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Cheap Trick Turnabout

I want you to want me
           only want me when you get to decide

I need you to need me
           are independent and don't need anyone by your side

I love you to love me
           love me one day and not the next

I'm begging you to beg me
                    .....the concept of begging leaves you perplexed


You now want me
                   ..... I found someone new who wants to be with me all the time

You now need me
          needs are now fully met, I'm now blissfully sublime

You now love me
                   .....I found someone that loves me truly every day

You now beg me
                    .....a little too late is all I have to sadly say

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2013

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Alpha Bet Cap Cha

Alpha Bet Cap Cha

Just twenty six letters of the english language to whit
twisted in various & sundry combinations pit
this bull dog of a canonical wordsmith with true grit
to craft bone a fide filigreed grammatical parts of speech fit
together against their verbose will
   akin to arranged marriage or prominent zit
upon smooth complexioned face
   best lanced with strong arm and first aid kit
lest said unsightly blemish rent asunder
   and erupt like mount vesusius lava
   that appeared never to quit
until plugged by humungous corkerasp*- 
   made by one anthropocentric brit
seeking to escape from the madding crowd
   and return of native sun within his hermitage
   where rays of warmth could barely viz it.
Lemme explain the essence of a corkerasp!

whenever constipation a pain in the ***
just maneuver this lightweight metal contrivance made of brass
no matter if anybody considers this action crass

apply corkscrew motion up the alimentary canal to remove waste
which most likely will be thick like petrified paste
stuck deep inside bowels of sphincter muscles and solidly encased

causing severe cramps within lower gastrointestinal tract
inducing one to wince nonstop from being fecal matter packed
and no amount of primal groaning doth loose this hard fact

nor does imagery of freed turd
   ease **** plight, no laughing matter despite how absurd
   squeezing does nothing even applying all inner might

thus necessary to incorporate un-natural intervention to un-clog
rectal blockage + uncomfortable bloating swelling anus the size of a hog
disabling bare derriere ease to stand let alone jog
yet tis essential per extricating what feels like one swallowed a log
which could  presage demise of sufferer, whereby epitaph 
   twill induce impossible eulogy 
   spoken in the language where tongues wag in prague

every ounce of effort required to bend
over gingerly affixing plunger end of device to business of rear end
best accompanied with close companion or friend
this dirty deed done dirt cheap trick will ideally rend
rock solid excrement to roll and crash 
   (on par traversing highway to hell) sound send

upon bathroom floor
possibly inducing seismic waves less or more
whereby toilet bowl water will pour
over the sides akin to white caps near sea shore
without doubt making gluteus maximums extremely sore!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

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Penelope Alecknavage

Penelope Alecknavage nee perskin whose death aye assay
to comprehend, this son of the late Harriet Harris - 
   November thirteenth 2016 marked her eighty first birthday
if she still lived these last eleven years - instead met crossway
where grim reaper awaited - though my mum sought to delay
futility to accept Pyrrhic outcome - homage pep rally
   thru poetry n essay
writing, and finding cadence of words 
   helps me (with powder milk biscuits) 
   gather courageous foray
   and means to grapple with demise 
   of a loved one, and hence my gray
matter sifts thru childhoods' end, 
   where remembrance of hooray
amidst claque of chattering aunts, cousins, and uncles
   the fuzzy interplay
of Penny racing at dog speed across lawn of family home
   cordoned off via a jackstay
looms in forefront of my mind, 
   vulnerable to grief most people sad - me, oh kay,
reckons cessation of life = equalizer of sorts
   when significant person without breath doth lay
Tom foolery deft hands of motley crue prestidigitation 
   playing game versus sobbing as corpse 
   driven to graveside viz motorway,
where belief at such stark catastrophe - nay
numbness pervades next of kin survivors
   especially when passing occurs pre-holiday,
yet no matter whence one departs 
   bobbing along River Styx to unreachable quay
mourning iz broken with nary sunny and Cher full ray
to warm earth, wind and fire - seeking soul asylum, 
   trying to blink away ill logic cheap trick re: acceptance, 
   but inxs of tears for fears begs scene 2b screenplay
   not hard rocking coldplay accursed reality
   terminal illness ushers helplessness cuz part of ourselves 
   agonizingly rent asunder, which psychic tearaway 
far exceeds any physical pain, and will underlay
the immediate future, which bodes hollow 
   with the sounds of silence
   despite informing musicians or veejay
to lighten moody blue - 
   boot invariably bono fide, green day, 
   Lady gaga emitting beat,
   per the human league (plus the culture club 
   of heart felt village people affiliated with goo goo doll    
   traversing into nirvana) 
   creates clangorous discordant ringing 
   increasing nostalgia for loved one lost before yesterday!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

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Night Life Death Day

Heard them preaching from their pews
As you glanced up at the clock
That there’s safety found in numbers
So you’re following the flock

Into clubs and bars and bedrooms
Gone by morning, leave no trace
Work the night shift nine to five
Got to keep up with the pace

Body swinging like a pocket watch
It’s amateur hypnosis 
Every cheap trick in the book
For a positive prognosis 

The dancefloor throws a pulse
Creeps up stems through marching feet 
Propaganda screaming lose yourself 
But don’t get in too deep
A creed of contradictions
Heard you chant it in your sleep
Feel your body lose momentum
Trade your soul to feel complete

Electric halflight, static darkness
Sticky glasses, sticky hands
The struggle for debauchery 
That etiquette demands

Smoke and mirrors, dull reflection
Face is blurred, your skin is wet
No time for introspection
What you see is what you get

Less is more and more is less
I see London, I see France
Forced invitation, insincere declination
Thanks, but I’m just here to dance

A creed of contradictions
Heard you chant it in your sleep
Propaganda screaming lose yourself
But don’t get in too deep
Well tell me how it feels
Things you held sacred sold so cheap
Baby, time to grow a backbone
Lose the crawl and find your feet

Yeah so find yourself spine
Before you find you’re in too deep

Copyright © Synonym Thesaurus | Year Posted 2009

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Cheap Trick

blowing up pops in my socks 
we think a lot from the beauty that's within 
don't pretend you got magic in your potion 
go to the beach & wear your tanning lotion 
but I got the hook up gee in the land of glee 
getting cheap trick on my stick 
it's the magic wand that we are awful fond 
let the music move you in your mind 
rap isn't for pussy's like you they stick like glue 
old school new school that how I roll 
step the beat up & bust the tempo 
I'm still in control with this mic in my hand 
When will we ever live to understand 
it's a good philosophy to stay in school 
some brothers disagree saying not too cool 
yet they are phonies been tripping on their wires 
Cheap trick with Kid Quick taking the scene 
living in a land so very mean 
got Trump Comb over in his ivory tower 
homeboy just bust a nut & needs to take a shower 
but a spade is a spade & you ain't nothing better 
got junk in my trunk & it's headed for nasty weather 
loose lips sinks ships take some time to move those hips 
There is a hero within us all 
can't find them at seven eleven or even at the mall 
so keep your head up high and stand ten feet tall 
music is my melody to bring to the masses 
no one in this life gets by on any free passes

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2017

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Noble Macbeth

Noble Macbeth! Perverted by a scheming wife, Oh sorry fate!
So write the critics ,mainly men, but you, Macbeth, and I know better.
She was the fourth witch who brought home the message of the spectral three.
She was the helpmeet of your choosing who spoke out what you dared but think.
Yet noble you were, like Lucifer, lord of the false dawning light,
And proud you were  as he who scorned Creation for being not his.
While they who love continue creation, grow fruitful as the vine,
They who hate are barren, must hate the seeds of life and wish their death.
So with you, the vanquished of Banquo’s seed, whose death was life.
You have one weapon yet, to mock what you cannot beget,
To declare all vain, an illusion, a cheap trick, an idiot’s tale
Though you named “King” do wear the  gilt-rimmed crown, I hear your end’s approach.
I hear the rustling of leaves, and though you hang the  herald of truth
On the gnarled trunk of a dying tree, green leaves and fresh wood advance.
To the hill they come to close you up and cross your vain ambition.
Where died a seed  a plant shall grow whose leaves shall  heal the nations

Copyright © Julian Scutts | Year Posted 2017

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as moon beams danced across the night sky

when on a lark, this primate shut his eyes
   until sight formed slits doubling up as a wink
this earthling stared hard and scrunched brow
   unintentionally mimicking,

   the familiar Auguste Rodin statue
   likened to a pose when one doth think
perhaps said captive pose pondering
   (similar to me) about life on other planets

   while I stared at lunar surface
   akin to a disc or dime sized skating rink
awash with luminescence
   and imaging himself whisked away

   by an alien, synonymous
   to the peculiar millions miles distant pastische
   manifested entity than didst slink
a non hue man feline looking cat in the hat

   comical creatures decked out entirely in pink
soft halos conjured up saintly mink
or...a far fetched thought suddenly
   came to form in my mind,

   that this har creature a found missing link
whose nocturnal glowing facade exploding charade
   possibly a message
   or motion nothing more

   than routine smoothing out an anatomical kink
on front and back oh head resembling
   a Doctor Zeus characterization,
   viz a harmless rat fink

hm...maybe a vestigial progenitor
   of former birth by Gaia now extinct
though from afar, the b52 shaped being
   aye espied as fur ball affixed

   with a long elephant like snout to drink
and appeared to lack occipital orbs,
   yet evinced possible mode to see via a chink
impossible to restrain me noggin
   appearing to nod and blink,
hence entranced my attention fixed
   from faint (perhaps a feint)
   flickr ring meant as playful faux
   role playing lunatic humorous acting wry

impossible to decode explicit antics
   (of spacial cosmic guest),
   no matter eyes nearly shut tight visual
   wondering if non verbal communication

   of mine correctly interpreted
   meant to kibitz and vie
despite impossibility to validate,
   a continuous effort yours truly did try

fixing thy gaze, nee straining
   with alm aye might to esse spy
if cheap trick concocted entire visage,
   which might not constitute life form

   (admitting this chap to prevaricate,
   and be full of baloney),
   himself prone to confabulate
   (dropped one to many times on the head)
   when this rocky lunar image,
   a moon scape comprising nothing
   boot ham and cheese on rye.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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While Daydreaming About Timepiece Inventors two oh clock

A quick and easy (makeshift, albeit very temporary) 
Cheap Trick would suffice in the interim 
(which might entail many generations) 
to rock a Super Tramp off The Farm. 
Lo and behold a panacea arrived 

in form of Jethro Tull. Beastie Boys 
(more or less marauding hooligan gangs 
comprised of Arctic Monkeys) 
possessed an uncanny verve zeroing 
in on the challenge to enable Crowd

source sing. They designed, hand
crafted, and linkedin all known know
ledge about mathematics and physics. One 
contrivance edged out other equally 
farcical gizmo. Via some lack of clarification 
Badfinger referred both to the longer 
of two needles pointers plus included 

the entire mechanism. Individuals 
would no longer find themselves 
in Dire Straits getting someplace 
with markedly greater accuracy. 

Sooner or later a confluence of 
beginners dumb luck witnessed 
a Motley Crue, whereat brainstorm 
(of course in tandem with consciousness
expanding material) yielded a great 

burst of inventiveness within The 
Human League, though after end
less modifications credit for 
the handy dandy blues clues 
pocket watch allotted 
to a plethora of anonymous minds. 

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2017

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Genetically enhanced monstrosity Doomsday

It seems highly unlikely that Snyder had time to do reshoots after the fan backlash against spoiler-laden trailers. And yet, after virtually giving away the ending of the movie (that Batman and Superman eventually make up and fight Doomsday with Wonder Woman), the film-maker clearly needed a big final plot twist to ensure fans don’t leave the cinema feeling cheated.

That the film pretends to kill off Superman, when we all know Henry Cavill has been cast in both Justice League movies, feels like a really cheap trick. Showing General Zod’s dead body in trailers, by the way, also made it pretty easy to predict that the genetically enhanced monstrosity Doomsday would be based on the dead Kryptonian. OK, the creature also has some DNA taken from a few drops of Lex Luthor’s blood, but really, who cares?

Copyright © James Lennim | Year Posted 2016

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The Arrow and the Bong

I shot an arrow into the sky
It fell to earth, I knew not why
The year was sixteen-forty-three
Before Isaac's discovery

Yet had that arrow fallen where
The infant slept, yet unaware
That arrows, just like apples, fall
The 'why' might have remained unsolved

My point fell safe fortunately
So Isaac gave us gravity
Now you will have to wonder why
This rhyming archer has not died

Perhaps the title does mislead
A cheap trick to increase the reads
At least it rhymes with Henry's 'song'
(But, unlike me)
Both he and Isaac are long gone

Copyright © ben burton | Year Posted 2016

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Increase In Head Size

noah wide dee ya when,
where, why or how then
thine ark of in sight fullness, pen
(viz uber taurus), men
sans quirky physiological ken
focus a ford did afore hen
chosen poetic themed word den.

this tire less un escort head
eureka moment (regarding
figurative crash test
dummy awakening) drove home
this aye opening
pissed tin, peculiar, pated preserve.

this contemplative bore
ring emotive, five and fifty four
year old cannot pinpoint bon jour
if thee essential addle brain lesser more

of mine heard from a thread
reputable broadcast, read
an article of con fey head
door ration online or elsewhere bred

such as storied pay
periodical. nor can i lay
vouchsafe these myopic gray
brown eyes bore awareness fey
via watching an expose.

though lack of identifying you
might think bistro, milieu, venue,
et cetera, one comment true
lee can be averred with certainty.

sometime within a small crick
number of years ago, a kick
a** super tramp crowned cow lick
a phenomenal humungous slick
cranium tried to play cheap trick.

Subsequently, this beastie boy
experienced a numb skull syndrome.

while linkedin to this zone
seize hoar sal lad frosted stone
er flakey state, this acute up pone
hirsute, oblate spheroid hone
betook chrome dome grown.

spongiform territory
noodle could now know
wing lee hone a vaster tract.

Even a poe Pud'n Head Wilson
like myself understand ably
venerated woke full perception!

ma mind took laser like focus,
which brought notice, viz
enlargement of sacred brain power,
and hence spurred the above title.

once me noggin came
to this hyper awareness frame
(some unknown small game
number of years gone by), name
ming deliberate scrutiny cherished tame
intelligent pod wither ya find me vain.

visual cognition alerted - holy cow
my curiosity how
circumference of ancillary now
anatomical accouterment pow
wore lee atop shoulders without doubt tow
er became larger since taking vow
visual stock (of said) most vital wow

constituent body part. aye aint
got any hard data (hmm... maybe
Cambridge Analytica might know
a tidbit or two) pertaining to this
indisputable cognizance, where

expanding cerebral gray matter
iz concerned. only via circumspection
(more so refined since the recent
forced quantum leap into muddled,
molly coddled, middle age),

this distinct heady revelation
vied to be capitalized, gratified,
and limned into some semblance
of cogency.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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Some Man Ticks

Aye haint gonna mention anyone by name,
     and git myself poisoned
     with deadly tocsin, a most wick
kid demise act of vengeance cheap trick

boot Mayan tent to write this poem,
     a message came tummy mind rather quick,
and fuel a contrived rumor hoop fully
     spreading like wild fire
     from this nada so sainted Nick

juiced for pure sport and to kick
start and spellbind denunciatory, deprecatory,
     and derogatory unfounded slander
     toward one country bumpkin,

     who lives in the sticks of Hick
ville, and unfortunately
     shares the same body as me,
     an old curmudgeon full of (lix) spittle,
     with lovely bones that crick,

thus, while spur of the moment whim arose
     (take bull by the horns
     asthma late grammar used to say), aye chose
to hash out matter of fact playful verse,

     while ma doppelganger doth doze
and trump scathing "FAKE" news expose
zing ambivalent (nee loathsome)
     punishing sentiments 

     ach'n ma heart
     with daggers of icy sin tax
     directed as rhetorical linguistic floes
vicariously experiencing euphoria,
     red hot poker glows

within the scabrous, tenebrous,
     and villainous haughty yahoo
an unprepossessing, quite,
     and nattering kooky human

     immune to voodoo
he **** sitters himself smug,
     throughout every single sinew

of his (and mine) corporeal essence
     directly descended
     from storied Machu Picchu of Peru
yet his (ah, and mine)
     suppressed genealogy branch

     also includes, an a meow
zing small percentage of Neanderthal Jew
evidenced by genetic test 23andme,
     which helps explain primate characteristic

     dragging (sic) hairy knuckles,
     where thick callouses grew
thus aye conclude 
     (just in the nick of time

     as he who must not be mention) drew
a breath upon awakening
     from a nap bright tailed, 
     and bushy eyed anew.

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2018

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A Return of The Mack Closet King

got rhymes that rap got rhymes that reel some may say it's no big deal
like a human shield we come together light as a feather no matter the weather
got me on a leash trying to impeach Trump I got a hunch call me late for lunch
to walk the miracle mile still to know all the great while I'm not a wild child
I base my grip on the fix prone to the gates of heaven not a one stop shopping event at your local seven eleven.
Frozen from the scenic view where others simply have no clue what to do
It's all a battle for your mind but some are stuck behind the blind
out of every situation we need to be home frying the bacon you know what I'm saying

A return of the Mack you know where it's at we got peeps in the street with dancing feet
what a treat to bask in the vast expanse between space and time to be wined, dined & 69'd
Hip hop you know where its at working too hard can give you a heart attack
A Return of The Mack got this fever to take us higher down to the wire for your desire
The closet king takes his swing where the freedom bell ring ain't nothing but  a thing
pretty faces painted laces let us be proned to stay away from basket cases
souped up body kit with rims on the side we all want to run away & hide

Got cheap trick at the end of my stick your rhymes are slick give me a sip
of my magic potion surf and turf by the edge of the ocean basking on the tonic magic lotion
rap is for dreamers who live for success dress to impress don't lift up their fist

Copyright © Mario Vitale | Year Posted 2018

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love and war

love shatters the brain-
war heals the forgotten enemy- 
then it starts all over again
young hearts in a new embrace-
made to destroy the original ally-
the war is never over....
so does anybody really win?
and if one were to win is it a total triumph or is it a proportionate debate?
the questions are not really questions at all 
there is no such thing
and if love is a battlefield are you going to stay or are you pushing me away?
and if it's just going to be some Cheap Trick, do I want you to want me? 
or has independence devolved?
the questions are not really questions at all
maybe Pat Benatar is right and maybe I'd love you to love me.

Copyright © Alex Anonymous | Year Posted 2018