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In Search Of Me

I awaken from my sleep one morning
In search of poor old me
Where have I gone?
Where shall I be?
I walked over to the mirror and
I couldn't believe my eyes
There stood a selfish woman
With unspeakable pride

I went in the living room and
Jealously walked out of the kitchen
Something is terribly wrong; because
Hate was washing the dishes
I went in the bathroom
I just knew I was in the tub
I raised the shower curtain and
Stupid was making suds

I said excuse me Mr., Stupid
I am in search of me
I have been looking and looking
But where I am, I cannot see
He said did you look in the closet
You are sure to find you there
Among all the clothes, the glare,
And the heart that just don’t care

I know I am in here somewhere
But where can I be?
So much stuff in the way
My eyes find it hard to see
Somewhere in the den I saw
Crazy hanging from the wall
And envy danced a jig
Walking down the hall
Judging sat on the sofa 
Making a phone call
While peace breaker laugh
And had himself a ball

My head hung in shame
No wonder I am lost
Backbiting sat in the corner
Eating cinnamon apple sauce
Oh my God! No wonder
My search is in vain
No wonder I am hid and
Can’t find a thing

I started out this morning
In search of me
Never thought I would find
So much junk to see
Now that I know what 
It takes to clear the air
Seven days a week in
My life will be PRAYER!!!!

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

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Saddled with this task
of razor colour scheme
years of crumbled paint
the dust in lungs
a poisoned dream
still clinging
holding breath
to clear the air
between the stitches of a seam

Copyright © Maureen McGreavy | Year Posted 2017

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Finding Each Other in a Country Lane A collaboration with Victor Buhagiar

I woke up late and in an outrage.
Alone, did I always have to take a backstage?
Silently she would leave the cottage early
Leaving me on my own, though I loved her dearly.

          after my early morning meal
          not to steal my spouse slumber, an ideal
          time, I would gather my shawl and walk down
          a wooded path illuminated in a rainbow gown.

I remembered those serene days
Wandering in the city, searching new ways,
Knowing her favourite haunts to get a bargain,
Or get a tasty meal in some charming garden.

          when we lived in the city, loneliness
          devoured what little I had, it filled me with emptiness.
          Now at peace in the forest green I knelt in front of a cross
          in a limestone grotto praying, never at loss.
When I saw she'd gone to God knows where,
Jealousy ate my innards, but I had to clear the air.
For I had known her quite a while and always knew
She was a kindly woman, gifted and a lover true.
           I closed my eyes and collected past loving reveries;
           he'd hold my hand on serene days and we'd visit parks and galleries.
           He had always treated me with kindness and respect.
          “God, lead me to touch the brokenness of his heart and let him forget."
Things always came to a head and decided,
Love was too precious that we should be divided.
So I followed her as she winded her way among trees.
Found her before the crucifix praying on her knees.
          I wished he was by my side in prayer.
          I heard a snap, I turned to see him standing there.
          I brushed away my tears, reaching for him to hold my hand.
          I forgot all about my tears, the man I always loved was God's plan.


A collaboration with Victor Buhagiar, a pleasure to have had him do this with me.
Duets: I Shall Collaborate With You Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: James Edward Lee Sr.

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2018

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Bright, Clear Picture

     A city park after
a storm
    The leaves on 
the trees are drooping
     small puddles 
in the muddy field
     birds flying overhead
Empty now, the park 
    almost seems like a
      living organism
    Drip, drip,drip
as the water slides down 
    a statue
     The benches are wet 
but I decide to sit 
    on one 
 Breathing in air that 
has been cleansed by 
     the downpour
If I only felt this way all the time!
a squirrel rushes up 
   an oak tree
   life goes on 
as it always has
    Sometimes we 
need a heavy rain 
      to clear the air 
to feed the grass 
to make us feel 
     whole again 
The squirrel comes 
     down again
curious and hoping for 

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2010

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Help Find Our Love Again

I am begging pretty please
Put my doubtful mind at ease
Telling me what I am thinking
Will not leave me hurt and sinking
Into a state of pure despair
Can we please just clear the air
On what has been happening
With our passion disappearing
More and more from day to day
How did it just fade away
We used to hold each other tight
Morning sun till moonlit night
Strong and steady we were heading
To the picture perfect wedding
Now those dreams are in the past
My hopes of love are drowning fast
Big waves forming in a sea
By saddened tears cried by me
I just need a little notion
By a gesture of devotion
You still want me by your side
As a happy blushing bride

Copyright © robin davis | Year Posted 2018

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Listen to poem:
C'est aussi simple qu'une phrase musicale.

He is driven by the music in his mind.
Images swirl and almost coalesce...
toujours guide par le son
insaisisable de cette musique...
I merely listen and record.
What makes the music in his head?
It leads, he follows.
I say...vous pouvez compter sur moi...
et qu'est-ce que tu faites des interets?
He smiles but only sometimes
speaks aloud to clear the air.
Le son de sa propre voix le rassurait....
mais, que se passait-il?
He almost never knows where he might be,
but almost always finds his way.....
where the music sounds the strongest.
Les enfants suivirent doucement le maitre.....
He nods again...C'est bien fait.....
alors, je vous dire au revoir....
I chance one final query....
Quand tu reviendras?
He only says.....jamais.....

Copyright © Leo Larry Amadore | Year Posted 2012

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Longing for Peace

What is this weight, upon my chest I feel?
Is it worries trapped inside my mind, or is it real

I gasp for air, but feel that there is nothing left for me
The weight I feel upon my chest I can not touch or see

It feels of heavy burden, painful loss and memories
As if I’m sitting in a boat alone in darkened seas

Surrounded by the darkness, and the air is thick and tight
I feel as if I’m standing still, though I row with all my might

I pray for God to clear the air, and show me that there’s light
But this prayer, has gone unheard, and my heart is full of fright

What do I do, where do I turn, there is no help for me
This is something I must endure, be brave until I’m free

The pain I feel, it just gets worse, and I feel I can not stand
What should I do, I try to move, but it’s as if I’m in quick sand

My mind has lost all reason; it’s as if there’s nothing there
My heart feels all the pressure, and it’s more than it can bear

I’m trapped inside a darkened space, that’s full of worry and despair
I’m weighed down with all my thoughts, and I don’t really want to share

I know that this is something that I will get through one day
But until then I’m trapped inside this mind so far away.

Copyright © Kirstie Fontes | Year Posted 2007

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Disco Inferno

Heat in the poet’s haiku night
Sexyku is the new alright
Baby baby is a new disco inferno
Burn baby burn
Love needs the heat
Music makes it all so sweet
Taste the bourbon
Taste the life 
You should all be dancing
Life is so alright
Forget the strife, forget what’s not right
Seekers run amok
Fake news is the new preacher’s lot
You should all be dancing
Life is about love
Sharing and caring
Disco inferno with Travoltas’ flair
Let’s get down, let’s boogie, its only fair!
Clear the air
Burn the preachers
It’s a disco inferno
Burn the judges, burn the prophets
Take a dollar out of Jehovahs’ wallet
Buy the drunk a drink
The good lord will know who is who
Who it is who stinks like an old smelly shoe
It’s a disco inferno
Feel the heat
The sheep is in disco disguise
Trust me on Grimms’ verse
Fairy-tales speak in whispers and ring often true
Is the Wolfe who is the nurse
The sheep so white the devils curse
Humanity looks to the sky
As evil doers wonder why
To the judges our masters and our keepers
We shout
We are free

Of Trumps mockery

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2017

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THE GLITTER OF LIFE A tiny sparkle of hope Hidden within the gloom We only see muddy water Occupying all of our room There is a pretty flower Beneath those tall weeds Buried far out of sight We look not that deep We seek bad news So eagerly caught We forget good news Should be what is sought Let us take a quick peek Of the descriptionalization It is what life is all about To reach full realization The hovering dark cloud Brings depression and woe Feeling trapped in sadness Pulling with an evil tow You become a hard rock Or it seems like one of them Now the trials before you only Sand and polish you to a gem Your eye catches a twinkle To tap your vision per say It travels far within to spark Happy thoughts your way Those clouds of gloom Cover up the shiny light The glitter inside of you That wants to shine bright All those weeds can hide you Even from your very own face So it is time to pull those weeds To clear the area of your space A crushed spirit as written Will only dry up the bones Whereas is your joyful heart A good medicine to own Our strength is from within The joy of the Lord in each one Our individual glitter of life To shine with strong emotion When you do shine your light To see your pathway grounds The glitter of life will be seen That most abundantly surrounds There will be a glow of beauty Like nature covered in sequins The flowers bursting through Even the tallest weeds of grim You will see the difference You will finally get the hint Even if you only shine a bit With a brief flashing glint To shine your light is simple Though it seems hard to do Hum a merry tune, or whistle Even a smile changes attitudes Clear the air with a breeze of hope Thus letting the light inside glisten A new wind of change on a good note Chiming a beautiful tune – just listen Lean not on our own understandings To form opinions of what appears to seem It is the faith within that holds the victory To overcome the world and conquer our dreams We are all sprinkles of the glitter of life Scattered through dark clouds of gloom Fighting our way through evil and such Brightening the path for happiness to bloom Florence McMillian (Flo)

Copyright © Florence McMillian | Year Posted 2014

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Everything In Its Proper Place


Somehow, it seems I have been here before... There is an old orchard far up the hill Looking across the golden valley floor the sky is clear, the air is still A latticed arbor, entwined and draped with vine and bloom, is basking in the sun I see her there! A slim, familiar shape... She smiles, and beckons me to come O’ my heart!! Are you strong enough to embrace, at last this fulfillment of your wish?! O’ my heart!! Are you strong enough to welcome joy so vast as this?! I step on the path I feel knees tremble My world is shaking A sleeping childhood has been awakened Perhaps a dream? Please, wake me not! Recognition! It shines in her eyes! Although I am, a woman now.... and not a child!! Oh God in heaven!! She knows who I am!! *** Above her, I see September geese are winging to their winter home---- All is right, when things return... each one to its proper place * If this be a dream wake me not * * * for I am home ~....................~....................~....................~....................~....................~

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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Cinco De Mayo

 Packed a picnic for the middle of the night,
sandwiches,chocolet stawberrys , liqueur taste just right,
 Smoke a lil sumthin to make us feel so light,
My baby sister here, we can never feel so tight,
 One candle burning flickering just right,
Here with our loves, the moon shines so bight,

 We walk through the trails, to stretch our legs and feel the air,
we get so spooked we run back feeling fear,
 We laugh out loud to clear the air,
 Enjoy this time from here to there,
Cinco de mayo is outa sight,

We love each other all so right.

Copyright © venessa medina-rosas | Year Posted 2011

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Conscience And Surviving

               Conscience And Surviving
       (*Shadow/Blitz poetry should be read rapidly)

     Clear the air
     Clear of conscience
     Conscience causes confusion
     Conscience derails dreams
     Dreams fail to fit the occasion
     Dreams will melt
     Melt unrealistic margins
     Melt them with fire
     Fire will purify
     Fire burns fast
Fast through flaming houses
Fast over high dry grasses
Grasses continue and turn green
Grasses grow giant lawns
Lawns become giants
Lawns climb mountains
Mountains stay still as they can
Mountains do not leap
Leap over oceans
Leap to the stars
     Stars wink out secrets
     Stars tell scary stories
     Stories of violent creation
     Stories about the hidden dark
     Dark takes over
     Dark creates night
     Night drinks in power
     Night consumes the alter ego
     Ego shrinks to such depths as man
     Ego bathes in the light of day
Day discloses realities intent
Day takes the sun to happy places
Places in the heart
Places rich in passion
Passion recognized by everyone
Passion born from the burning sun
Sun that reaches every soul 
Sun takes solace from shade
Shade has no shadow of its own
Shade belongs to trees
     Trees treat sun and shade the same
     Trees have leaves and religious beliefs
     Beliefs in nature
     Beliefs is little creatures
     Creatures come and go
     Creatures know surviving
     Surviving peacefully
     Surviving gently

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

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AC-BC-DC- ---- Peace

When things seem to lose all proportion
And disagreements become the notion
Misunderstandings, (“He said,…she said”)
Differences, righteousness,  (Oh, dread!)
It helps to use some D-C…perhaps a friendly motion
To head off the flack, (as Damage Control)
It may seem absurd, a need to play the role
But, the mediator, the even keel, 
A level head, has great appeal

In case of attack, (whatever it be)
When some are offended…by facts they can’t see
Or if some feel the right, when they strongly disagree
With what others think, or what others may believe,
To bash them or harass them, 
Let us turn on A-C !
To cool down the heat, and clear the air free!

Not to say, we don’t have the right,
To B-C our news....
Just as long as we broadcast without such abuse

We were born with a B-C…written to claim
Signed by our parents, and given our name.
It gives us the right, to live in this land
To worship our own God, to live hand in hand
Whatever our faith, or what we decree
I hope we can be proud, on the day we take leave
When our D-C is printed, declaring desceased…
Let us hope we have honored, a life filled with peace

DC = damage control
AC = air conditioning
BC = broadcast
BC = birth certificate
DC = death certificate

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2011

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memories haunt

A tuck,
a fold
beneath the sheets
of the ghost
that holds my mind.

A toss,
a turn
under what covers me,
colors me the same
shade of white.

A rock,
a gasp
of wind
that steals my breath,
beneath the weight of dreams.

A chill,
a sweat
within the touch
of the danger
lying next to me.

A scream,
a silence
that hushes me awake,
flushes me red.

A toss,
a turn,
a kick
to the ghost
that holds me tight.

A tuck,
a fold
the edges of my mind.

A crease,
a drop,
a stain
of blood already drained.

A snip,
a stitch
into the seams of darkness.

A rise,
a fall
of another day,
another year gone by.

A shovel,
a hoe
to dig the grave
and bury my ghost
deep within my mind.

A paper,
a pen
to write his name,
then color it blank.

A gasp,
a cough
to clear the air
so I can breath again.

A glance,
a stare
he's still here.

A tuck,
a fold,
a toss,
a turn
beneath the sheets
of the ghost that holds my mind.

Copyright © Musing Over Edges | Year Posted 2013

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A Kiss on the Forehead

I went from being his angel to his disappointment.
Being me and having fun has broken his heart.
There's so much tension in the air, it's hard to breathe.
The silence is cracking the glass and it's about to shatter.
I feel like an outcast in my own house.
But suddenly the tension starts to clear the air.
A kiss on the forehead awakes me from sleep.
I watch and wonder as he quickly exits my room.
Forgiveness has finally filled the cracks in the glass.
As he realizes I am just like he was when he was younger.

Copyright © Alexia Estrada | Year Posted 2007

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Senate Intelligence

Senate Intelligence 
By Franklin Price

Senate intelligence, not so sure I saw today.
Those words an oxymoron for what I heard some say.
Do not become political, I heard the chairman speak.
Some of them would not comply, their minds were just too weak.

I'll not point my fingers, not be specific in my point.
If you watched, you may agree, there were non-listeners in the joint,
that thinly veiled or blatantly, proudly took their party's side
I saw again the sad state we're in, “You did not listen”, is what I cried.

You had a chance to clear the air through a fine upstanding man 
That he was canned by the president, of that I'm not a fan
I think he has integrity and he did his job too well
Tried to be all to everyone. I think that's why he fell. 

Position required arm's length, unbiased and aloof
Made some very tough decisions and it all went through the roof
Stepped on several psycho toes by thinking for himself
Was much too good, thought consequence, and now he's on the shelf.

The FBI director's job should be autonomous
With freedom to investigate all the crime done on the bus
Without the threat of firing, without sufficient cause,
Investigate to solution without oxymoron pause.

It's a shame we don't have Hoover still, who covered his own ***.
Collected trash on everyone, to mess with him must pass
If you tried to take him down, you were likely going too
Then your royal job, upon the hill, would no longer be for you.

There always are temptations to selfishly advance
To give you free vacations, to put money in your pants
You better clean your act up, we the people watching too.
The president got Comey. We don't have to vote for you.

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2017

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Just because I said I do

Clearly conveyed
My passion for you,
Still subject me
To an acid test,
Love is not
Something can 
be proved,

It undoubtedly
Can only be felt,
Have the spirit,
Have the flavour,
Must is trust,
Clear the air,
Just because 
I said
I do !!

Copyright © Dr. Upma A. Sharma | Year Posted 2014

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Pitter Patter on my Heart

Pitter-Patter on my Heart Do not believe that your size in any way diminishes the depth of my affection for you. Some may say you are mere eating-pooping machines but ever since you traipsed into my life a year ago you’ve been pitter-pattering high and low weaving circles all around my heart, and your joyful ‘popcorn’ jumps bring color to my dreams. From you I know I couldn’t live apart. Even your failed escapes from the kitchen into the lounge where I in vain try not to lose sight of you tug at my old forgiving heart. My duties to you I do not take lightly, and know, Coco, Phoebe, that you can always nibble at my paws, just remember to pause before any mild irritation you should cause. And please forgive me if on occasion I stare enviously at bits of carrots and apples for some reason they won’t let me share; but fear not, for parsley and cilantro I do not care. Now let me clear the air, whoever thinks that love and friendship reside in the human heart alone has never met you and me my chatty little piggies. Your loving canine friend, Sasha P.S. Please, do no pine for your birthplace in the Andes, that’s a smoke dream that could only turn you into some deep-fried or grilled Peruvian delicacy.

Copyright © Anne-Marie Coreggia | Year Posted 2017

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"The Cure" ( For Health Care ) Part 1

Free Verse Rhyme

The mind’s dilemma for sure,...a cure... for the nation’s... health care
There is a simple cure.. that the mind doesn’t want to hear
The healthy cure.. neither doth the mind...of  the wealthy... want to hear
For the wealthy would have to pay.... their fair share

`T is the wealthy,..that makes the economic rules
Choosing the poor.. to be.. their economic fools
Being forced to abide... by their economic rules
The poor.. learns in their be.. the healthy.. wealthy’s fools

Have you begin to get the picture... I am not on.. any elixir
I am only entering into.. higher logic,..from lower mind project
From the lower.. carnal logic..of the mind’s... chaotic project
Which always works.. in the deficiency..of it lower logic

We have become..educated fools..following the mind’s.. ghoul... rules
The poor never rules...for it takes money..for political bids
Should money continue to hid..the wealth of the poor inside.........................(James 2:5)
And the poor..continue to abide..with their wealth.. inside
While money buys it’s way the harlot.. of economic sin
The sore... of heart..doesn’t love sin...but where to begin
To turn..from economic sin..return to your heart..`t is your start
Begin to plant some seeds to win....not in the belly of harlot’s sin...............(Rev. 17:1-6)

The nation’s health care.. isn’t fair...for the needy..
For the greedy...grinding the face of the poor..
`T is the rich..carrying the switch..causing the poor to abide 
Buying their way inside..bleeding the poor’s store... wanting even more

The cure..for health care..a percentage plan..would be fair.. man
If correctly the land..Love’s health care plan
Would work for all in it’s plan..forever would stand
The flat charge rate...`t is made by the rich ..who hate..The poor..

.....wanting them to pay more..than their fair share
Now let love clear the air...and do that which is fair..
By a percentage we put into a a percentage let us take out
If by a percentage to put in is the same we take out is fair

The poor’s..point of view..up in Washington would be new
All the money is with the rich...let the poor carry the switch
Redistribute the nation’s wealth....charge the same percent..
Coming in and go out..`t is that so hard to... figure out


Copyright © john freeman | Year Posted 2009

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April Foolish Rain,
Water my roses, 
Clear the air with 
A washing wet.

Copyright © Wm Paul | Year Posted 2012

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Mistakes Are Good Enough

M-istakes are good enough, 
A-s you really learn from them; 
R-eviewed missteps instruct you, 
Y-ou'll be far from future mayhem.

J-ust admit the wrong turn, 
O-ne blunder gets worse if not corrected; 
Y-ou shall earn due respect, when you'll be so kindhearted.

D-ay twenty-one in July, mishaps follow everywhere; 
E-rrors may tarnish you, if you won't clear the air.

A-ccident unlucky can be worthwhile, 
S-tupidity can make one tough; 
I-f they produce some lessons, 
S-eems mistakes are good enough.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Makeshift Spaceship

She needs space
She needs more than this
She needs change 
The more I give the more I get
The more I give the more I drift
Out of sight 
out of mind
To explore 
Space and time

I'll see the elastic skies 
strecthing out far and wide
A new place to reside

I'll sail passed the seven seas 
And see the world from the galaxies

It's my own haste escape to float away
a getaway in outer space

Im saving this relationship 
A space cadet with all the space I can get 
In my makeshift spaceship
                                 [realization that space in a relationship means the end]
We can throw it all away
or we can take hold
We can fight and find a way
 or we can let it go
Light years light the way
to a black hole
I'd cry tears for YOU to stay
At least call me home

Im returning burning through the atmosphere
All I wanna do is clear the air
All I need is some air to breath
some water to drink
and some life to eat
I dont need you, you're a luxury 
                                             [space madness]
I tried to belive in you and me and living for eternity but now I see you are my own enemy sending me to death by odyssey and honestly its gonna be the end of me your frienemy its gonna rip the heart out me but silently im gonna break this gravity thats grabbing me im gonna find a remedy to set me free. In my Makeshift Spaceship.

Copyright © Apache Tears | Year Posted 2014

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The noises are so loud sometimes,
I think I'll go insane.
Anxiety levels rising,
I could probably spit some flames.
Anger is not an option here,
although it would be great.
I take a deep breath and hold it in,
or try to count to ten.
Laugh out loud to clear the air.
I think I'll be ok.
Then I'll see a couple of smiling faces,
That takes it all away.

Copyright © venessa medina-rosas | Year Posted 2011

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The Foul Smell Of Lies

They can stink up the joint,
Those falsehoods you flaunt
fooling no one but yourself,
There is little point in it,
You stupid bag of sh__,
Time to come clean,
you know what I mean,
clear the air of bull,
maybe then you'll....
know how truth may hurt
but if only  of lies you are full
it's far more worse
than the devil's curse

Copyright © tom bell | Year Posted 2007

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Weathering Life

Walking in and out and all about just trying to find my way.
Gazing at the sun, wondering when I'll be done, I know I will someday.
Leftover memories wanting to be chilled.
But the graveyard crew has come to clean up what's been spilled.

Time dances in it's own parade.
Watching as the rest of us slowly fade.
Never one to cut a break.
It changes course at the slightest mistake.
Drift easy with the flowing breeze.
Keep seaching for eternity from down on your knees.

Let love fill your soul with your heart.
We're all meant to be here, and play our part.
Grey skies fill our veins with dispair.
Hope is all thats left to clear the air.
Knowledge that the sky is blue.
Brings to life what must be true.

Copyright © robert johnson | Year Posted 2011