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walking gracefully  ~
with a pendulum movement
a herd of giraffes   ~

the mass migration
crocodiles at the river
food for the taking

gazelles are running  ~
a hungry cheetah gives chase
speed is the winner  ~

a lone male lion  ~
approaches a sleeping pride
the battle begins  ~

an elephant herd  ~
arrive at the water hole
use trunks to cool down

a swarm of locusts
devouring vegetation
skeletal branches  ~

army on the move 
soldier ant battalion
have left a scorched earth

vultures in the trees  ~
animals weakened by thirst
death is imminent  ~

a downed buffalo  ~
lions watch as herd returns
bulls scatter the pride  ~

basking in cool mud
the african river horse
hippopotamus  ~

laughing hyenas  ~
find an unguarded carcass
scavengers feasting  ~

at the water hole  ~
animals quenching their thirst
alert for danger  ~

a crash of rhino  ~
hunted for their ivory
extinction looming  ~

a small antelope  ~
found on the African plains
cute looking dik dik  ~

the baobab tree  ~
silhouetted at sunset
african icon   ~

Copyright © Tom Cunningham | Year Posted 2018

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Muse Blues

I got the Muse Blues
Where did my muse go
I got the muse blues
Tell me where did my muse go
Maybe down 'n Louisiana
Hangin' out with my friend Flo

I got the Muse Blues
My heart in a rage
I got the muse blues
My heart in a rage
Sayin' if muse try to act like Flo
Well He's gonna be upstaged

I got the muse blues
He's back but kinda sick
I got the muse blues
He's back but kinda sick
He tried to dance with Flo
And got his old butt kicked

I got some muse queues
If muse ever leaves again
I got some muse queues
If muse ever leaves again
Steer clear of Louisiana
And my pinnacle poetess friend

Protected by a pet Cheetah

Copyright © Chuck Melugin | Year Posted 2014

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Walking my Tiger home

Walking my Tiger home, if only I had known
in the small print of the sale there was a claws
in a nutshell it was leading to instructions about feeding
if I'd have known I would have stopped to think and paws.
Fur this big cat ain't no Vegan it eats food like Becca Teagan
in fact any living creature roaming free,
which fills me with disquiet since the Tiger's fussy diet
means the only thing at home he'll eat is me.
In retrospect, methinks I should have bought a Lynx
it's much smaller and so are what it will munch
if I'd thought about it sooner I could have got a Puma
since there's cattle up the road he'd have for lunch.
And what would have been much neater is an elegant young Cheetah
since they leave us human people well alone,
much much better than a Panther, that would not have been the anther
since all there'd be of me left is my bones.
So the motion I have carried is to go off and get married
and when the Tiger's ate and belched and had his fill
get re-wed to some more wives, they'll have short but happy lives
and they'll help me to keep down my feeding bill.

For contest 'Walking my tiger home', sponsor David Lindsay

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2016

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No Slaughter

Swimming in the river were some elephants 
They were giving themselves a bath 
And over by the river bank 
Was a lonesome male giraffe
From the murky waters peeking out 
Were a crocodiles eyes 
He had hold of a wildebeest 
That was taken by surprise
From nowhere came a rhinoceros 
Who had something more to say 
He jumped onto the crocodile's back
So the beast could get away
A female cheetah was also there 
She was fishing for a meal 
But so were some hyenas 
They were looking for a steal
A monkey and a chimpanzee 
Had been watching from the trees 
They groomed each other spotless 
And they ate each others fleas
And soon the mighty lion came 
To have himself a drink 
When all the others heard his roar 
They left without a blink
Then the sound of a gun was fired 
And it opened the lion's ears 
He heard the sound of a gun before 
And it's one thing that he fears

In a jeep were poachers racing 
From a sheriff on their trail 
He was catching up to them 
To throw their butts in jail
One by one the animals returned 
To get back to the water 
They all get to live another day 
Today, there is no slaughter

Copyright © charles messina | Year Posted 2018

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Christmas With Relatives

My happy Aunt Petootie
comes clomping over.
Your mother says you write poetry now.
Her eyebrows are angry.

Uh-huh. I admit.
She is in full glare mode now.
Because I like it?

Diabolical laugh.
Hey, Glitzy, get over here!
Guess what Miss Funny-Duddy just said?

I inch out of their circle of hilarity,
wondering why I had allowed
my mother to talk me
into staying an 
extra five minutes.
Here in the deep heart
of all this Christmas
love and cheer?

Poetry huh?
It is Uncle Malc-wood.
Aunt Petootie's husband.
I know I am not supposed to like him.
He is an out-law, after all, married in.

I glance down at my hands, barely nod.
My trust window is rapidly closing.
I wish I was an alligator being eaten by a cheetah.

My windows are boarding themselves
up, I am ready to go!
A gentle touch on my roof brings 
my house-eyes-self upwards.
Uncle Malc-wood says, "Good for you!"

I guess I could stay another ten minutes.
My TV shows are already recorded after all.

Copyright © Caren Krutsinger | Year Posted 2018

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I Am

I am the weather constantly changing day by day.
I am the light that fades before darkness takes over.
I am the cheetah protecting its young.
I am the rain pounding against the window.

My hair is silk brushing across your hand.
My eyes are baby blue crystals bearing down on people.
My hair is golden light that reflects off the green grass.
I am the blinding white snow as the sun shines bright.

I am a bird’s song echoing in the daylight.
I am the wind blowing past your face.
I am the unstoppable river that moves and moves, day by day, and season by season.
I am a book worm inching, reading page by page as hours go by.

I am a splash of color to everyone’s joy.
I am the ground beneath your feet.
I may speak words of hate but my friendship will never destroy.
I may make mistakes but I am the one you keep.

Copyright © michelle marek | Year Posted 2013

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The Comet

Rampaging through the heavens
never stopping day or night,
a spectacle of a lifetime
a comet in full flight.

Faster than a cheetah
with a tail that's miles long,
bigger than a mountain
so powerful and strong.

The outer ice is melting
causing vapour from the force,
and leaves a trail behind it
as it travels on it's course.

If one should come too close to earth
the atmophere will shake,
with shockwaves reaching to the ground
causing the land to quake.

Scientists say the chemicals
in the dust they leave behind,
could have started life on earth
which resulted in mankind.

I cannot say if this is true
I do not have the right,
but I know no better spectacle
than a comet in full flight.

Copyright © norman littleford | Year Posted 2008

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Batter UP

She comes to bat with the score tied three to three.
Staring out at the pitcher,
she goes into her stance, 
just hoping the ball will come over the sweet part of the plate.
Into her motion, the pitcher winds and fires.
Gathering all of her strength, 
her eyes lock on the fast approaching yellow softball.
Like a gladiator ready to charge, she coils her body ready to strike.
Swinging with all her might, she connects  
and the crowd goes wild as the ball sails
over the center fielder's head and to the fence.
With the crowd cheering, 
she takes off like a young cheetah toward first. 
A smile on her face and a gleam in her eye, 
she looks up and catches the coaches signal to go to second.
Seeing the ball is still in the outfield
and the third base coach waving her on, 
she rounds second and heads for third.
Fans fired up cheering, 
mom and dad hold their breath and pray 
as she rounds third for home.
Looking up and seeing a good relay throw to the catcher,
she throws on her brakes and reverses to third.
A bullet throw from catcher to third base
has her in a rundown.
Like a ping pong ball, they have her running back and forth,
but she’s not worried with her speed.
Then it happens,
the third baseman overthrows the catcher
and she is off for home.
Heart pounding and breathing hard,
knowing it will be close,
she dives feet first and slides into home base
under the tag to make a home run.
The crowd is roaring in the stands, 
jumping up and down, hollering and clapping their hands.
Her team mates run out of the dugout and mob her with joy.
She’s made the winning run to break the tie.


A true story of my nine year old granddaughter making the winning run.

 Poetry Contest: The Poet's Heart -
Sponsored by: Greg Barden 

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2015

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Tropical Rainforest

As the first man alive to be king of a tropical rainforest

I can guarantee this reign will be far from the shortest

What I'm trying to say is my heart is the forest

The trees are the veins, the animals are the cells, the river is my blood, and my girl is
the tourist

When we are on good terms all the little birdies chirp

On the phone at night, I'm relaxed like a bear when he burps

Kissing slowly like a sloth when he shimmy across a tree

Sucking on her islands like pollen being sucked by a bee

Not all rainforests have life full of bliss

A bolt of lightning nearly hit the Tree of Heaven but it missed


Now I see a stratus cloud coming, that's what I really hate

Now all of a sudden, birds quickly scatter away

Like feelings of my girl thinking go or stay

Floods drowning all life as the land animals die

It rains it pours like the tears falling free from my eyes

Trading saliva when we kiss wetter than a waterfall

Lions, tigers, kangaroos, giraffs, it is a free-for-all

I'm swinging on her heart, like a monkey swings on a tree, I pray we both don't fall

She bit me, now love is in my blood, like a mosquito carries malaria

The storm ends and the sky opens up from happiness because I can marry her

Down the aisle I will carry her

Like a cheetah carries her young

Not cold in the heart because here the snowfall never begun

Attack those hunters who dare carry a gun

Like haters because love...they don't get none

In the forest animals have fun

In a relationship couples become one

My heart is a tropical rainforest

Locked in her embrace, she's warmer than porridge

I got her now, I have it all, and my heart and feelings are no longer in storage

Copyright © Richard-Jamaal Keen | Year Posted 2009

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If Jane Were a Feminist


What's with that yelling already?

Me Tarzan, Me Man, Me Make Noise

I can see that.  Inside voice, please.
You'll wake up Cheetah and you know
How grumpy he gets if his nap is interrupted

Me Tarzan

Enough, I know already
Me hungry, Jane make lunch

Now wait a minute Jungle Boy, I'm tired
Of waiting on you hand and foot
Make your own lunch

Woman take care of Man, Woman listen to Man, Law of Jungle

Says who?


That doesn't impress me, loin cloth breath!

Jane talk funny since trip to Ameeereeka

Listen here tree vine jockey, I learned a lot in New Joysee
Women have rights, they used to burn their bras

What is bras, me no understand

Didn't think so.  Either you treat me with respect or I'm out of here!

Where Jane go?

Maybe back to New Joysee

Tarzan listen Jane
Jane teach Tarzan respect

Now you're talking
First lesson, what's for lunch?

Copyright © Rick Zablocki | Year Posted 2013

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Poetic Justice

I look inside you
I step inside then
Well, well, look what I find here

Is this place Hell 
Where my steps have led me
She calls me the Devil
Well that sounds just like him

Comteplations of direct hits
Night Marches regardless
If I’m the Archer or the target
Your still a part of
The weapons aimed in my direction

Shells, Shields, Force fields
Special Forces
Black opts, Black Hawks
Solid truths in soft words
Infrared, GPS, global positional satellites  
Inferred here, I’m speaking from the third person

a glutton for punishment, a fly in the ointment 
there are no flies on somebody
I’m Dynamic, I’m a driving force
I’m vigorous, full of energy, poetically spoken I got a purpose
Poetic Justice
Poet Destroyer
I tell you in Latin, I’m Acinonyx jubatus
Imma Cheetah
My words travel faster than a Leopard 
I ain't no follower, I ain't no lemming 
A Legend lends itself to something
Legitimately speaking

“To the system, I speak into the Universe
In the light years I splash and play in”

Copyright © Timothy Jacks | Year Posted 2012

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Save the Tiger

Save the glory,save the pride,
Save India 's Tigers, save the indigenous wild. 
Save the unearthly beauty, save the exquisite roar.
Save the Royals by the Sunderbans' shore.
Save those vibrant deep eyes which have seen it all,
From the Zebra,  the Giraffe to the Monkey who had the greatest fall.
Save the paws which have pounced so hard,
On the Cheetah, the Bear, all smashed like cards.
Save the stripped skin that glittered in the Sun,
Save it from being perforated by the deadly gun.
Save Your Majesty as he pleads for forgiveness,
For crimes that were not his business.
Save the emperor of the Jungle,
The law of nature - let us not bungle.
From 'endangered' to 'extinct' - it won't take much time,
All that would be left then would be a few
activists' cries and whines.
Save the mankind from this great fall!
Ponder, whether your entertainment is worth it all?

Copyright © Ananya Mohit | Year Posted 2016

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The years have rolled by
Hours into days; days into months
Continuous rotation from soft sunrises
To brilliant sunsets on the western horizon
On and on year upon year
Until this tall, slender, white female
Has become an elder, a senior citizen
Or, an old woman; I prefer an elder lady—
With pace slowing from a cheetah to a kitty cat
But, with mental acuity sharp as a razor;
Though the thought processes have changed
From policy and procedure to poetry and prose –
“The purposes is to identify” becomes
‘Love likened to soft velvet”
I’m glad God stopped me from working and said,
“This is what I want you to do now.”
Oh, that my tongue was that of a skilled writer* 
Or, that my hand could express what my heart thinks,
How blessed to look at life retrospectively
And see life’s puzzle gradually coming in place
But, still have the sweet wonderment 
Of what is yet to be while inhaling the present;
An elder lady with lifetime developed refinement
Combined with a sense of contentment
It is better to be settled in later years
Than the flitting from hither to the yon
Of youth scrambling for meaningfulness 
Though that is not true for all youth or all elders;
Searching in crooks and crannies
Wiping away the cobwebs of life
Looking for what may have been or
Ridding the what was and won’t go away
Rainbows, sunrises, sunsets, gentle rains
Add visual flavor and meaning
As the tall and slender becomes bent
And hair turns to silver—
Children rise up to call their mother blessed;**
Sunrise to sunset day upon day
Continually rotating in God’s beauty
From dawn to dusk until eternity
                        -Evelyn Pearl C. Anderson -2015
* Psalm 45:1 
**Proverbs 31:28

Copyright © E. Pearl Anderson | Year Posted 2015

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The Land of the Brave

Drink the Namibia Countryside 

Namibia a West African country, on the Atlantic coast
Namibia’s beauty is wonderfully surreal and alluring,
With endless savannah and bushland 
With most stunning landscapes in Africa, 
with acres of ocean shores, woodland savannas,
With game-rich grasslands and a semi-arid Central Plateau
lonely desert roads where mighty slabs of granite rise out of swirling desert sands
Land of swirling apricot dunes and shimmering white flats, mirages and dust devils,
With large expanses of arid and semi-arid land

Namibia`s young population is ambitious and ready to forge ahead 
With highest literacy rates and one of the most stable democracies
Friendly, natural people with 14 ethnic groups, 26 different languages 
two million people share the vast spaces of Namibia
With rich heritage and traditions

Namibia `s desert landscapes, volcanic mountains, desolate salt pans, giant sand dunes
Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts in the world
Dunes are incredible, and are the tallest dunes in the world;
Amazing landscapes of red sand dunes, fascinating rock formations, vast plains, bizarre coastal dunes,
Bleached whalebones and ancient shipwrecks
organ pipes are a unique series of quartz-dolerite pillars
With lush floodplains and picturesque deserts.

Namibia mighty gash in the earth at Fish River Canyon
plankton-rich coastal waters support an extraordinary array of marine life
Tenderness fetching flora and fauna.
Long the Namibian coast lays the Namib Desert,
A spectacularly barren, brilliant red sand landscape 
Divided into the Skeleton Coast and the Diamond Coast 
Most famously, it is the richest source of diamonds on the planet, 
The coast, with its productive fishing grounds and the deep water harbor 

Namibia an amazingly diverse animal world,
The wildlife utopia of Etosha National Park.
One of the world's greatest wildlife-viewing spots
Offers an exceptional range and abundance of wildlife. 
Boasts the largest free-roaming population of black rhino in Africa, 
and the largest cheetah population in the world.
Black-faced impala and crimson-breasted shrike.
Remote, wild and astonishingly beautiful with cascading Granite Mountains, amazing azure skies

Namibia with a wide variety of rock paintings and rock engravings
With a technicolor dreamscape, 
World’s most captivating desert regions, 

Namibia biota is rich, by global standards, and relatively well-preserved
containing both karroid and tropical elements

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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My mom calls me Lion
Because I’m the king of my domain.
She also calls me Tiger
Cause I’m horrible to tame!
My father calls me Monkey
When I jump up on the bed.
He thinks I’ll trip and fall,
And then I’ll bump my head.
My sister calls me Fruit Fly,
Cause I like to steal her food.
I also like to buzz by
And annoy her like one too!
My brother calls me Cheetah
Cause I always beat him when we race.
He also says it’s cause I have freckles on my face.
I even think my dog thinks I’m something too
Because he always barks at me when I come into the room.

Copyright © Emily Marshall | Year Posted 2013

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Sanity Line

I’m spinning in circles, I’m well out of control
While, to others, I seem to be on a roll.
My mouth is moving quicker than my brain has time,
I’m swinging under the sanity line.

The raindrops pause when I walk outside
No dampness dare, by me, reside.
Yet the sunshine refuses to show today,
So I reach up my hand and the clouds go away.

My eyes part the river, I cross with much ease
Every soul I pass, I smile, and I please.
I’m on the field, running, so fast I  might fall,
But not today, no not today; Today I’m on the ball.

I’m a roadrunner, I’m a cheetah, I’m going too fast,
I can’t keep up with the speed, i don’t know what I've passed.
I jump on the playground, I play longer than I have time,
I’m swinging under the sanity line.

Copyright © Juli- Michelle | Year Posted 2014

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Between the docks* for   cruise ships and the berths for yachts of pleasure
Lies another ship,  not a purposeless cruise  craft for sale;
An old-fashioned looking ship, now a museum   -  an icebreaker,
But like an  iceberg  it shows only a tenth of its tale. 

Curious ungainly shape,  bulbous hull and a long overhanging prow.
This was a tough-guy ship which dealt with  life and  death in the arctic ice.
She could  face down a million-ton berg,  riding over it with her bow;
And her curved-sided hull  eluded any crush from that white enemy’s vice

Arctic convoys in 1942 to Murmansk were led by a crucial ship - the  icebreaker.  
The German  enemy badly wanted to  see the  small Krasin  sinking.
She had saved  many  in trouble;   but who  could now save her 
When her moment came to face the enemy alone without blinking?

She was  small and slow,  with  no armour and   few  guns.
To sink the icebreaker Germany sent  mighty battleship Admiral Scheer,  
A high-speed nemesis,  heavy-gunned  and  thick-armoured  - 16 000 tons       
A foe to fear   -  Goliath and David.    Cheetah  and  deer .    

Krasin turned north,  slowly broke her way deep into the arctic icefield 
And  the invincible Admiral Scheer  dared  not follow  in.
Out of range,  out of reach.   An enemy  emasculated by a frozen shield.
Ice,  the  enemy of the icebreaker, had become  savior-friend  to the Krasin.

When your cruise ship  visits  the Neva bank and  the river is almost full
Look down for the small steel-hulled ship on the dock  near the end.
Beneath the bunting, look for the inscription on the Krasin’s   hull :
“My  enemy’s   enemy  is  my   friend.”

* Note

   Docks on the River  Neva  in  the city of 
   Saint  Petersburg  (formerly  Leningrad ),  in Russia

   Historical  Footnote

In  August  1942  the Krasin  was spotted  in the frozen Kara  Sea  by 
a   German  plane:  and the Admiral  Scheer,  200 miles away,  was 
instantly radioed and orderd in to sink the Krasin.  The  sea-ice was too 
thick  and impossible for the Admiral   Scheer to push  through,   so 
the Krasin simply stayed put  in the ice till the cold became too much 
for the German ship’s crew.  When the Admiral Scheer  left,  the Krasin
went back to work with the  convoys sailing to  Murmansk, guiding in over a half-million
tons of war supplies between 1942  and 1945.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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The Cheetah

The Cheetah
By Franklin Price

The Cheetah is fast
Fastest animal on earth
Facing extinction

Copyright © Franklin Price | Year Posted 2016

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I'm The Brain

I'm like a cheetah in the boy I'm quick and I'm cold. A young alchemist achieving transmutation of gold. Used to be a sayain power level negative two. Now I'm super sayain. Five hundred million and two. Throwing warp kamehamehas at majin buu. Ergo ie I'm the person you ain't stacking up to. So you can walk around thinking that you got the juice . but meanwhile im just waiting on a zenkai boost. So i can bam. Flash. And get this cash. And revoke what you haters call a gangster's pass. Im a&d ointment and you suckas the rash. I'm Maggiano's and you brothers just diner dash. I'm the 17th survivor. You can call me sire. Above all else I am a provider.  Sounds that make you sane. Help to ease the pain. And to everyone who listen and ask for my name. Boy I'm the brain. 

Im like an eagle with the flu boy I'm fly and I'm sick. I'm the best out of Gary since Michael age 6. They keep saying that my flows are a little high risk. I said I'll keep going till the money start flowing. To my fans that complained about the delay. I apologize a brother had bills to pay. And you should've never thought that i went away. Cuz a brother had too much spit to say. For example this flow. I'm taking slow. And shed a little light on those who don't know. That when ever i go into my zone. I can spit a cornucopia of metronomes. I'm the man of many styles. Make the cuties smile. And the reason why all of these girls go wild. Dont care bout what you saying. Im in my own lane. And if you didnt catch it imma say it again. Boy I'm the brain.

Copyright © Julian Miles | Year Posted 2016

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My cat

My cat have a mustache like a lion
Her tail looks like a rat
Cause it is too fat
She will be a tiger in one fight 
She's like abutterfly cause she 

Is as fast as a cheetah
Her fur is so soft as a a pillow 
She's a kangaroo when playing
She have to play in the night
And she likes bream 

Copyright © SILENT Hey | Year Posted 2016

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Spectacular- for contest

Stock-still in gold dawn light while many sleep,
perched, scanning, on abandoned termite heap.
Expectant, skin tingles as in cold breeze
contrasting with the stillness of the trees.
The tracking beeper focuses our minds
as aerial picks target from behind.
Cheetah ten yards away now caught off guard
upwind of us, head cocked and staring hard.
Long looks exchanged,unspoken things are passed
and finally, spell broken, goes at last.
Reeling, those breathless minutes went so fast.

A memory of my time in Namibia, 2009, and the above
photo was taken by me. We nicknamed him 'Blackeye'.  No fence between us. Awesome.

13th January 2016
For contest 'Spectacular Acrostic', by John Hamilton

Copyright © Viv Wigley | Year Posted 2016

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Life itself

Strong mental minded, behind it
Looking for the lost and found, but can't find it.
Sharp energy intense, timed it
No one can see the future - I guess we’re all blinded.

Strong like gorilla, softer than blue, skys above your head sunny afternoon.
Delicate delight, delicious every bite big appetite appetizer for 2.
July, june, the order doesn’t matter after laughing so hard 3 ribs shatter through.
May I join you?
Actually, I have to go,
I can tell you only see the surface - alligator nose.

Warm hearts and chilly toes, 
mild mannered mannequins minding their own business in business windows, 
hot fashion, eyes froze.

Ah, if you insist, then I suppose
I'll have to take you UP on everything that grows.
We rose from the dirt - with beauty through battles
To win a war where victory is life itself.

The untold story writes itself
And hides from seeing eyes, just like itself
no one can witness when existence, fights itself
Because with death, comes birth, to life itself.

No winners
No losers
No champions
No heroes

...just life

Always adapting
Mutation miracles
Beautiful biology
Complex chemistry
Elegant elements
Unfathomable Universe

Sandbox fun, sandy hands holding ham sandwiches saran wrapped and packed tight tucked beside the ice and pink lemonade.
Sunshine, windy windy the umbrella we brought almost blew away
And found a new place to stay with clouds grey.

Did you remember to think of me?
I forgot to think of you
I was too busy with the feelings I get, being in love with you.

If you only needed one, I’d offer you two,
It’s better to be safe than sorry, and feeling safe is what I want for you.
And if you wanted to, i’d probably want to, too, 
Cause making you smile, is all, I ever want to do.

I’m the worst singer in the world, but here, I wrote a song for you,
Your voice is music to my ears, so this, is long overdue.
Ah-hah ahem - give me a second
Actually on second thought - let love be the orchestra, 
Just read these words whenever your concerned
And the sounds of violin strings will bring you back where your supposed ta.

Hmm...too cheesy? I know, please don’t tease me,
Even my teeth are sensitive, and bright lights make me queasy.

Hey, no worries, let’s grab a quesadilla
Then have a race to see-uh
Who’s the fastest land animal, who invited the cheetah?

Copyright © Andrew West | Year Posted 2016

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Too Fast

Everything goes,
Too fast!
The day the rain, man.
So fast!
The velocity  of cheetah
The extinct Velociraptor,
Stay up the trail, but...
Millions of years have passed,
The mountain, the hummingbird; will,
For than....
Always will be the day,
To tell; Goodbye.
Today, Maybe,
But yesterday,
It only remains to wait,
Everything goes fast.
All too speedily.

Copyright © airton parra | Year Posted 2014

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I Said, He Said

Finding a new hiding place the grass cutters cherish not taking advantage is deemed extremely foolish. Taking note of the lady who seems Scottish and protected by her beauty and charisma is a situation meant for me to act upon With my courage, her intimidation must vanish. I sit on the available chair and reciprocate her welcoming smile. "Your fixed focus on the meal and comfortable sitting position means you are all alone"......... I said "So?"...................... She said. Despite being famished I needed some inspiration and creativity to keep this hard to find wealth rooted to my territory. "But your moving feet and gentle mastication shows you need company"...... I said "Well! You may be right"........She said. My gaze never left her blue eyes as this ravishing being threatens to tarnish my reputation. "What brings a working class attractive, young damsel to a place like this?"........ I said "to eat"................. She said. Nature came to my rescue as what arrived was my dish garnished with vegetables and fish. "Avoiding someone or is it just humility?"............ I said "neither"......................she said. As the Cheetah waits patiently to pounce on its prey so I am. Waiting for the right time to tick. "Your short phrase answers remind me of a princess from India"............... I said. "Thanks, but who was she to you?".............. She said. Now in a welcomed territory with the precious gift of liberty and freedom. the bee is about to dance with the rest in their honey comb. "My first Love but no more"....... I said "What happened?......She said It seems the path chosen is right what is left is for us to walk through it. Nothing else, just walk, walk and walk. "She developed the arrogance of a Briton".....I said "Just that! She's worth a second chance if she's as tough as the Jew"..... She said. Can the dog ever be the king of the jungle? can the bamboo boast of deeper roots to the Oak? That's me! Sitting on all of Nature's components right now. "Oh my dear! That spoils it all".....I said "Really? Tell me more"..... She said. As my Tongue wags my brain remained blank with its sensors dissipated. "Are you saying she should be quick to anger ?.... I said "You mean the Jews are quick to anger?...... She said The more the talk the more her welcome. A pleasure to behold and an experience to die for. "Yes and also very cunny"..... I said "How's that?"......She said. My mouth speaks of another to an Angel who seems so human while the mind is already in full possession of this being so unfamiliar but dear. "I was once given change with two $4 bills inclusive in a Jewish shop"...... I said "hahahahahahahaha! Then the Jews are indeed silly and crafty"...... She said Feeling already in the promise land, I drink its milk without asking and lick its honey without minding "the deed always speak for the doer".... I said "But it's still an assumption and not all may be same"..... She said. A little current then passes through my head stimulating the need to seal this opportunity. "Forget about those devils! What if I say we hang out tonight?"..... I said "No, actually!".....She said. Impressed by her feminine flame which is not uncommon to gorgeouses of her class I pulled the gear once more awaiting the motion to begin. "After such an interesting chat you say no? Are you seeing someone?"....I said "No! But I am a Jew and one of those devils"...... She said. Starring in frustration and self-hate, I stay inanimate, lifeless and dumb, while she laughs graciously which increases the already existent injuries, cutting me piece by piece in the inside. Nothing I said Nothing she said.

Copyright © Funom Makama | Year Posted 2014

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the Zany Zoo

The awakening of the dawn like a butterfly busting through the cocoon.
The rhino's thyroid condition was exacerbated as the cheetah conflict 
As I drank in and tasted the coolness of the water, 
my eyes gazed upon the crocodile's welcoming smile, 
the caption was split apart by the hyena's maniacal laughter,
As I breathed in the heinous adventure,
man what I would do for a cliff bar!
Billy Roberts from Germantown Pennsylvania, you are the planner of my trips 
no longer.
I'm immersed in the baboon conflict much,
Cheetah's are too anxious and scared'
those crazy colored monkeys,
Always be constantly straight trippin,
I suppose its time to go snatch up a snow cone,
At least then i'll be heated up,
Suppose I'll meander down yonder over in the holler,
the Zoo will be closing soon,
Why is this peacock making a bead-line for me?
Get hence from me you beastly bird!
You Great White, who's sensed the blood in the water,
the kids are all laughing at me, 
As I hang clumsily from this tree,
Screaming shrill and hoarsely for someone to come and save me, 
I enmesh myself and become one with the tree,
Ya that's right devil-bird! walk away!
that's why they call me lizard lips,
I can hide from anything,
Wednesday will be my greatest day,
because it begins in W and ends in Y, 
As I take in a deep relaxed breath and pinch my leg until my eyes begin to 
adjust again,
The Bronx Zoo is no bueno,
Asta la Vista you toothy baboons

Copyright © stephen piercey | Year Posted 2014