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I am a winner

I get up every morning

When a smile is on the way

life is never boring

if you just head out to play


Had a toast at breakfast

to make me feel real warm

had to make my drink last

for me this is the norm


My midday always rocks

I'm halfway through the day

pulling up my socks

to go back out and play


I stop for lunch at noon

so I can fill my empty tank

if i sing a different tune

It is something I just drank


When my workday ends

I am never done quite yet

my love it never bends

take all that you can get


I sit me down for dinner

to have a healthy meal

Oh yes I am a winner

I'll cash it in for real


My evenings are always happy

they are filled with love and joy

with my evenings never crappy

I am like a little boy


Copyright © john bernard | Year Posted 2011

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Money Love

There's a place dreams wait while men chase money.
A place that's not for sale.
A place the poor are closer to
where dreams of peace prevail.

There's a place for money that men don't think.
A place to cash it in.
A place most find insulting.
The poor, our next of kin.

There's a place for man that dreams await.
A place not understood.
A place that's out of reach to him.
A Heaven that is good.

There's a place.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2014

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The Fences You Fell Through

he’s the cream of the fetid crop drop my dream off at the bank and cash it in sin grins demons demonstrate and deify stratified simpletons who caress videos with pornographic poverty mediocrity meditates on mushroom clouds stalking world peace foreclosed homes stripped fixed and sold to the highest bidder the inane riddle chuckles in every direction rock-stars teenage cop cars crowd the camera-addled peasant lanes fire pistons plug the hole first down and ten yards to go score and win next season begin again push push push once more beyond the wall hear the women call they want you with a painted smile to finish the last cracked concrete mile denial of the loss sets in as he gets ahead of you and there’s nothing you can do except sit at home and stew over the fences you fell through 

Copyright © Alex Roth | Year Posted 2013

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Pay Day

It's pay day
Time to collect your wages
All you've done,
All you've earned
Amounts to a quick drop
And a sudden stop
Sign the check and cash it in
This is what comes of sin

Sorry sir this check is void
Someone already collected on this account
The check's been canceled
I know you want what you deserve
Take it up with the bank
For all you'll get from me
Is a free gift
Use it wisely
Not all in one place
He paid for it all
Stamped it with grace

Copyright © Sean Rackley | Year Posted 2015

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It's Tough

It's tough to be a teenager no one really knows 
What the pressure is like at school so this is how it goes.
I wake up every morning and stare into this face 
I want to be good looking but i feel like a disgrace.
My friends they seem to like me if i follow through with their dare.
But when i try to be myself they never seem to care.
My mom, well she keeps telling me i got to make the grade 
While both my parents say they love me it slowly seems to fade.
It seems like everyone i NOW is trying to be so cool 
And every time i try i end up just a fool.
Maybe if i could make the team I'll stand out in the crowd.
If they see how hard i try i know they would be proud.
Sometimes i really get so low i want to cash it in 
My problems are really bad if i think back on how life has been.
At times i'm lost and wonder what to do 
I wonder where could i go, who can i talk to 
It's tough to be a teenager sometimes life's not fare
i just wish i had somewhere to go and someone to really CARE!

Copyright © Jessica Harris | Year Posted 2006