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Best Chinook Poems

Below are the all-time best Chinook poems written by Poets on PoetrySoup. These top poems in list format are the best examples of chinook poems written by PoetrySoup members

Premium Member Chinook
It arises out over the Pacific, sweeping east over Vancouver Island, down the Strait and up the Coast Range.  Cooling now releasing moisture, as...

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Categories: chinook, memory, weather,

Chinook Wind
No lies to the heart she says only 
ties will do to the lonely, To
make a union of two hearts that makes 
a reunion of...

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Categories: chinook, love, mystery, nature

Spirit In The Flute
I walk an already trodden path...
Uncertain, of future lives that lie ahead

But, in faith I close these earthly Ojibwa eyes
In trill, thus, I hear the...

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Categories: chinook, native american, autumn,


Huge mountains massed and  cliffs  sheer. ...

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Categories: chinook, nature, mountains,

Premium Member Kananaskis is
Kananaskis is 
four-fifths a line of  haiku
Kananaskis is

With spring’s sudden warmth
serial avalanches thunder
one triggers the next 

Winter’s snow melting 
laughing, leaping, running to 

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Categories: chinook, memory,

Premium Member Butterfly Beach
so this is where butterflies go to die
atop this burning ochre beach
amidst the palomino stones
party streamers 
chinook bones.
Chrysalis flutes swaying
beyond dunes, blue and gray
under a...

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Categories: chinook, beach, butterfly,

Premium Member Soul Stance River - 34
All we eat is elk meat, boiled elk, roasted elk, elk jerky
sometimes fried elk if we get bear or whale oil,
oh, and sometimes elk soup,

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Categories: chinook, adventure, introspection,

Premium Member Soul Stance River - 33
Fort Clatsop is up and true,
50 feet square, with a smokehouse, pallisades, barracks and two gateways
furnished from the aromatic and reliable wood of the great...

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Categories: chinook, adventure, business,

Premium Member Soul Stance River - 30
The Columbia is a smooth beast that has introduced us to a semi tropic clime
that produces a bewildering humidity even for November
and a panoply of...

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Categories: chinook, adventure,

Premium Member Alaska, The Last Frontier
Alaska, The Last Frontier

Alaska; the wilderness state, the last frontier:
Where majestic mountains, 
Deliver streams into flowing rivers: 
Down slopes covered in forests 
Of Sitka Spruce...

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Categories: chinook, celebration, culture, education, history,

Premium Member The Old Red Barn
The old red barn seems to grow up through the dust and brown
Along the vague dirt road that mars the sage.....

The rhythm played by rain...

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Categories: chinook, song,

melts the lying

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Categories: chinook, seasons,

Premium Member Unquotable quotes: friends - XV, Part One
If you stick your neck out for a friend, you’re likely to lose your head.
A friend is a potential enemy in disguise as a loving...

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© T Wignesan  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chinook, father daughter, friendship, fun,

Killed in Action
Enlist list
Signed sheets
Quick and easy
It's all so cheesy

Come home soon, please
Chinook ride overseas
She sends a letter
I've felt better

Night raids
Humanitarian aid
A spade's a spade
All this just...

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© Bilal HB  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: chinook, war

When the final Autumn leaf spirals to the ground,
and a warm Chinook breeze is no longer found.
Bears retreat to their seasonal slumber,
as snowflakes approach in...

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Categories: chinook, nature, seasons, autumn,

Premium Member Kansas
Born in the mid west, a long time ago
in the sunflower state where the prairie grass grows
she would spend many days, sharing stories and dreams

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Categories: chinook, family, nostalgia,

Two rivers flowing; one is warm and pleasant like a chinook wind,
While the other is cold and swift and boulders roll with the current.
One we...

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Categories: chinook, religion

Too Much
I like talking to you too much
the way you think and dream and dare
I like talking to you too much
drawn like a flame pulls in...

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Categories: chinook, truth,

Premium Member Star Power
A Little Boy’s gun with a barometric trigger,
showed a Fat Man how to
blot out an Empire’s rising sun.
Proliferation’s need pushed
Sellafield and Kyshtym to trip chasing...

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Categories: chinook, cancer, death, environment, pollution,


i’m crossing fingers
mild february thus far
blue skies    atlas smiles

blue bird on the wing
color against winter’s nap
harbinger of spring

Dave Austin

*inspired by...

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Categories: chinook, nature,


In uneasy rest
He faces west.
They all face west to America  -
So far away from this beach,
So very far out of...

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Categories: chinook, america, grave, soldier,

Winds of Love
Chinook winds whisper softly
as lover's breath in spring
promises of wanton lust
desires of passion bring.

Summer winds brush rosy cheeks,
his hands smooth tousled hair.
Rapturous murmurs in the...

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Categories: chinook, love, passion, seasons,

Wind, a Rondelet
We’ve called it names – 
Sirocco, Easterly, Chinook.
We’ve called it names
to match its devastating games.
Del Rio! how the tent-frame shook 
as, twirled on a Tornado’s...

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Categories: chinook, life, natural disasters, places,

Shana and Shano Part II
I turned away and faced the crashing white rapids. My
evergreen hunting dress whipped in the wind with my
copper hair.

I took a deep breath and jumped....

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Categories: chinook, adventure, art, childhood, family,

Premium Member Manic Medic
Peering in the mirror
I'm confronted with the supposed 
real problem 
Bayonet straight in with no twist
grenades flick of the wrist?
a good soldier 
knows should hook...

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Categories: chinook, farewell, freedom, inspiration, mental