb. Incidentally, you would be interested in the Free University over here, set up to counterattack the other universities as a Marxist and progressive evening affair, with lectures on subjects the universities don’t make available. There seems to be a strong case for such a thing in London. For instance, who gives a course there on Marxism and Existentialism - and after all it is here that the crucial enabling beliefs and actions lie, it seems to me too.
              Well, enough.    Best wishes for everything.  Yours sincerely,    Eric »
[From Dept. of English, New York University.Letter addressed to 28, Cheniston Gardens, London W.8 and re-directed to 33, Mimosa Street, London S.W.6]
(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, 1990/2017

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2017

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Exodus to Genesis

With Julian Jaynes
we find an egocentric languaged LeftBrain
developing reasons to sacredly love our healthy RightBrain inductive-integrative SacredPower feelings of Earth's co-relationship with LeftBrain's Self-ReGenerating Identity
of BiCameral Ego/Eco-Consciousness.

Later on in the evolution of Positive Psychology,
we find Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
with competitive egocentric dominance
too often ecopolitically suppressing RightBrain flow of integratively abundant,
healthy as also wealthy,
regenerative more than degenerative Positive/Negative Psychology.

Then we come to George Lakoff's concept of economic and political "BiConceptualism"
which also dynamically evolves nondual co-arising bi-consciousness
of ego-conservationing eco-progressive flow:

"If you have a single, all-encompassing worldview, you use the same basic [healthy bio/ecological systemic] values all the time. It's easier to be a total conservative or [and] a total progressive [through bicamerally mature-regenerative, confluent rather than dissonant, integrative Left/Right development]."

"But given a human brain,
it can be almost as easy to be biconceptual--
except that moral contradictions do occur
and resolving them does take work by the [cognitive dissonant] brain,
in particular the ventromedial prefrontal cortex [which is the same struggling with/against place Julian Jaynes identifies with reiterative empathic/antipathic maturational evolving of bicameral ego-humanLeft with sacred-ecological Elder Right nurture-systemic-flow consciousness]."

"Biconceptualism is made possible by the [bicameral] brain. First, there is mutual inhibition [either-or messages of mistrust, mutual immunity],
which permits conflicting [cognitive-affective dissonant] modes of thought,
but only one at a time.
Second, there is the difference between general modes of [deductive-Left vertical-hierarchical] thought
versus the special cases [of experiential-affective exegetical memetic bilateral memory RightBrain analogical-ecological trust/mistrust/distrust climates of regenerative/degenerative bicameral fertile-health flow].
Neural[double] binding is the [bio/ecosystemic] mechanism for applying a general [paradigmatic] mode [gestalt] of thought to a special [Left-Right enduringly dissonant rather than resonantly confluent] case, say,
applying general conservatism to health care [as ego-reassurance insurance], or applying general progressivism to global warming [also about climates of health care]."

"In many cases the [network double-] bindings are long-term or [exegetically bicameral-confluent] permanent,
sometimes they are short-term and may [eisegetically, heuristically] change [float, flow back and forth, ebb and flow between conservational EgoLeft and 
progressive-integrity EcoRight].
Someone who starts out being a [Yang] conservative on [powering-over] an issue may change;
that is, the neural [double] bindings from the conservative mode of thought to the details of the issue
may be [revolutioned appositional] replaced
by neural [double]bindings from progressive [Yin-integral nutritional transliterative] thought to the same [ecological health-fertile v pathology-virginal-sacred empty (0)-Core-Source-Sum-SoulFlow] issue [within each nonlanguaged timeless right-now co-present moment of bicameral (0)-HealthBalance Consciousness]."

"The two worldviews are modes of reasoning [and empathic/antipathic feeling],
sometimes [heuristic languaged] conscious, 
most often unconscious [unlanguaged empathic trust in maturing EgoTruth as Health-MultiCulturing PolyPathic Tradition].
They are general,
above and across [paradigmatic regenerative-Positive network] issue areas.
General conservative [yang ego-WinLose survivalist dominant] reasoning
and general [Yintegral eco-empathic therapeutic wealth-optimizing flow] progressive reasoning can occur on any health v pathology issue--
in economic [health] policy,
in foreign [political health] policy,
on the [healthy or not so much] environment,
about social [health] programs,
about [health and healthy] education
and [finally] health care,
about [healthy biconceptual NatureLeftDominantYang-SpiritRightYintegral eco-bilateral co-arising systemic] religion,
and so on."

"Can there be authoritarian progressives [YangLeft-YinRight multiculturally-formed and polypathically-functional mature, regenerative absorbing degenerative subclimates]?
In a word. yes.
One reason is that [phylogenic formative Yang] means and [nutritional-ecological Yintegrity] ends can function as different [regenerative health] domains [hemispheres] of experience.
Thus one can have [health-wealth] progressive ends but [Yang LeftDominant] authoritarian conservative means.
One can even, in the extreme, be an authoritarian [yang-patriarchal hierarchical competitive power-over] antiauthoritarian [yin-matriarchal cooperative flow multiculturing nutritional intent].
Imagine someone who runs an advocacy [climate regenerative health] group that is antiauthoritarian [pro from-below nutritional responsibility for/with integrative flow co-arising nondual empowerment] in its [ecopolitical nutritional polypathic multiculturing climate health] goals,
but runs the group itself in an authoritarian [from-above supremacist LeftBrain EgoDominant] way.
Certain union [and faith and health and economic and political] leaders may be hierarchical and punitive in their [Yang LeftBrain dominant] methods,
but [cooperative] progressive in their [regenerative health co-empathic] aims....
There is a name for people with progressive goals and conservative authoritarian [Yang-exegetical (yintegrity-repressed] means: militants!"

[rather than multicultural, 
nurturing self-with-other cooperative  co-redemptive WinWin empowering,
co-empathic trusting, 
co-mentoring bodhisattva 
bicameral polypathic advocates; 
more Right-embryonically and yet less Left-egocentrically 
midway in-between wu wei 
bicameral seen and heard and smelled and sensed and loved and traveled.]

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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Mighty Low Right Now

Have everyone undergo a security clearance investigation.
Have to present complete copy of college transcripts.
Have to take MMPI, Stanford Benet Coder Interest, Miller Analogies
and Rorschach Inkblot test to determine how much color blindness they have.
Have to analyze and prepare a paper on Nature of Prejudice by Gordon Alport.
Have to present all Federal, State and Local tax returns.
Have to present all medical records.
Have to complete paper on why you want to be President.
Have a complete credit report presented to everyone.
Have prepared a paper regarding your statistical analytical ability.
Have the decency not to criticize or complain about someone else.
Have proven your ability to be an outstanding parent.
Have prepared a paper regarding what you think about racism, fascism, sexistism,
prejudicism, mysogenism,  anti-Christ and Birtherism.
Have prepared a paper on how to handle stress 
in various situations and conditions.
Have prepared paper on your thoughts pertaining to God and Bible.
Have prepared a paper regarding economic analysis of current economic condition
using PERT charts, Analysis of Variance, Input-Output studies, shift share analysis
and correlation study of conservatism as related to liberalism.
Prepare a paper regarding your attitude towards veterans affairs, military conditions, Gold Star Families, GI Bill and VA loans.

Have prepared a paper regarding effects of Civil War and Team of Rivals on America.
Have been thoroughly analyzed by a group of psychiatrists from the Mayo Clinic.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2016

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EcoPolitics of DNA-ReProductivity

Imagine with me that A regenerates Adenine,
B reproduces  ConVex-Yang Uracil or Thymine,
depending on whether you are a plant or a person,
C bilaterally represents EchoConCave-Yin(Yin) Cytosine,
and D is for full-interelational fractal-view Guanine,
which acts strangely Dopamine Prime (0) TaoRelational.

Now let's take a bilateral Edward de Bono,
Vertical EgoSupremacist LeftBrain and Horizontal BothAnd EcoConscious RightBrain,
ride through George Lakoff's bicameral Moral EcoPolitical Mind.

"Morality is about right [and wrong] behavior,
behavior that leads to well-being
[and too Left or Right ego/eco-political pathology]."

"The metaphors for [positive/negative] morality
are grounded in a wide variety of [ecological/anti-ecological] experiences
of well-being [dopamine v pathology].
Each such [ego/ecological bilateral] metaphor
[appositionally] characterizes one idea
of what right [regenerative OVER degenerative, health OVER pathloogy] behavior is about;..."

"A brain is a physical [ego-Convex/eco-Concave] system.
It works by least-energy principles,
like any other [ecological-natural-organic] physical system.
Given two [or more] possibilities in a given [hypothetically-framed] situation,
it will take the least-energy [dissonant LeftWin-RightLose] path in that context.
That is called the 'best-fit' [Yang-ego/Yin-eco optimized resonance]property
of neural [Left/Right mirror bicameral-ecopolitical] systems."

"Suppose neuron A [Adenine WinWin function, +,+] 
is connected to neurons B [Uracil EgoConvex LeftDominant]
and C [Cytosine EcoConcave Yin-Right BothAnd Recessive].
B and C are mutually [appositionally] inhibitory;
the firing of one tends to inhibit the other to some extent,
depending on the strength of the [synaptic mirror-bilateral] firing."

"The large number of receptors at [Ego-Uracil-LeftDominant] B's synapse
will pick up more chemical [climate, landscape, bilateral-frame] input
(from neuro[-scripted-encultured-deep-learning]transmitters)
than the small number of [economic/political fertile-relational] receptors
at [EcoConscious Cytosine-ConCave-BiLateral] C's synapse."

"Now suppose that neuron C also takes input from neuron D 
[Divine Guanine-Dopamine, FullFractal holonic reproduction/regeneration],
and that the synapse on C [EcoConscious RightBrain Cytosine network-function],
where C links to D, has a lot of [ecological DNA/RNA-resonant] receptors....
Then [RightBrain Cytosine] C's probability of firing
and its strength of firing in that context
may be [appositionally] greater than [Ego LeftBrain Dominant] B's.
In that case
C will tend to fire and inhibit the [overshoot too-YangDominant Ego] firing of B.
[EgoCentric LeftBrain] Context [bicameral A through fractal D] matters [reproductively(+)/also decompositionally(-,-)appositional double-bind]."

"What is important is that such a situation can have political ramifications.
Suppose A, B, C, and D are not single neurons,
but rather complex [DNA/RNA-regenerative as notnot degenerative, WinWin as notnot LoseLose] circuits [bilateral networks] within conceptual [ecopolitical-ego-Left/eco-Elder-Rightlogical-normative] systems.
Suppose [EgoLeftConvex]B and [EcoRightConcave]C
characterize strict [LeftBrain Deductive-Conserving] and nurturant [RightBrain Inductive-Integrity] morality [as healthy v toxic, reproductive v dissonantly destructive] respectively--
the moral worldviews of general [Uracil B] conservatism
and general [Cytosine C] progressivism--
within the [double-bind, binary, binomial, bilateral, bicameral] brain
of a [bilateral, Edward de Bono] biconceptual,
someone who has both general [bicameral, Julian Jaynes] models structured
so that one [appositionally dipolar] inhibits the [overshoot of balancing fractal-feedback looping] other." (pp. 103-104, The Political Mind)

Suppose that your conservative health and safety survivalist mind and body consciousness
feels that Trump is to Hurricane EcoPolitical ClimateDisaster Earth
as Bush was to Hurricane Katrina;
saying he is listening to those abused and neglected
and acting like he is too comfortable with both.
In fact,
torture could be useful
for those who disagree too militantly.
And by useful
he means fertile
and regenerative
and reproducing true facts,
with which he is only tangentially acquainted,
RightBrain polypathic nutritional-potential repressed,
thereby transubstantiating the White House
into an EgoCentric-AnthroCentric Supremacist Asylum
from Earth's ReProductive Rights and DeComposing Wrongs.

Note to monochromatically challenged:
B = Red-Yang
C = Green/Blue-YinYin
A = UltraViolet DoubleBind Transparency Convex/Concave-Bilateral (0)rigin
D = Black/Brown FullOctave yet DualDark FractalFusion SpiralSource

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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When your idols are fragile Is it any wonder kids lack style Perhaps if we walked a mile In the shoes of the soldier we'd attain guile Look at the newspaper The government is a caper And everything will taper Due to greed and paper Veterans are homeless begging for scraps And Millennials are told to lace up their bootstraps As if that will close the economic gaps But it won't until everyone snaps Racism festers and restores lingering resentment It's in this division the establishment finds contentment Even as the foundation crumbles with discontentment Some still pretend this land is resplendent It doesn't start at the level federal But that's where disaster breeds as if on schedule Some think this mess is residual But I blame the ignorant individual When the leaders are weak People find in demagogues what they seek They supposedly offer mystique But truthfully their ideas are antique Popular music is filled with trash And how many cars have to crash Before someone feels the backlash Of this idiotic splash We the people once defeated slavery Because we knew it to be unsavory But now we lack bravery To stand up to knavery Our democracy is broken With fear and trepidation awoken The fear mongers have spoken And I'm honestly heartbroken We once claimed the final frontier Through blood, sweat, and tears We conquered our greatest fear And proved we had no peers Truth is we never championed the free And it's all here for you to see So they request you bend the knee So you can't see the fallacy of the nominee We have to listen when the predecessor tells us we have to fight And we have to see he's absolutely right The time is now to muster our might It's in our American spirit that we eradicate this blight Black, White, Asian, or Hispanic We can rise above and defeat this panic And defeat a man so manic And bring peace back to the Atlantic This is not a fight between Conservatism and liberalism This is a battle of fantasy and realism And whether we believe in idealism It's time to unite against surrealism We stand at a precipice where we can come together And show unity exists outside of fair weather Or we can simply give in to the chains and tether As if our beliefs weigh as much as a feather When our idols are fragile It's no wonder kids lack style Now that we've walked the last mile We can see this fight is worthwhile

Copyright © Christopher Goss | Year Posted 2018

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He is still watching

I toss. I turn.
Winking Sleep
impervious to bags
crying out for closure.
"It`s far too crowded 
in that bed!" she says.
A presence stirs.

The presence stares.

He goes by many names. 
Fear is how I address him
NO!I lie-
I don`t address him at all.
He just watches.

Some nights, I don`t mind him so.
        How can I?
His the only Friend I've 
Ever known.
He watches over me,
        Doesn't he?
Pulls my timid strings
so ventures beyond the edges
of the Continent Conservatism 
I will never dream of.
He is a Friend.

Maybe, one night:
I`ll sever the cords Tradition 
lashing a fragile back.
Send Fear packing.
Courage will be 
my new bed mate.

Will Sleep finally come to me?

Until then, he will be-

Copyright © Yvette Lisa Ndlovu | Year Posted 2013

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Take Us To Church

Professional spiritual developers
are sometimes called clergy
and not farmers
or fishermen
or organic gardeners.

Professional nature-spirit Rescuers
of Earth's outdoor-indoor
healthy secular with wealthy sacred
are sometimes called body-mind co-facilitators.

Occasionally ZeroZen Zone
Red YangEgo
with Green YinEco-facilitators
of DNA with RNA
past through long-term future
WinWin solidarity,
polypathic integrity,
resilient resonance ego/ecotherapists
of co-incidental gratitude;
not so much privilege
and supremacy
and bullying self-promotions.

Spiritual leaders growing ego with eco love,
nature-facilitators growing health,
find renewing personal resilience
through weakness, 
LoseLose iconic grief and shame and self-blame rituals,
as well as past embodied strengths, WinWin gratitudes
positive attitudes
supporting mind strengths
of transparent caregiving  and receiving relationship,
not so much re-investment in disembodied weaknesses,
chilled and clouded absence
from fully invested interdependence days
and nights.

Leaders liberally activate love
while EarthTribe followers
co-facilitate defensively conserving
and absorbing sounds of anger and fear
honing conservation tools for discernment
without hoarding ballistic weapons
leading toward future hatred,
relieved death,
distressed terror,
chronic anxiety,
entropic dissonance,
complexity of chaos
rather than resilient resonance
of hope for peace.

Liberal with love,
conservative with negative energy.
Two faces
of one nature-spirit 
body-mind facilitated organic growth
toward PositivEnergy Democratic Development--
goodfaith multiculturing Trust.

Yet without too fast reactivation
even in SpringSprint lavish pouring out.
Better to be remembered
as love activists
and anger conservationists
than rebuked for springtime 
empty-headed activism
followed by autumnal

Facilitating both body wars
and mind wisdoms
comes from Northern winter winds.
One is a bipolar reductivist voice.
Other is more PositivEnergy
dipolar love inductivist

of spirit-natured positive complex choice
and not against 
active ego-ecotherapeutic curiosity 
of and for growing EarthTribe privilege of love
strength of grace 
health-flowing wealth
of LeftEgo with RightEco
bilaterally co-arising 
deep learning ego/eco-consciousness
of copresent secular/sacred Communion.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2018

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Trump Against Conservatives

What are some differences
between post-millennial Trumpism
and pre-millennial Republicanism?

I know...I know!
Republicans used to be fiscal conservatives
but now support a one trillion dollar deficit
per unaffordable health and safety care year,

Expanded deficit spending 
despite taking more from not so rich
so super-rich corporations and family dynasties
can invest less in public responsibilities
and conservational authorities.

What other differences do you see?

I know...I know!!!
Republicans used to be family moral conservatives
but now nominate candidates
who molest women and then brag about it
while employed through tax investor dollars
disproportionately extracted from lower-middle
and poor shackled families,
and candidates who may sexually assault young Southern girls
and expect their liberated from traditional family values voters
to hold their nose
and tax-share lack of status
and vote for more domestic and work-place sexual violence anyway.

Because a fetus
is presumed to become a heterosexual baby,
except when things work out wrong somehow,
but a *****
is just another predictable bad boy *****,
and some lives, born and unborn,
matter more than others.

That sounds a bit Boys Will Be Boys judgmental,
and maybe anti-Southern?
But, OK,
what else do you see
or hear
or smell, I suppose, possibly,
as Trumpism
antithetical to traditional Republican conservatism.

I know...maybe?

Doesn't healthy conservatism
require wealthy conservation of nutritional values,
and not so much toxic disvalues?

If so,
then isn't a real world conservative position
regarding climate pathology
and proactive health assurance
dwindling through MADness
pathologically degenerating economic
and ecological
and political
and sociological bad health trends?

Wouldn't traditional conservative positions favoring security
and defense of health and safety
disinvest away from ignoring growing chaotic climates?

To embrace restoring truly therapeutic traditions
of nutritionally resilient and multiculturally resonant
societies and species.

I believe you refer to Old School Conservation.
thou must not harvest grace
you did not plant and financially support with gratitude
for talents invested in you
by MotherEarth's past climates
of pertinently trusting compassion.

you respond to my Trumpism v Republicanism question
with questions
which in itself seems a conservative position
compared to denying questions 
of how best to conserve integrity
among a healthing society,

Voicing urgent concerns
about unmediated exploitation of punitive mendacity,
expecting conservatives
to continue voting
to liberate this piracy of healthy valuables
from relatively poor
toward triumphal rich
Pharisees of Secularizing Zealous Greed.

Do you think
that could have been
a Trumpian violin
Plutocratic Nero fiddled and twittered about?

And spoke too liberally
too libertine,
in his denial
of international health and climate care?

While hurricanes flooded Texas
and Florida
and Puerto Rico.
And while California,
and sometimes parts of Colorado
and Arizona
too often burned.

Is that the bedtime story
your fading from view grandchildren will read
about your conservatively intended vote
for their health and defensive climate safety?

Do Trumpians
become a non-party,
an Operatic Tragedy
without any conservative portfolio remainder?

According to the original Trumpian campaign,
this CEO promised to follow along 
toward conserving denial of facts
and expanding nihilism of whimsical foolishness
defined as whatever is not liberty
or freedom
or cooperative investment of any kind
in those who have not supported Trump Aristocracy products
and supremely super good job
real estate bought and sold-out services
for those better off
and their free for a quick grab trophy wives,

Who best stick to their expected denial of unfortunate facts business.
Follow Trumpian patriarchal lines and lies
of pathologically rich pedigree,
and not bother their pretty blond and blue-eyed heads
about conserving healthy
extending family climate values,
by easing off further over-investment 
in too-liberal disvalues
to invest in healthy climates for all God's Creations,

Conservationally speaking.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2017

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History records the triumphs of the deserving heroes,not of tyrants,
on those eternal pages to remind Humankind of their sacrifice 
that were immensely cherished and safely  
sealed in its graceful memory;
let mine be regarded as such,
because my purpose is to expose greed and misery,
and all I ask of the dissident is to consider my plea:
to neither retaliate or harbor any bitterness for being so harsh,
while I am ready to achieve another milestone
marking this fateful day as my new dawn...

The fall of Socialism made way for Democracy,
the Berlin's was taken down away by hands seeking freedom,
where evil once had cultivated the idea of a supreme race; 
and while some empires fall, others rise even greater than the previous ones!
I have seen one fall in my turbulent life-time, an empire built by the Czars,
and who thought I'd have been so lucky to witness this from a free country:
in which to worship God is not prohibited by any means;
and I express myself knowing no measure in sending massages across
an universe which believes more in materialism,
and hates the idea of being spiritual and liberal, but chooses conservatism...   

Anyone can achieve another milestone 
and have his or her name engraved in stone,
marble and bronze statues of the famous are put on a pedestal:
I read their plaques and admire them all;
will mine stand on a similar altitude,
or unfairly deny me the crown of laurels, confining me to solitude?
If so, no storm would lap against me, and no sun would scorch me,
and the lamp-posts with the evasive moon wouldn't gaze down in sympathy;
but my uncertain joy can't prevent this event from occurring tomorrow,
and whatever the historians decide, many will read my obituary...

Copyright  2008 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

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Conservatism's ideology
Is static. For that reason, everything
It touches stagnates and thus decays.
We live in a universe that expands:
Dynamic, and ever characterized
By firm continuous change-alive!
Conservatives, stuck in traditions
Unable, feckless slaves of status quo
Impede advancement for those souls in need.
Those at the top espouse unwritten laws
That favor power, wealth and selfishly
Retain these hieratic gifts bequeathed
By past idolized idealess fops
Who gained their prominence on backs of men.

Copyright © Albert Ahearn | Year Posted 2009

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Living Excising

Her behaviour was exceptionable but exceptional.
She has enormity of inflammable but flammable,
Her feasibility generalize that women is most credible,
Naturally internment, ingenious but usually seasonable.
Prevaricate, masterful and triumphal but confessional,
Intensive to locate liability to decimate flout,
Careable, loveable, a family addicted always in doubt,
Import surcharge, impediment, tortuous, indulgent decisional.

Children and woman why conflicts conscience consignment,
What is consensus, consecutive censure considering?
Conservatism is consequential continuous consistent,
Living is execute and executive, exempt revising.
Nature, God or sophistication who is defendant?
Hell or heaven, what is important living excising?

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

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Topsy Turvy

Don’t let them get you talking
bat-on-brain, beak turned upside down
Don’t let them have you walking
with your throbbing head spun around

Everything simple is now so plain topsy turvy,
silence is the complex New Wave sound

Aisle confusion  ...  bland XY liberty
Shopping cart illusion,
soap opera values so capsicum spicy

Taste the topsy turvy — 
pungent pepper is lick savory salt
Can’t detect the lies
with the tainted sodium pentothal

Drop the fear pamphlets from the plane
Tell the rollercoaster peace lovers,
the war wheels ain’t gonna stop turning
But the churning of the spiel
is a casting couch deal ...
Evil deeds portrayed as good
Fake heroism co-starring as truth

Concerned citizens lounging aloof — 
abject neglect is considered duty bound
So much wobbly noise,
got those bobble heads spinning around

Exorcist thrill-seekers
doing the demon mic drop
Mute answer the free-fall call
Cold cadaver lips spark passions hot,
but it’s hate ... not love

Topsy turvy logic
doing the jive turkey trot:
Pocket squeeze lung touch ain’t never enough
The dirty airflow plumage below
is filter sold as peacock strut clean from above

Big dollar squawk,
telly screams ‘bout Babel bauble riches
being stolen from the Tower vault
Pigeons and the hawks
got the sticky finger trigger resin itches,
and neither one wanna get caught

Topsy turvy,
profit margins  ...  turning up too small
Bottom line greed
has downright gotten so beanstalk tall

Topsy turvy  ...  snake oil speech
be viper lips moving so swervy

Up is down   ...   east is west
Wrong is right,
the more deserving gets less 

Topsy turvy ... don’t be brotherly ear liberal,
generous heart gestures is a Cain alm no-no

Topsy turvy  ...  conservatism is the sold fault line divide
Recycled sin: plastic compassion
be the coin of the realm
Glossy lip service in wink action — 
flippancy odds nod satisfaction is the same on either side

Topsy turvy  ...  saying mine is yours
No need to wonder how
a little spit starts a lot of world wars

Copyright © Freddie Robinson Jr. | Year Posted 2018

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I know my heart is impure,
That’s why I were born a Dalit,
I know your heart is pure,
That’s why you make me a Dalit.

It is sanctity of your God,
Or the purity of your receipts,
You never accepted that,
Dalits are also human.

Have you cleaned your toilet?
Have you cleaned your room?
Then what is your purity?
If your stink is also fart.

Did you sleep without food a night?
If a female child asked you for food,
You opened your heart for mercy,
And your forgiveness desired sex.

Have you enjoyed ever poverty?
And watched innocent’s death,
Who was crying for medicine?
But a doctor was asking for money.

Have you faced poor circumstances?
When an innocent was crying for help,
His child was raped,
And police charged him a thief.

Have you walked with ware feet in a heat wave?
When children were crying for water,
When he went for fresh water to a bell,
Uppercastes killed him, he impured their water.

They raped his wife and burnt her alive,
And they arrested his children,
They grown female child ‘a sex worker’
And male ‘a bounded labour’.

No Religion served their service,
God is one; we all are brothers and sisters,
No Government banned Upper Castes,
They humiliated Dalits in a democratic system.

You can speak loud; I know you are pure,
Your conservatism treated always equally, 
Whatsoever you arranged discussion,
You paid benefits to killers to maintain terrorism.

Copyright © Daljit Khankhana | Year Posted 2006

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Morons Are Governing Again

Smoke drifts from the smokestacks
On dark and gloomy days
Just before the first rains of Summer
Crates are collected and stacked
And thrown onto the conveyor belt
So they may disappear into the fortress

A robot sings songs of yesteryear
And humans simply stand by and observe
Give these jeering men some credits
Lest they starve without work
With their blossoming bellies
But they sure love Conservatism

Starving mothers fling underweight babies
Into the jaws of an unforgiving sea
Because they can't take care of them
But neither could they spare them
Remember when a wise man once said
Elections have consequences

A tower is built slowly from the ground up
It starts off small but becomes massive over time
Just like petty rants from the bird's nest seem small
Until they collect over time and form dogma
An entire generation tainted by evil
And the devil himself is blushing

Alas drown your sorrows at the beach
And swim in a sea of glittering garbage
Because this great sea sure does flow
Where thriving cities once stood
But now they reside deep underwater
Entombed by science denial

And for every peace loving Christian
Is one who spreads dissension like disease
Who thrives on stapling gays to the cross
As if it were 1965 in the redneck south
And in truth every person who lets it happen
Is just as guilty as the transgressors 

When the good lord said love thy neighbor
Could he have known they'd cast the first stone
Upon all the liars and all the sinners
Just peel apart the jowls of the maiden sinner
And find the seven deadly sins cowering
From a man dressed in a burlap sack

Patience for appeasers is something I lack
And as I rip away the images of this distorted future
I look to the future in two years from now
And I just hope deep in my heart we've had enough
Because at first 2016 gave me a future to believe in
But now Morons Are Governing Again

Copyright © Christopher Goss | Year Posted 2018