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East Coast Hype

(A Blank Verse Sonnet)

At fifty-two, a new career is launched
in beauty firm installed on eastern shore,
to aid all those who live with problem skin.
As sales increase, adventure swells; she wins 
awards, free  trips, new friends, and diamond rings.
With pride, she dons the pen for “Be a Ten,”
and coast to coast arrangements spell her norm.
But, friendships wane on jaunty trips, the trek
becomes a stress which brings her less and less
content to show the aloe glow as proof
that older skin need not begin to wear
a shriveled face, but wear a youthful tone.
          And yet, the spark with eastern hype instilled
          a drive to stay the course throughout her life. 


Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2014

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I Said A Prayer Today

Yes, I just want to let you know
I prayed for you today. 
I prayed He'd keep you safe and send
His blessings down your way. 
I prayed that God will meet your needs
And you'll always be glad. 
May your heart be filled with joy. 
May you be never sad. 
I said a prayer for you today
And I know that God heard. 
He knows I meant just what I said.
Yes, every single word.
I wish for all of you, my friends, 
The very best in life. 
That you don't encounter hardships, 
No trouble, hurt, of strife. 
I prayed that God will pull you through
If these things should arise
And that the Lord would comfort you
And wipe tears from your eyes. 
I wish you all the very best
And may God light your way. 
For all my friends from coast to coast, 
I said a prayer today.

Copyright © David Gordon | Year Posted 2014

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Dear Lord, I come before Your Throne,
A friend with me, I bring.
Ask not his name or year of birth,
Or his ethnicity.

A special prayer from You I ask,
For someone I don't know.
He traveled half way round the world
So freedom here can grow.

I do not know how old he is
Or where his family lives.
I simply heard of what he does
And how much good he gives.

With wife and children still at home,
He traveled far away. 
It's Christmas Eve without their Dad,
Because he had to stay.

They cannot share eggnog or cake
With whom they love the most,
Because he guards an enemy gate
For us here, coast to coast.

I know Dear Lord, because of me,
Our nation, he defends.
So when he needs my prayers to You,
On me, he can depend.

Lord, watch his children and his wife
And keep them safe and strong.
Please give them special blessings, Lord,
Until he gets back home.

He counts the days that come and go
Kissing a photo bare,
With tears that slip past lids that hold
His pain, from loneliness, there.

My heart aches deep within my soul,
And gratitude fills my eyes,
For names not known, nor faces shown,
Whose offering is sacrifice.

So for the soldier, brave and strong,
I pray this special prayer.
My home is free and safe tonight
Because he's over there.

Copyright © Teresa Altman | Year Posted 2008

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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall Why can't you pick me up when I fall? Why can't you be there when I need you the most? Why can't you travel with me from coast to coast? Why do you trick? And why do you lie? Why can't you hold me when I start to cry? Why can't you be there when stuff goes bad? Why can't you manage to comfort me when I'm sad? You're supposed to be me in that mirror on the wall So mirror, mirror, why can't you pick me up when I fall?

Copyright © Sheryl Lynn Knoles | Year Posted 2011

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Sailing on endless seas
Lost to broken promises

Floating coast to coast
Captured by east and west

Rusting to shattered anchor
Rescued by time to hoister

Two hearts floating forever
In life, each other's lover

An elaborate tombstone
Of coral reef and limestone

When love was romantic
And being in love - fantastic

When a first kiss was poetic
We haunted the Atlantic

On our waves goodbye
Swem and learned to fly

A honeymoon married to the sea
On the skeleton coast's memory

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Mary Disappears Pt 1

As you probably know by now, I love stories about magic mirrors.  Here's another one:

When my Great Aunt Mary looked in her new mirror that night,
       she could see future events that caused her great fright.
So many scary things made her cringe with fear in her face.
       Even though scary wasn't always the case.
She had gotten this mirror for her birthday today.
       But little did she know what a price she would pay.
She could see things that you and I think of as being everyday things.
       Only the blackest of nights, would the mirror bring.
On one night she saw a man named Armstrong whom 
       she heard voices say was walking on the moon.
She heard in the distance from the mirror, in her mind.
        "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
The mirror would only show her secrets in the darkness of the night.
       Never would it reveal itself, when there was a hint of any light.
Aunt Mary would sneek into the bedroom with much apprehension.
       And always with a candle, to avert the mirror's attention.
The mirror could always sense her presence and was waiting patiently.
       To show her all the things that she was so afraid to see.
The flying machines she saw were huge and people flying coast to coast.
       Not knowing of such things, she thought they were some kind of ghost.
She tried telling people about the things she saw one day.
       But after she told them, most of them would always say,
"That Mary, you know, she's such a good girl, but her minds not quite right."
       Then Mary stopped telling them all the things she saw that gave her a fright.
continued in Pt 2

Copyright © Marty Owens | Year Posted 2009

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They Call This Social Justice

Once our land stretched from coast to coast
and the drums of the people beat proud
we were mighty and we were strong
     we were happy . . . 
then the white came to our shores
they thought our land was theirs to take
they called it Canada
they brought disease unknown to us
when we fought for what was ours they killed us
    and we killed to . . .  
we were a savage people true and skilled at death
many of our chiefs were tricked to come in peace
     many of our chiefs were hung . . . 
                            they called this justice
             the whites stole our land and our way of life
they massacred the buffalo and bear only for their fur
and left their rotting bodies and we wept for them
the ancestors of our people fly with the eagles
drifting and falling on the wind
    their cry is our cry . . . 
we were herded into reservations like cattle
starved into submission and left a broken people
and they called this justice
but in each of us burns a fire bright that can never die
in each of us is a strength and courage
          a tranquility and serenity
we accept the past as the white acknowledge the wrongs
and the Prime Minister of Canada
is trying to say sorry
     with tears he apologizes to the people for 
the hangings
       the killing of our people
          the stealing of our land
            the 1960 scoop of our children
              the residential schools of abuse
                the highway of tears that goes on and on
yet, the social injustice to the people is still present today
             when they steal the land we have left
for pipelines, and other projects without our agreement
      we want to keep our lands pristine for wildlife
             we do not want polluted water where the fish die
some of us are living in third world conditions still
with no water, electricity, heat . . .  still on reservations
so you tell me where the justice is . . . 
I am just a girl of the here and now but
      but I hear the drums of my ancestors beating
                                      in my heart . . .

April 1, 2018

Poetry/Free Verse/They Call This Social Justice
Copyright Protected, ID 18- 1009-383-01
All Rights Reserved.  Written Under Pseudonym.

Written for the contest, Social Justice
sponsor, John Hamilton

First Place

Copyright © Broken Wings- Dear Heart | Year Posted 2018

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Across our Savanna

From shore to shore coast to coast
We’re the nation with the most

The most of what well lets just see
We lead in infidelity

We lead in sin that is for sure
Pay on Sunday is the cure

I think about our Countries plight
Seems like we have lost all sight

We’re founded in the name of God
Best not be the lightening rod

When lightening strikes it is no joke
Some bears weren’t meant to poke

We poke God every single day
Have no doubt that we will pay

We can’t just mold and bend his word
Expect our prayers to be heard

Forgive me Lord for I have sinned
Words cast out unto the wind

It’s best to live the words you pray
Walking the walk as they say

The Lord gives he can take away
Listen to these words I say

Like monkeys swinging from the trees
We keep doing as we please

One day across our Savanna
Yes, we have no bananas

My punch line is, "Yes, we have no bananas."
All I can say is I tried.

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2010

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Every thing that is around.
North to South and coast to coast,
My culture.

Weather, land and people,
Pan-o-ramas and political views,
My culture.

The ways of talk, 
The ways of walk,
The game and showmanship,
Work and play,
Night and day,
My culture.

The pros and teachers and striving reachers,
Artisans and preachers and other creatures,
Law people, tall people, all people,
My culture.

Fauna that's left,
Flora that's left,
Fauna and flora that's here,
My culture.

Relatives and friends,
Their thoughts and opinions,
People oblique to those views,
My culture.

Hypocrisy and idiocy,
My culture.

We progress and mature
Through fault,
My culture.

Copyright © Wm Paul | Year Posted 2012

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Common Canadian

Common Loon we love the most Can be seen from coast to coast Across this land gliding on lakes All across Canada the route it takes Nesting on islands surrounded by sea This bird Canadian easy to see Floats so easily dives for fish Just as common our Friday dish A hoot and yodel is its holler Permanent mark Canadian dollar Sleek pointed beak head black as kettle Hardly seen amongst the nettle Around its neck color green black Extending wings or tucked in back Whichever way Canadian beauty Protecting this bird it is our duty Reason why this national treasure No other bird can even measure Common Loon across this land Without doubt a Canadian brand Think Canadian anytime soon Can't be done without the Loon Maple leaf loved in a song Common Loon Canadian strong

Copyright © Ronald Kent | Year Posted 2016

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Shared Ego - Year 2030

Written by Gail DeBole on September 12, 2013

There once were siamese-like twins
Who didn't share organs or limbs.
An ego was shared
Thoughts moving through air
Between sisters Donna and Kim.

With an ego bigger than most
The twins did nothing but boast
of trophies and wins
And spectacular whims.
The sisters were known coast-to-coast.

Copyright © Gail DeBole | Year Posted 2013

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Coast to coast across England in one day
A hundred miles in one trip.
Bike like a rocket each sprocket fits its socket  
With well oiled smoothness of  clockwork
Feels good as chain clunks from one socket to the next
And the ticking whirring of freewheel
And zipping noise of fast tires on flat ashphalt
Hum a song to me as I lean over  into the bend
And the bike leans with me.
Smooth road; never mind the few bumps;
And air so fresh you could eat it in lumps. 
Aroma  of  York’s  chocolate  ten miles away, 
Bread-baking  and brewing  downwind of Carlisle 
Make me ready for dinner. And  the strong
Odour  of fish in North Shields,
Stink of cattle feed outside   Goole, 
Sickly smell of plastics factory,  oil newly-refined,
Makes you see even if you’re blind.
Makes me want  to pedal for home.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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Able bodied apple eaters let 
lonely lillies lie littering Lucy lake

If inadequate information applies
Then it must be fake.

When thirty three thirsty tenants throw tea
To those that catch it, what we have is 
Ice tea for those with ice that fetch it.

Just judges joined jostling  Jones gym 
Generating gigantic muscle mass 

Boisterous body builders blew kisses at
Sisters seeking sameness socially

So since surround sound systematically

Wanderers watched Wednesday's worst 
But forgot HEALTHY hands helped heal
Hatred and send forget-me-nots

Afternoon artificial apple eaters
Habitually applied after sunset is 
Artfully denied

Naturally needing nourishing apples
On the California coastline gave us all
Sun kissed skin

How? WHERE? What? Why? And when?
Basically boisterous questioning lead to

Since suntans did sustain this is where 
Alliteration Nation stakes its flag and finds
Its FAME. Here is where Alliteration
Nation goes forth

To fling fruit and freezing froth.
From coast to coast and way up North.
Corners fourth

This stop is where Alliteration gets off.

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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AMERICA'S HYPOCRISY or The School of Resentment

are you free, humanity, by power of love 
or in chain by love of power or by lack of it? 

a student of The School of Resentment asks…

back in time,
at such dominant spaces  
called Shunganunga, here
or Hora Arsadi, Malka Atete, Tullu Nam Dur, there—
where points of above and below meet
where people went to fast to be alone with spirit 

and  where Natives preached to their youth
the “Seven-Generations Principle,”
that every Native should keep in mind:

whatever decision she or he was to make 
in lifetime
would affect seven generations to come!  

now, Puritans came, 
and preached to the  Natives:

that they came to “PACIFY,” to “CIVILIZE”
and that God gave them the land—
a safe haven to be free from EVIL!

those freedom fighters 
sooner or later 
banned the Natives’ right
and burned, slashed and killed buffaloes
cut down timbers, and disrupted nature! 

now, Thomas Paine rose
and nailed the principle of independence 
and, at the same time, engraved 
the creed of Manifest Destiny
in the Common Sense:
that the coast to coast expansion 
was justifiable and inevitable destiny! 

now, Walt Whitman rose 
and hailed “sex contains all!”
in his “A Woman Waits for Me”—
an ode to procreation or miscegenation 
in which he strips 
women of their independence
and Natives 
of their self-assurance—
unlike his “Democratic Vistas”!

now, we have come too long a road
from “A Woman Waits for Me” of penis 
from the “White Man’s Burden,”
to "The Vagina Monologue"

and to sing:

No society can be immune 
to hypocrisy, social pretension, anarchism, oblivion,
until it refutes itself against its foundation values:

Manifest Destiny, Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Slavery,
and racism, the neo-Jim Crow—
going on everywhere and anywhere in disguise!

and to adhere to Democratic Principles!

in a society where economic freedom is at its center,  
Individual Liberty, for the Individual 
without Food without Shelter, 
is virtually impossible, manifestly a lie—
or it is only politically correct! 

now, before we go without going 
it is time for us to learn new prayers

and thus the Pastor leads the prayer:

there is no Poor on this land
only the Rich and the not-so-Rich

we are all equal!

now we are not in jail or in chain
now we have a gun to fire 
now, we can tear down Nature to see God’s face!

now, we embrace our Individualism

now, bless these couples:

he and he
she and she

we trust in GOLD!




Copyright © Assefa Dibaba | Year Posted 2015

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persecution is starting to grow
from coast to coast
persecution even comes from those
you care about  the most
husbands wives sisters and brothers too
can sometimes even persecute you
persecution is dished out to us
like food on  a plate
but we can call on the Lord it's never too late
take to the cross all your troubles
your burdens and your pain
for he will restore you and make you whole again
he will refresh you and make you anew
he will be with you no matter what you
have to go through
persecution is something we  may not always understand
but there is comfort knowing
God is always with us
holding us in the palm of his hand
if your'e feeling persecuted or it feels like something is trying to make you fall
just hand it over to the Lord
for he's the one who will take care of it all.
 2 Thessalonians 2:  3-12

We thank you Lord
that when persecution comes our way
you help us and strengthen us 
in every single way
there is no problem to big or too small
whateevr  our situation you help us face them all,
thank you for you Love
thank you that you care
thank you that your'e always there  Amen.  

I lift my eyes up to the mountain where does my help come from?
my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  psalm 121 :   1-2

Copyright © diane christian | Year Posted 2010

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Blue sky eastward kisses a glistening green sea,
Golden sand stretches endlessly on before me.
Cry’s of gulls and sounds of waves gently rolling,
Promise a day filled with people slowly strolling.
Up and down that golden strand they walk,
Carrying towels, sometimes pausing to talk.

Grey blue mist covers mountains in the west,
Cliffs and streams, in nature it is blessed.
Fires scorch the land in the summer’s heat,
In winters watch, comes the Snow and sleet.
Always the cycle goes on, death and rebirth,
For this sunburnt land is the oldest on earth.

Southern pastures carpeted in lush green,
Everywhere Sheep and cattle can be seen.
Slowly the settlers tamed the harsh land,
Shaped it and carved it with their bare hand.
Barley and golden wheat sheath the soil,
Against this hard land farmers strive and toil.

Small coves and beaches to the north abound,
Silent and deserted for most the year round.
Summer arrives and the city rises to the call,
Time for the people to forget works thrall.
They fill the resorts and small county towns,
Parents and children, joyous are their sounds.

Some call Australia a continent some an Isle,
It is the land that always makes me smile.
There are many cities rising into the sky,
The beauty of the bush can make you cry.
From coast to coast, from desert to snow,
It is the home from which I will never go!

Shane Cooper

Written some months ago for collaboration, this never came to fruition.
It is not what I planned still  I hope it can stand on its own.

Copyright © Shane Cooper | Year Posted 2015

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Who's The Best

Again, I've been listening to people boast, you can't miss it because it's on T.V. radio and now coast to coast. More and more, people with their chests stuck out, bragging, I am the best all for me and to Hell with the rest. They laugh about it like it's a joke while around their necks they are placing a very heavy yoke. For running the world is a tremendous task, I don't think none is ready, you will have to be a true king, not and not a bit petty.

I use to hear, what can I help you with or what do you need? Now it's what can you do for me? It's become all about greed. We all have an emptiness inside that needs to be filled, we try money, sex and drugs to reach a state of bliss, like a shot in the dark we all miss. So we become miserable and try to make people see things our way, while thing it's funny when we screw up someone's day. I hear the truth shall set you free, well here's the truth, misery really do love company. 

Because from God people are getting further away and becoming worse every day. They are becoming very bold, while their hearts are turning ice cold. So I looked to The Father and while giving Him praise, I asked Heavenly Father are we really living in the last days. And this came to me, read your Bible, it's all in prophecy. They shall take God's ways and hang them on the shelf. 2Tim.3. For people shall become lovers of their own selves.

Covetous, boasters and proud to name a few, just some of the ways people will ensue. But don't loose heart the Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody cause here come the True King. Like none we've ever seen. He was here before the world began and came to Earth to take away all our sin. Now it might look like the battle has been lost, Absolutely not, the battle was won when He was nailed to the cross.

Read your Bible it's the source, it's all been worked out, just hang in there and let it run it's course. So all the high and mighty, who think you are so hard, you are about to meet, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. No bragging, no boasting, you shall stand in awe with the rest, where every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. Now Who's The best? He was here before and He shall return to sit on the throne of the Earth, there's no reason to be concerned.

We shall live for ever and for ever be free, no more stress or living in poverty. For we shall be in the hands of God Almighty... Hark, The Angels are about to sing, heads up everybody here come The King.

Copyright © Milton Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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Silver Streak

All aboard the Rhode Island Line!
We're guaranteed to be on time
Grab your suitcase, grab your coat
Be a tourist, coast to coast
Write a postcard, you will boast
about what you've seen up close!

Let's make the traffic wait
stuck behind  a crossing gate
Boxcars, hoppers, and sleeping cars
strung together, and going far
rumbling down the railroad track

Don't bother looking back
Up the slippery slope
Engine takes the lead
Picking up some speed

Convoluted smoky trails
Consolidated silver tails
Contemplating railroad tales 

Whistles blast!
Whizzing past!


10/17/14  For Andrea's "I Don't Know" Contest

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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The Road Trip

For Naomi, life was beginning to get exciting in the fall of 1952...
At the age of 25 , a widow and the mother of two.

So you pack up your 1949 Dodge and off to Alaska you go...
Free land awaits those brave souls who will show.

Interstates had not been created back in that day...
And there were no motels at which to stay.

With five hundred dollars cash and two boys to raise...
Every mile became an adventure with praise.

Sometimes sleeping in the Dodge and drinking from a stream...
A young widow and her sons living the early American dream.

The Mississippi and the Missouri they crossed them too..
And the majesty of the Rockies they all three knew.

They made it to Spokane from Pennsylvania and that's as far
as they could go...
But the deep adventure they had only they could know.

Naomi is in her eighties now and doing well...
And the adventures she has had she loves to tell.

God has smiled upon her and given her a wonderful life...
She's been a daughter, a sister, a great-grandmother and an
adventuring wife.

In the fall of ' 52 America was different than it is now...
And she and her two boys can now reflect on the how.

From Pennsylvania to Washington, the goal was so close...
But a life time of adventure she had traveling from coast to coast.

The Alaskan dream still burns in her heart...
If she just could come up with five hundred dollars, she's
ready to depart.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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The Great Fish Maui Snared

Unto the north country basalt isle
 A great fish Maui snared:
And his brothers half-crazed behaving
 Leapt and gouged in frenzy craving.
From Palliser Bay to Cape Reinga
 (Departing place of the spirits),
From Egmont in the west to Mt Hikurangi
 Where dawn's light is first to see

Home where the far north narrows
 To the thousand year Kauri:
When whalers from her tall trunks vast
 Made well the finest spar and mast.
In those giant limbed canopied pillars
 Echo the sounds of the ages:
From coast to coast a native bounty each,
 Doubtless Bay to Ninety Mile Beach

The shallow Hokianga Harbour mouth
 Of coves and tawny sandhills:
Where navigators of old voyaged erstwhile,
 Hauraki Gulf and Great Barrier Isle.
Beech forests whisked by desert winds,
 Wilderness and eeling swamps:
The volcanic pumice flats that dormant lie
 And rocky molten fountains in the sky

Frontier home to pioneer settlements
 And Maori pa palisade posts:
Where the Coromandel twists and bends
 Channels long the Firth of Thames.
Down the foamy rapids of Huka Falls,
 A maelstrom of turquoise green:
By the smouldering cliffs at their sheerest,
 A thermal wonderland silica terrace

On yon trail where the mighty trio rise...
 Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe,
With their deep crater lakes and icy snow
 Spew ash and rock on plains below.
In Echo Lake cauldron or the Frying Pan,
 Venus baths and Champagne Pool:
Rotorua's hot sulphurous breath await
 In the muddy springs at Hell's Gate

The forested Urewera Highland wood
 On Lake Waikaremoana's shore:
Poverty Bay - where Captain Cook said...
 "There behold! Young Nick's Head".
Across the Kaimanawa Mountains west:
 Willow, Totara, Poplars, and Pines:
Into Lake Taupo the teeming water feeds
 Rainbow trout in the riverbed reeds

North Country isle of myth and legend:
 This living, breathing, shifting land.
Where the morning sun has its sky reared
 It wakes the great fish Maui snared.


May 1996

Copyright © Keith Trestrail | Year Posted 2014

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Rat Race

How long can this world go on...
in the condition it's presently in?
I would say...not for long,
with such ignorance and evil sin,

Most people today don't care,
except what benefits them the most,
the whole world's an evil affair,
reaching from coast to coast,

And what can be done to change...
this perilous unpredictable rat race?
It's not humanly possible to rearrange...
this global situation we face.

Copyright © Lawrence Ingle | Year Posted 2008

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Copyright © Michael E. Harris | Year Posted 2016

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Truck Drivers

Traveling from coast to coast
On the road day and night
Bringing things we need
Leaving familes at home
While they deliver goods
Sleeper as their second home away from home
And Truckstops as their kitchen away from home
Beautiful scenery but sometimes gloomy
Mountains, forests always greener
Sunny but most days cloudy
Feeling homesick but they're still going
As they're missed while they're on the road
Nothing compress to there job at stand
So prayers go out to them
And thank you so much for all do
God bless you all truck drivers across the world
We really don't thank you
As much as we should

So this one for you thank you so much

Copyright © Martha Tellez | Year Posted 2016

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Watch The Butter Fly

There once was a stick of butter
that was yellow, sweet and good
He was there for all of us to enjoy
He did what butter should

Now, if this butter was to hang around
we know he'd be no more
we would go and get another stick 
'cause they stock it in the store

But, this stick of butter was different
He knew that he should try 
To get away from all of us
if only he could fly

He would fly away to someplace cool
He would fly from coast to coast
He would have to stay away from us
or, He would wind up on our toast

So, if there's butter in the air
just wave and say goodbye
Then sit right back with eyes wide open
and, watch the butter fly

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2014

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Different Dream

After a hard day at work I come home
Hear my boy rapping the words to his headphones
Every bleep comes another bleep
As he keeps dancing to the beat
Come upstairs and barge through the door
Say to him, "Boy whatcha listenin' to that for?"
As I rip it out of his ears
Turn around and look in the mirror
Get ya head outta the gutter son
You talk to ya mother with that tongue?
Ought'a lean you down and wash your mouth soap
Teach you a lesson and just barely make you choke

Dad, you don't understand
This is me, this is who I am!

Boy, you freeze it right there
Just so I know we're good and square
I'm your father, sit down when I say so
This is home, this is where the green grass grows
Can't be the one to follow you where you go
Can't take you as is and just tie a little bow
Around it and be happy
You ain't what I expected you'd be
After all this hard work to bring home the bacon
Just to come home to see the fuss you making!?

Imma be big and travel the world,
Be famous and get hooked with any girl
I'm tired of this rice 'n' beans, I wanna taste some of that green!

Stop it child, you making a scene, a mockery of ya ma and me
Do yourself a favor and dream a different dream

 The strings are for those with charm
And fame are for those holding cards
Your inner core will just burst at the seams
They say play it safe
And dream a different dream
Billionaires are cowards in disguise
Their careers built upon money and lies
Your inner core will just burst at the seams
They say play it safe
And dream a different dream

I remember when you was little
Your mind was like some twisted riddle
Rapping the lyrics
To your idols, Snoop Dog and Jay-Z
Acting like you knew what they meant
But boy, you could barely read
Spittin' rhymes don't put a roof over ya head
Or clean the dirty sheets in your bed
All those fancy clothes don't give ya fame
just brings your family to shame
Look at you playing life like it's a game
Joining all those gangs just to bleed
Gettin' high and smokin' weed

Dad, it ain't like that
I'm not some filthy rat
Planting my seed wherever
Imma stay true forever
Build myself upon lyrical tether
Striving to be as authentic as leather
Come on dad, can't we get it together?

Your grandpa was born and raised in the meadows
No Internet, no microwave, just planting corn rows
But right now the grass is as green as it's gonna get
And if you ain't got that through ya head yet
As your pops I'm really quite upset

 Take these words right from my mouth
And give 'em wings to fly south
Or I will run from this house like the ratatouille mouse
Tired of this cheese I want something more
The birds and the bees aren't what I'm looking for
I don't wanna die like everybody else
Just put in a hole and call it a grave
I don't wanna die with nothing to my name
If I'm not looking up I'm going south
You can scream and cuss at me with ya sailor's mouth
I'm still leaving and I'm taking the dangerous route

The strings are for those with charm
And fame are for those holding cards
Your inner core will just burst at the seams
They say play it safe
And dream a different dream
Billionaires are cowards in disguise
Their careers built upon money and lies
Your inner core will just burst at the seams
They say play it safe
And dream a different dream

Here I am, standing in this trailer
In your eyes I'm a failure
For wanting to travel the world like a sailor
From Beverly Hills to New York City
At this point I don't even care if you're with me
I may have augmented my hopes a bit too high
But I was tired of looking through telescopes, that habit can die
But dad look at me now
No longer in a small town
Can't be modest I have to boast
I'm traveling the world from coast to coast
In everybody's head is my riffs
And I wish you were here to see this
Swallow your pride long enough to shed a tear
Remember what you used to say, "Turn around, look in the mirror"...?
I wasn't no golden child and you weren't the perfect dad
But come on now, that's a thing of the past
You can ditch your bacon, eggs and Jimmy Dean
Live in luxury in your fields of green
Come on dad, won't you dream this different dream
with me?

NOTE: Words in italics are from the son's perspective, words in normal font are from the father's perspective, and words in bold is the chorus line.

I'm not sure where the idea came from. I was on a camping trip, heading back home, and all the sudden this whole elaborate story came to me and I started writing it all down on a notepad (back then I didn't have my Kindle Fire).

Copyright © Timothy Hicks | Year Posted 2013